Ben Masters Speaks Out About Tracey Ross

Quotes through the years


That's complicated. It seems like it would be fun, especially with someone as beautiful as Tracey Ross. But it's more complicated than fun…and she kept trying to get my clothes off.” ~ When asked if it was fun taping the Julian and Eve flashback love scenes, April 11, 2000 NBCi chat with Ben Masters and Tracey Ross.

“I've tried to add things to Tracey's life, but she won't let me add them!” ~ Another quip by Ben, April 11, 2000 NBCi chat.

“I was thinking about this the other day, seriously,” admits Ben Masters (Julian). “Let’s say that Tracey (Ross, Eve) threw everything off, and I threw everything off, and in real life we got together? What if we wanted to drive through Alabama one night? Would that be a problem? Because in this world we live in, there’s still this weird thing about that. I’m a child of the ‘60s, whether it be civil rights or the Vietnam War or all of that social activism stuff. That’s all ingrained in me. So I’m curious… If Tracey and I went to have a cup of coffee in Mobile, Ala., would they throw rocks at us?” ~ When asked how an interracial romance would play in the real world, April 2003 Reality Check interview, Soap Opera Weekly.

"One has to work on that sort of thing, and the rehearsing was good," jokes Ben Masters (Julian) in a velvety tone. ~ On preparing for the Lobster Shack kiss with Tracey, June 2003 TVGuideOnline interview.

"Getting to work with Tracey and the honesty she brings forward, one can't help but having stars go off in his eyes.” ~ June 2003 TVGuideOnline interview.

“She has a wonderful, wide-eyed innocence and a sense of wanting to discover what the world is about, and she has a great heart – not to mention, she’s a good-lookin’ woman.” ~ August 2003 Laughing Matters interview, Soap Opera Digest.

“We have sad times too. For me, it’s difficult to not take it home. I can’t work without having feelings about what I’m doing. So, when I’m doing a lot of scenes with someone who I care about, I tend to be smitten. There are different kinds of kisses on a soap opera. There are Rebecca kisses and there are Dr. Eve kisses. If I’m living Julian and I’m kissing Dr. Eve, it’s like I almost have a stroke whenever I kiss her, and then it’s like I’m walking 12 inches off the ground until I get back to my dressing room.” ~ Laughing Matters interview.

“It’s a wonderful, delicate, exciting thing to get to kiss a woman this beautiful, whether it be on-camera or on a coffee table.” ~ When asked about their kissing scenes, Laughing Matters interview.

"Who knew that such a stunningly beautiful woman is an electronics wiz.....she navigates the GPS system through the corridors of her heart!" ~ January 2004 Very Hot Shots, Soap Opera Digest.

“Tracey Ross (Eve).” ~ When asked his favorite co-star, January 2004 Soapnet Chat with Ben Masters.

“I don't want to give anything away here, friends, but Tracey and I find that you have to rehearse those kisses a few times to get them spot on. And if you could imagine from a man's point of view what it's like to kiss those lips on Tracey Ross... then you'll have no trouble understanding why I would walk on the wing of a plane going 465 miles an hour to save that woman.” ~ On how much preparation goes into their kissing scenes, January 2004 Soapnet Chat.

“Yeah, sure. Who do you think I have a crush on? The woman I work with every day. The doctor... what's her name? Dr. Eve Russell... the doctor who put the X in X-rated.” ~ When asked if he had a crush on any of his cast mates, January 2004 Soapnet Chat.

“Tracey Ross (Eve, Passions).” ~ When asked his favorite actress, March 2004 FYI interview, Soap Opera Weekly.

“I can’t tell you.” ~ When asked his greatest love, March 2004 FYI interview.

“They're just standing there with their shirts open - and I must say, her shirt open is a beautiful sight," grins Masters. "What an exotic beauty she is!" ~ On Eve and Julian almost getting caught in Eve's office, Eve Seduces Julian article, circa May 2004, publication unknown.

“I always think that in journalism the first question lays the groundwork for the last question: ‘When did they stop dating?’ Look what it did to Ben and Jen!” ~ When asked if he and Tracey are a couple, July 2004 There’s Something in the ‘Evian’ interview with Tracey Ross and Ben Masters, Soap Opera Weekly.

“I'm crazy about her and lust after her. I can't keep my hands off her.” ~ On the secret to his and Tracey’s onscreen chemistry, There’s Something in the ‘Evian’ interview.

“I always wanted it - ever since I saw you in that brown skirt with the slit up your leg! I was just in awe.” ~ When asked if he expected this kind of connection with Tracey, There’s Something in the ‘Evian’ interview.

“We have a lot of fun.” ~ There’s Something in the ‘Evian’ interview.

“I have a sailboat. Tracey's gone with me. The first time, she got a bit queasy. She started out knowing everything about everything - you know how women can be - but an hour into the trip, not a peep.” ~ There’s Something in the 'Evian' interview.

“If she needs a new sprinkler timing system, she'll buy five. She'll try them all, choose one and put the [rest] back in the box and return them! I love that about her.” ~ There’s Something in the ‘Evian’ interview.

“We got married six months ago (laughs). I have very strong feelings for Tracey. She's a beautiful woman, I enjoy spending time with her and I would do anything in the world for her. It's as simple as that.” ~ When asked the final word on his and Tracey’s relationship, There’s Something in the ‘Evian' interview.

“There are no plans for Tracey and I to get married in the immediate future.” ~ October 2004 Soap Opera Weekly Chat.

"It's my day off, so I'm actually having a beer right now. I just had a long conversation with Tracey Ross, who plays Eve Russell. I told her I had such a boring life and that [Cell Mates] is harder to do than one would think. She said, 'I was thinking about that. I would be freaked out. I'd have to plan a whole day of exciting things.' My life is really boring (dramatic sigh)." ~ November 2004 Cellmates interview, Soap Opera Weekly.

"I love working with Tracey [Ross, Eve]. We have such a good rapport. She's a very talented, wonderful and giving woman." ~ January 2005 The Flip Side Interview, Soap Opera Previews.

“Once in a while, Tracey Ross [Eve] comes down and we go sailing.” ~ July 2005 @Home With Ben Masters feature, Soap Opera Digest.

“I love Tracey Ross with all my heart.” ~ July 2005 The Blue Note chat with Tracey Ross and Ben Masters.

“Tracey and I each like to do things the other doesn't in many instances, but when it comes to the most important things that start a fire between two people-we can't be beat.” ~ 2005 The Blue Note chat.

“I just want to say that working with Tracey has been a wonder. If I don't get to work with her much in the future it will be truly difficult.” ~ 2005 The Blue Note chat.

Masters called his on-and off-screen lady Tracey Ross (Eve) to the stage for a bit of flirting, explaining, “Julian re-created the table where Eve and Julian used to meet (in the original Blue Note in Boston) several times. Now, this will be our table.” ~ October 2005 Set Tight feature, Soap Opera Weekly.

“I also made the mistake of sitting thru Batman Begins. Tracey Ross (Eve) dragged me there. Tracey's taste in movies is terrible. I'd rather eat a coffee table." ~ October 2005 Culture Club, Soap Opera Weekly.

"Working with this beautiful woman is a continuing joy for me," Masters says, "especially when I get to kiss her." ~ December 2005, It’s All About Eve interview, The Jamaica Gleaner.

“I spend a lot of time with Tracey (Ross, Eve) and a lot of time on my boat." ~ September 2006 On the Fly interview, Soap Opera Weekly.

“They were very difficult to do because I love Tracey in real life. It was not so much that we are together in real life [that made it difficult], but it was the obstruction of a couple that had come a long, long way. It was like the death of a really good friend, and it was hard. Julian keeps having little hopes that they will get back together, but he's doing some bad stuff." ~ On whether the recent break-up scenes were difficult for him, December 2006 Big Ben interview, Soap Opera Digest.

“Because I'm a skeptic, I suppose. I believe in relationships, but I'm not a real believer in 'happily ever after.' And I'm not the kind of person to say, 'Oh, we're madly in love and here's the white picket fence.' You don't know what will happen in life. I'm a divorced guy. When that happened years ago, it came out of nowhere. I'm wary of publicly declaring things that perhaps shouldn't be public. Tracey and I just let it play out. The more we were around each other and went to things, it became more and more obvious. But I had been in love with her for a long time, so there you go." ~ On why he and Tracey kept their relationship on the down-low at first, Big Ben interview.

“It's very akin to high school; that bong hitting you upside the head. I knew Tracey for four years and we'd be doing a scene where she is in a negligee. Finally you just say, 'Come here,' and you start kissing her because you can't take it anymore." ~ On when he and Tracey crossed the line from colleagues to lovers, Big Ben interview.

“When I work I stay on the boat or if I'm lucky, Tracey's garage." ~ December 2006 Ben Masters Connects interview, Evian Dreams.

“Mow her lawn." ~ On what he does to make Tracey feel better when Julian is nasty to Eve, Ben Masters Connects interview.

“Read trashy magazines like 'The Star,' drink wine and play Crazy 8's." ~ On what he and Tracey like to do for fun, Ben Masters Connects interview.

“I had a yellow lab, but he passed away a year ago at age 13. But Tracey, my lovely friend, has two Golden Retrievers who are wonderful dogs and I spend a lot of time with them!" ~ December 14, 2006 NBC Live Blog chat with Ben Masters and Adrian Bellani.

“I like working with Tracey, Andrea Evans, Kim Ulrich, Adrian Bellani of course, Eric Martsolf - these people should change their last names to be simpler, like RIP TORN. I like to work with everybody!" ~ 2006 NBC Live Blog chat.

“Miss Tracey Ross, yes! Other than that I wouldn't trust these people in my dressing room!" ~ On whether he has any friends on the set, 2006 NBC Live Blog chat.

“I spend time with Tracey (Ross, Eve), and I have a sailboat that I hardly ever enjoy." ~ February 6, 2007 Spotlight on Ben Masters interview, Soap Opera Weekly.

“Tracey's neck - I always try to get close to because it smells so good." ~ On why his hand was so close to Tracey's neck in the office love scene aftermath, March 18, 2007 The Blue Note chat with Tracey Ross and Ben Masters.

“But you must remember Tracey has many other abilities, even if she's not good with a club." ~ On Tracey not golfing, 2007 The Blue Note chat.

“Tracey is a really good kisser." ~ 2007 The Blue Note chat.

“Ben went to take a nap." ~ Ben's answer to our talk about wedding bells in their future, LOL, 2007 The Blue Note chat.

“Tracey's 'assets' are most plentiful." ~ 2007 The Blue Note chat.

“You should have seen me last night at our special rose arbored inn we sometimes frequent." ~ On talk of him being bad, 2007 The Blue Note chat.

“For me the favorite among many others was outside the Lobster Shack, when I got to kiss Tracey." ~ On his favorite scene he has done with Tracey, 2007 The Blue Note chat.

“From the first moment I set eyes on her. I couldn't believe how beautiful she was. She made me so nervous and I never, ever dreamed that I would get to be with her someday." ~ On when the lovely Tracey Ross stole his heart, 2007 The Blue Note chat.

“Off screen memorable moment. Ah, so many I just can't pick one. I just really enjoy being with Tracey so much." ~ 2007 The Blue Note chat.

“First of all, I love playing the part of Julian when he is written with a lot of wit and flamboyance. It's the most fun I have ever had playing a role. Secondly, I have so enjoyed the cast, because it's like a second family. It's the love of Tracey Ross, who I spend a lot of time with." ~ May 29, 2007 NBC Live Blog chat with Tracey Ross and Ben Masters.

“She's full of crap! It didn't take long working with Tracey, to be totally smitten with her beauty, intelligence, everything. Working with her has been a dream." ~ Responding to Tracey insinuating their chemistry is due entirely to Ben, 2007 NBC Live Blog chat.

“We only have two weeks off in the summer. Usually at high-traffic times. I have no plans. I have a sailboat I hope to enjoy and I will try to drag Tracey on to." ~ 2007 NBC Live Blog chat.

“I think it's great to work with Tracey. To do scenes with her. Even when we are not in scenes together, I like to see her beautiful face." ~ On whether working together is too much togetherness for them, 2007 NBC Live Blog chat.

“I bet you win next year." ~ To Tracey, referring to her NAACP Image Award win, 2007 NBC Live Blog chat.

“Tracey and I have been to Justin and Lindsay Hartley's house. We are still in touch with Justin, who is a wonderful young man. Generally, people just go on with their lives." ~ On whether they keep in touch with cast members who have left Passions, 2007 NBC Live Blog chat.

“In my little convertible, we had the top down near my house, we were caught in a dense fog bank in an area that had been totally burned up months ago. The scene was just beautiful. I know it doesn't sound romantic, but you had to be there." ~ On his most memorable moment off-screen with Tracey, 2007 NBC Live Blog chat.

“I never thought I’d turn 30, but 60?? Tracey took me out for a great steak dinner and let me kiss her. " ~ On how it felt to turn the big 6-0 and what he did to celebrate. ~ August 2007 Ben Masters Opens Up interview, Evian Dreams.

“Tracey’s been on my boat a lot this summer. I took the boat to Catalina Island for 5 days. = 30 miles out." ~ Ben Masters Opens Up interview.

“Yes. I love it when Tracey gets to show off all of her 'assets.' " ~ On whether he enjoyed playing the straight man for a change, to Tracey's drunken and comical Eve, Ben Masters Opens Up interview.

“Kissing Tracey is one of the biggest thrills of my life." ~ When asked if he is enjoying getting the chance to kiss Tracey again onscreen, Ben Masters Opens Up interview.

“I couldn’t stand not being with her any longer. To be kissing her as Julian was too much for me. I started kissing her as Ben. " ~ On how difficult it was not to act on the feelings he had for Tracey when things were heating up for Evian onscreen, Ben Masters Opens Up interview.

“It never really crosses my mind. We’re both Polynesian. " ~ On what it's like being in an interracial relationship, Ben Masters Opens Up interview.

“I woke her up and told her. She usually sleeps like 18 hours – so she was a bit woozy. We had dinner. " ~ On Tracey winning the 2007 NAACP Image Award, Ben Masters Opens Up interview.

“I’ve always been under her spell. She is the sexiest, hottest, most beautiful woman I’ve ever known." ~ Ben Masters Opens Up interview.

“We merely read all the tabloids and have a few glasses of wine. Sometimes she gives me a kiss. " ~ On what he and Tracey do at the special inn they like to frequent, Ben Masters Opens Up interview.

“Not only is she physically one of the most beautiful women in the world, she also has a sparkle that knocked me to my knees when I first met her." ~ October 2007 Soaps' Most Beautiful Women feature, Soap Opera Digest.