Eve’s head was throbbing with pain. She tried to think, tried to remember what had happened. She had been driving to work, stressed from all of Liz’s threats. Eve remembered a horn blaring, and then she realized that she had run a red light. The sickening crunch of metal the violent whip of her head against the steering wheel, and then everything went black.

She rubbed her temples, trying to ease the pain. Trying to block out the noise, then relief came, when the noise stopped.
Eve opened her eyes; she focused on the nurse leaning over her. TC was glaring angrily; a group of orderlies was helping a nurse to her feet beside her bed. “What happened to her?” Eve asked.

“Well dear, you were having some kind of nightmare; your brain waves were really active. Then suddenly you punch the nurse who was leaning over you.”

“That must have been when I hit Alistair with a skillet.” Eve said unaware that she was thinking out loud.
“Alistair?” TC rushed to the bed.

The nurse held him back. “I know that you are concerned about your wife Mr. Russell, but you have to control yourself. You can’t upset her, and all this anger is not good for her. She must have had a nightmare; there is no reason for you to get so upset.” The nurse escorted TC from the room. “You can come back later; right now we have to be alone with her.”

“I’ll be back later.” TC promised, and unhappy scowl on his face.

Outside Eve hospital room, Sam grabbed TC and took him aside. “What is the matter with you man, your wife just came out of a coma, and you are drilling her about something she mumbled in her sleep. Come on, where is your head.” He chastised TC for his irresponsible behavior.

TC breathed deeply, “I know, it’s just that whenever I hear Julian’s name, I get so angry.” He slammed his fist into the palm of his hand.

“Well, you know that Julian’s car is the one that ran into her, that must have been the reason she said his name.” Sam tried to reason.

“Yea well, it was his fault that she was in a coma. If it is the last thing I do, I will make him pay.” TC promised.

“Come on TC, you know that Eve ran a red light, it wasn’t Julian’s fault. You should be grateful that he isn’t pressing charges. And more important, grateful that he was there to help her till the ambulance arrived. If he hadn’t stopped the bleeding on her head, who knows what might have happened. She could have died TC.” Sam shuddered at the thought.

“Your right Sam, I’m sorry. I lost my head there for a while.” TC breathed deeply to help himself calm down. “I guess I owe Julian another ‘thanks’.” He dreaded have to thank him for anything.

“Yea, it is strange. Lately he has been so decent, I mean it’s amazing, he has gotten your family out of sticky situations how many times now…4?” Sam asked.

“This is the third time. It’s not that I am not grateful, it’s just that it’s Julian Crane. You know what I mean?” TC tried to justify his actions.

“Well in any case, you have to give him a break man; he doesn’t seem to have any agenda other than trying to be a decent human being. And I for one am glad.” Sam smiled when he saw Grace approach.

“Hi honey!” He kissed her on the cheek.

“Hi,” she smiled and kissed him back. “TC.”

“Hi Grace,”

“How is Eve doing?” Grace asked.

“She’s awake.” Sam said.

“Oh that’s wonderful,” She cried and she hugged TC in delight.

TC smiled weakly, the thought of Eve saying Julian’s name still bothering him. “Yes it is.”

“Well can I see her?”

“Not yet, the nurse is in there checking up on her.” Sam explained.

“Oh, I guess I’ll just get some coffee and wait then. You want some?” She asked both men.

“No honey, I have to go to the station, maybe TC wants some. I’ll see you later.” He kissed her and then turned to TC. “Be cool man!” He said and left.

“So how about it TC, would you like some coffee?” Grace asked.

“No thank you, I think I’ll go find the girls. Tell them that their mom is awake. I told them to go get some rest. They have barely had any sleep this last week.” TC said wearily.

“I am sure they will be thrilled.” Grace said and waved as TC left.

Grace was about to go for coffee when the nurse came out of Eve’s room. “Can I go see her?” Grace asked. “I am her best friend.”

“Ok, just as long as you don’t get her upset. She has been through quite an ordeal.” The nurse explained.

“I promise.” Grace smiled and entered the room. “Hi, how are you feeling?” She asked a 'groggy' looking Eve.

Eve smiled weakly. “Terrible! I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck.”

“Well not quite a truck. You were hit by a car.” Grace explained.

“So I’ve been told. Was anyone else hurt?” Eve asked in concern, trying to sit up a little.

“No, he had just a few scrapes.” Grace said vaguely.

“Do you know who he was?” Eve breathed deeply, trying to clear her head.

“It was Julian Crane.”

“Oh no,” groaned Eve. “This is the second time we’ve ruined his car. “He must be so furious.”
“Actually he was more concerned about you. He thought he might have killed you when you didn’t respond. I’ve never seen him that emotional.”

“Oh,” Eve said distractedly, trying not to let it show how effected she was hearing about Julian.

“What’s wrong Eve? I heard that you punched a nurse in your sleep.” Grace now sat down on the stool beside the bed.

“I know I feel terrible about that. I guess it must have happened when I was dreaming about Alistair Crane.”

“Alistair Crane, why would you be dreaming about him?” Grace asked confused.

“I don’t know. It all seemed so real, I mean…we were all in it, TC, Alistair, Sam and Julian, you…”

“Me? What were you dream about me?” Grace was now getting very interested.

“Trust me Grace, you don’t want to know.” Eve shuddered at the thought of the wild and wacky Grace in her dream.

“Yes I do, come on don’t leave me in suspense start from the beginning.” Grace begged.

Eve raised her eyebrows, not sure how to describe it to her. “Well it started when I was pregnant with Julian’s baby. Alistair threatened to kill me, so I ran away. Then Julian found me and our son, and arranged for us to move here to Harmony…”

“Really, sound like the life you never had.” Grace listened with interest.

“Tell me about it. It was kind of like that green smoke night.” Eve explained.

“Yea, I know what you mean.” Grace said, remembering her dream with David.

“Yes, well. I think we all had visions that night.” Eve said; trying not to think of the vision she shared with Julian.

“Go on, what else happened in your dream?”

“Well after I got to Harmony, I worked at the hospital and you were a candy striper. Actually you were there on community service.” Eve laughed, and then winced in pain.

“Easy Eve, if it is too much for you, we can talk about it later.” Grace offered.

“No, I’m alright.”

“Ok, if you’re sure.” Grace sat back down. “Why was I doing community service?”

“You had a brawl in a bar.”

“A bar brawl? Me? That doesn’t sound like me?” Grace paled a little.

“I know it was the weirdest dream. TC was selling sheds.”

“Sheds? How funny is that?” Grace laughed.

Eve smiled, “The only thing that seemed to be real was…..I find it so odd that even in my dream, when I didn’t know him, he was still obsessing over getting even with Julian.” Eve said thoughtfully.

“Odd, what else happened?”

“Well you liked getting drunk. I’m sorry Grace.” Eve said apologetically when Grace shifted uncomfortably in her seat. “Shall I stop?”

“No, no, after all it’s just a dream, go on.” Grace sat up and smoothed her hair.

“Well, here is where it gets weirder. There was a talent show. Julian came on stage and sang to me.”

“Julian singing??” Grace laughed. “Girl you really hit your head hard.”

“Actually he was very good, and as I recall, you want to take him home.” Eve chuckled.

Grace slapped her leg and laughed louder. “That is such a riot, who was the lucky one to take him home?”

Eve sobered and shifted nervously fiddling with the blanket.

“Eve?? What’s wrong?” Grace asked, concerned by her sudden silence.

“Nothing, I’m just tired I guess.” She lied.

“I thought I heard my name.” Julian stuck his head inside the door.

“Julian!” Grace said with a start and then got up.

“Are you up for visitors?” He asked hopefully, stepping closer to the bed.

Eve swallowed hard; she hadn’t expected to be so unnerved at his presence. “Well, Grace and I….”

“I think I’ll go get some coffee. I’ll be back in a little while.” Grace said, feeling suddenly out of place.

Julian walked to the stool, and paused, unsure if he should sit down.

Eve noticed his hesitation and motioned for him to sit. He gladly obliged.

Grace paused a moment at the door when she notice Eve’s heart monitor beating faster than before. Neither Eve nor Julian seemed to have noticed. Grace’s heart went out to Eve, realizing for the first time that Eve still had feelings for Julian. Whether Eve knew it or not.

When the door closed behind Grace, Julian turned to face Eve. He smiled, his heart pounding nervously. “How are you feeling?”

“Groggy, I am on pain killers.” Eve said, playing with her blanket, trying not to look as anxious as she felt.

“Are you in a lot of pain?” He asked, concerned.

“No, no, I’m not in any pain.” She smiled at his concern.

“Good, I was worried….”

“I’m sorry for wrecking your car Julian.” Eve said, feeling really terrible for her bad driving.

“No, don’t be, it’s just a car. It can be replaced.” He smiled tenderly. “It is more important to me that you are OK. I could never have forgiven myself if anything would have happened to you Eve. You are irreplaceable.” He reached out and took her hand gently.

Eve’s heart skipped a beat when he took her hand in his, and made no attempt to pull it away. “Thank you Julian. You have been so kind to me and my family.”

“I would do anything to make you happy Eve.” He said, his eyes shining.

Eve looked away, unnerved by his lack of attempt to hide his feelings. “Thank you, I appreciate that.” She said, her heart fluttering when he squeezed her hand.

“Do you mind if I come again? To see how you are doing I mean.” Julian asked hopefully.

After all that he had done, Eve felt like it was the least that she could do for him. “Sure, I think that would be alright.”

“Great!” He grinned happily. “Well, I will let you get some rest now.” He reluctantly released her hand and got up to leave.

“Julian,” Eve said.

“Yes?” He turned back to her.

“I like the ‘new’ Julian. I hope He’s here to stay.”

“Thank you, I think I like him too.” He smiled happily, “Get some rest now I’m sure your family soon will be here to see you.”

Outside Eve’s room, Julian paused a moment to collect himself, his heart racing wildly. Never before had he felt this exhilarated.

“Eve my dear, I noticed the beep on that heart machine, the way it quicken when I took your hand. You still care for me, I know you do.” With a smile on his lips and new hope in his heart, be headed for the elevator.