Julian opened the hospital doors. A blast of cold snow greeted him, and he realized that he had forgotten his coat. Sighing, he walked back to the elevator, grumbling about his forgetfulness. With the broken nose, all he wanted was a stiff brandy and some painkillers.

When the elevator doors opened, he spied his coat on the nurse’s desk. He picked it up and turned to leave when he heard a commotion coming from Eve’s room. Softly he walked up to the door, which hadn’t been closed completely. His heart pounded when he heard TC’s voice.

“I can explain…”

“What could you possibly have to say after what you did?” Whitney raised her voice in anger.

Exasperated at Whitney's continual interruptions, TC stared at Eve, pleading for understanding. “I was drunk. I left here upset and had a few drinks. The next thing I remembered was waking up with the house a mess and…”

“How could you, TC?” Eve cried. “I trusted you. How am I ever going to trust you again?”

“Oh please, baby,” TC’s voice quivered with emotion. “Please forgive me.” He dropped to his knees beside her bed.

Whitney stared at him in disgust, while Chad backed into a corner to stay out of the way. “Let your moms and pops works this out, Whitney. Let’s go.”

“And leave her alone with him? Not on your life!” she snapped.

“OK, I’m sorry. But let’s just stay back and give them some space,” he said as he pulled her with him.

Outside the room, Julian listened anxiously to what was going on. He hid when he spotted Liz heading toward him.

Liz paused for a moment. “It’s show time, sis; time to put all the cards on the table.” She pushed open the door and entered the room.

Julian tiptoed back to the door. “Oh, my sweet Eve, what is she planning to do to you?”

“Liz, I told you to wait outside,” TC said.

“Well, I thought that maybe I could help you explain what happened.” Liz smiled sweetly.

“You have done enough,” Whitney said, and then closed her mouth when Chad covered it with his hand.

“Don’t get involved, Whit. Your moms is a big girl. She can take care of herself.”

Eve glared at Liz. “Get out!” She pointed to the door. “I don’t ever want to see you again.”

“Now is that any way to talk to your own sister?” Liz smiled wickedly at Eve’s astonished face.

“Sister?” Whitney couldn’t contain herself. “What kind of game are you playing? It’s not enough that you slept with my father, but now you are making up these ridiculous stories about being my mom’s sister. You should be ashamed of yourself. You are nothing but a lowlife home wrecker.” Whitney glared at her angrily.

Whitney's words stung as Liz tried to suck up the courage to go on. Her niece’s accusations almost convinced her to give it up. “No, Whitney, I am not making this up. Eve, your mom, really is my sister.”

TC turned to Eve. “Why didn’t you tell me that Liz was your sister?” he asked. “Why did you have to lie to me?” The hurt in his voice was unmistakable.

“This is not about Liz being my sister, and I am not saying that she is.” Eve tried to regain control. “This is about you cheating on me.”

“Well, not anymore. I want answers, Eve, and I want them now!!” he said, his voice raising a level. “Is Liz your sister?”

Eve looked into TC’s eyes. She could see that it was pointless to lie to him, for he seemed to believe it, even if she hadn’t confirmed it.

“Of course she isn’t!” Whitney cried, as Chad tightly held onto her.

Eve’s heart broke as she looked at her daughter trying to defend her. “It’s true, honey,” she said to Whitney. “Liz is my sister.”

Whitney stared at her in disbelief. “Why didn’t you tell us the truth?”

“Because Liz hates me. And I didn’t want that hatred to be around you. A lot of good it did trying to keep you from it.” She glared at Liz.

TC paced, his mind spinning. “I can’t believe you lied to me, Eve.”

“Oh, that is not all she lied about, TC. She has lied to you for years,” Liz added.

Eve’s heart started to race. ‘Oh God, this is it. She is finally going to expose all my lies.’

TC turned to Liz. “What do you mean, Liz? What else could Eve possibly lie about?”

Liz turned to Eve. “Why don’t you tell him, Eve? Tell him your whole sordid past.”

Eve swallowed hard. “I…I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Oh come off it, Eve. You know exactly what I am talking about. Tell him about all your Johns, all the drugs, and the booze. Go ahead,” Liz sneered. “Tell TC just how imperfect you really are.”

Whitney, Chad and TC gasped at Liz’s accusations.

Outside the room, Julian felt like rushing in, taking Eve into his arms and running, running as far away from all the pain as he could. He breathed deeply, trying to calm himself down as he leaned closer to hear what would happen next.

Eve started to cry. “Get out of here, you horrible, horrible person.”

“Oh, I am horrible? You have lied and manipulated TC this whole time, and you want to call me horrible?” Liz asked in disbelief.

TC didn’t know what to think. This was all too much for him. “Hold on, Liz. Where do you get off saying these things about my wife?”

“Ask her, TC. Ask her about her life before she met you.” Liz smirked as TC leaned over Eve’s bed.

“Is it true, Eve? Is what Liz is saying true?” He looked deeply into her eyes.

Eve tried to look away, but for lack of space, she couldn’t.

“I want the truth, Eve,” TC said as he struggled to control himself. “Nothing but the truth.”