Tears of bittersweet pain flowed freely down their cheeks as they kissed in desperate attempts to be part of each other. Eve slid her hands up onto his shoulders and into his hair, pressing him closer still. Julian’s mind reeled, barely able to conceive what was happening.

Julian pulled back. “Eve, what are you doing to me? How can I resist you when every part of me is screaming to make love to you?”

Eve parted her lips and pressed them against his. She wasted no words, only her lips and body told him why she was there, and he didn’t have the strength or the desire to push her away.

As her fingers combed through his hair, he groaned with pleasure. “Eve…” he breathed, his mind in a whirl, thinking surely he was dreaming, as the desire that she aroused in him became uncontrollable.  Everything was a blur, everything except Eve, soft and vibrant beneath his hands.

“Are you sure about this, Eve?” he asked, his eyes seeking hers in the dimly lit room.

“I need you, Julian. Tonight I am yours.” She placed the palm of her hand against his cheek and caressed him tenderly.

“All night,” he promised with a smile.

His fingers trembled as he unbuttoned her shirt. The sight of her white bra cupping her golden breasts almost sent him into cardiac arrest, still not quite believing that this was really happening.

He paused and looked into her eyes. Liquid pools of deep brown shone at him, glistening with tears that reflected the soft glow of the single lamp that lit the room. She smiled, her lips swollen from the fervor of his kisses.

Eve stood before him, unashamed, wanting him to see her, not as the young girl he once loved, but as the sensual woman she had become. She enjoyed watching the pleasure on his face as he pushed the shirt off her shoulders. She closed her eyes when he leaned down and kissed her bare shoulder.

His lips grazed from her shoulder to the side of her throat. She arched her neck to allow him better access.

His voice trembled with emotion as he moved to her ear and whispered, “I love you, Eve.”

She drew back and looked into his eyes. “Love me!” she said simply, her eyes never leaving his as her fingers crept along the open seam of his shirt, grazing his bare chest lightly, then, pushing his unbuttoned shirt open farther.

She placed her palms against his stomach, slowly sliding them up his smooth chest, remembering his masculine strength. With her polished fingernail, she traced his nipple and then bent and replaced it with her lips. She kissed him there tenderly, biting gently, loving the growl that it produced from him.

“Eve…” he groaned, unable to stand it any longer. He pulled her head up and picked her up in his arms.

He stood there for a moment, just holding her, looking into her eyes, amazed that at his age he could still lift her the way he did when they were young. She was his tonight, alive and sexy as hell!

He walked to his bed and placed one knee on it. Still dressed, he leaned down and lowered her onto the center of it.

Against the masculine colors of his bed, she looked incredible, dressed only in her bra and jeans. He smiled as he placed his hands on the bed on either side of her shoulders. Then gently, he lowered himself against her chest and placed his lips on hers.

Loving the weight of his body on hers, Eve reached up and placed her hand on the nape of his neck, her fingernails clipping his short hair. Parting her lips, she once again allowed him to deepen the kiss.  Familiar feelings that she hadn’t felt in years were being re-awakened within her, as her hands moved over his strong shoulders and down his back. Her heart pounded wildly as she slipped her hands inside his khakis.

He caught his breath when she slowly moved her hands under him to unbuckle his belt.  “Not yet,” he whispered as he shifted himself onto the bed next to her.

He smiled when she whimpered, missing the warmth of his body on hers. He looped one finger under the strap of her bra, pulled on it gently, and tugged it off her shoulder.

Eve lifted her back slightly to give him access to the clasp on the back of her bra. He cursed when it wouldn’t budge, and then grinned sheepishly at her when it finally snapped open. Removing his hand, he pulled the bra out from beneath her.

Slipping her arms through the loops, she smiled at his eagerness and helped him remove it completely.

He tossed the bra aside and stared at her breasts. “Beautiful…” he murmured, his eyes filled with desire, as he slowly descended towards her.

Much later, he got up from the bed and pulled her with him.  "Where are we going?" she objected.

"You'll see!"  He grinned.

He led her to the bathroom and ran water in his private Jacuzzi.  "Care to join me?"  He smiled mischievously.

She looked at the tub, which for a Crane tub, looked rather small, and laughed. "We won't fit in there..."

"On the contrary, we fit quite well, don't you think?"  He raised his eyebrows at her playfully. “It’s for my own private use…no one else,” he explained, wanting her to know that no other person had ever been in it.

She blushed and followed him into the tub.  He had added bath bubbles, and they were multiplying fast.  She slipped into the warm water and leaned back against him.  He wrapped his arms around her and hugged her to him.  She relaxed and sank deeper into the water.

‘Heaven!' she thought.  Taking an intimate bath with him, ‘Heaven’ was the only way to describe it.

With a bath sponge, he washed her body, moving gently over her.  He could sense how much she loved it, so he continued to wash her.  With his toes, he managed to turn off the water, but not before giving Eve a good laugh at his numerous failed attempts.

They soaked in the tub for half an hour, before Eve started to yawn.  "What time is it?” she asked.

Julian got up and pulled her with him.  "I don't know. I wasn't keeping track."  He smiled.  Stepping out of the tub, he handed her a towel.  She was about to take it, when he pulled back.  She looked at him in surprise, and then smiled when he turned her around and wrapped her in it.  Kissing her on the cheek, he handed her one of his shirts.  "I don't have anything else...so this will have to do."

She took the shirt, and after drying off, slipped into it.  It was too big, and smelled of his cologne.

He smiled at her and said, "You look very sexy in my clothes."  Dressed only in boxers, he led her to the bed, and motioned for her to climb in.

"Is that all you wear to bed?" she asked.

"Every night." He smiled.

Resting comfortably under the covers, he pulled her next to him, and held her in the crook of his arm.  She rested her head on his chest.

"I love you, Julian," she whispered.

He lifted her face and turned her to look at him.  "And I love you, Eve." 

She smiled and quickly kissed him.  Soon they feel asleep, together, in each other’s arms.

A few hours later, Eve awoke. She squinted, trying to adjust her eyes to the darkness in the room, with only the moon in the open window to give her light. Tangled in Julian’s arms and legs, she lay frozen, afraid to wake him as he slept peacefully.

She turned her head, her face close to his, and watched him sleep. She couldn’t help herself as she reached up and played with his graying hair. Slowly she traced her fingers to his ear, down his cheek, and finally to his lips. 

When she outlined his lips, he caught her finger in his mouth and swirled his tongue around it.  She shivered at the sudden wave of pleasure from it. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you,” she whispered.

Releasing her finger, he said, “I’m glad you did. Sleep is for the impotent.”

Eve laughed. “Well, you certainly aren’t one of them.” She smiled.

“Not with you.” He grinned at her as he pulled her up and placed his lips on hers.  His tongue darted into her mouth, as he pressed her fiercely to him.   

She caught his tongue and matched him kiss for kiss.  Their breathing became labored as, once again, he rolled her onto her back.  His lips wandered from hers and moved to her ear.  He nibbled on her lobe, causing her to shiver with pleasure.  He then proceeded to kiss her ear the way he had her mouth.  His tongue, darting in and out, was making her weak with pleasure.  "Julian..." she whispered hoarsely.

"Shhh... Let me love you," he coaxed.

He trailed his lips along the curve of her neck, loving how she shivered when he nuzzled her.  He smiled, and together they set the bed on fire one more time.

After they had made love for the second time, the phone rang shrilly next to Julian’s bed. Turning on the lamp and rolling his eyes in disbelief, Julian picked it up. “Hello, Father.”

“Julian, what is that woman doing in your room?!” Alistair yelled.

“What woman, Father?” Julian smiled down at Eve, who was still beneath him, burying her face against his arm to hide her amusement.

“Don’t get smart with me; you know exactly who I mean!” he snapped.

“Why, we are playing chess, Father,” Julian said innocently.

“Damn it, Julian. Am I going to have to have you castrated to keep an eye on you?” Alistair snarled.

“What do you mean, Father? Honestly, we were just playing chess...t. You see, we took turns trying to capture each other. She almost got to me a few times, but I managed to block her advances and took control. Then after hours of flirting with the inevitable, I finally mated her. It was quite exhilarating, Father. We played a few rounds. You should try it yourself sometime,” Julian said with a wicked glint in his eye and hung up the phone.

Eve burst out laughing. “You are terrible, Julian. What will he think?”

“Let him think what he likes; all I want to do is hold you in my arms and make love to you.” He bent and kissed her soundly.

She pulled back and tried to push him off her. “You’re heavy,” she puffed.

“But I thought you liked this position,” he teased, refusing to budge.

“Oh, I do,” she assured him with a sexy grin. “This night has been…” She paused and swallowed hard for a moment as tears suddenly sprang into her eyes. “There are no words to describe how you’ve made me feel…so loved…so beautiful…”

“Oh, Eve, you are.” He caressed her cheek as he finally moved off her and cradled her in the crook of his arm.

“How am I ever going to recover from this night?” she half laughed as she wiped her eyes. Resting her head on his shoulder, she placed a hand on his chest, enjoying the rhythmic movement of his chest rising and falling as he breathed.

Eve traced her fingernail on Julian’s breast. “Julian…”

“Hmmm,” he murmured sleepily.

“I have to go back.”

His breathing stopped. Eve turned her head in alarm. “Julian?”

He snapped out of it and exhaled loudly. “Eve…” he protested.

She turned, leaning her chin on his chest, gazing into his eyes. “You are incredibly sexy when you’re upset,” she said with a smile, tracing his lips with her fingernail. As she ran her finger across his chin, she could feel the rough stubble of his beard already pushing its way through his skin.

“I know how you can make me feel better.” He finally grinned.

“Oh, yeah? How?” she teased.

He gazed into her eyes. “Love me!” he whispered as he pulled her up and kissed her passionately.