Julian approached Whitney’s room. He stood outside the door, unsure if it was wise to go and see her so soon. A moment later, he decided to enter.

Whitney was resting in the single hospital bed when the door swung open and Julian Crane stepped in. She exhaled nervously as he approached the bed.

“I…is it OK if we talk for a minute?” he asked, unsure.

“Mr. Crane!” Whitney exclaimed. “Sure…”

Julian sat on a stool next to Whitney’s bed. He smiled, not knowing what to say.

“My mom told me what happened,” Whitney started.

Julian nodded. “I had no idea.”

“Neither did she, although finding out I am adopted is not something that thrills me…although I am not really…this is so confusing and unreal…”

“I know. I was in shock too. I mean…I am thrilled…I…” Julian wasn’t sure what to say.

“It’s ok, Mr. Crane. I understand,” Whitney assured him.

Julian smiled and reached out, patting her hand. “I’m glad. You are a remarkable young woman, Whitney. I couldn’t be prouder than to know you are my daughter.”

Whitney looked away briefly. Finally she said, “I am grateful that you were so kind to me before we found out about this. You have proven to me that you really have changed - that you do care…not just because I am your biological child.”

“I do, Whitney…you have become so…dear to me. You are a very bright and wonderful young woman. I really hope that things work out for you…and that young man you love.” He smiled.

At the mention of Chad, Whitney brightened. “Well it’s because of your advice that I am still with him. Thank you, Julian. Thank you for giving me such wonderful advice.”

“You are welcome, my dear!” Julian squeezed her hand.

As Julian and Whitney spoke of their new found bond, Eve was sitting in her office, her heart in turmoil as she thought of her love for Julian and her marriage to TC. On one hand she didn’t want to give up the life she had built for herself, her family, her security…though she wasn’t sure how secure it was anymore, her name and reputation at the hospital…

Then there was Julian. He was the man in her heart, the one who captured her heart and soul… Eve sighed wearily.

Changing her clothes, she looked in her locker for a spare bra. Frustrated, Eve slammed the door shut. “Damn that Rebecca. Why did she have to take off with my bra?”

Adjusting her shirt, she put a light jacket on and stepped out of her office and headed towards TC’s room. As she walked down the corridor, she spotted Rebecca heading towards her. Thinking quickly, Eve slipped into a nearby closet. Leaving the door slightly ajar, she waited for her to approach. ‘Good thing I know where she keeps everything she carries.’ Eve mused.

Rebecca walked towards the hospital supply closet. When she got up to the door, she noticed it was slightly ajar and heard a shuffling noise coming from within. Curious, she stepped closer and noticed it was dark inside the closet. “Hmm,” she smiled wickedly. “Someone is having some fun in there I’ll bet!” She quietly tiptoed up to the door. “A small peek won’t hurt. Maybe I can learn something new for me and Pookie…something that can lure him back to my bed.” She grinned at the thought.

Rebecca placed an ear gently against the door’s opening. Suddenly, without warning she was yanked inside, and the door closed. Rebecca fell into the darkness of the closet, against the wall, in complete shock, as her assailant reached into her dress and grabbed at her bra. After a moment of this unromantic manhandling, the bra was loosened from where she had neatly tucked it and yanked out.

Frozen in confusion, Rebecca was afraid to move… ‘Was she being raped? If that was the case, this was an amateur; someone who didn’t have a clue what he was doing….What was he doing?’ Her mind was going a mile a minute as she was shoved to the floor away from the door, and her assailant turned and escaped through the door before she ever had a chance to scream.

Rebecca sat on the floor for a moment, not sure what had just happened. ‘Well he was not after my ample bosom. Some men have no brain…Who would waste such a perfect opportunity, a few minutes of wild excitement, with a perfectly willing woman in a hospital closet…and for what? Stealing my bra? Who steals a bra?’ Rebecca wondered as she tried to make sense of what just happened.

Getting up, she squinted in the dark as she smoothed her ruffled hair and straightened her dress before peeking out the door. Satisfied that no one was around, she made a mad dash for the bathroom around the corner.

Safely inside the bathroom, Rebecca perked up her breasts that had been roughly misshapen and thanked God that the bra she was wearing was not stolen. ‘Walking around with this chest without a bra would be pure hell,’ she thought as she straightened herself out. “Come to think of it, how did he know I had a bra in there?” she said out loud.

As Rebecca was talking to herself, Eve entered the bathroom.

“Dr. Russell, I have a complaint.” Rebecca pouted.

“Really, Rebecca, I can’t help you with your relationship with Julian,” Eve said, feeling guilty about what she had just done.

Looking at her with her finger in the air, Rebecca was stumped for a moment. “No…no, this is not about Julian.”

“Oh,” Eve said innocently.

“I was just violated by some amateur. He stole my bra! He had a perfect opportunity to have a glorious time in the closet with a very willing, experienced woman, and all he did was steal my bra!” Rebecca huffed.

Eve turned red! “That is your complaint – you didn’t get it on in the hospital closet with a complete stranger?”

“No! He stole my bra. I was just telling you how this awful incident could have been made a whole lot more exciting…had he stuck around long enough.”

Eve stood red faced as she listened to Rebecca’s fantasy of getting action in the closet. ‘If you only knew,’ she thought, embarrassed. “Well I think its rather indecent to want to…to…”

“What? Have a fling in a hospital closet?” Rebecca asked in amusement. “Well you don’t know what you are missing. It’s so exiting, exhilarating, fun…”

“Ok, I get it.” Eve said dryly. “But still, you should be more careful; there are a lot of sick people in this world,” she warned.

“Yes, including the one whole ran off with my bra. I have half a mind to go to the police. A woman can’t even trust her own bosom to be a safe place for her things. What is this world coming to?” she huffed.

Eve raised her eyebrows and tried not to look as guilty as she felt. “Well it’s been….interesting, but I have to go.”

“If you happen to see my Pookie anywhere, tell him his Little Red Riding Hood is needing some action.” Rebecca grinned at the thought.

Eve frowned in displeasure. “You are disgusting Rebecca,” she said as she turned and left the bathroom.

“What did Julian ever see in you, Dr. Eve? You have no imagination,” she called after her.

Eve ignored her and kept walking. Turning the corner to the emergency ward, she stopped at the nurse’s station. “What room was TC Russell transferred to?”

“He’s in Room 120, Dr. Russell. He’s been asking for you all night and this morning.”

“Thank you,” Eve said as she walked down the hall, her heart and mind ridden with guilt.