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Evian Dreams
Wednesday, 1 October 2008
The Passions auction and seeing Tracey again!
Mood:  incredulous

I finally recuperated from my trip to L.A. LOL. I didn't get much sleep out there or something, I think it was that more than the jet lag. I was lying around all day yesterday. laugh.gif

It was such a fun trip. It all came about because of the Passions Auction. Way back in April, after the sale, I read a comment on a message board about "the stuff they kept back for the auction in August." But I didn't know for sure that was true or even when it would be. Then on July 17, they put out a news release about the auction and I saw it on one of the message boards shortly after that. I knew it was pretty close then, and we had just been on vacation. I figured airline tickets would be sky high too. It was just some weird moment the following week, when I read about the auction again, that I just went to Travelocity to see what the tickets would cost. And when I saw $175 plus tax I was like, whoa!! So I called my mom to see if she wanted to go because she had said something about the Celebs Go Ape event last year. She only likes short vacations too and hadn't been anywhere yet this year. So I called her and she wanted to go. It was the first vacation we had ever been on alone together. It was a lot of fun. biggrin.gif

We flew out on Friday and stayed in Universal City near Universal Studios and CityWalk. I knew the area and the hotel and liked it there, and I wanted to take Mom to Citywalk so I thought that would be a cool place to stay. She had to brave the freeways though, but she did a valiant job as I helped navigate with the HertzNeverLost GPS system. tongue.gif We ate at Buca di Beppo's there, which I love. She loved it too. And then we walked around and saw all the sights there. We even got a caricature of us done. The guy put us in gowns and had us holding Oscars. laugh.gif It was such a good drawing!

We arrived at the auction place on Saturday morning around 9:30. It was in El Segundo. There is a huge hill on up the road from it that reminded me of San Francisco. We were able to park around the corner and not on that huge hill. They had a Passions poster up by the doorway and a huge banner above the door announcing the auction. They had cones too, I believe they were purple ones, with "Passions" written on them. And there was a red carpet leading up the steps too. We thought that was cool. Mom wanted my picture on the red carpet, so we both posed on it.

The door was open, and to our left we could see the auction room set up with wooden chairs. There was a screen in there. There were two aisles of chairs, with 6 in a row, I believe...I didn't count the rows but there were maybe seven. We didn't go in that room right away. We went on to the right as we entered the place, where there were people sitting behind a table. They checked us in. I had pre-registered us to bid. We had to give them our driver's licenses to keep so we wouldn't run off with our stuff. Mom wasn't too keen on that. tongue.gif But that was kind of weird too because I remember paying before I picked up my stuff anyway. shrug.gif

Then we went on around the hallway. That's where we came to the first of the Passions props, in cases. All along the back of the display cases were the costumes, hanging on racks. They would find an outfit someone was interested in and get it down and show them. One of the first props I saw relating to Eve was a love letter from TC to her. Ugh. thumbsdown.gif Why couldn't they have had Julian write her a letter, you know? I would have paid so much for something like that!! yessmiley.gif So we looked through the cases and I located some of the props I wanted, like her coroner's certificate and her I.D. badge, and I saw her doctor's kit too. It was bigger than I thought it would be. I had my eye on all of them. LOL. Then we went around the corner to a somewhat larger room with more display cases and Tabitha's antique furniture, her bicycle, the juke box, and most of the larger props. The angel statue of the little girl was there. It was really big. And a street sign that pointed the way to different places, like the Book Cafe and Lighthouse Park. I believe it had four place names on it. Other signs were along the wall as you entered the first prop room. We saw the Harmony sign and the goodbye sign, etc.

Mom and I both admired Tabitha's game table. It was a really nice-looking table. We then went back and asked to see a few of the clothing items, one of Eve's nightgowns, her robe, her lab coat and some scrubs I had my eye on. Then we went back to see the larger props again. I had my papers in my hands of a detailed list of the items pwtala had PMed me in a list, along with their lot number. I told Mom I needed to mark the ones I was planning on bidding on. So she found me a pen to do that, and right after I did that, I happened to look down the other side of the prop display and I couldn't believe it. ohmy.gif I told Mom that I think Tracey's down there. Of course I knew it was her but I said "I think." I could hear her talking too as she looked at the items. I remember her asking if this was all the items they had on display. People were talking to her too.

She came around and went back into a corner to check something, maybe her list of items or her cell phone, I don't know, and I approached her as she was looking down. I said, "Hi, Miss Tracey" or something like that, and she said "Hi" as she raised her eyes. And then there was a look of recognition in them as she saw it was me, and she said, "Oh, hi!" as she reached to give me a hug. She asked, "Did you come all the way out here for this?" And I told her I came with my mom for a little vacation too and that she was managing the freeways for me. laugh.gif And then Mom came over for a hug and I introduced them. Tracey was dressed in a white tank top and tan skirt, like the outfit she wore on set when I came for a visit. She looked so cute. She had white tennis shoes on and was wearing sunglasses. She had her hair parted on the side and pulled back in a ponytail. It still looked highlighted like it had been at the end of the show. She was pretty.gif

Tracey asked if I saw her message and then she said, "Oh of course you didn't, because you're out here." And I asked her what message, LOL. And she said she left a message on the board about a chat. I asked if she left it the night before and explained I was having some problems with the wireless service at the hotel and she said no, she had just left it before she came there. I thought that was so cool she wanted to have a chat. I told her a few people had asked me about one and I thanked her for her message. I think she asked me what I hoped to get and I showed her the things I had marked on my paper and told her they were all her things. I told her I wished they had some framed pictures of Evian like they did Ethan and Theresa. How I would have loved to have had a picture of them like that. But they only had photos like that of ET and Endora, mainly. Tracey said that they gave them envelopes with tons of pictures in them before the taping ended. I think I mentioned her DVDs she rescued then too. I told her people on the net were saying, "Go Tracey!" that she had saved them. I said we were glad she has them and she smiled.

Tracey went on back to see the rest of the props we had already seen and told us she would catch us again later on. I think she made a phone call too. We saw someone go up to her to take a picture. Others, I could tell, wanted to take one too. Mom and I had our cameras with us and she told me to go get a picture if I wanted one. I had thought about waiting but then I realized this would be the best time, so I went up and asked her and we took one and Mom did then with her too. When I took mine with her, I remember looking up at her afterwards and telling her she looked great, so thin and beautiful. And I remember putting my open hand against the bottom of her ponytail and telling her her hair was so beautiful like that. She smiled. (No, I didn't yank on her ponytail, as rumor might have it! LOL). She was very gracious with everyone who wanted to meet her and get a picture snapped. That was really sweet because this wasn't a fan event and she wasn't obligated to do any of that for us, but like always, she was so gracious with us fans.

Then Mom and I went to get a seat in the auction room. It was probably around 10:15 or so then. They were playing music and had some footage of the show's highlights playing. I remember seeing Julian with dark hair in one and Eve pointing a gun at Ivy. Mom and I spent most of that time talking though, and checking the long list of items. There were 850 on the list, and when I had called the auction place earlier in the week asking how long it would probably last, I was expecting to hear "Four hours" or something like that. They said eight!! yikes.gif LOL. I bet it went even longer than that. There were two screens that showed a picture of each item. Some of the tops were on rather revealing mannequins, and the announcer made some little quips about wanting to take the mannequin home. redlol.gif The announcer was seated near the screen on the left. The auctioneer stood near him, in the center. A table along the front had the man watching the Internet bids and the guy running the slide show of items. A table along the right held the phones and four people manning them, for the phone bids. I didn't realize the whole thing was televised live on the auction site. The auctioneer let us know that they would go below the minimum bid if no one made the $50 bid ahead of time. And they often did.

Tracey came in and stood in the back of the room for a little while, talking to someone. Then she left out the front door, maybe to go to her car. She later returned and sat in a chair against the back wall, right behind me. That was pretty cool because during the auction I was able to turn around and chat a little. I heard the man beside Tracey talking about how he wanted her medical bag. He may have said for his dad, I am not sure. She told him there might still be stuff in it. I asked her if it was one she carried, telling her about the description of it in on ebay as having been in Alistair's room. She said there were two medical bags they used normally so this was definitely one she carried then.

I had set my sights on some smaller things anyway, some things that would be easier to take back and display too. But I remember asking her about the baby booties, what happened to them, and she said she thought she remembered seeing them at the sale. I told her we didn't have enough notice about the sale but that when I heard about this and saw the cheap airline tickets, we were here! tongue.gif

When Eve's bloody lab coat came up for bid (it was the 20th item) my mom kind of nudged me to see if I wanted it and I said, "I don't want that, with all the blood" and told her I was waiting on a later lab coat of hers. But I should have gotten it. It went for just $20, so I probably could have had it for $30. And sadly, it was the only item there with something of both Eve and Julian's...his blood! LOL. When it went Tracey said she thought I would have gotten that and I said it would have been good for Halloween! laugh.gif And she chuckled.

Later, when TC's love letter to Eve came up, I told her I wasn't bidding on that. She laughed. When the DVD came up that TC had made for Eve, she wasn't sure what that was from and I told her I thought it was from the scenes in her office when he was trying to get her back...that slide show they had played there. She said normally when they played something like that, it was done later, added in, and that only the cover was real. But she said maybe this one was real since they were auctioning it. I asked about the books too...were they like that and she said oh yeah. That the cover might say it's a book of spells or whatever, and inside, it's Little Women. tongue.gif

When Eve's Georgetown Medical degree came up, I turned around and asked Tracey if she wanted that but she said no, you go ahead. I told her I was waiting on her coroner's certificate. I just thought it looked better, I guess. When it was on the block and I won that bid for $40, she gave me a pat on the back in congratulations. I remember telling her that they had Eve's middle name on that certificate, we had noticed, and that it was Jonna. She was surprised at that too. There were some times someone would bid and the guy would say someone way in the back was, and I was never sure if it was Tracey or the guy next to her. He bid on a lot of things. I remember I had thought she might be the one bidding on the juke box but turned around and saw him hold up his number kind of subtley on his lap. I am not sure if he got the juke box, but he did get other things, including her medical bag, for $150, and he asked if she'd sign it for him and she said yes and told him how long she'd be there.

I know for sure of one thing she bid on...Miguel's motorcycle! It was maybe at $700 or $800 when I realized Tracey was bidding for it. She won it for $1,000. It was a Yamaha. It was only used in those first shows so I am sure it is worth much more than that. I turned around and asked her if she rides and she said, "No!" LOL. But it was a good deal. There was another time I thought she may have been bidding on something too but gave up, but I am not sure if it was her or not. I remember when she won the motorcycle, they asked for her number and it was 116. I was 108.

I remember different times in the auction, when the bloody lab coat came up for bid and when Tracey was bidding, etc., the young fans toward the front would turn around and grin at her. It was such a polite atmosphere and everyone was so friendly and happy. The props people knew Tracey was there, but the guy reading all the item descriptions and the auctioneer obviously had no clue, by some of the things they said, like when her name was read for an item and one of them asked if she was on Family Ties and people said no, that that was Tracey Gold and he said oh, so there isn't a duplicate. And someone near me said, "Yeah, there is a duplicate" soflty...meaning the fashion Tracey Ross or Tracee Ellis Ross, probably. Of course, there is only one Tracey Ross to us anyway!! tongue.gif

The next item I bid on and won was her purple nightgown. It went for $100. Someone on the net, I think, really wanted it too. I told Tracey I had to have that...but mentioned I couldn't wear it. She said I could if I cut it off some and I said if I lose 20 pounds and cut it off a lot, maybe. tongue.gif The next item up, my mother surprised me by bidding. It was the Crane Industries sign. She won it for $90 and said, "Merry Christmas" to me. Awww. We later found out the sign was like 5 feet long, LOL. She had to ship it back. It's such a cool sign though. I remember turning around and lamenting to Tracey that there just weren't any Julian items there...just an overcoat and a suit. (i.e. heavy items, LOL). I so wish they had had something small of his to get too. I also pointed out that that the costume behind the auctioneer that was being billed as the Cowardly Lion costume wasn't that at all. And she said no, that wasn't the one Julian wore. She asked what it was from, and I said that it was the costume "Cat Boy" had worn...Esme's friend Pete. (Pwtala had remembered that when we had tried to place it after seeing it on the colorful brochure they had sent all of the fan club members about the auction). I remember Tracey tapping me on the shoulder once when they had something of Tabitha's up to comment about it too. It was so cool being able to talk to her like that!

Some key items I remember for sale were the juke box, which went for $2,500, and Tabitha's magic bowl, which went for $2,250. The "Goodbye to Harmony" sign at the end sold for $2,000, I read later. A lot of the clothes went pretty cheap. I remember one of Little Ethan's nice sweaters sold for only $5 and some things for just 10. But most went for at least the $20 minimum bid the auctioneer would usually start at for clothes. Many went for $50 and there were some of Tabitha's expensive outfits that went for a lot. But the little things that netted a lot were things with names on the tabloid papers and stuff, or things key to a romance, like an ET letter. Timmy's martimmy glasses went for a lot, as did his shaker, I think. Mom had said those things would have been something she'd have liked to have if she had a bar, that they were so unique. The signs went for a lot too. Anything with a name, like Eve's lab coat and I.D. They went for more than Sam's police uniform, I saw. But some things people got for a steal, like Sam's tuxedo and some of those nice outfits and jewelry that went with it. There were some great bargains there to be had.

Later on that day, I won Eve's smoky purplish robe she had worn for the drunken scenes and the Oblivion kiss. I think it went for $40. Tracey wasn't in there for that bid. I went back to use the restroom a little later and saw her coming out. I told her what I had won and she said she never realized Eve had had so many nightgowns. laugh.gif I told her I probably bought them because of the color and that they were so lightweight too! laugh.gif I also loved them for what was shot in them though...the "Keep the Bed Warm" scene and that hot Oblivion kiss. And I think those drunken scenes Tracey shot in that smoky purple robe were some of her best scenes ever.

Tracey told me she was getting ready to leave and I think I got another hug. We talked more about her DVDs back there...she told me the story of how she had acquired them. She had been hurriedly copying some of them she had wanted at the end of the show and a producer came in and just told her to take them all. She couldn't believe it. But she gladly carried them to her car in different loads. There were a whole bunch of them. I asked her if they were all on separate DVDs and she said yes, and that she had a guide to go with it that told her a synopsis of each episode. Whoa! She said she was trying to find something to display them in...a cabinet of some sort, I think, that would fit them right. I asked her if they were all in order and she said they were before she put them in her car. laugh.gif I told her I had ordered some DVDs from a guy on the net to make clips of for ED and she asked what I had paid for them. She thought I had gotten a good deal on them but told me not to order anymore, that she had them all. I told her wow...because there were some he didn't have that I'd love to have clips of for the site. She told me we had an "in" here and hinted she could get me what I wanted for ED and I was so thrilled about that. She is just so sweet!! We talked about the chat too. I told her how we had lost our chat room when the Blue Note went down but that I had created another but we really haven't used it yet. We talked a little about the logistics of the chat. Then she had to go and we shared a last hug. She told me she would talk to me soon in the chat. I remember once again saying how beautiful she looked, and I told her to take care. It was so great to get to see her again!!! cloud9.gif

It was probably 1:30 when Tracey left. Mom and I stayed another two hours. I bought Eve's rooftop outfit, the pink top and tan pants for $30. I wasn't planning on buying that really, but I liked the top and it went cheap. I later bid against someone on the net for Eve's photo I.D. that she wore at the hospital. I wanted that so badly. It went high...I got it for $175. yikes.gif LOL. The very next item up was her lab coat, the non-bloody one. I had looked at it earlier and there was a small pink stain on it but it had her name on it so I so wanted it. The auctioneer even looked back at me and asked who had won the photo I.D. and said I could pin it on there. And then, instead of asking for the normal $20 opening bid, he saw me raise my card and asked for a $500 one. rolleyes.gif laugh.gif But he was joking. I bid against someone again on the net, I think it was probably the same person, because they went just as high as before. They got it for $150. I decided to let it go because I had just paid $175 for her I.D. and I knew a pair of scrubs were coming that I had wanted too and I could pin the I.D. on there. Granted, they didn't have her name on them though. What I didn't realize then was there was another lab coat with scrub bottoms too that went at the tail end of the sale for $60, after I left. Ugh, ugh, ugh. I wish I had done a phone in bid or something for it.

I won Tracey's scrubs later on for $20, I think. That was great! thumbsup.gif Mom and I left the auction room soon after that. They were only about halfway through, and it was already 3:30. yikes.gif I figure it lasted till 8:30, probably. There were other things I wish I could have gotten, like Tabitha's game table, but I didn't really want to fool with the shipping. If I would have lived out there, I so would have gotten it. I am just glad I took my large suitcase so I had room for everything I bought. laugh.gif

Mom checked out first and then I went back and joined her to get my stuff. I ended up spending more than I had planned, but awww well, as the guy said, prop items hold their value. And anyway, these are priceless to me! biggrin.gif When I went back to get the items, one of the men there asked another, "Is she still here?" when he got out my coroner's certificate. I knew he meant Tracey. The other guy said no, and he said awww, you could have had her sign this for you. And I said she's already gone. Someday, if I ever see her again, I may have her sign her little photo I.D. because the back has a place for that. And then I can put it in a plastic protector or get it laminated even. They gave me a garment bag for all of my clothing, which was very nice. And they had certificates of authenticity for each thing we bought. We left the auction place very happy. I knew I'd have the best chance to acquire things in person and I wanted to see everything with my own eyes too, one last time, and be at Passions' final event. But it was seeing Tracey there that made my day so extra special. I am so glad I got to see her again!! beam.gif

Mom and I then went and ate dinner at the Chart House, which is my favorite restaurant out there. We both had salmon. And then we headed up the coast to the Santa Monica Pier. She loved the pier. She had looked at it online and learned about the carousel there. We rode it and I went out on the beach for a moment. We saw the sunset, which was beautiful, and rode the Ferris wheel in the dark then. That was neat. She bought herself a souvenir Santa Monica shirt too. Then we headed back to the hotel. We left early the next morning. What a wonderful trip it was! cloud9.gif

I showed Mike my items as soon as I got home. He hung the garment bag up on a hook outside our closet for now so I could see what I won. That was sweet. I plan to wear the scrubs sometime we have dress-up day at school. They should fit if I pull up and fold the waistband down a few times, I figure. But most of the stuff I will keep as souvenirs only, I am sure. Though I can see myself trying on that robe of hers. Maybe I should try on some of the items I won and have Mike take pictures. laugh.gif

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Sunday, 28 October 2007
Seeing Ben and Tracey again!! Celebs Go Ape event
Mood:  happy
I had such a wonderful time this weekend!! cloud9.gif What a terrific, event-filled, whirlwind weekend it was. woohoo.gif

I got to meet Jess on Friday morning. She saw me right before I saw her. She had a grin on her face. She is very sweet, and has such a soft voice. We went to Universal Studios soon after, and had a great time on the Studio Tour and Jurassic Park and the Revenge of the Mummy Ride. We went on that one three times. laugh.gif Then we went back in for their Halloween of Horrors, that was awesome! There were hundreds of creatures, some with chainsaws, popping out at you all over the place, in the fog. It was so much fun. We went back on the Studio Tour and got dropped off in the middle of it near the Psycho house. Norman Bates was on the front step. We also went through the Texas Chainsaw Massacre maze...oh man, that was something else! LOL. Jess could anticipate where the people would be jumping out at us, but I never could. They kept coming after me - easy target, I guess. laughingdevil.gif

Then on Saturday, we met up with Erica (emelch78), her husband Kent, who was in LA this week for business, and Erica's aunt Sue who loves soaps. They were all so much fun. Erica's aunt was a riot, telling us all about how she got Kristoff St. John to give her the dish on one of his co-stars in the middle of a grocery store once. redlol.gif

We all went to the Celebs Go Ape event at our hotel. There weren't very many fans in attendance, so there was a ton of time to mingle with the stars. We met the Passions ones who were there early and got pics with them. Eric said he thought he remembered me. He asked my name and if I was the one who sent the Evian water out there. I couldn't believe he knew who I was! He said Ben would always ask him if he had had any of his water yet. Awwww. Eric said it was the most creative idea.

I told Christopher I had read some of his poems on his myspace and he thanked me and asked my name. He said people think they are dark, and I said yes, but they are good.

We ate lunch, and while we were eating, Ben and Tracey arrived. woohoo.gif Ben had his favorite suede jacket on. He was so handsome. And Tracey was just beautiful with her hair up. She had on a white top. They ate with the rest of the cast, and then Tracey brought her cheesecake over to eat with us and chat, which was so sweet. She met everyone. I accidentally introduced Sue as emelch's sister. oops.gif redlol.gif Of course Sue didn't mind that at all. laughingdevil.gif

Tracey said there was a big football game out there and the traffic on the freeways was terrible. (It was UCLA and Cal). Ben was apparently not fond of the traffic. (Which is understandable, LOL). But he was a trouper for coming, as was Tracey. She talked with us for quite a while. Sue asked about Liz and why she wasn't on the show anymore. And we talked about Vincent and how Tracey had researched hermaphrodites. I told her about Skybus too, with its $10 tickets. I didn't get one of those though, LOL, but it was still a good rate. Ben came over for a hug during this time too. hug.gif Tracey signed things for us too...Erica's and my copies of the Evian book, some pics for me, including this one I had brought to show her how crazy my printer was - where she was all pink. But Jess and Tracey liked the pic, and likened it to an Andy Warhol work of art. LOL. And she signed the back of Jess's shirt, which Jess had designed with an awesome Evian pic. We got pictures with Tracey. I told her it was the first one I ever had taken with her alone, and she said yeah, the others had all been group ones. So I couldn't wait to see how it turned out!! biggrin.gif

Then we went over to see Ben. Everyone got pictures with him too. I told him Jess was the one who drew the picture of him and he said he had it in his dressing room. He saw this picture I had of him from when he was in his 40s...the one with all the curls, and he asked me what I had that for, and I said because he was going to sign it for me. laughingdevil.gif He did. He told me it was from a pilot he did 16 years ago called "The Keys," I believe. When Tracey saw that photo of him earlier at the table she remarked on what a great picture it was of him with the curls in his hair, how handsome he was. I told Ben Tracey liked the pic too and then told him I loved his hair longer like it is now. LOL at his reaction to that. I think he knows I love it!! biggrin.gif laugh.gif cloud9.gif

Tracey asked if we wanted a picture of her and her son. We got one with her and Phillip. It was cute.

I had the chance to talk to Ben for a while about the show. He said he has to basically block Evian's history from his mind to play Julian the way he is now, and that's just so sad. sad.gif I wish they wrote for him and Eve better. I told him how much they were rocking in their scenes though. They have been awesome despite the crazy storyline...and ugh to the fact that it looks like it is only going to get even crazier!! Valerie is apparently pregnant, and it's not hard to guess who the daddy is. blink.gif yikes.gif They announced this later at the Halloween gathering too, so I am not letting the cat of the bag here. kitty.gif But horrible is that! 177[Free-Msn-Emotions].gif LOL, Ben patted Phillip's stomach there too when he told me Valerie aka Vincent was pregnant. tongue.gif I also learned Eve will soon be a patient in the hospital herself. pooreve.png

Tracey was talking to a fan who liked Evian during this time. She gave her the URL for Evian Dreams so she could come check it out, which is so cool. Hopefully she will come and check out the site. smile.gif

We got pictures with Ben and Tracey together then, which was awesome. And we took some wonderful pics of them together as well. I mentioned not having one of Ben kissing Tracey, and he did, and then Tracey kissed him. kisses.gif My camera is so slow because of its red-eye reduction light, which Ben pointed out was one crazy light, LOL, that I missed his kiss and most of hers. But Jess got them, I think, and maybe Erica too.

Before Phillip left, he came over to tell Ben goodbye, calling him "Daddy." redlol.gif Phillip was very sweet. I mentioned to him about how I loved those revelation scenes with Eve and how I had written to SOD about their acting in those scenes, but they hadn't published it, and he thanked me for writing. He was very complimentary of Tracey and what he had learned from working with her.

We said our goodbyes to Ben and Tracey then. They were just so wonderful to come and spend time with their fans. bandt.gif

Tracey and Ben stopped to pet Seamus, the official mascot for apeaction, a large fluffy dog, on their way out, and we snapped some more pics.

Then we headed over to Universal City Walk to see the Halloween gathering. Tracey had decided not to do that too. She said it was easier for the young ones to do a bunch in one day. They had to leave the ape event and go back to the studio to get made up and then head over to the City Walk.

We got to see a lot of the cast walk in in different groups...Kathleen, Colton, Eva, Kim, McKenzie, Amy, Hannia, Heidi, Marianne, Andrea, Phillip, Eric, Christopher, Juliet, Emily and Erin. A highlight was getting to see Lindsay walk through the crowd right beside us with Justin and Isabella. He was carrying Isabella, who was so cute all dressed up. The only person we didn't see come in, I think, was Nicole, but she was there. We got to see her later in her little witch's costume, carrying a stuffed cat. Awww.

We watched the highlights of Passions on the giant screen there. There was some Evian - both good...their hot couch scene, and bad - Eve slapping him hard. We saw Tracey doing her 101 commercial too. We didn't join in to help set the world record, but we watched it all. Those in costume then got to go in and meet the cast. Thank goodness they handed out hats and capes to those who needed them, because many would have been disappointed if they didn't get to see them.

We then set out with Kent at the wheel, on a vendetta to get to the top of the Hollywood sign. We didn't quite make it, but we did see some gorgeous homes and got some awesome views of both the city skyline and the sign. They were great to take us sightseeing around Hollywood.

What a wonderful weekend it was. cloud9.gif I loved getting to meet Jess, emelch, and her husband and aunt. biggrin.gif I had so much fun at Universal with Jess and sightseeing with everyone. And, of course, I loved getting the chance to see Tracey and Ben again. cloud9.gif cloud9.gif cloud9.gif They are just two wonderful people, plain and simple. It's easy to see why we love them so much!! yessmiley.gif bandtfan.gif

thanks.gif Ben and Tracey!! yourock.gif

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Wednesday, 16 August 2006
Our Lunch with Ben and Tracey
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Our visit was so much fun today. We arrived at the studio at 11:30 and went on into the administration building after getting through security. We found the Publicity Department much more easily this time, and met Petros. He introduced us to an intern who was going to come with us to the lunch and then we waited on the couch for him for a little bit. We had a chance to look at some early publicity pictures from the show on the walls there.

It wasn’t long before Petros walked us down to the studio area. We went by a bunch of buildings. We came up along the building where they tape, and Petros asked someone what stage they were taping in this morning, and someone said Stage 4 (I think), so he said we could go into Stage 5 to see the sets that were set up. But before we could go in, Tracey and Ben appeared outside the other studio. It was so good to see them again. We talked about what we had been doing in LA before the visit, and all the problems Priscilla and Tammy encountered flying yesterday – especially Pris.

Tracey had on a white sleeveless top and green shorts, and Ben was wearing a gray t-shirt and shorts. They looked so good! Ben’s hair was significantly longer than it was in recent shows that have aired. benishottest.gif cloud9.gif It looked so good that I couldn’t help myself from telling him that. tongue.gif Tracey’s hair was beautiful too, straight and parted in the middle. pretty.gif Pris told her how much she loved it. Tracey said how easily damaged it is from rollers, etc., and that she would wear it in a style like this that doesn’t require the use of devices that would damage her hair as long as she could. thumbsup.gif

While standing in that same area, we saw Brook, and got some pictures with her. She remembered Tammy from last year’s fan event! She was just beautiful, and was showing off the ring Chad gives to Whitney. We saw Lindsay right after that. She was wearing a white robe. We didn’t take her picture since she was in the robe but we talked to her about the hassle with the planes, and Pris losing her stuff. She was sympathetic.

On the way to the commissary, I made my comment about Ben’s hair. That’s when Tracey let us know that even though we may like his hair, we are not going to like what we see on our screens soon – not us Evian fans anyway. 00000017.gif We, of course, countered with the expected moans. And then Ben said it was all my fault! ohmy.gif LOL, I am used to Pris saying things like that, but not Ben! nahnah.gif So I said, “My fault?” laugh.gif He said something about the Evian water we had sent. redlol.gif I guess the push for more Evian gave us Evian, but not the way we wanted! tongue.gif I didn’t have the chance to tell Ben that the campaigns weren’t truly designed to keep Evian together, although that would be a nice side effect. But the purpose of the latest one, especially, is that TPTB see that Julian and Eve are popular and beloved, so much so that they never, ever keep them offscreen as long as they were this past winter and spring. I’d rather see them on, tackling problems, than not at all. But boy, tackling problems may be an understatement for what lies ahead. unsure.gif Petros said something about them finishing some really good stuff recently, and he mentioned something about the hospital rooftop. Not sure what exactly happens there, but it must be good drama, but bad for Evian. Ben and Tracey hinted that the scenes they just finished this morning were going to be tough viewing for us Evian fans. sad.gif It sounds really heavy.

We entered the commissary, and they had so many food choices there. Tracey got the swordfish special. She said it was really good some days but tougher others. I think she had a tough one today because Ben gave her some of his more tender fish after they sat down. Tammy and I got sandwiches and salads, but we didn’t eat a lot. We were too busy talking. Pris ate hers though! It was good food. We had a nice long lunch and got to talk about a whole lot of things, mostly the show. Tracey and Ben were in such good spirits, which was great. They have been taping a lot of tough scenes but it sure didn’t show. They told us they taped four episodes this week. yay.gif When was the last time Julian and Eve have had four shows airing in one week? That is so awesome for them, and Evian fans…but of course, there is a catch. And the catch here is that things are going to get bad – really bad. cryhard.gif

They couldn’t tell us exactly what was going to happen, but apparently, Julian and Eve are going to have some truly heavy scenes ahead, where he is going to say things we never dreamed of. 00000017.gif But Tracey did say that whatever we see, we will feel for him, in the way you feel for Oliver Twist. It should be some truly gripping scenes.

Priscilla said she wanted Julian to run CI. She asked if Evil Julian was coming. We didn’t really get an answer, but it sure seems like something must be in the works. Tracey said how cute he was as Evil Julian, but I said we loved our romantic Julian, and had a sad look on my face as I thought of the possibilities of losing our Jules! She saw my pout and thought I was going to cry. sad.gif I will if we lose our beloved Jules, but I have a feeling we won’t really lose him…he’ll be there underneath all the pain. It sounds like what’s coming is not like last year at all…it’s going to be so much more intense. Priscilla asked if there would be a happily ever after for Eve and Julian, but they said not in the foreseeable future! 233[Free-Msn-Emotions].gif

We talked about so many things. They asked what we wanted to know. LOL, I pulled out a little list I made but realized we had already covered some of it. I asked Ben how tall he was – 6’1! I then asked Tracey about the conflicting birth years for her – 1959 at IMDB, and 1958, that this Jason47 insists is right. Tracey asked what the third question was! redlol.gif I think maybe Jason was right, which is to me all the more wonderful, because this woman doesn’t look a day over 40. She truly looks younger in public, as does Ben. I think their new hairstyles help take years off both of them! thumbsup.gif

I asked Ben if he still had his boat, Elan. The reason I thought he may not is because he said in an interview last summer, I think, that he didn’t know if he had another winter on the boat in him. But he still has his Elan, so that’s a good thing! ben.gif

I asked Tracey what she thought about that recent horrible montage puke.gif, and if she had to tape any scenes for it recently…to add to the montage. She said she thought the montage was going to be about family, and said that she didn’t think she taped anything recently for it…definitely not the love scenes.

We talked with Ben about the December attempted rape scenes at the hospital. Tammy discussed Amelia being put on recurring, and how upset we all were with that. Ben said what a great actress Amelia is. We talked about all the things they still needed to resolve with Liz.

Ben said that so far, the layoffs haven’t affected him and Tracey, but that you never know. That would be just utterly horrible if the show did that to them! He did say that perhaps they are going to try all the teenage pairings they can to see if that helps boost the ratings. But the things is, ratings have gone up slightly recently, after the vets came back onscreen, so I sure hope TPTB focus more on them and less on those at Tabby’s house who have been the center of attention for so long this year as the ratings spiraled downward. thumbsdown.gif

Ben told us how Sheraton Kalouria once said that NBC used focus groups to help tell them what was popular on the show, etc. I guess he had asked him if he checked out the boards. Not sure who makes up these focus groups or how they are selected - probably randomly by telephone. But Tracey, for some reason, looked at me and said, "No, you can't become part of a focus group." laughingdevil.gif I have no idea why she thought I might try to... confused.gif redlol.gif

Tammy asked Tracey about how Eve can overlook all that TC said and did, like calling for her head. We discussed whether Eve could have some sort of mental problem that dates far back. It's hard to understand just why she is behaving this way.

We talked about the continuity of things…about how one day pictures would be here, and the next day, same scene, somewhere totally different. Pris and Tammy pointed out how Mad Dog somehow got into the Crane Mansion after Evian’s first love scene, and not only found the room they were in, but immediately found the light switch in it, even though it was in a strange place. tongue.gif

We talked about scheduling, and how they find out what days they work. They really only know 10 days ahead, so as Tracey said, it’s almost impossible to schedule a dentist appointment. I mentioned how they probably can’t call in if they are sick, and it sounds like they go even if they are really ill. Ben mentioned some scenes he taped years ago where he had such a bad flu that he had to lie down between taping and take a cab home. It has to be tough to not have sick days like that but the cast are such troupers. You have to be in this business, I guess. Tracey mentioned how things do get shifted around though if something big happens, like the birth of a baby. Passions added another little bundle of joy to its cast this week, when Galen’s wife gave birth to their little boy. We talked about how there was definitely something in the water, with all of these babies lately! baby2.gif

Tammy mentioned Eric’s twin boys, and the talk turned to how much she enjoyed him in that black t-shirt he wore to the 2004 fan club event. tongue.gif

I asked Tracey if she had been working out. We told her how you could really tell it looked like she had recently. She asked if that was right after the break, and we said yes, the scenes where Evian kissed just before she got the phone call about TC (at Tabitha’s). She said she had worked out maybe four times before that, and that when she worked out years ago, you could really notice it right away. I think she was pleasantly surprised we had noticed how toned she looked. I think she is going to get back into it now.

I gave Tracey a magnet I had made of the kiss she and Ben had at Tabitha’s. She said she had gotten some magnets in the mail. She also mentioned how much she loved the bookmarks. I told her Jess had designed them. I can tell Tracey is enjoying our campaign goodies. I gave them some t-shirts Mike and I made for them. They are black t-shirts with a black and white design that is just like the postcard jess made for the campaign. They say “Catch the Evian Fever” on them, and yeah, we warned her not to wash them, based on what happened to me! sigh.gif I figure she could wear hers sometime though if she wants and save Ben’s as a souvenir! redlol.gif

Priscilla mentioned how we are trying to push awareness of Evian in other ways too…like in her nightly Coffeerooms pic. Ben said he knows all about the pics and that Tracey goes there to see them too. We discussed CR a little. Pris also mentioned her Naked Julian poems. nakedjules.gif Tracey said she had to see them. LOL.

Pris mentioned her boss and the way he was teasing her about being Ben's stalker...he said she was going to hide in the bushes out here. I told them he said that because of her shrine to Ben at work. LOL, she had a picture of the wall behind her desk and all the B&T stuff on it with her, on her cell phone. She showed it to them. Tracey said she wouldn't worry until she saw smoke curling up in front of the pictures. redlol.gif Ben, however, remained mum on that so I think maybe he agrees with the boss. laughingdevil.gif

Tracey did say that someone sent her flowers a couple weeks ago and shouldn’t have! Not sure who she is referring to, but it may be someone on the board. unsure.gif I told her the guilty party might have been pwtala! LOL. She said it was too much. I asked if she meant birthday ones too, but she said no, those were fine but she doesn’t want people spending all this money on her. She said sometimes she doesn’t see the flowers right away (I am not sure where they keep them), so sometimes they can get wilted. So you hear that, pwtala? Be good! laughingdevil.gif

I asked Ben if his salami was rotten when he got it, but he said no, it was delicious and they just got done eating everything in that basket. They loved it. The folks in Publicity kept it cool for him, and that was so nice. I was afraid the meat and cheese would be spoiled when we saw how long he was off there in May. I told him that it had been a running joke with pwtala that someone who worked in Publicity had finished off Ben’s wine. LOL.

Pwtala, it was fun to throw your name around since you weren’t here to defend yourself. laughingdevil.gif But I forgot to tell Ben what you told me to tell him about his little Alabama comment! oops.gif I did remember to tell them you said hello, and Evian10 and stefanie, and they definitely knew who you guys were! (Oops, I just realized I forgot to tell them my mom said hi. That's the second time I forgot to do that!!).

After talking for well over an hour, Ben realized it was 1 o’clock, and time for them to get back to work. We headed out to take some pictures before they went back to the set. We ran into Charles right away, looking all handsome in his white robe. Ben said, “There’s Freak Boy” in jest to Tammy, who called Chad that at lunch. He went up and gave Charles a kiss on the cheek. We took an ex-family pic of Julian, Eve and Chad. Charles said they were still using the couch, and we joked about how come a billionaire can’t afford a bed. tongue.gif He was funny.

We talked about how we were going to see Marilyn Monroe’s grave tomorrow, for Pris, and Ronald Reagan’s for Mike. Tracey said you can see the old Air Force One at the Reagan Library too. That sounds cool! Pris mumbled something about how she’d rather go to Clinton’s Library than Reagan’s. rolleyes.gif We were good though and didn’t get into politics. laugh.gif

We posed for a group picture. Tracey held up her t-shirt in it, which was cool. She is such a sweetheart. traceyrocks2.gif Then it was time to say goodbye. We hugged them both. Ben said he was heading off to the bathroom. laugh.gif He is too funny.

Petros took us to see Stage 5 then. We got to see a lot of CI offices set up, and a bedroom for a flashback. As we were walking out, Ben waved to us from across the way and said something about see you again. I hope we do get to see them again someday! cloud9.gif

Petros walked us to the front gate. I gave him an Evian magnet as a souvenir. He picked the one like I gave Tracey. He said he already had the Catch the Evian fever kind, that one had fallen out of an envelope he had handled. redlol.gif Apparently, all the mail goes through Publicity, so they were well aware of our campaign. I am glad he liked the magnet. tongue.gif We thanked him for everything.

Mike was waiting for us outside the gate. It was 1:26 when we got out there, according to Priscilla and Tammy. tongue.gif What a terrific day!! rainbow.gif

I can’t thank Tracey and Ben enough for everything…they were just awesome hosts, and so sweet to agree to this lunch for charity in the first place, to set the date up with us in advance so we could get flights, and to talk to us for so long and show us such a good time. They totally rock!! Thanks, Ben and Tracey!! bandt.gif yourock.gif bandtfan.gif


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Thursday, 13 October 2005
Fan Event!!
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The fan club event this year was such a blast!! Priscilla, Tammy and I walked from our hotel to Universal Studios this morning. We weren't sure where exactly we were going, but we asked some kind people for directions, including Jeanne from CR, who we ran into at the Citywalk. We waited in line a long time, but that gave Pris and me plenty of time to buy and fill out raffle tickets for lunch with Ben and Tracey. We got to see a bunch of stars arrive, including Ben. He was wearing a light beige sportcoat, blue shirt, jeans and beige sneakers (Tammy helped me with the shoes. She notices everything. LOL). He looked awesome!! He came over to say hi and we got some hugs. He asked about our flights. He was so sweet. I got to meet Mercy then too. She told us she asked Ben where his girlfriend was, and he said she was already inside, working on a number she was going to do with Amelia during the program. We were all excited that we were going to get to hear them sing. We got to see everyone go inside, I believe, except Tracey and Amelia.

The doors opened after nine. We went in and continued filling out raffle tickets. *cough, cough.* We looked at the silent auction items too. A reporter from Soapdomn talked to us and took our picture then.

We went in and sat down at our table. It was in the perfect the right front of the stage. The lighting was neat in there. It was really colorful in the theater. The cast came in. Tracey came in first, followed by Amelia and Ben. Tracey and Ben sat together on the same side of the stage we were on, so we had a good view. Tracey saw us in the audience and waved. She was wearing all black and had a ponytail. She looked beautiful.

The cast members all introduced themselves. Then Daniel Coleridge from TV came on the stage. He hosted a neat Q&A/discussion section with the actors which was really neat and funny. He kept pointing out the fact that Liz called Eve a wh*re. Poor Eve got picked on a lot. Also during this session, he asked Ben about Julian being whipped now. LOL. Ben said he may be showing some oddities soon, and joked about wearing knee-highs again soon. We assume (HOPE) it was a joke. There was a lot of fun stuff involving Justin during this too, but then he told us, sadly, that he was leaving the show. (He was told he should announce it then. He will air through February). Justin had some really good things to say about Ben too. It was sweet. We are all going to miss Justin, I know. Galen was there, and got some nice applause. James and Justin kept teasing Eric about his oh-so-tight t-shirt. Of course, Tammy loved it. I loved Amelia's reaction especially when anything Chadney came up. LOL, much of the cast was cringing when that topic was discussed. John talked about Eve and how he propositioned her. LOL, he really loves being on the show, he said. Juliet talked about Nicole, and how she hoped she'd be able to be at the event next year. That'll be neat if she can.

Tracey and Amelia performed a Passions version of "Sisters." I remember back in their SOD interview a couple of years ago, they started singing that song. It was so great to get to see them perform. They were awesome, and the song was too funny.

We got to see some cool clips of the past year. Eve and Julian kissing during the shopping trip got a lot of nice applause. LOL, three of us applauded Teve's divorce as well. Pris and Tam said Tracey was laughing during our applause. Then they showed some bloopers. Tracey had one in a scene with Kim. She forgot David's name. Galen had a bunch of bloopers. The funniest of all was when Sheridan was in a scene with Mark. McKenzie said something like "Luis will find Marty and come back, I guess." The little boy immediately asked, "Who passed gas?" LOL, he had misunderstood her. It was so funny. Richard, who was in the scene as well, was cracking up. They showed us previews of the next month after that. Eve was having Liz arrested at the Blue Note in one scene.

They started the autograph session next. Half the cast was on one side, in alphabetical order, and half on the other. Tracey and Ben were on the same side. I met Gray and Jax in line during this time. I thought I spotted Gray, and it was her. She even let me take a pic, so that was cool.

All the cast members looked great. They were all so nice, and so interested in our shirts. Eva wanted to check out ED's website. LOL, we made sure everyone saw Pris' entrail pic on her shirt. They all thought it was hilarious, especially Amelia. She asked, "Has Tracey seen that yet?" Quite a few were interested in Tammy's Ethan as the Evian child theory. We think it was Eva who said, "Eve has enough guys already." Pris said, "TC doesn't count." LOL, we were bad. Rodney wasn't there to see her shirt. I think she is disappointed she couldn't see his reaction. Hehehe. Eric liked the Ethan as the Evian son theory, and agreed with Tammy when she said Ethan was just like Eve. Amelia said she had the same theory we did about Chad being her son...and she thought Alistair just might be the daddy! Richard was funny. He got to talking about how James wasn't good in sports. He said he beat him 14 out of 14 times at golf. James, of course, disputed this. LOL.

While in line, we met some other board members too. We met Monica (Eve and Julian Love), who was there with her grandmother. She won the Charles Divins calendar in the auction. Charles wasn't there today. We also met Nicole (Priscillapal). Her being there was a nice surprise. Right before lunch, they announced the winners of the raffle for lunch with Ben and Tracey, to use sometime during the next year. I won. Woohoo!!! LOL, I later told Tracey that Pris and I stuffed the ballot box. We did go for it on the raffle, and I was glad it worked out. So we will get another lunch out there with them!!

The highlight of the line, of course, was getting to talk to Tracey and Ben. Tracey asked about our vacations. She said something about saving spots for her and Ben during the lunch, so of course, we were thrilled. Ben also asked about what we had been up to out there. He and Tracey are the best. A guy from the NBC Passions site took our picture with Ben.

We found a table in the back for lunch. Tracey joined us. Nicole (Priscillapal) and a friend came too, and Jax and Gray. We had a cool Evian get-together there. It was great. Ben came in with a beer he got in the park. LOL, he told me not to touch it when he got up at one point. Tammy later saw him share a little with Tracey. They shared water earlier on stage too...they were so cute together. Tracey was looking through the soap mags they had on the table. She saw where someone named Keshia had written into SOW about wanting to see more Eve and Julian. She thought that was sweet. I asked Tracey why there was a Teve picture in the newsletter this year too, and no Evian picture (not one with just Evian anyway). LOL. She talked about SIPort, and how she was an Eve and Julian fan before there really was an she saw things in them so early on, things that they were able to bring out in Evian later on. We all had a good time talking about the show and LA and everything. At one point, Pris went to get a brownie and Ben asked her what happened to her diet.

Before they left, Tracey and Ben were very gracious to take pictures with all of us. Our table was about the last group out of the place. Ben, Tracey and Amelia were the last of the stars to leave. They were so terrific to hang around for the fans. It was a blast sitting there with Tracey and Ben, and talking, and taking pictures.

We talked to Gray and Jax afterwards for awhile. Tammy and Pris told them some of the things they had been teaching me out here. LOL. Then we went on the Back to the Future Ride, and the Studio Tour (which was awesome). While there, we met a Passions fan who said how nice Ben was. She said she couldn't believe he wasn't married. We said, well, he is taken though. She had no clue about him and Tracey. LOL, I guess most fans don't unless they come to sites like this. Then we went browsing in the shop that sells used Passions clothing. We saw a shirt we were pretty sure was Julian's (though it wasn't marked)...a green casual shirt size large, and a blue dress shirt of his, size 15 1/2. We also saw a dress of Eve's that we didn't recognize. It was pretty. Tammy spotted Forrest Whittaker at the Dippin' Dots counter. She was thrilled to get a picture taken with him.

After eating at a Pizzeria at the Citywalk, we took a cab back to the hotel. My feet were getting blisters from walking in sandals all day, and they were all swollen too, so we decided a walk back to the hotel was out. We are still floating on cloud nine from our wonderful, wonderful day. Ben and Tracey sure do appreciate all their fans, and each time I have had the privilege to spend with them, it becomes clearer and clearer just how special they are. It's easy to see why they have so many fans.

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Saturday, 6 August 2005
Our set visit and lunch with Ben and Tracey!
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Priscilla helped me remember everything that happened at the tour last night, and to get it in chronological order the best we could. LOL, and Ben, don't listen to her saying I kept her up five extra minutes the other night because she kept me up an hour last night!! We had a great time trying to remember every detail, so you can imagine what fun we had on the tour and at lunch!!

Priscilla and I arrived at the gate at 10:45. Our tour was at 11. The security guard looked up our names, but didn't really have anything written down for us, so he called my contact person at Passions, Carri, and everything was fine. He gave us nametags to wear with our last names on them. We headed to the administration building. A guard had the door open for us. The downstairs there was large and spacious. We took an elevator to the second floor, and began going in circles.  The Passions offices looped around the floor, and we tried to read the names on all the doors, but we never saw "Passions Publicity Department" so we weren't really sure where to go. Finally we asked a couple people, and that helped get us there.

We met Carri in the office. She was very nice. While there, Pris and I glanced at the weekly actors' schedule. She saw that Ben and Tracey were working, both yesterday and today. In the publicity offices, they had clippings from the mags hanging up on bulletin boards. I saw Ben’s recent “Julian” interview and Tracey’s dressing room article on there.  There were some great Eric pics up too (Tam would have loved it).

Carri led us outside, and we began the tour. What surprised me a little was that we spent most of the day outside…that it’s not one big indoor place…there are separate buildings, so the actors and crew come and go outside, and that is where we met just about all the actors we saw.

We went to wardrobe first. It is a huge building, with more clothes than you can imagine. The building, which is really like a warehouse, has two long sections of clothing, with an aisle in the middle. Every cast member has their own row. Their character’s name and actor’s picture is on the outside of that row. Pris and I took each other’s pics by the Eve and Julian clothes. I had to find one of Ben’s tan suits, of course.  I asked if the non-contract actors’ clothes, like Endora’s, were housed there too. They showed us where her clothes were. We got to see all the cute little dresses she has worn, like her Thanksgiving one. The wardrobe gal said she loves buying clothes for her. She has a longer dress that she knows she’ll grow into. It was beautiful. Carri asked if BamBam’s clothes were all gone. They were, but they had a lot of pictures up of him in some of his amazing costumes. They told us some cute BamBam stories, and said how sweet he was. They miss him.

We went back outside and headed across a short distance to hair and makeup. Hair and makeup were in three connecting rooms (I think) located on the first floor of a neat Spanish style building. The top floor was the casts’ dressing rooms. Each one is entered from an outside entrance. We went into the hair entrance and saw someone working on Cathy’s hair. Cathy was really nice. Pris immediately spotted Liz’s wig sitting on the counter and pointed it out. Cathy and her hair stylist said, “Yeah, that’s Liz’s wig.”  We went on into the makeup room, and Carri explained how the makeup is sprayed on, all of it. Every actor has a bottle there with his or her name on it, and the makeup is applied pretty easily, it seems, by spraying it on. No one was in makeup when we went in. We then cut through an additional hair room, I think (unless I was turned around backwards, which happens.  ) Carri pointed out the wigs on the table there. We saw Ivy’s.

As we exited the hair place, Carri said, look, it’s Mr. Masters. He saw me before I saw him and he greeted me and hugged me. I introduced Pris and he gave her a warm hug. Ben is so sweet. He was in this old, muddy cowboy get-up. I said cowboy, but it was more caballero, I think. LOL, that was what Tracey later called it. Ben was getting ready to portray a donkey handler in a fantasy of Rebecca’s.  He looked so cute. He asked us if Tracey was there yet. (She had an 11:00 call, I think, so she was just getting there). We said not yet. He mentioned to Carri something about showing us the set. She said she would take us to the part they weren’t taping on yet. While he went to tape his scene, we walked along the sidewalk area by the main building and met Emily and Dylan. She came over and shook our hands. Dylan passed by and waved.

Carri took us to the part of the set that was ready for taping in the afternoon. It was set up with the Crane mansion foyer/staircase, the Crane living room, and on the other side, a jail cell and the wharf. We got some pictures of us on the staircase and sitting on the mansion’s couch. That was neat.

We went outside then and saw Ben again a little ways off. I think he was done taping. Tracey came from the other side with Bryce. We were so glad to get to meet him. Boy is he one great-looking teen! Pris and I agree, he could be a model. He looks so much like Tracey, with those gorgeous eyes and cheekbones. Tracey hadn’t been to makeup yet, so she wasn’t wearing any, but she was drop-dead gorgeous, such a natural beauty. Her hair was pulled back (which Pris says was so smart in that heat), and she was wearing a white sleeveless top and a short brown skirt, Pris says. I didn’t notice the skirt. I am not good with clothes!  She came over and greeted and hugged us. LOL, when I introduced her to Pris, and Pris went to hug her, she stepped on Tracey’s foot and kind of fell forward into her. She told me not to mention that, but I felt compelled to.  Tracey told us lunch would be a little short because they both had a 1:00 call for blocking. Tracey and Ben greeted each other and shared a little kiss.  He asked her about traffic. Then she went to her dressing room real fast, we think, and Ben headed back to the set.

Carri took us for a little walk of the grounds, and showed us the only remaining slice of the Gilligan’s Island outdoor set…this little round area of vegetation covered by a cute little bridge. When we walked back from that, we saw Rodney coming. Carri was surprised to see him there because he wasn’t supposed to be taping that day. He stopped to talk and asked where we were from. He got excited when I said I was from Ohio. (He is from Cincinnati). He asked how I got the set tour, and I told him about the auction. He asked how much it cost me. LOL. After Rodney left, Tracey came outdoors and walked over to us, and then Ben joined us, still in his costume. They shared a little kiss before Tracey went into the hair/makeup room.

Ben asked Carri if we could go on the set. She said she wasn’t allowed to take us there.  About then, Tracey came out of the hair room and rushed toward wardrobe because they had called her name on the loudspeaker (she was late – LOL). She mumbled something, jokingly, about them already hating her.  Ben headed off to change out of his costume. I wish we had gotten a picture of him in it!

We went back over near the hair/makeup rooms and saw Charles. We talked to him for a bit. He was really nice. He said he had been to Pennsylvania, but not Ohio. He had heard Cincinnati was nice though. He mentioned he wished Heidi was there, since she is from my state. He said how much she loves Ohio. Danica came out while we were talking to Charles. The poor girl was dressed in a purple bra and little red nightie and was wearing the makeup of a prostitute. She had a blanket wrapped around her. She looked embarrassed at her outfit, but talked to us for a little bit. I asked her if her scene was in bed. Charles said no, it was in jail. She went off, and as Charles was leaving, we remembered we hadn’t gotten any pictures of the stars yet. He heard us say that and asked if we wanted pictures. We each posed with him, separately and together. He was sweet.

We sat down on some chairs on the sidewalk area at that point and talked to Carri. Ben came out wearing blue jean shorts, a gray t-shirt, and his loafers. His sunglasses were hanging on his shirt collar. He looked so hot.  He sat down in an empty chair and talked to us. Pris told him I kept her up the night before,  We talked about the traffic, and later Ohio, and the conversation turned to the Amish who live near me. Ben told Pris about Witness, a movie dealing with the Amish that she has never seen. Ben talked about the boards, and how he used to log onto Coffeerooms every morning to read JSP’s First Edition. Priscilla remembered that, but it was before my time on the boards. LOL, technology comes late to eastern Ohio. At one point Ben realized I was sitting in the sun and helped me pull my chair into the shade. LOL. We were there for probably 20 minutes till Tracey got done in wardrobe. She joined us and asked Ben if he was entertaining us.  We headed over to the commissary. Ben and Tracey walked ahead, with their arms around each other. They were so cute. 

The commissary had a wide variety of food. It had a salad bar, sandwiches, and lots of drinks. The special that day was Mexican. Pris got grilled chicken with salsa and romaine lettuce. She flirted with the cook while she was there.  Ben got a cheeseburger without the bun and a small salad. Tracey, Carri and I all got salads at the salad bar. While they were waiting for their food, Pris mentioned to Ben that she was on a controlled low carb diet. He said he was on a low carb one too. Tracey asked what we wanted to drink. We both said water. She got bottles out of the cooler for us. They were really large bottles. Ben bought us all lunch. They are both so sweet.

We all sat down at a table near the window. Tracey realized Priscilla and I had plastic forks. Ben went and got us metal ones. LOL. We ate and talked about lots of stuff…our flights, Pris’ apprehension of flying, the packed freeways, what we had seen so far out there, and what else we were planning to do. Carri asked if we were going to the beach. Ben mentioned Venice Beach and kind of smiled. Carri said Santa Monica Beach was better. She told us about some of the cool things going on in that area. Priscilla said she wanted some sushi, and Carri, Ben and Tracey all mentioned some good places for it in Studio City. Tracey probably thought I was a little weird when I said I had just tried Calamari for the first time this summer, and I wasn’t ready yet for sushi.  Priscilla talked about her diet and how much weight she had lost, 44 pounds. They were impressed. I told them I had lost 40, but gained back 20 of it. LOL.

Ben then asked us if there was anything we were supposed to ask for the board – he knew there would be.  That’s when I asked him if there was some good news ahead, and Pris said, “Let me rephrase this. Are there anymore nauseating things that we need to be aware of?” Ben said, “You mean when Eve remarries TC?” Oh boy, there were three of us whose eyes got large and mouths dropped open with that comment! LOLOL. Ben started laughing. Then he talked to us about the show. LOL, we discussed Teve a bit. Tracey admitted it was hard to go from TC calling her those names to five minutes later, him wanting her back. She said she knows there are abused women who get out of the hospital and go straight back to their husbands. But she agreed with Pris when Priscilla asked, how could there be any decision between Julian and TC?

We discussed the kiss that aired this week. Tracey asked if it appeared to be a romantic kiss. She said she took it as a kiss of gratitude, they were grateful they were alive. I told her I got yelled at for posting about it.  Priscilla told her she thought the smile Tracey had after the kiss looked forced.  Tracey asked her if she was critiquing her acting and laughed. Insert foot in mouth, Pris. LOL. Pris told her no, it just reminded her of when kids have to take nasty medicine…you don’t want to, but you have to. LOL.

While we were eating, Passions’ new publicist, Scott Barton, came over and introduced himself. He wanted to meet the gal whom the baskets could never get to. He joked that they must be sitting in a post office somewhere, and someone will probably have a good little auction. 

Carri took a picture of us at the table. It didn’t turn out because of the lack of flash, I guess, but you can make it out a little.

As we were heading toward the trashcan, the conversation turned to cooking. Tracey said she doesn’t cook, but Ben likes to, and he does the cleaning up too. I told her I don’t cook either really. On the way out of the commissary, Pris showed them pictures of her children on her cell phone. They said they were cute.

We headed over toward the sets to take some more pictures. We ran into Kim outside the hair/makeup rooms and shook hands with her. She teased Tracey about hitting Orville with her car.  As we were walking into the sound stage, I told Tracey that some people think she killed him even. She mentioned the sweet scene where he came to her house and talked about her paying for him to go to the retirement home. She said no one seems to remember that scene. LOL. I told her I do, and she said thank you. 

The four of us sat on the Crane living room couch, and Carri took our pictures. They turned out great. Ben mentioned getting some taken in the jail, but then Tracey said how about the wharf. Phideaux, one of the directors, came in, and we met him. He took a picture of us on the wharf with Pris’ camera. Then Carri snapped some more. John Reilly walked onto the Crane living room set at that point to block a scene with Kim. We walked out quietly. Ben and Tracey had to get ready for their blocking call, so it was time to say goodbye. We got hugs and kisses.  As we headed out, Tracey mentioned something about coming to the fan event.

We went back to the publicity department and Carri got my basket for me (that was part of the auction). It was loaded with Passions goodies, including a Passions nightgown, t-shirt, hat, drinking cup, CD holder and cast photo. She gave Priscilla a t-shirt and cast photo too. Then Carri walked us to the security gate. She told us how to get to Santa Monica Beach. (We went today, and it was awesome). We left then, and Mike pulled up within a few minutes to get us.

Priscilla and I had a wonderful day on the Passions set. Thank you to NBC, Passions, and Clothes Off Your Back for the auction, to Michel at Clothes and Joel at St. Jude’s Medical Center for all their help, to Carri for being a terrific guide, to the cast and crew, for being so warm and welcoming, and most of all, to Ben and Tracey, for going out of their way to make it such a special day for us. Thank you so much!! 


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Tuesday, 28 June 2005
Busy Summer!
Mood:  happy
It's great to be off again this summer, but what a busy time it's been. Mike's dad was in the hospital and had to have surgery, and we went to see him a lot in June. Thankfully, he is going to be OK.

I have been working on the new message board a lot, and getting updates ready for the main site. Tomorrow it is time to clean house!

I am going on a gals' only shopping trip with a bunch of teachers this week...should be fun. I need some new clothes! We may try out the new restaurant Mike and I discovered on our many trips to Columbus this summer...Buca di Beppo's. What a great place to eat!

We are going to LA for our vacation this summer...hopefully in August. I won a Passions set tour in an online bid for charity, and I can't wait to see the set and most especially, Ben and Tracey again. :)

The summer is going by so fast. I can't believe it is almost July! Hope everyone is enjoying their summers too. Stay cool!!


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Thursday, 31 March 2005
Terri Schiavo
I feel so bad for her family. I think its horrible that they allowed her to be starved to death. It's frightening to think of what will be allowed next. Life and death is for God to decide. PERIOD! To do this to this woman just saddens me to no end.


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Monday, 28 March 2005
Hope Everyone Had a Happy Easter!!
Mood:  hug me
We got to visit my family this weekend. We surprised my grandma at church first. She didn't know we had come down to spend the night...only that we were coming later for dinner. She was happy to see us there. My mom had wanted me to see their new minister. He was terrific.

One of my nephews was sick, but I did get to see my sister and my other nephew. It had been since Christmas since we saw them...too long! LOL. We had a great dinner and watched some of the ball games. Then we went to see Dad for his birthday, which is today. We saw some more ball games. I got to see my other grandma too. Happy birthday, Dad!!

Our cat, of course, was happy to see us when we got home. She had found the food we hid for her. LOL, she is becoming quite the huntress!


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Wednesday, 16 March 2005
Bailey in California!
Oh wow, where do I start? First, thank you, CAdreaming, for all your help! James said I should have asked you to come down to Disneyland so we can buy you dinner for that. I really appreciated all the info?especially Disneyland. You?re a doll! Thanks again!

LOL this is going to be a Gracie type post?so exit now if you do not want to continue reading. Exit?ah, ?Freeways? on the brain.

Well it was -25 C when we left for the airport, stormy and blowing snow?we could barely see. We made it though and got all checked through?lucky me, the random passenger who gets a thorough check. Oh well, might as well experience the whole thing the first time out. :lol:

Well James and I were like little kids?first flight ever and did we ever enjoy it!! Landing in Minneapolis an hour later was great?it wasn?t as cold as Winnipeg. We grabbed some breakfast and made it to our next flight just in time?I believe Jesus carried us on the whole experience?things kind of just fell into place to make this the best vacation we have ever had?well actually the only one like this we?ve ever had. So we are finally off to San Diego... and to our delight we were able to see the USA landscape as we flew. We were thrilled!! We saw every thing from 39 thousand feet. Ok, keep in mind we are new at this?so everything is a thrill. LOL

We arrive in San Diego?HOT! Well for us?we wore winter clothes. We got to our luggage and there was the paparazzi waiting for us? LOL I am kidding it was an ABC weather guy interviewing people. I almost laughed when one lady complained about her 18 F weather. We had a chance to be on the evening news, but passed. We did see the broadcast later that night. We should have gone for it?I know our -40 F would have blown all their above 0 temperatures out of the water. LOL on TV the guy said they were having ?summer type? weather. James bursts out, ?What do you mean, ?Summer type? weather? Isn?t this a ?summer type? place??? LOL The weather was truly beautiful. People kept saying we chose a good week to come?we said, no, we serve a good God. I give him all the glory for the wonderful week we had, weather and all.

So now what? We knew there was a shuttle somewhere to take us to our car. We stepped outside and looked around and saw nothing, we were still in shock over this January weather?I have to say it was a first for both of us to experience weather like this in winter. This is our summer weather only.

Then James spotted the bus behind some trees. We went there?he boarded us and left right away. We got the car rental and the assigned us a car. James went and got it while I waited with our luggage. There was a big bus blocking my view?but I saw that a car had pulled up behind him because he was high off the ground and I saw the wheels of the car beneath. I knew it was probably James and went to look. I almost fainted when I saw him in a convertible. I thought surely there was a mistake!! I didn?t rent a convertible. He told me he said the same thing to the guy who gave him the car. The guy assured him that it was indeed the right car. Well, the whole trip changed for us at this point?no more saving gas on the brain. We spent most of our trip in that car! :lol: As I stood there in awe, I remembered something Gracie had said to me? ?Last time I splurged and got a convertible.? So I am extra excited to share this with her. ;)

So all the way to our hotel, we, like little kids in a candy store thanked God all the way there! We called home to put mom?s mind at ease?lol she tends to worry a lot.

We headed to the nearest liquor mart. (Well of course?it?s our first stop everywhere we go.) :lol: We got beer and brandy. Then we walked for about 2 miles, just to see our surroundings at a slower pace. It is such a beautiful city!!! We then decided to drive down to Mission Beach and watched the sun set over the ocean. How breathtaking!! I had decided I wasn?t going to take off my shoes and walk in the water. A guy offered to take a picture of us and a wave came along and made our shoes and socks all wet. Well, so much for that. We took off our shoes and socks and stepped into the ocean for the very first time. I shrieked because it was soooo cold. And I shivered at the nutty surfers out there. Once my feet started to go numb, the cold didn?t bother me, and we walked on the beach till the sun was completely set. Taking a walk on the sidewalk then, we soaked in all the sights and sounds?careful that the birds didn?t crap on us. :o

The next day, top down :D , we decided to head over to Disneyland to pick up our passes to all things fun. The Freeway!!!! Well one word describes that experience, Maniacs!! Where the hell is everyone going at 80 miles an hour??? Forget the hair! At 75 miles an hour, you don?t need a dooooo. Lots of Mercedes?, BMW?s and Toyota?s, everyone and his dog had a Toyota. :rolleyes:

We decided to try Knott?s Berry Farm first. I had never been at an amusement park, so this was an adventure for me. We decided to take the Silver Bullet first. Big mistake! After being twisted this way and that, and up and down, I stumbled off the ride, trying to figure out what was up and what was down. I decided then and there that that ride and I were parting ways forever. Ok it took me a while to get over the nausea and then we took on the Xcellerator. Oh we are brave...or stupid. LOL Well this ride excellorates 0-80 in I think he said 2.2 seconds?I might be wrong... LOL Ok? do not try to spit out your gum just as you are being shot out of a cannon. It will get plastered to your forehead!!!!!!!! :o Oh my goodness, I thought I was going to die. Then?we did it again. LOL

Feeling a bit less woozy than the Silver Bullet, I figured I could handle another?so we got on the Extreme Scream. I think that is what it?s called?it?s one that drops you 200 feet. Oh my goodness, I think at this point I was beginning to figure out me and these kinds of rides were not meant to be. It?s a good thing I have a strong bladder?.or else! We did this twice too. My husband looks at me, sweet guy, and told me I looked horrible. I believe he meant I was looking like I was about to barf. I think it was getting to be that way. I opted, wisely, not to go on any more rides. We decided to leave because we were both nauseous. We went to Fuddruckers. WOW what a huge burger. It was really good though and helped get over that nasty feeling. I couldn?t eat it all.

It was so hot. The car temp read 92 F as we drove through Los Angeles. The air was horrible?combined with the heat. Ick! How do people live there?? We drove all the way to Burbank and got off the freeway. We crossed a street called Olive Ave?I remember that cause I love olives. LOL We drove through the immediate neighborhood for a bit?really beautiful, so green for January! I am so not used to that! We got a drink and headed onto the 5 and took the 10 to West Hollywood. We saw the sign. LOL James goes, well, there, we saw it, now let?s get out of here. Well that was easier said than done?right in the middle of rush hour. Holy Cow!!!!!! I have never seen so many people trying to get where ever at once. It was clear after a while we should have rented bikes. I was amazed that they drove between cars! Nuts!!! :o

We headed south again and got to Oceanside. We had to put the top up at this point. It was getting really cold. At 8 pm we arrived in San Diego. Even though they do have smog there too, the air is definitely better? I thought anyways. After that hair rising experience?the freeway, we spent some time in the hotel?s hot tub to relax.

The next day we went shopping. An outdoor mall? That was really cool. We saw a movie and spent the day buying San Diego stuff. LOL I got a cool baseball cap. The guy at the car rental wanted to snatch it from me. :lol: funny guy!

On Friday we did a bit more shopping and then went to the Zoo. What a huge place. Lots of pigs! LOL It was tiring, but totally fun! I loved it.

Saturday we took a tour bus to Tijuana M?xico. Thank God we didn?t go on our own. Well needless to say it was a major culture shock for us. We are not used to people dragging us into their stores at the promise of 100% off. LOL which sounded great at first?till we realized it was marked at 300%!! Nuts! <_< One guy tried to sell me fake silver. I knew that silver has at least three stamps. His had only one. He tried his best. I was getting mad at him! He was relentless! <_< Later as I walked back to the bus, he tried to get me to stop again?I ran past him. LMAO at the Mexican "Zebras" donkeys. We ate dinner at a restaurant recommended by our wonderful guide. It was great! I love Mexican food, so this was a real treat. We went into this liquor store and they let us sample EVERYTHING! LOL we had a blast! That was fun! LOL We did buy Tequila from them for being so ? hick? generous. We all cheered when we got back to the USA.

Later that day, we went to Coronado to watch the sunset. A fighter jet landed at the airbase near by. It flew right over our heads. I thought I was going to be permanently deaf it was so loud. I have never, ever been that near to a jet like this before and it was a truly exciting experience.

Sunday we decided to stay in and watch football. We regretted that a bit. We wished we had gone to see more things. We did watch the first game then went down to the harbor and watched the boats and fishermen. The sunset was beautiful again! I saw a seal or sea lion, whatever you call them. It was fun to watch. We then walked a bit and headed to Anthony?s Fish Grotto to eat. A window seat right next to the water was a beautiful way to enjoy a good meal of steak and lobster.

Monday we headed down to Anaheim again. This time to Disneyland! During the fast and furious ride, I looked over to see a guy next to us picking his nose. Well that was ok, but to our horror, he then proceeded to eat it! Gross, gross, gross!!! Some people!

Disneyland was AWESOME!! We took on Jill?s wonderful advice and came with a silly sense of humor. It was great. The shops, the characters, the rides!! Jill, I think that Indiana Jones jeep driver is absolutely terrible. LOL It was such a fun ride. I loved it!! Then we took on Thunder Mountain?the mining one?I think. That was a blast as well. We stayed for 8 hours?we were wiped out. We saw the ?Billy Brothers? show?so funny!! And we wanted to take the bobsled ride, but were running out of time?.we had California Park to see yet and it was closing in an hour and a half. We had forgotten we had tickets to that too. I guess had we skipped the Winnie-the-Pooh ride we might have had time. LOL that was so cute and so not for adults?but we were kids that day and no one seemed to care. I was very impressed how organized the park was. Truly professional?you can?t even look confused without someone asking if you need help. LOL they must have lots of experience with tourists. LOL

The Hollywood Tower at California Park ? I still scream when I think of it! LOL Wonderful ride! We headed over to some Mexican place to eat. I LOVE Mexican food?so I was happy. Poor James?he went next door for a burger?we met and ate outside at some tables they had set up. He doesn?t know what he is missing!!

We drove back and headed for the hot tub! LOL That night, about three thirty am, I woke to some thumping. I was wondering what that banging was. Well I found out real soon. A woman suddenly starts to howl and the thumping got faster. They entertained us for a whole hour! We went under the covers and laughed so hard. James, he is so bad?he got a glass and held it against the wall?he only told me this the next day. He had been awake long before they woke me up. I was like?why didn?t you wake me?? He thought I might not appreciate being woken for that. I said ?are you kidding? this is a trip of firsts?I want to hear and see it all. LOL They next day we saw them come from the room. I was tempted to thank them for the entertainment?LOL

The next day we went to Sea World. We took the Rapids ride with two Chinese gentlemen?in khakis and nice shirts. One complained ?too wet? the whole time. That is all I understood. LOL it was clearly not his idea of fun. We had a blast!

The Dolphins were great and the Whales. We left the park wet. LOL Their 'Journey to Atlantis' ride was great?but you get wet! We headed back to the hotel and I grabbed a Mexican snack?again. LOL Ok, most of the time I didn?t understand a word they said?so when I asked a lady...why they had those carrots at every Mexican restaurant?she shouts to the front and immediately they placed a bag of carrots in with my order. I said ?ok, then.? I paid and left. LOL

Later that night, we went for steak at The Black Angus restaurant. They make great food!! We headed to Target to buy more luggage. We needed more for the things we bought. Nice store?but I like Wal-Mart better!

The next day we took the car back?tearfully bade it goodbye?LOL just kidding?and headed to the airport. We flew back and managed to grab food in Minneapolis before flying to Winnipeg. -25C I almost got back on the plane?almost.

My kids, they were so excited to see us. They threw themselves into our arms?I cried. Kids have a way of making grown people cry. Thank you grandma for staying with them the whole week!!

Well that was my trip, knowing me; I am sure I left out lots?and will think of them when no one cares anymore. LOL I have lots of pix, but its too much work to put them up tonight...maybe later. ;)

It was a great week, and I definately would go there again! :D

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Monday, 21 February 2005
Weekend Fun
Mood:  chatty
Mike and I had a great weekend. We drove up to Amish Country on Saturday...through the charming towns of Sugarcreek and Berlin. Although it was the middle of winter, you can't miss the charms of those quaint towns. We ate at one of my favorite restaurants - Dutch Harvest. Their roast beef is unbelievable, and their famous dessert - Bag Apple Pie, with it's scrumptious sugar cookie crust - is absolutely delightful.

On Sunday we drove down to Circleville to celebrate Mike's mother's and brother's birthdays. LOL, they got Mike presents too even though his birthday isn't until late April. We said we hoped we'd be back before then! LOL. We visted with the kids...they are growing up so fast. Jonathan, our 14-year-old nephew, asked when he could come and stay. And 13-year-old Rebecca (his cousin) chimed in that she wants to stay the same time he does this summer. LOL, they reminisced about their past crazy times at our house...and said we owed them both a trip to play putt-putt (since Jonathan hurt his toe last time right before we were going to go), and a visit to the big local pool. Even Rebecca's friend Esther, who was there, wants to come! So we may have a houseful, especially if Becca's sister Elizabeth, 15, comes too. She went out to dinner with her boyfriend Nathaniel and his family last night, but stopped in to see us all first. LOL, I told the kids with all their names - Elizabeth, Nathaniel, Jonathan, Rebecca, and Esther, it sounded like we could be talking about Little House on the Prairie. LOL. I love old-fashioned names.

Congrats to Elizabeth, and my 16-year-old cousin Emily too, for qualifying for the district swim meet. Both girls swam personal bests, which is awesome. It was a great first year of high school swimming for them both!

It's back to cleaning today, and then work resumes tomorrow. Hope everyone had a great weekend.


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Thursday, 10 February 2005
February Fun
Mood:  happy
I swear, February is the most exciting month to teach school. We have Groundhog Day, followed closely by the 100th Day of School (a big celebration nowadays). Then there is Valentine's Day (and all the fun), and Presidents' Day (the kids love learning all about the Presidents!). Plus February is Black History Month (we learn a lot of history!) and Dental Health Month too...what could be more fun than a free toothbrush that is shaped like a whale? LOL. And we have our Super Citizens Beach Party tomorrow to boot. What a fun, exciting, and busy month.

I am enjoying my student teacher too. It gives me a bit of a break, but I also get to see things from the sidelines...and, oh, do you see things when you are sitting there! LOL. It'll help me be a better teacher too.


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Saturday, 1 January 2005
Happy New Year!!
Mood:  celebratory
I hope everyone out there had a terrific holiday season. And I hope you all have a wonderful 2005! Don't forget to keep those New Year Resolutions, now. LOL.

I enjoyed my time off from work. It was 5 days shorter than last year's break. Time sure flew! I have missed all the kids though, so it will be good to go back.

Happy New Year!!!


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Friday, 24 December 2004
Merry Christmas!!
Mood:  happy
I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas! I will be traveling to my hometown today to have Christmas with my mom and sister and her family. Then it's back down there tomorrow for Christmas at my grandma's, Mike's mom's, and my aunt's. LOL, a busy time, but such a wonderful time too.

Merry Christmas, everyone!!


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Tuesday, 23 November 2004
Buckeyes and Birthdays!
Mood:  celebratory
Go Bucks for beating Michigan on Saturday in the best darn rivalry in the land! LOL.

Happy 60th birthday, Mom (Nov. 21). You only look 48 tops. Too bad the Golden Buckeye card people didn't realize that. LOL.

And happy 86th birthday today, Nana! (Nov. 23). May you be blessed with many more!!


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Saturday, 23 October 2004
The Pumpkin Show
Mood:  happy
There's no better festival around than the Circleville Pumpkin Show. I went back home for it this weekend. Billed as the "Greatest Free Show on Earth," it lives up to its label. It is set on four main streets of my hometown of Circleville, plus a few side streets. Tens of thousands of people jam the streets for it. The food is awesome. LOL, I didn't try anything pumpkin, but they have everything imaginable, from pumpkin burgers to fudge, doughnuts, pie, ice cream, pancakes, pizza, and chili. It's famous for the world's largest pumpkin pie. This year, its top pumpkin weighed in at 1353 pounds. Talk about huge!! I got to see one of the terrific parades, and listen to a high school band perform, as well as a group whose lead guitar player was someone my husband and I went to school with. I bought some chocolate taffy and a few souvenirs. Mike and I had fun spending time with family. If you're ever in Ohio in October, check out the Pumpkin Show. LOL. It's downhome festivaling at its best.


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Friday, 8 October 2004
Woohoo! Evian swept the SOD poll!
Mood:  celebratory
And they did it on my birthday! LOL. Way to go, Ben and Tracey!!

Their acting and Evian's love makes us all want to tune in everyday for the best in soaps.


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Sunday, 3 October 2004
Woohoo, fair break!!
Mood:  happy
It's great to be able to have a four-day weekend. We are going to head over to the fair today to see some of my school children's exhibits.

This was such a fun week in school. We celebrated Right to Read Week with a freedom theme. We had election day on Monday, and it was so funny! I had the kids write in their journals about who they had voted for in our mock election (Bush won hands down in our first grade classroom, 21-3. Bailey will be happy. LOL). Well, the way they illustrated the two candidates was just hysterical. One boy drew President Bush with one big eyebrow going across his forehead. One of my girls had him with purple eyes and these real long purple eyelashes. LOL. A lot of the children drew him with an Abe Lincoln style top hat. One boy had him in what appeared to be striped swim trunks. I suggested he had probably better put a shirt on him. LOL. And John Kerry wasn't left out of the humor. One of the boys who voted for him had him in orange and green leg orange and the other green! If only my kids could have dressed the candidates for their debate...LOLOL.


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Friday, 3 September 2004
Back to school!!!
Mood:  special
This was my first week back at school. I have 26 students!! That is an awful lot for first grade, especially when I like to individualize things, such as reading. That is going to be hard to do this year. They are a sweet, friendly bunch, but they love to talk!! LOL. I was glad we were finally able to get settled in and get some work done this week. It's been a challenge so far, but it's good to be back!

We have no water at home right now!! Sigh. There was a waterline break and almost the entire town is without water. We are trying to cope by using the distilled water we had stocked up on in case of emergency. I am glad we have it!! Hopefully, we'll get our water back on soon!! LOL, otherwise, the principal told us teachers that live in my town that we can shower at the school on Tuesday when we go back. LOLOL.


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Tuesday, 17 August 2004
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I can finally blog again! LOLOL. There are so many things I would have written about this summer if I could, especially my three wonderful vacations to Seattle/Vancouver, Manitoba, and LA. Seattle was my husband's vacation choice for the summer. It was so beautiful out there in the parks, along the coast, and in Victoria, B.C. It was a really fun trip.

Manitoba was awesome. I got to spend the week with Bailey, who was, of course, the perfect hostess. Her home is beautiful, and so large. She had it as clean as could be. Her farm was set in a really pretty area out in the bush. We had a blast visiting a Hutterite colony, an amusement park, and riding around on her ATV. She has the perfect place to ride. And I got to see her at work in a chicken barn, and try my hand at it! LOL, that was too funny. I was so much slower than she was. And she just had to show off her strength by crushing an egg in her hand. LOL. It got all over me! We had a lot of fun, and her kids are as cute as can be.

Then - LA, What can I say? It was gorgeous out there, but it was the fan event I will always remember. I got to meet Tammy, who was a great sport when we got her lost time and time again trying to show her around. LOL. We had fun picking up our packets at the studio, and seeing Brook and Steve Martin (we think) there, but best of all was the event itself. What a blast it was meeting the whole cast, but especially Tracey and Ben. Ben was so sweet, such a wonderful man. And Tracey was just awesome, so great to talk to. I am so glad I went.

It's been such an exciting summer. I have never had two vacations in a summer before, let alone three. I have enjoyed my 11 weeks off tremendously. Next week, I will have to go in and start getting the classroom ready again. I guess it's time! LOL.


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Saturday, 7 August 2004
I met Ben and Tracey!! Woohoo!!
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Wow! What can I say? The whole event was a blast!! We started off in line at about a quarter till 8, in the back of the House of Blues. It was valet parking for us all. At 7:53, Tracey started to pull into the parking lot behind us. Tammy spotted her. She was in a black Jaguar. She pulled against the curb and the attendant got ready to park her car. Some fan club personnel escorted her into the building. I got a picture of her back. LOL. She was dressed so nice, in a lovely black dress; she was stunning.

The only other person we saw pull in was Ben. He came at 8:10. We had moved up in line by then, but I spotted him through some bushes. He drove a gray Mercedes. Tammy is good at identifying cars. LOL. They have such nice ones!! He was wearing sunglasses, a brown sports coat, and jeans. He looked mighty fine! cool.gif Both he and Tracey were there early. You could tell they were excited about seeing their fans.

We went in and got some free drinks. We looked at the auction items next. There was a picture of Josh and Ben that was so sweet. Ben had autographed it, saying how much he missed his little friend. It was very touching. McKenzie's infamous pit dress was among the other items up for auction.

We had good seats for the Q&A...everyone did. The cast came out and took their seats. Ben and Tracey sat beside each other in the front row. There were two rows of seats. The Q&A didn't last long. The first one was for Tracey. Someone asked if that was her singing, and went on to tell her she has a gorgeous voice if it is. She said in that case, it was her. LOL. Tammy got to ask one later on. She asked Tracey if the scenes of her past coming out were hard for her to do emotionally. Tracey said it was really difficult to just stand back and take all that with no malice. sad.gif You could tell she wished she could have fought back! I took lots of pics of the cast, mainly Ben and Tracey, on the stage. I got some of them sitting down, some of each of them standing to say something to the fans, Tracey while she answered Tammy's question, and both of them as the cast lined up around the anniversary cake. I hope they all turn out!!

We watched a neat film of their 5 years of Passions. They showed everyone from the very beginning. They have all changed so much!! There was a blooper reel and a September to Remember spoiler part. The Evian stuff there was about their son. They didn't give away the secret though! Now, thinking back, I remember that they showed part of the love scene too, I think. It was hard to see on that screen though. At first I didn't know it was them!

We then waited in the autograph line for a long time. I was so nervous by that point. LOL. We got Silvana's, and then this guy called for Courtaney, and Tammy said, "He means you." LOL. I said, "No." She said, "I think he means you." I asked and the guy said, "No, you're Karen, " after reading my name tag. I said my computer name was Courtaney. He said Tracey wanted to see us. I think she was worried we might not get through the line. It was so sweet of her. She greeted us warmly. I remember a nice, welcoming hug (LOL, I think I was so in shock to even be over there then, that it took me a day to remember that!)...and we chatted for a little bit and then rejoined the line.

Everyone was so nice. I joked with Galen about betting on the Wolverines in the OSU/Michigan game, and told him I was a Buckeye. He signed my book "Go 'Canes" and made sure I saw that too! laugh.gif I talked to Andrea and Lindsay for a bit about their babies. Andrea said her little girl's getting so big. She is three months old. I asked Lindsay what color of hair Isabella has...was it dark like hers? She said that actually, it was Justin's color. I talked to James about his hometown, Lancaster, OH. I am from near there, and my husband was born in his town. He got on Galen for signing my book "Go 'Canes." LOL. James is as big a Buckeye fan as I am.

I got Amelia's autograph and then told her that someone had asked me on a message board for her signature, and she looked at me kind of funny. She probably thought, they are talking about me on message boards? LOL. But I explained how someone named Andrea really liked her acting. She was glad to sign one for her too.

By the time I got to Ben, I was already nervous. I said "I am Courtaney," and he said something like, "You're Courtaney..." in his wonderful voice that just makes you melt. He rose up and pulled me in for a hug and gave me a kiss on the cheek. He was soooooooo sweet!!!!! We talked about SD. He asked what happened to Bailey's recaps. tongue.gif (I told her you would miss them, Ben!) He didn't realize she has done them the last couple weeks though. Neither he nor Tracey knew about the temp board. Hopefully they will find it so they get to enjoy some of our crazy posts on there. I took a pic with him too. Well, between Ben and Tracey I was in a daze. LOL. The actresses in between pretty much passed my book along and signed it. They probably thought, "Who is this gal?" rolleyes.gif laugh.gif

I talked to Tracey for as long as we could. She was so grateful to all her fans, and to the boards. She asked about SD. Ben had told her it was hacked into. I told her we hope it will be up Sunday. She mentioned that it must mean a lot of work for Stefanie...rebuilding it. I said yes. The lady moving the line along finally made me leave! tongue.gif Tracey said she would find us later.

Eva was really nice. My husband spotted her and said, "Pilar!" laugh.gif I explained that he hadn't watched the show in a few years. She said he remembered the important people. LOLOL. She signed "You have good taste" as part of her autograph for Mike. I thought that was sweet!

Rodney was so funny. LOL, I caught up with my hubby again when Rod asked him how come people get quiet when they come to him. LOL. Mike said he heard about how people say they may "do a TC Russell." laugh.gif Mike remembered Tammy and me discussing what Teri had posted on here about how she told people at work the day she didn't want anyone to interrupt her watching Passions, that if anyone came into the conference room, she'd do her best interpretation of TC Russell. tongue.gif McKenzie then saw the shirt I was carrying, with Bailey's The Father Factor cover on it. She jokingly said to Rodney, "Uh-oh. You know who she likes." LOL. Rodney looked at the shirt, pointed toward it and gave a good joking grimace. It was funny. Then he tried to pretend that he was scaring me by sort of lunging at me. I jumped. When he saw it worked, he did it again. LOL. Then I had a pic taken with him and Mac and he pretended to strangle me. laugh.gif McKenzie was so beautiful and bubbly. She is so much more beautiful in person than on the show, and she is so lovely on it!!!

We then went to eat. The food was great. We sat with a nice girl we had met in line named Nicole. She was a big Passions fan, but didn't really go on sites or read mags. She was impressed when I told her I had a site. LOL, I said that my friend does all the hard work. tongue.gif laugh.gif

Tracey found us after the fans were all through the autograph line and the cast was going to eat. She sat down for about 20 minutes maybe and talked about lots of things and her fans. She wants to give back to the fans. She is such a wonderful lady, so appreciative of everything. She wanted to tell everyone how grateful she is to them and had a list all prepared of posters she wanted to give special thanks to but had left it at home. She did remember some of the names on it - SIPort, Gray, Dawn...but there were so many more she wished to thank. She is so appreciative of all her fans on here and elsewhere.

I remembered to tell her who told me to say hi too...Pris, Mav, pwtala. I tried to remember you all! Bailey, I still can't remember if I said you. laugh.gif But I got stuff signed for you, so you can't complain!!! tongue.gif

We talked about Secret Desires and Evian Dreams. She said she has trouble seeing the slide shows and montages at ED. It may be because she has a Mac. Hopefully, she'll be able to watch them someday. I know she really liked the slide shows from last fall, but if she could see Bailey's montages... we all know how they really touch your heart.

It was one unbelievable day. I am so ecstatic about meeting Tracey and Ben. They are such wonderful people. I told Tracey before she left that it is their wonderful acting that has us all so into this story. She was touched by that. Tammy and I got our picture taken with her before she left. It was sweet. You couldn't ask for a nicer, friendlier actress. She really puts her fans first. Both of them are super people. She and Ben are the truly best. And the whole cast of Passions is so warm and welcoming. What a bunch!! What a day!!!!!! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif


I want to thank both Tracey and Ben for giving me wonderful memories of this year's fan club event. I'll never forget your kindness and the appreciation you have for your fans. Thank you so much for the cheerful welcome, warm hugs, and kind words. And Tracey, thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to talk to us about how you want to give back to your fans. Thanks, both of you, for making it such a special day for me, my friend Tammy, and my husband Mike. We had so much fun! I always knew I loved Evian for your terrific acting and chemistry, as well as the beautiful story. But now I can honestly say that I love Evian too because of the wonderful people who portray them. Thank you so much!!

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