Fear crept into his heart as he immediately thought it was TC Russell. Not waiting to find out, he leaped off the bench and rushed away.

"Hey, Father!" Fox called after him. "Relax, it's only me." He laughed, suspecting that his father thought he was TC.

Feeling foolish, Julian turned and returned to the bench. "What are you doing here, my wayward son?" He remarked.

"Nice to see you too, Father." Fox retorted. "But since you are being such a sweetheart, I'll tell you. I am waiting for Whiteny Russell."

"How often do I have to say it?" Julian snapped. "Stay away from her. You got that?"

"I hear ya," Fox said, "but I don't believe you mean it."

"What do you mean?" Julian asked.

"I think you want me to stand up to you, Father. That is why you keep pestering me about Whitney. I think you want to make sure that I don't make the same mistake you did."

"That's insane. I don't want that lovely girl hurt. You are a Crane, sooner or later you are going to hurt her." Julian said as anger crept into his voice.

"Why don't you just keep on sitting here and daydream about Dr. Eve, and I will go find Whitney." Fox suggested as he got up and left.


Julian stays at the park

Julian decides to get some coffee