June 2003 TVGuideOnline
with Tracey Ross and Ben Masters

Just how hot was the kiss shared between Julian and Eve on Passions this past week? On a scale of one to 10, it "was 100," exclaims Tracey Ross (Eve). "It was no holds barred."

The dedicated actors weren't afraid to put in some overtime to make sure their lip locking was just right. "One has to work on that sort of thing, and the rehearsing was good," jokes Ben Masters (Julian) in a velvety tone. "I wanted to work on it even more," chimes in a smitten Ross. "I thought we should have tried a dozen more on tape before we got it."

Ross and Masters, the next 'It" couple, gushingly credit each other for making their on-screen passion come across so real. "Getting to work with Tracey and the honesty she brings forward, one can't help but having stars go off in his eyes," says Masters.

For Ross, who declares, "Ben could have chemistry with a piece of furniture," she's "just grateful I'm riding his coattails to supercoupledom." But savvy viewers know it takes two to tango. Take note, this is just the beginning of Julian and Eve's on-screen love affair. When it comes to the smooching, "I think we're going to get to do a lot more," Masters hints. Ross is all for it. "Those are of the perks of this business," she giggles.