Keeping It Close:

Tracey Ross and Amelia Marshall

Soap Opera Digest

February 7, 2006


Digest: Is Eve and Liz's rivalry justified?
Tracey Ross: No, Liz's reason for hating Eve is just psychotic. She needs some serious electroshock therapy.
Amelia Marshall: But Eve's a doctor, so she understands mental illness. You can't hate people who are mentally challenged, can you? Liz has not stopped reacting to the pain of her father's rape and Julian's rape. Every emotion she has it twisted.

Digest: How do you prepare for heated scenes between you two?
Marshall: Luckily, Tracey and I have a great relationship. It's a gift as an actor to have a good relationship with your scene partner when you're always the aggressor because you can go wherever you need to go and not be afraid.
Ross: We do have a great relationship. I adore her and I think she's a fabulous actress. I think she has one of, if not the hardest jobs on the soap opera, and she does it so well. She made me really believe that Liz wanted to have sex in the middle of the tsunami! She does a hang-up job!

Digest: How do you break the tension after fight scenes?
Marshall: Tracey will often say, "Really great scene, Amelia." Then we go look for chocolate at craft services.
Ross (laughs): We do! We'll open drawers and cabinets to find chocolate.

Digest: What is your favorite scene that you shared with Tracey?
Marshall: The scene that made me laugh the most with her was a couple of years ago when we were sparring in the Crane living room and Liz slapped Eve, then she slapped Liz back, and then Liz really laid into her. Two grown women acting like this in the middle of the Crane mansion? Sure!