The Big Cheat:
Julian Crane

Between the Sheets: While wed to Ivy, Julian bedded Suzanne the maid and Rebecca. He cheated on Rebecca with Theresa and Eve, and two-timed both Theresa and Rebecca with Tabitha.

Working the Beat: This lewd dude downs a few too many cocktails, then stumbles toward the nearest skirt ready to indulge his latest role-playing fantasy. The more convenient, the better - such as his conquest of Crane maid Suzanne. Paramour Rebecca came equipped with her own costumes, enticing Julian to divorce Ivy. But before Rebecca could reel in her brandy-swilling "catch," a horribly hungover Julian found himself in the sack with Theresa - married! He was still wed to Theresa when a martimmy-fueled night of mourning Timmy turned into a sex romp with Tabitha. Julian divorced Theresa and finally married Rebecca, only to turn to long-ago love Eve. Maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks, because he sobered up and is in love with Eve.

On The Hot Seat: While Julian and Suzanne were in a tangle, Ivy stormed in with a gun. "I warned you about flaunting your mistresses in my face. You crossed the line this time," Ivy growled before taking a shot at her busted hubby. Turns out, the pistol was filled with blanks. Mrs. Crane fired Suzanne, then threw her out on the street.