The Stork Club
Soap Opera Digest
June, 2006


Mystery Mum: Eve Russell

The Prodigal Progeny: Chad Harris

I Remember Mama: Julian and Eve's past party life of sex, drugs and alcohol led to the conception of their firstborn. After Eve gave birth, she and Jules were told their son didn't survive. The devastated parents split up due to pressure from his racist pop, Alistair.

What Child Is This? After learning he was adopted, Chad left Los Angeles in search of his biological mom and dad. A clue led him to Harmony, where he met Simone. She was smitten, but it was her older sis, Whitney, who caught Chad's eye. Whitney's parents, Eve and TC, felt the streetwise Chad was a bad influence, but they eventually loosened up and their daughters even joined the search for his family. Meanwhile, Whitney and Chad fell in love and planned to wed.

All Together Now: As Chad's quest continued, Julian and Eve learned their baby's death was a lie orchestrated by Alistair. Anxious to make up for all those lost years, they immediately began looking for the boy. Julian was first to find out his offspring was practically a part of the Russell family already. Jules informed Eve that the baby she gave birth to all those years ago was Chad. Eve was thrilled, but, not surprisingly, her elation quickly turned to misery when she realized her son and daughter were in love. To make matters worse, Whitney had just discovered she was pregnant with Chad's baby. Eek!

The Mother Load: Whitney and Chad's relationship understandably crumbled, and after giving birth to Miles, a sickened Whit joined a convent in order to prevent herself from acting on her incestuous love. Eve's support has helped a devastated Chad through this life-shattering ordeal and finally provided the newfound Crane heir with love from the woman who gave him life.