2006 Soap Opera Digest "Best and Worst" Awards

Most Entertaining Character:

Julian, Passions


May we flatter ourselves by wondering if the powers-that-be at PASSIONS were influenced by our 2005 "Biggest Waste of Talent" category, in which we griped that the gifted Ben Masters' Julian went from stimulating to stale after reuniting with Eve? Fortunately, the funny philanderer has fled his flavorless phase and now he's resumed those sex romps and shenanigans. Julian and Rebecca's encounters are must-see sleaze. To kick off their reunion, the duo donned "TomKat" costumes before indulging in some, let's just say, "Old Time Rock & Roll" for a purr-fect send-up. Master's comedic timing remains top-notch. In addition, he's able to depict Julian's dark, despicable, drunk side: a challenge that allows Masters to speak volumes with just one look. Jules, recently rattled by Eve's concern for his ill ex, is showing a sourness, which adds layers to the rogue. This evil Crane makes us cry, cringe and cackle, and well, it's just that no one else makes us feel this way.