Ben Masters Connects
By Courtaney
Evian Dreams
December, 2006


Ben Masters answers some fan questions

We saw somewhere that your middle name starts with an “F.” We had a poll going at one point about what it was, and Frederick won. Are we right?

Actually, I have no middle name, just an initial "F." Strange parents, perhaps.

You said in a recent interview that you still have your house in Palm Desert. Is that where you golf? Are you bringing that handicap back down? (LOL, I had “up” here first…oops).

I play a bit of golf in the desert. Not enough anymore it seems.

Does your work schedule help determine where you’ll stay each week, boat or house, or is it more a weather thing? Or do you just enjoy mixing it up?

When I work I stay on the boat or if I'm lucky, Tracey's garage.

Your longer hair is sure a hit with most of us Evian fans. Did you decide to let it grow, or was it Passions’ idea? Do you have to ask permission for things like hair length?

I just decided to let it grow a bit. The producers aren't too picky about my hair.

This sudden shift in Julian’s personality threw many fans for a loop. Did it surprise you too, just how far he has fallen, and some of the things he has said to Eve?

Yes. It's been very difficult.

Is there any possibility that this sudden change in Julian is some horrible scheme of Alistair’s, or that Julian has some sort of physical or mental ailment that can explain this all away? Or is this just who he is now, in your opinion?

It's the writing.

How did you feel about doing the Risky Businesslike rendition in your underwear? We loved it, by the way; you did a fantastic job! I can just imagine what you thought when you got that script though, LOL…

I had to watch the scene in the movie a lot of times. Then I picked 3 or 4 things Tom C. did and tried my best to copy.

Was it hard saying the kinds of things you had to say to Eve recently, like in the office scenes? Does the fact that you and Tracey are close make it easier or harder to act out scenes like that?

Very hard and unpleasant.

Is there a line you hope Julian doesn’t cross with Eve? Anything that would just be going too far, even for the ruthless man he has become?

I wouldn't put anything past the writers.

What do you do to make Tracey feel better after Julian is so downright nasty to Eve? LOL.

Mow her lawn.

What do you and Tracey like to do for fun?

Read trashy magazines like "The Star," drink wine and play Crazy 8's.

Will Evian always be special to you, no matter where this story takes Julian?

Always and forever!

*Thanks to Julian's Vixen and pwtala for some of these questions.