NBC Passions Live Blog Chat

With Ben Masters and Adrian Bellani

December 14, 2006



It's Adrian and Ben! We're hear and ready for your questions!

Karen: To Ben:
What was your favorite Evian kiss and why?

Ben: Hi Karen! Outside The Lobster Shack. Basically the first serious kiss the two characters had, probably five years ago.

Qua: Adrian & Ben: Other than PASSIONS what show would you like to see yourself on, or can see yourself apart of?

Ben: To be honest, I'd like to be part of one of those fix 'em up shows like "This Old House," not hanging around with a bunch of silly actors!

Adrian: I'm extremely happy to be here at this point, it's my first job! I'd love to do something with more action, more running around.

Miguel del toro: To both:
Do you have any pets?

Adrian - No, I don't have any pets.

Ben - I had a yellow lab, but he passed away a year ago at age 13.
But Tracey, my lovely friend, has two Golden Retrievers who are wonderful dogs and I spend a lot of time with them!

signprincess: To you both do you have a myspace and if so what is it??

Adrian: I do have a MySpace page. And YOU are on my top 8 list! So yes, it's whatever the url is/adrianbellani. I'm not very savvy with it. You can also check out my website, adrianbellani.com. And a fansite run by Joanna and Qua at adrianbellani.net.

Ben: I sadly do NOT have a MySpace page.

Ashley: To Ben: which do you like better the evil Julian or the good julian and why?

Ben: I can't say I like "evil" Julian, but I like the one that's kinda bad, but with a bit more humor to him. There are about 4 different versions of Julian that make their way onscreen. He's being very nasty to poor Miguel at the moment! It's a lot of fun to play Julian when he has a strange sense of humor and drinks a lot.

To Christy: Maintaining our hotness

Ben: I spend about 5 hours a day, 7 days a week at the gym. Adrian, I'm not so sure of. Just kidding - I don't go to the gym anymore because I don't care!

Adrian: It varies. I try to go 5 days a week, one or two hours a day. But I also watch what I eat and try to eat healthy. I don't drink, don't smoke. I'm very healthy and athletic.

chrystal: For Ben: How do you make it through some of the hilarious scenes between you and Andrea, for example discussing Edgar the donkey?

Ben: Well, this show many times has such strange things happening that when Rebecca brings a donkey into my bedroom and she's dressed as a Mexican girl, I just take it in stride! She's surprised me many, many times and I'm sure she'll surprise me more!

Adrian: I was with the fish girl! I never had sex with her...but I got to play with the tail. Miguel does have his wild nights! I feel like every day is wild for him.

to miker: Best Thing About the Soaps

Ben: For me, it's the consistency of the work. Having a job for this length of time. As an actor, that's very, very rare.

Adrian: I'm going to agree with Ben 100%. So many people are going out on auditions every day trying to get a job and we're here. It's great training too. You get to do so much material on a daily basis.

to VeryFine: Alistair's Death

Ben: I won't be satisfied that he's dead until they deliver his body and I can have an autopsy and DNA testing by a qualified specialist flown in on the Crane jet! I don't believe he's dead, and I fear his return.

to Carolina: About Being an Actor

Adrian: Yes, I always wanted to be an actor. I dreamt of being a part of this industry. I grew up in a very close-minded, old-fashioned Hispanic community, but I gave it a shot and I'm here today. My parents brag now! Funny you ask, because Ben and I were just talking about this on set this morning.

Ben: I started being in plays in high school, was a theatre major in college and kept doing. I always wanted to be an actor since I was 16.

to Rita: Hard to Memorize Lines?

Adrian: I find it extremely challenging. Some people find it easier than others. I do most of my stuff in Spanish and listen to the beats. The things I'm thinking of during a scene are in Spanish since English is my second language. I had a lot of dialogue today and I was looking at my script maybe three days ago. You always have to focus ahead of time, at least for me. There are some people who don't have to try as hard.

Ben: As Adrian said, it just takes work. Some folks pretend they have photographic memories, but I believe that they're lying. It takes a lot of sitting and going over it until the words sound like they are coming out of your mouth. It's work. In regards to English being Adrian's second language...I work with people who have English as their FIRST language and they don't even compare to him as far as being able to speak. It's really something to me and I'm in awe of him.

Favorite Actors/Actresses

Ben: Well, Kyle, I like working with Tracey, Andrea Evans, Kim Ulrich, Adrian Bellani of course, Eric Martsolf- these people should change their last names to be simpler, like RIP TORN. I like to work with everybody!

Adrian: I honestly like to work with people who are prepared, it doesn't matter who it is. It also depends on the type of scene. I like to work with Heidi a lot, we work great together. Juliet, I have the privilege of working with on an almost daily basis. From the get go, before I ever started on the show, I saw the dynamic Mr. Hartley and with Ben and I envied it. And when the new FOX started I was a little jealous of his scenes with Ben. It helps a lot when the actors are prepared.

to Marlene: Do You Like to Watch?

Ben: I do watch the show. Since the last few months that I haven't been on, I haven't watched. I usually watch to see how BAD I was. A lot of the storylines are very interesting. I'm always interested in my daughter, Endora, and her mother. I do watch. We're working this week on the 1,920th show and I've probably seen about 1,800 of them in the last 8 years! I really enjoy the commericals too because without them we wouldn't have shows. The thing about doing a soap that you do day after day...you may think "Oh I did a good job that day," and the very next day you'll see yourself and want to jump off a bridge! It may be that you look different or sound different...but the beauty is you get another chance the next day. It's like pulling a piece of tissue out of a Kleenex boss and tossing it into the air.

Adrian: I actually got to meet Galen and James about a year before I auditioned. I did tune in and thought it was the wackiest show ever! Now I don't watch because it freaks me out to see and hear myself! I do watch the shows that I think I did a good job on. I don't watch on a daily basis though.

to Alex: Will You Get Custody of Endora?

Ben: Alex, did you just get out of class? Julian does NOT want to take Endora from Tabitha. He would like to spend some quality time with her, but Tabitha is being a little piggy isn't she? So Julian may have to do something rash!

Adrian: I actually got to meet Galen and James about a year before I auditioned. I did tune in and thought it was the wackiest show ever! Now I don't watch because it freaks me out to see and hear myself! I do watch the shows that I think I did a good job on. I don't watch on a daily basis though.

to Summer: Friends on the Set?

Ben: Miss Tracey Ross, yes! Other than that I wouldn't trust these people in my dressing room!

Adrian: Yes, because I got the job very quickly after I moved to Los Angeles, so I didn't get to meet many people. I talk to Mark regularly, Heidi and Eva I talk to often. I consider them my friends.

to Giombe: Favorite Plot Twist?

Ben: There have been SO many wacky plots that Mr. James Reilly has invented it is difficult to pick a specific one. I would say that Julian and Timmy going to OZ was one of my favorites. I've said this before, but just being thrown in the air by a female wrestler while wearing tights was a highlight. Oh - and Rebecca & Julian helping to deliver Endora when a serpent tail came out between her legs, with lobo wolves howling on the porch. That was a good one.

Adrian: I haven't been here long enough to know...did I mention the fish? The whole imposter thing was pretty good, but it has happened before on the show so I'm not sure how much of a "twist" that is. I wasn't around for all the wacky stuff.

to Abby: Music We Like

Adrian: everything but heavy metal! Right now I like Josh Roush, but it changes frequently.

Ben: I listen to mostly classical music. Aaron Copeland is a favorite.

to Mandy: Character Progression

Adrian: I think Miguel has come a long way in the past year since I've been here. He's been through so much. I don't like the fact that he gets the shaft all the time and that no one believes him.

Ben: I'm a bit confused right now about Julian's progression. I find each day rather surprising. I enjoy it, but he's kind of a nasty guy right now and I'm wondering why he just doesn't call up Eve and say, "Can I come over?"

to Katelynn: Favorite Couples

Adrian: Kay & Miguel! That's a silly question.

Ben: Eve & Julian!

to Sandy: Passions Message Boards

Ben: I go to the boards. I don't really respond, I'm more interested in what the fans are talking about. I go to the NBC Passions site. I think it's part of my job and find it very interesting to read people's opinions.

Adrian: Ditto! I do go to the website, I was on yesterday to see myself on the Daytime Update. I read the message boards on the Passions site and on my official site. I respond to people on my official site (adrianbellani.com), but not on the Passions site.

Thank You!

Ben: Thanks to everyone who came today. I haven't done one of these in quite some time and I always enjoy hearing what the fans want to know!

Adrian: Thank you for coming to my first live blog session! I can't wait to do my next one. Happy Holidays from Julian and Miguel!!