Take Five
Ben Masters (Julian, Passions)
Soap Opera Digest Magazine
April 24, 2007

What is your pet peeve right now?
"Without being political... Actually, I think I will. My pet peeve right now is the state of this country and the place where we have found ourselves. You can fill in the dots. There are smaller pet peeves, like I wish I were working more, and I wish I were 35 instead of my age."

What was your first concert?
"My first concert was in Portland, Oregon, when I was about 16. I saw Bob Dylan and Joan Baez sing. I was totally blown away and in awe. I was a big Bob Dylan fan when I was in high school."

What's the best advice you've received?

"Always keep the shower curtain inside the shower [laughs]. I suppose it was from an agent out here after I just got out of college. He said, 'Go to New York.' It was not the easiest route and I would have rather stayed in sunny California."

What talent do you wish you were born with?

"I wish I knew how to play the piano. In the few years I have left, I could take piano lessons. Or I wish I had a talent to be a really good drawer."

How do you relax?

"A glass of white wine is always helpful to relax. I relax on my boat. It's very relaxing--unless there is a storm and I think I'm going to drown. I've got a lot of vegetation at my house [in Palm Desert, CA] outside, cactus and vines. I like to play with the plants. Or I jump in the swimming pool."