Ben and Tracey Chat with Fans
The Blue Note
March 18, 2007

15:03:13 [rxypassion] hey is ben in the wrong room cuz it says ben under default
15:03:16 GrayC63 exits from this room
15:03:26 [Courtaney] yeah I just saw that
15:03:27 [dawn94] I think Evian's romantic evening last April was the last time I taped it
15:03:37 [EtrnlyEVN] Yes, it was painful. That was the first time I watched since the pin at the mansion scene.
15:03:49 [Courtaney] hopefully we will all make it on here!
15:04:06 ben enters this room
15:04:08 [NoraC] yeah i see him too
15:04:13 [EtrnlyEVN] They are behaving more Evian-like, but after everything that's happened, it's bittersweet for me.
15:04:13 [pwtala] i hope so karen...
15:04:14 [NoraC] hi ben
15:04:17 [Evian10] Hopefully, Karen! LOL
15:04:22 GrayC63 enters this room
15:04:26 [evianfan01] hey Ben!!
15:04:29 [ben] we're finally here
15:04:38 [Evian10] Hey, Ben!
15:04:40 [emelch78] woohoo!
15:04:42 [Courtaney] yay!!
15:04:46 [NoraC] hey ben and tracey, nice to see you
15:04:47 [EtrnlyEVN] Great. Hello Ben and Tracey!
15:04:48 [pwtala] yeah!!
15:04:57 [Evian10] Hey Tracey!!!!!!
15:05:00 [JuliansVxn] Hi Tracey and Ben!
15:05:00 [jeanne] hey ben
15:05:01 [dawn94] hey Ben
15:05:02 tracey enters this room
15:05:19 [tracey] Hey! We made it.
15:05:22 [ben] what do you want us to tell you?
15:05:23 [evianfan01] Hi Tracey!!!
15:05:23 [jeanne] hey there tracey
15:05:29 [GrayC63] Have we managed to corale SIP or should I continue looking?
15:05:31 [rxypassion] hey Ben
15:05:34 [EtrnlyEVN] Hello, Tracey!
15:05:37 [ginatlc] Hey Ben and Tracey
15:05:37 [pwtala] LOL..anything..
15:05:37 [rxypassion] hey Tracey
15:05:41 [Courtaney] Hold on one sec I have the opening down lol
15:05:44 [jess] everything
15:05:45 [emelch78] hi Tracey!
15:05:51 [tracey] Oh yeah, find her.
15:06:14 [NoraC] poor sip
15:06:20 SIPort enters this room
15:06:23 SIPort exits from this room
15:06:27 [tracey] Please find Sip
15:06:28 [JuliansVxn] YAY SIP!
15:06:31 [NoraC] hi siport
15:06:32 [pwtala] hi sip..
15:06:36 [Courtaney] ah I bet she is on aol...
15:06:38 [evianh20] yay, Sip's here. Hi Tracey and Ben.
15:06:38 [EtrnlyEVN] Here's SIP!
15:06:43 [GrayC63] Wow, I'm clearly better than I think. Did nothing and SIP appears.
15:06:47 [tracey] Oh good!
15:06:57 [Courtaney] LOL that's pretty good!
15:06:57 [NoraC] lol
15:07:00 SIPort enters this room
15:07:00 [pwtala] I think loveeve is lost now.
15:07:01 SIPort exits from this room
15:07:01 [tracey] Good going Grey
15:07:10 [NoraC] that's the lawyer in you nice work gray
15:07:18 [jess] is she here?
15:07:21 [Courtaney] She must be on aol...
15:07:36 [Courtaney] aolers get booted so it's important to use IE instead
15:07:43 [pwtala] she's probably on's bad..
15:07:43 [tracey] Cort, tell us when to start
15:07:56 [GrayC63] Probably. Let me see what I can do.
15:07:58 [Courtaney] OK we can start and hopefully she will join us
15:08:01 [jess] what about loveeve? she's in that other room
15:08:03 [Courtaney] Hello everyone. I want to welcome you to our chat with Ben and Tracey. This is a structured chat, as you have heard. We have drawn names for an order and are going to follow that order so they can keep up with the questions. Everyone is allowed to ask one question to both Ben and Tracey, or a diffe
15:08:15 loveeve enters this room
15:08:20 [Courtaney] different one to each, that you ask at the same time.
15:08:55 [Courtaney] We have the question order ready!! And I want to thank both of you before we begin for doing this for us! You guys are the best!!!!
15:09:14 [tracey] Your so welcome!!
15:09:29 SIPort enters this room
15:09:30 SIPort exits from this room
15:09:40 [Courtaney] OK, first up is Tami, but I don't see her here...she got my invitation and was half afraid it was a trick, LOL...but if she comes we'll get to her later
15:09:56 [Courtaney] So I guess it's on to number 2...Julian's Vixen
15:10:01 SIPort enters this room
15:10:03 SIPort exits from this room
15:10:10 [JuliansVxn] Yay!
15:10:12 [tracey] Hi JV...
15:10:12 [JuliansVxn]
15:10:21 SIPort enters this room
15:10:23 SIPort exits from this room
15:10:46 [JuliansVxn] First of all, nice to "speak" with you both again. My question is to both of you actually....
15:10:48 [tracey] Is siport just going to keep coming in and going out? LOL
15:10:59 [ben] siport seems rather fickle today
15:11:01 [loveeve] To B&t : you guys are awesome! love the chemistry, thanks for making Evian so Believable
15:11:16 [NoraC] lol
15:11:19 [Courtaney] Poor SIP
15:11:22 SIPort enters this room
15:11:23 [jeanne] lol ben
15:11:24 SIPort exits from this room
15:11:47 [Courtaney] I had to put a notice up on CR to get ahold of her...she didn't know about it till last night and she was so excited
15:11:49 [tracey] JV, whats your question?
15:12:08 [Courtaney] Pris get your question! LOL
15:12:25 [tracey] Sip, is obviously using the revolving door!
15:12:29 [EtrnlyEVN] Maybe Pris is nervous.
15:12:36 [JuliansVxn] You did warn us last summer that the story would be taking a very strange turn(and we reacted with shock)--did you ever think it would be this bad??
15:12:47 [Courtaney] Let me try to email her - it might work
15:12:53 [JuliansVxn] Priscilla has carpal tunnel, remember?
15:13:10 [EtrnlyEVN] oops. Yes, you do.
15:13:16 [ben] no. I can't figure out what's happening from show to show
15:13:24 [EtrnlyEVN] I sent SIP an email.
15:13:34 [EtrnlyEVN] Sorta like JERk.
15:14:05 [tracey] No, it came out of nowhere.
15:14:45 [Courtaney] Next up is Alana, our new SD member
15:14:58 [Courtaney] and yeah...I think we are all so very confused!!!
15:15:05 [Alana] hello ben and tracey
15:15:06 [tracey] Hi Alana!
15:15:42 [EtrnlyEVN] Very confused and sad.
15:15:46 [Alana] do u have any plots u wud like 2 c eve an julian act b4 the show finishes?
15:15:49 SIPort enters this room
15:16:01 [ben] There is no clear through-line any longer
15:16:02 [SIPort] hi everyone
15:16:05 [EtrnlyEVN] SIP, you there?
15:16:12 [NoraC] hi sip
15:16:12 [SIPort] hello ben and tracey
15:16:13 [Courtaney] yay SIP!!
15:16:14 [GrayC63] YaY!
15:16:16 [jeanne] wb sip
15:16:16 [EtrnlyEVN] Welcome!
15:16:16 [jess] sip!
15:16:18 [SIPort] i'm here finally
15:16:22 [dawn94] Hey SIP
15:16:24 [tracey] Hi Sip. Are you sticking around for awhile...?
15:16:26 [ben] hello siport
15:16:34 [SIPort] yes
15:16:39 [SIPort] tracey
15:16:56 [SIPort] tracey, congrats on your image award. I was sad it wasnt televised
15:17:06 [GrayC63] Victory is mine! I'll go back to lurking now.
15:17:12 [tracey] I would like Eve and julian to have a big, grand wedding and have a baby and live happily ever after
15:17:24 [NoraC] awww
15:17:27 [SIPort] i just wanted to thank you both for all the great work you've both done
15:17:27 [Courtaney] yay!!!!!! That's what I want!!!!
15:17:29 [jeanne] awww
15:17:34 [Alana] i thought the exact same thing
15:17:34 [EtrnlyEVN] You might want to read fan fiction.
15:17:36 [Courtaney] The perfect ending!!!
15:17:37 [SIPort] i want that Evian finale too
15:17:39 [Evian10] How sweet!!!
15:17:41 [pwtala] sounds good...
15:17:44 [ben] I would like to see eve and julian get back together. But I just can't see Julian living down his oddly bad self of late
15:17:44 [EtrnlyEVN] I don't think JER knows how to do that.
15:17:58 [tracey] Thanks Sip. You have to understand that if it was televised and I had been there then I would'nt have won!
15:18:07 [GrayC63] No baby! I just had to say it.
15:18:08 [Courtaney] he has become pretty strange hasn't he? LOL
15:18:09 [SIPort] julian has been a bad boy, but he's toned it down some
15:18:17 [Courtaney] but better now than a couple of months ago
15:18:21 [jeanne] most of us suspect alistar is behind all the evil in harmony
15:18:25 [Alana] and wat do u think about the possibility of vincent being the evian child?
15:18:25 [Courtaney] bite your tongue Gray!!
15:18:28 [SIPort] poor fox has gone crazy
15:18:30 [pwtala] quiet grayc..
15:18:42 [EtrnlyEVN] I want to believe that, jeanne, but it doesn't make any sense.
15:18:46 [GrayC63] Ahem, Chat Nazi Courtenay...
15:18:57 [NoraC] lol
15:19:00 [SIPort] gray, you crack me up. You've never liked that baby.
15:19:01 [EtrnlyEVN] Julian is evil incarnate one minute, and somewhat human the next.
15:19:04 [tracey] Gray, why no baby?
15:19:08 [jeanne] i think that chalice is part of all of this
15:19:11 [JuliansVxn] We want a baby!!
15:19:13 [dawn94] Fox had so much promise once upon a time
15:19:27 [Courtaney] she has never wanted them to have one
15:19:31 [ben] There is just no logic to what Julian does anymore. I look at each show now as something that stands alone with no relationship to what preceded it or what comes after
15:19:37 [EtrnlyEVN] I want an apology! A real and sincere apology and an explanation for this craziness.
15:19:46 [Courtaney] OK, LOL...on to the next - evianfano1!
15:19:47 [GrayC63] Babies on soaps are boring. And they disappear at age 2 and show up 15.
15:19:54 [SIPort] i agree ben. Julian has gone nutso
15:19:55 [jeanne] sheridan went from sweet to evil overnite somthing is fishy
15:19:59 [Courtaney] evianfan01 ...take it away Letrice
15:19:59 [emelch78] that's so sad
15:20:06 [SIPort] i'll accept the blame of the chalice
15:20:09 [NoraC] ben you make julian amazing whether you are good or bad
15:20:10 [EtrnlyEVN] I suspect that is a suggestion we should all take. I think too much, and none of this makes sense.
15:20:13 [evianfan01] Hi Ben and Tracey my names Letrice and like omg im so nervous!! lol anyway my question is....
15:20:15 [dawn94] I just want Eve and Julian back together
15:20:25 [tracey] Alana, about Vincent- anythings possible and no matter what happens a DNA test could always prove it true, then not true and then true again.
15:20:30 [ben] thank God Justin Hartley doesn't have to play what has become of Fox
15:20:34 [evianfan01] If you were not doing Passions right now what do you think you would be doing?
15:20:36 [SIPort] i like vincent
15:20:39 [EtrnlyEVN] LOL>
15:20:43 [EtrnlyEVN] You said it.
15:20:44 [SIPort] he's a little wacky
15:20:46 [Courtaney] LOL, hear hear
15:20:51 [SIPort] but, he's just a man in love
15:20:52 [SIPort] LOL
15:20:53 [EtrnlyEVN] I refuse to discuss this Fox. It will take way too much time.
15:20:53 [JuliansVxn] Frodo!!!!! *snickers*
15:21:03 [Alana] more than a little
15:21:10 [Courtaney] I wonder if h were there if they would have written him like that but
15:21:29 [GrayC63] Ahem, Chat Nazi Courtenay...
15:21:38 [EtrnlyEVN] Vincent is just little. Something cut that dude off in production.
15:21:49 [Courtaney] We're OK we have a question up there - Letrice's!!!
15:21:53 [pwtala] LOL...
15:22:00 [Courtaney] I am a weak Nazi I know, LOL
15:22:12 [Courtaney] Tammy, you are bad lol
15:22:12 [dawn94] Don't get me started on the Dud mess
15:22:17 [GrayC63] I sense my rules slipping from my grasp. I get a bit antsy.
15:22:18 [dawn94] It's so stupid
15:22:29 [EtrnlyEVN] I'm and angel. ():-)
15:22:37 [ben] I'm now green
15:22:40 [Courtaney] LOL
15:22:44 [pwtala] LOL..grayc..
15:22:51 [ben] better
15:22:54 [pwtala] LOL..ben..
15:22:56 [tracey] I'm dark blue
15:22:58 [EtrnlyEVN] Very hard to read in green
15:22:58 [jeanne] looks good on you ben lol
15:22:59 [Courtaney] LOL you are...good for the holiday lo
15:23:05 [NoraC] lol
15:23:09 [Courtaney] it's kinda glowing though
15:23:19 [NoraC] happy belated st. pat's day
15:23:21 [tracey] Maybe. I'll try purple
15:23:25 [SIPort] tracey, i did wonder...was this cancellation harder than Ryan's Hope's?
15:23:31 [dawn94] the green is very bright
15:23:50 [ben] I think valerie and vincent are one in the same and are or is the evian child
15:24:02 [Courtaney] Yes!!! I do too!!!
15:24:07 [jeanne] many have been sayin that too
15:24:08 [tracey] Gray, your rules are slipping away partly because I can't focus for more than 30 seconds at a time!
15:24:10 [Courtaney] but that's kinda sad and well...
15:24:11 [EtrnlyEVN] No, Ben, don't say that!! UGH!!!
15:24:16 [emelch78] oh no!
15:24:19 [Courtaney] what on earth was Julian doing on that desk! LOl
15:24:20 [jeanne] but eww juilan and val
15:24:20 [SIPort] valerie cannot be the evian child
15:24:22 [SIPort] wicked
15:24:22 [ginatlc] lol
15:24:24 [pwtala] ugh...incest...again..
15:24:27 [Courtaney] what I mean lol
15:24:29 [SIPort] valerie and vincent - twins?
15:24:30 [EtrnlyEVN] That would mean you 'slept' for lack of a proper word, with your daughter.
15:24:36 [SIPort] playing a game from the beginning?
15:24:42 [ben] why not miss smarty pants
15:24:52 [jess] lol
15:24:57 [GrayC63] Wow, creepy and twisted. That's like incest times 4, something.
15:24:57 [SIPort] incest
15:25:04 [dawn94] ew
15:25:06 [SIPort] haven't we had incest too much?
15:25:06 [Evian10] LOL
15:25:08 [SIPort] icky
15:25:09 [NoraC] definitely
15:25:10 [tracey] i wasn't on RH when it finally got cancelled.
15:25:19 [SIPort] julian/valerie, chad/vincent incest?
15:25:22 [JuliansVxn] Ben, you astonish me! *blinking eyes rapidly*
15:25:23 [SIPort] um, i can't take that
15:25:39 [SIPort] oh, thanks tracey. but, was it hard to find out?
15:25:39 [pwtala] just lost my lunch..
15:25:40 [EtrnlyEVN] Since someone mentioned the desk, I have to know. Tracey, what did you think of Eve having sex with Julian when she had just walked in on him with Val?
15:25:41 [Courtaney] LOL but wouldn't Ju,lian have uh recognized the kinda...well MALE state of Vinceval or whoever!
15:25:49 [evianh20] Please don't go down that road. I've already filed one report to the FCC
15:26:02 [Courtaney] did you guys miss Letrice's question!!!
15:26:06 [Courtaney] If you were not doing Passions right now what do you think you would be doing?
15:26:06 [pwtala] LOL...
15:26:10 [SIPort] as a viewer, i've lost count about how many soaps I've been through that's been cancelled
15:26:15 [Courtaney] that was her question
15:26:19 [SIPort] but NBC is responsible for the majority of them
15:26:29 [EtrnlyEVN] I really have to know. I hateed it with a passion. I need to know what the principals thought.
15:26:31 [Courtaney] I am sorry I have done a bad job as Chat Nazi lol
15:26:36 [tracey] In my world Julian's office has a bath with shower...
15:26:42 [SIPort] that was a big debate on the boards
15:26:52 [NoraC] lol tracey
15:27:01 [SIPort] of course it did, tracey
15:27:02 [ben] I fear as I look back at this show and all of the great moments it once had, that now nothing means anything and there is no logic, no purpose for most of the thngs now happening
15:27:05 [pwtala] not good enough to wipe out those images...ugh..
15:27:06 [SIPort] i hear ya
15:27:09 [Courtaney] Tammy still can't get past it I's tough
15:27:10 [Evian10] Okay, Letrice's question needs answered, so we can get back in order. LOL.
15:27:18 [evianh20] it was only 15 minutes later Tracey, and no evidence of shower or condom on the desk.
15:27:19 [EtrnlyEVN] Yeah, but only if I'd seen her get into it before Julian got into her. UGH!
15:27:26 [SIPort] ben, you are not wrong. it's the potential of this show
15:27:27 [evianfan01] no dont worry about it. lol
15:27:30 [dawn94] I am really into AW on Soapnet
15:27:32 [Evian10] Cause we are all typing, and I'm getting confused.
15:27:33 [SIPort] that hss been most disappointing.
15:27:38 [pwtala] direction..
15:27:43 [ben] letrice what was the question
15:27:59 [Courtaney] and the writing of the's like diff. people!!
15:28:13 [tracey] Who says it was only 15 minutes later? If one Harmony day is about 2 weeks then a harmony 15 minutes must be several hours!
15:28:14 loveeve enters this room
15:28:16 [evianfan01] o well my question was If you were not doing Passions right now what do you think you would be doing?
15:28:22 [Alana] LOL
15:28:28 [SIPort] hi loveeve
15:28:43 [jeanne] lol tracey
15:29:00 [EtrnlyEVN] Good answer, Tracey.
15:29:04 [Courtaney] LOL
15:29:06 [EtrnlyEVN] It was still nasty.
15:29:07 [ben] when passions is over for me I'm not going to be an actor anymore, I'm retiring
15:29:12 [pwtala] several hours is still too soon...
15:29:13 [evianh20] Were any of the September episodes submitted for your image award? Curious, my cousin is credited with starting the image awards and has one in her living room. can't wait to see the pix of you with yours
15:29:31 [pwtala] will be a travesty Ben..
15:29:31 [jeanne] aww ben that is sad to us
15:29:33 [NoraC] i bet it's been a fun ride though ben for you, many years of acting
15:29:36 [JuliansVxn] oh Ben!
15:29:41 [SIPort] ben, come on. don't want to hear that
15:29:42 [tracey] Do you mean if Passions had never happened or after it's over?
15:29:44 [Courtaney] awww Ben...we will miss you...and what you can do on that screen!!
15:29:52 [Courtaney] you have an incredible gift...
15:29:55 [evianfan01] if it never happened
15:30:02 [NoraC] yes he does
15:30:09 [EtrnlyEVN] Ben, you will always be an actor, it's who you are. You just won't be practicing your craft. You are incredible!
15:30:17 [ben] thank you so much
15:30:20 [loveeve] hi! sorry i can't keep up with you guys hi B&t
15:30:45 [ben] hi loveeve
15:30:48 [tracey] Evian h20- Who is your cousin? They sent the scenes of ben and i in the office
15:31:19 [tracey] Auditioning!
15:31:25 [evianh20] Ben, I echo Etrnly EVN comment's will miss you so much. My husband is worried we'll loose our Ben-ificial time that we got since the article on your boat
15:31:36 [Courtaney] LOLOL
15:31:49 [pwtala] LOL....
15:31:49 [NoraC] lol
15:31:51 [jess]
15:31:52 [tracey] Eternally Evian- well put !
15:31:54 [EtrnlyEVN] Oh, yes, that fun! lol.
15:31:56 [evianh20] Toni Vaz, and they really sent the scenes in the office, b4 or after or when he was calling you a wh*re?
15:31:57 [Courtaney] Stefanie is next on our question list but it doesn't appear she made it...
15:32:13 [Courtaney] awww, they have your audition scenes!! awww
15:32:18 [EtrnlyEVN] Evianh20 is the only poster I know who's personal life posts can make me blush.
15:32:22 [Courtaney] next up is ginatlc!!!
15:32:29 [NoraC] lol
15:32:34 [Courtaney] I loved her story about the mag! LOL
15:32:34 [pwtala] I've lost count...
15:32:34 [ben] go baby
15:32:45 [ginatlc] Hey Ben and Tracey! What are some of your plans for the future? When are Evian getting back together?
15:34:04 [ben] i don't know if eve and Julian will get back together as for my future as I said, a rocking chair
15:34:16 [tracey] I don't know what Jim Reilly has planned for Evian. And I'm not sure about my plans for the future but I think I might like to write stories, articles and maybe travel books.
15:34:28 [NoraC] lmao
15:34:30 [EtrnlyEVN] LOL
15:34:41 [NoraC] aww that would be cool
15:34:42 [SIPort] tracey, is your son in college yet?
15:34:44 [Courtaney] awwww about Evian, I hope they do!!! LOL about the rocking chair, Ben...and awww to the writing that would be awesome!
15:34:51 [NoraC] rocking chair, you need a walker too? lol
15:34:51 [jeanne] come chat with us more heehee
15:35:06 [Alana] tracey come 2 guyana and write about here
15:35:08 [pwtala] maybe some evian fiction...
15:35:36 [Alana] and ben i have a chair waiting 4 u
15:35:40 [Evian10] Yeah, ITA, Evian fiction would be good.
15:35:43 [Courtaney] OK, we have emelch78 next, our almost national champ hockey player - her finals are next weekend!!!
15:35:50 [tracey] This is Bryce's last year of high school. He has a band he wants to work with so he's putting off going to Berklee music school in Boston for a year and going to community college.
15:36:14 [SIPort] what kind of music does he play?
15:36:16 [emelch78] Hi Ben and Tracey!!! This is such a pleasure, and a great way to start a long week!!
15:36:28 [Courtaney] oh cool; itsounds like his band must be doing very well
15:37:01 [EtrnlyEVN] Handsome like Eric!
15:37:05 [ben] emelch good to see you
15:37:05 [tracey] Alana- one of my very best friends and former college roomate was from Guyana. her name was Pearl Tanassee. Best person ever.
15:37:22 [EtrnlyEVN] had to sneak that in.
15:37:22 [Courtaney] awwwww
15:37:30 [Courtaney] Tam I missed that, LOL
15:37:53 [EtrnlyEVN]
15:38:04 [emelch78] In the wonderfully acted office scenes ben were you directed to have yur hand o close to tracey's neck or was this a more cmfortable position for you? Tracey, we know you can hold a tune, does ben sing to you?
15:38:27 [Courtaney] ooooh
15:38:33 [tracey] Thank-you, he is a good-looking kid and he likes Blink 182 type music. I don't know what that genre is called.
15:38:39 [SIPort] hmmmm
15:39:16 [emelch78] sorry about the spelling
15:39:33 [emelch78] i accidently deleted my question
15:39:34 [ben] ben does not sing except when drinking-tracey's neck, I always try to get close to because it smells so good
15:39:40 [tracey] Yes, Ben sings to me. My favorite song of his is "sleepy lagoon".
15:39:43 [Courtaney] I have been missing letters left and right today emelch...this box is tough, lol
15:39:46 [Alana] oooooo
15:39:47 [Courtaney] awwwwwww
15:39:54 [jeanne] aww cute
15:40:01 [pwtala] sweet...
15:40:04 [JuliansVxn] Awwww!!! Too sweet!!!
15:40:06 [Evian10] Awwwww!!!!!!!
15:40:07 [emelch78] where can we buy the cd? LOL!
15:40:19 [Courtaney] LOL I bet you two sound good together!
15:40:23 [pwtala] LOL...
15:40:27 [NoraC] aww
15:40:36 [evianfan01] i heard Bryce's music on his myspace
15:40:41 [EtrnlyEVN] Julian might be a heel, but Ben is still very sweet to his lady.
15:40:57 [Evian10] Yeah, I like Bryce's music too. He is so hot BTW!!
15:41:05 [tracey] If you want to hear my sons music go to "goodsellsucks
15:41:39 [Evian10] Letrice and I are his myspace friends.
15:41:54 [tracey] Evian10- I'll tell Bryce you said so.
15:42:08 [Evian10] k
15:42:45 [ben] it's 70 degrees here, what the temp where you are?
15:42:49 [GrayC63] Chat Nazi Courtenay, next question?
15:42:57 [Courtaney] 30s...COLD!!!
15:43:06 [NoraC] cold here ben, want some snow?
15:43:08 [pwtala] 50's heading back up to 70's next week...
15:43:09 [tracey] ben is the most considerate and gentlemanly boyfriend. I never have to lift a finger to do anything. he wants to do it all.
15:43:10 [Courtaney] Ben did you see emelch's hand question
15:43:20 [emelch78] ben, there was a lot of discussion about that scene, could you clear that up, were you directed to place your hand near tracey's neck?
15:43:27 [SIPort] that's sweet
15:43:39 [Evian10] It's in the 60's here, and sunny
15:43:39 [jeanne] i live in oceanside kinda hazey
15:43:40 [Courtaney] LOL, I just saw his reply about her neck!!!!!!
15:43:46 [tracey] Ben just went out to have a ciggie.
15:43:48 [Courtaney] too funny...and I am missing everything
15:43:49 [NoraC] that's so awesome
15:43:53 [Courtaney] awwww
15:44:04 [Courtaney] OK, next up is...evianh20
15:44:07 [pwtala] that sounds sweet...
15:44:18 [evianh20] My question to Tracey and Ben – was the dialogue Eve says when she is tearing Julian’s shirt off “This is so wrong.” Was that dialogue in the original script you were given or added after some discussion?” are there black writers on staff?
15:44:25 [JuliansVxn] Tracey, does he still do all the cooking?
15:44:30 [tracey] They never direct Ben to do anything.
15:44:50 [tracey] ...They wouldn't dare!
15:44:55 [Courtaney] that is sweet about him, awwwwww
15:45:00 [emelch78] thanks
15:45:03 [pwtala] I can understand why...don't mess with perfection..
15:45:03 [Courtaney] and they never do? he gets to plan it all?
15:45:11 [evianh20] and does Ben really smoke?
15:45:18 [Courtaney] wow...that is awesome
15:45:23 [NoraC] ben smokes?
15:45:35 [tracey] I don't think there are Black writers but most of them I've never seen so I don't know.
15:45:46 [SIPort] tracey, where's the most beautiful place you've traveled to?
15:45:53 [SIPort] have you been on all 7 continents?
15:45:57 [tracey] I do think "this is so wrong' was written.
15:46:12 [Evian10] I didn't think he smoked!
15:46:17 [Courtaney] the writers - do they even work out there in CA? LOL we have been writing to them.
15:46:25 [ben] no just some cigars
15:46:31 [NoraC] you go ben
15:46:39 [NoraC] cigars are alright lol
15:46:48 [Courtaney] lol Ben
15:47:01 [tracey] They might as well tell van Gogh where to put the red paint.
15:47:09 [SIPort] cigars are very julian crane-ish
15:47:11 [loveeve] she needs to come to dominica
15:47:19 [NoraC] yes
15:47:23 [Courtaney] OK, next is our romance author herself the talented Tammy!!
15:47:34 [Courtaney] That's over my head Tracey
15:47:40 [evianh20] It’s no secret that Etrnly Evian and I are some of the fans most disturbed by the September episodes
15:47:43 [Courtaney] lol
15:47:45 [ben] hello tammy
15:47:53 [evianh20] glad I got to ask my question first
15:48:02 [pwtala] directing ben I think karen..
15:48:05 [Courtaney] yeah I hit both of you hard...
15:48:08 [tracey] Venice is magic!
15:48:09 [EtrnlyEVN] Hey.
15:48:09 [GrayC63] But not in one ear and out the other? Sorry, couldn't help myself.
15:48:15 [EtrnlyEVN] As Pris said earlier, the warning we got in LA about what was to come couldn’t prepare us for what happened. Evian seem to be making their way back to each other, but after all the words and Julian’s attempted rape, can Evian truly be the way they were?
15:48:55 [EtrnlyEVN] Disturbed is just one of the things that September show did to me.
15:49:01 [evianh20] and to that end, Tracey, do you feel that the subsequent episodes in which Eve has not vented justifiable rage at Julian for his behaviour is an image you would espouse? Better still, how would you have responded to Ben in real life if he pulled that mess?
15:49:15 [ben] I don't think they can. But we'll just try to play what is written. I tried earlier to have it make sense but now that's impossible
15:49:19 [tracey] Eve seems to be able to forgive anything so I think Evian could get back together.
15:50:06 [SIPort] eve seems so sad now without julian
15:50:08 [EtrnlyEVN] Yes. I did the same thing. I was hoping it was brainwashing or something, but when Julian had the happy memory of Eve, right before she came to the mansion for the pin, I knew then it couldn't be explained.
15:50:13 [SIPort] it's like she can't even fake happiness anymore
15:50:47 [tracey] i think julian has a brain tumor that's causing this crazy behavior.
15:50:55 [SIPort] as for julian...he's the walking wounded
15:50:59 [Courtaney] he has something!! LOL
15:51:00 [ben] nothing is explained, nothing makes sense in the scripts anymore.
15:51:18 [pwtala] that's been suggested...
15:51:22 [Courtaney] but then all of a sudden he is sweet to her again, which I like
15:51:26 [EtrnlyEVN] Is there any way you all can give the writers input to the characters? You play them, and if one thing about Julian is true, it's Eve's happiness is more important than anything to him. His behavior changed everything Evian have been to each other. That's what is hardest for me to take.
15:51:35 [Courtaney] IS confusing...maybe they are doing a 180?
15:51:42 [GrayC63] No, it's stress! Stress does all kind of weird things in Harmony.
15:51:53 [jeanne] alistar didnt pretend to be the monk for nothing its that chalice i dont think chad returned to real one
15:52:02 [pwtala] so do the writers even know what direction to go???
15:52:06 [tracey] Eve did bring some of it on herself. i think you can always forgive the man who rescues you from atop a 747.
15:52:07 [ben] did you see the scene when the stalker or whatever came out of the bathroom after noah looked completely around in there and found nothing?
15:52:17 [SIPort] tracey, ben - whare are you favorite movies?
15:52:24 [EtrnlyEVN] Chad is a Freak, and that Vincent is Freak II. It's horrible.
15:52:39 [emelch78] i was like WTH
15:52:42 [evianh20] Well it's been said there is only one brain in Harmony, and right now I think the brain is out of town with Edna and Norma
15:52:45 [SIPort] vincent isn't a freak
15:52:53 [SIPort] vincent is a male Theresa, Kay, Ivy
15:52:58 [pwtala] lol ben...we noticed that....CRAZY..
15:53:01 [EtrnlyEVN] Yes, he is!
15:53:04 [JuliansVxn] I say again--Frodo!
15:53:06 [ben] that scene for me said it all. tptb think they can put anything on the screen and not have to a a shred of reality to it. It's been difficult
15:53:07 [Courtaney] yeah where was he? it was so weird!
15:53:14 [tracey] My fav of all time has been Gone with the Wind" since I was 12. I love Bridget Jones Diary.
15:53:25 [SIPort] vincent knows who he loves - just like they do
15:53:25 [EtrnlyEVN] A short little runt of a freak. Just like Chad. MHO. I know you like him, but you like Mad Dog, too.
15:53:33 [Courtaney] I bet it has's tough, especially when they mess with the very essence of a character and couple...
15:53:39 [emelch78] i'd retire too
15:53:40 [NoraC] tracey i love that movie bjd, hello colin firth
15:53:46 [pwtala] exactly..nothing makes sense even for a campy show..
15:54:05 [SIPort] vincent makes sense
15:54:08 [jeanne] we so dont want passions to end its like some one died to us i bet you feel the same
15:54:10 [tracey] And Hugh grant as the bad boy... too funny!
15:54:18 [SIPort] the minute they turned him into a Black, Male Theresa, Kay , Ivy
15:54:18 [pwtala] Good movies ...i agree.. tracey...
15:54:21 [Courtaney] OK, our next person is...loveeve!
15:54:24 [SIPort] i had to give JER his props
15:54:29 [ben] under the guise of campy a lot of laziness gets buried
15:54:33 [SIPort] that turned the story very soapy
15:54:34 [NoraC] a great movie, i like the first one better than the sequel
15:54:37 [EtrnlyEVN] It helps to know you're all as confused as we are
15:54:52 [emelch78] you can say that again..
15:54:58 [Courtaney] She is our Dominican friend! She lives on the island of Dominca
15:54:59 [GrayC63] Chat Moderator Courtaney, who's next?
15:55:08 [evianh20] Ben, you said "difficult" - is that a euphemism for pure stupidity? It's insulting to the audience. the writers and producers are getting paid. the audience doesn't. Our only pay-off is a great story and we sure don't have that anymore.
15:55:10 [pwtala] too true!!!
15:55:19 [Courtaney] Loveeve is next
15:55:21 [EtrnlyEVN] I have to give you props, SIP. You can find the positive in things. I've become jaded in my old age.
15:55:41 [Courtaney] you two are the exact same age LOL
15:55:44 [loveeve] Hi tracey! love your eyes, do you lke playing the sweet,compassionte dr.Eve or would you prefer a more no nonsense,kickbutt,kind of eve
15:55:51 [ben] evianh20 I sadly agree with you
15:55:56 [EtrnlyEVN] lol.

15:56:06 [evianh20] sorry, I'll be quiet now, Hubby is trying to watch golf and yelling at Tiger making bogeys
15:56:21 [NoraC] that's my dad downstairs evianh lol
15:56:24 [Courtaney] LOL
15:56:31 [pwtala] LOL...
15:56:36 [EtrnlyEVN] We all agree with that. Evian's destruction is the worst thing I've witness in my over two decades of soap watching. It made absolutely no sense. NONE!
15:56:42 [SIPort] tracey, ben - do you play golf?
15:56:43 [ben] tiger's making bogies???
15:56:58 [evianh20] yeah - double
15:56:59 [NoraC] apparently lol
15:57:11 [ben] I do
15:57:19 [Courtaney] He took too long of time off! LOL
15:57:28 [EtrnlyEVN] Tiger's troubles might explain why Dad went to take a nap.
15:57:31 [Courtaney] My husband wishes he would make them lol
15:57:34 [tracey] after playing sweet Eve for so long playing a kick-butt Eve would be refreshing.
15:57:40 [SIPort] ben - do you have a favorite movie?
15:57:49 [pwtala] getting ready to win the masters...
15:57:59 [JuliansVxn] Withnail and I
15:58:03 [EtrnlyEVN] I would love that for Eve!!
15:58:12 [Courtaney] that's my favorite gold tourney
15:58:17 [NoraC] golfing is good but only the driving range for me lol
15:58:21 [EtrnlyEVN] Starting with Julian, becaue he deserves it right now, and finishing off with Mad Dog and the spawns.
15:58:21 [Courtaney] Lawrence of Arabia too!
15:58:27 [ben] maybe Lawrence of Arabia
15:58:29 [pwtala] I would love for eve to kicked some butt before the show ends..mainly tc's out the door.
15:58:30 [Courtaney] we know him too well, LOL
15:58:37 [tracey] i don't play golf and Ben refuses to teach me. i'm not sure why.
15:58:42 Bailey enters this room
15:58:45 [EtrnlyEVN] I still haven't forgotten that horrible treatment when the truth about her past came out.
15:58:50 [Courtaney] awww teach her Ben!!!
15:59:01 [NoraC] al is the same with me, too many grounders he said when i hit the range lol
15:59:03 [SIPort] BAILEY!!!
15:59:09 [GrayC63] Bailey! Yay!
15:59:13 [Bailey] hi guys
15:59:17 [Courtaney] If I can play with a 9-iron hitting 40 yeards at a pop and still have fun Tracey would love playing...I bet she would be good too!!
15:59:22 [Courtaney] you made it! Yay!
15:59:23 [Courtaney] LOL
15:59:25 [SIPort] Ben, teach her golf
15:59:25 [pwtala] Ben teach her...remember you're'll have time..
15:59:26 [tracey] hi bailey
15:59:27 [NoraC] hi bailey
15:59:34 [pwtala] hey bailey...
15:59:34 [evianh20] Bailey, we miss you so. hope all is well with you
15:59:39 [emelch78] yeah ben, be nice she has to start somewhere
15:59:42 [loveeve] hi bailey
15:59:45 [Evian10] You do need to teach Tracey, Ben!! Women can play golf too. Two girls are on our golf team at school. LOL
15:59:49 [NoraC] ben teach tracey or she might run you over with the golf cart lol
15:59:50 [SIPort] Bailey, how are the adorable rugrats?
15:59:52 [ben] but you must remember tracey has many other abilities, even if she's not good with a club
15:59:55 [Bailey] It is. Thank you very much.
16:00:02 [jeanne] have you guys got to see all the new passions babies
16:00:07 [Bailey] Hi....I miss you guys too
16:00:12 [pwtala] I play lefthanded but I'll give it a
16:00:12 [Courtaney] yes she does!!!
16:00:18 [NoraC] nice to see you bailey
16:00:21 [Bailey] hello Ben and Tracey
16:00:21 [tracey] How do you know I'm not goos with a club?
16:00:23 [emelch78] like what!!! LOL!
16:00:26 [jeanne] lefty's rule lol
16:00:29 [ben] beautiful babies just beautiful
16:00:30 [tracey] I mean good
16:00:35 [Bailey] my rugrats are growing so fast
16:00:40 [pwtala] lol..ben..
16:00:41 [NoraC] yes they do jeanne
16:00:48 [jess] i want a b&t baby...
16:00:59 [NoraC] lol jess
16:01:01 [pwtala] it makes a good weapon
16:01:03 [evianfan01] me 2!! lol
16:01:04 [Courtaney] did we get to loveeve's?
16:01:07 [emelch78] right on !
16:01:15 [loveeve] me too!
16:01:17 [Bailey] are you guys still harping about a baby???
16:01:22 [SIPort] ben, tracey - any choices for March Madness?
16:01:25 [SIPort] LOL Bailey
16:01:27 [loveeve] yes you did
16:01:30 [Courtaney] a sweet Eve vs. one who is a kick butt one LOL?
16:01:38 [Courtaney] yes we are!!! Tracey wants it too!!
16:01:58 [GrayC63] Next question, Chat Enforcer Courtaney? Loveeve's was kick-butt Eve. (I have to try to maintain a semblence of order.)
16:02:00 [tracey] I don't even know what march madness is.
16:02:04 [Courtaney] are we done loveeve?
16:02:07 [ben] march madness - i'm lost
16:02:12 [NoraC] that's a girl ms. lawyer lol
16:02:13 [Courtaney] I keep trying to pan up to see and I can't lol
16:02:14 [pwtala] behave bailey...
16:02:16 [Bailey] if she had to actually do it...would real life
16:02:19 [SIPort] NCAA Basketball?
16:02:20 [jess] UT all the way, baby!
16:02:26 [Courtaney] Bailey is next if they answered loveve's
16:02:27 [SIPort] are you not a B-Ball fan?
16:02:29 [jess] huh, court?
16:02:33 [jess]
16:02:38 [Courtaney] just in time Bailey - I didn't want to ask yours for you!!!
16:02:41 [tracey] How have you been bailey
16:02:44 [Bailey] oh is there an order?
16:02:44 [Courtaney] OSU!!! LOL
16:02:46 [EtrnlyEVN] March Madness is going on every day at Passions. Has been since the moment Mad Dog has his stroke. Pure Madness!!!
16:02:49 [loveeve] it's not too late!! for b&t baby
16:02:50 [Courtaney] yeah an order
16:02:51 [ben] tracey is a real good kisser
16:02:59 [Courtaney] and you are next Bailey
16:02:59 [NoraC] awww
16:03:06 [jeanne] lol ben
16:03:07 [Courtaney] you have the floor
16:03:09 [tracey] Sip- i don't follow any organized sports.
16:03:13 [Bailey] I have been doing wonderful Tracey...feeling all your wise. I heard about whats happening
16:03:14 [Courtaney] ooooh lol
16:03:21 [Bailey] Ok my question
16:03:23 [pwtala] awww...
16:03:32 [Bailey] when is Ben and Tracey getting hitched?
16:03:33 [Evian10] awww....
16:03:36 [NoraC] way to go ben
16:03:46 [loveeve] goood one!
16:03:49 [evianh20] you go Bailey, thanks for asking
16:03:51 [Courtaney] LOL you make quite the entrance don't you lol
16:03:51 [tracey] Soon. I've got him on the ropes...
16:03:55 [jeanne] ben galen does this volley event every oct you should come to this years its on the beach
16:03:57 [Courtaney] WOOHOOOOO
16:03:57 [NoraC] definitely bailey
16:04:03 [Courtaney] and don't let him off those ropes!!!!
16:04:15 [jess] are we invited to the wedding?
16:04:15 [NoraC] aww how sweet for you guys
16:04:16 [Courtaney] and promise you'll let us know when the time comes...
16:04:19 [evianh20] Tracey, was that a serious answer?
16:04:21 [Courtaney] we have to celebrate!!!!
16:04:24 [EtrnlyEVN] or let him fall through to the ringside.
16:04:26 [pwtala] don't let up tracey....remember retirement...lots of time...
16:04:48 [Evian10] Yay!!!
16:04:53 [loveeve] my invitation is in the mail,.i hope
16:04:55 [Bailey] Hows my Gracie doing?
16:04:58 [NoraC] lol bailey
16:04:59 [SIPort] you all are hopeless...LOL
16:04:59 [evianfan01] yea karen we must celebrate lol
16:05:00 [ben] ben went to take a nap
16:05:00 [pwtala] bailey...don't fuss...
16:05:05 [SIPort] sweet,but hopeless
16:05:13 [Courtaney] awwww with a question like that? LOL
16:05:18 [evianfan01] lol
16:05:21 [Courtaney] he's pudding in your hands Tracey!!
16:05:25 [tracey] It's serious to me.
16:05:30 [NoraC] no naps come on back mr. taurus lol
16:05:31 [Courtaney]
16:05:36 [Bailey] Shhh they are setting a date
16:05:39 [jeanne] shakes ben wake up lol
16:05:45 [Courtaney] OK next up...GrayC63 herself!!!
16:05:54 [Courtaney] lol that would be great!!!!
16:05:59 [NoraC] woo hoo lawyer
16:06:01 [ben] tracey's "assets" are most plentiful
16:06:04 [pwtala] ben...your response??
16:06:09 [tracey] Come on lurker. What'cha got?
16:06:11 [Courtaney] LOL Ben!!!!!!!!
16:06:19 [JuliansVxn] *dies laughing* My virgin eyes!!!
16:06:20 [NoraC] lol
16:06:22 [Courtaney] is he this bad all the time? LOL
16:06:30 [NoraC] get a room lol
16:06:32 [Bailey] is that a no comment then>
16:06:37 [jess] lol
16:06:38 [SIPort] ben, you are just turning those phrases, left and right - LOL
16:06:41 [GrayC63] Skip me. I want other people to get a chance.
16:06:41 [Evian10] OMG!!! Ben you are so funny!
16:06:44 [EtrnlyEVN] Pris, that's my line.
16:06:46 [emelch78] super freak! LOL!
16:06:46 [pwtala] I would think so karen..
16:06:52 [Courtaney] I bet you two have quite the fun coversations lolol
16:07:03 [evianh20] no Gray, take your turn
16:07:09 [tracey] Yes even when he's good-he's bad.
16:07:10 [jeanne] where are you 2 at side by side comps
16:07:10 [Courtaney] OK Gray....srh is next...she sent me 7...I will get you a couple lol
16:07:15 [ben] you should have seen me last night at our special rose arbored inn we sometimes frequent
16:07:19 [loveeve] i knew i like Ben for a reason!
16:07:28 [Courtaney] srh: What does she think of Eve going back to T.C., and why Eve has done it?
16:07:38 [EtrnlyEVN] I can only imagine...
16:07:38 [emelch78] next time take a video cam for us!
16:07:47 [NoraC] dang ben you are like julian aren't you? lol i some ways at least lol
16:07:48 [JuliansVxn] My innocent eyes are not used to such remarks
16:07:51 [pwtala] tell ben..
16:07:57 [Courtaney] How does he feel about playing this evil Julian? What is driving Julian's behavior?
16:08:08 [Courtaney] that last one was for Ben
16:08:09 [Bailey] yeah finish the show off right...even if it isn't the show...they could do that..LOL
16:08:18 [EtrnlyEVN] Bad writing is driving Julian's behavior. It's that simple
16:08:46 [SIPort] blame the chalice
16:09:00 [Courtaney] it's like they had to give Evian to a different writer, they had to
16:09:01 [ben] right now a paycheck. I find little else worthwhile about the story
16:09:01 [Bailey] If I wouldn't get do freakin involved I would return to watching
16:09:04 [SIPort] the good thing about Passions, is that they can use the supernatural to explain things
16:09:28 [SIPort] ben - why don't they show more of Julian and Endorra? that little girl who plays Endorra is just so...TERRIFIC
16:09:31 [EtrnlyEVN] That's a good answer, Ben.
16:09:32 [tracey] Eve and tc are not sleeping together. I make that clear every chance I get whether its written or not.
16:09:42 [Courtaney] awwww, and that's sad because I was hoping things would be getting a little better. But I dont' blame you
16:09:43 [Bailey] LOL
16:09:52 [SIPort] amen, tracey
16:10:01 [pwtala] LOL're here so that means evian is still tugging you..
16:10:05 [Bailey] Ewww what have they done to Evian?????
16:10:20 [tracey] Eve should live alone. maybe they didn't want to invest a new set for Eve so they just put her back in with TC.
16:10:20 [Bailey] Karen actually. LOL
16:10:22 [Courtaney] yes you do a great job of showing us what Eve feels or doesn't w/ TC. I love it...she is so unhappy with him and she needs to leave that man forever!!!
16:10:24 [JuliansVxn] oh thank GOODNESS
16:10:29 [pwtala] thank goodness...I couldn't handle offense to you though..
16:10:32 [EtrnlyEVN] The first time I watched in months, Eve told Mad Dog, by phone, she loved him. That could have stopped my watching all over again. Why do the writers do that?
16:10:34 [Courtaney] jess, it's your turn!!!
16:10:36 [JuliansVxn] Mad Dog makes my skin crawl!!
16:10:43 [JuliansVxn] No ENTRAILS!!!
16:10:46 [Courtaney] LOL I sent her an invite!
16:10:51 [NoraC] yay for jess
16:10:52 [jess] k
16:11:07 [jess] it's to both
16:11:08 [SIPort] stop picking on
16:11:12 [jess] Okay, I’ve always been the one alone in this *sigh*, but I want to know if you thought Julian had a right when he was sort of rude to Eve in the beginning, because she devoted all her time and attention to T.C.
16:11:14 [loveeve] the writtng is lazy, ridiculous and nonsenssical , do you sometimes feel that way?
16:11:14 [tracey] I tried to say that line as if to my brother.
16:11:16 [jeanne] the major fan bases want evian shuis et all back come sept 7th
16:11:18 [Courtaney] SIP! LOL
16:11:25 [dawn94] JER doesn't know how to write character alone
16:11:29 [JuliansVxn] Ugh Jess....
16:11:42 [jess] what?!
16:11:44 [jess] lol
16:11:53 [EtrnlyEVN] Okay, I guess that helps.
16:11:56 [NoraC] jess you are not alone in that
16:11:58 [Courtaney] LOL jess
16:12:06 [JuliansVxn] no Diamond/FA for you!
16:12:09 [SIPort] you aren't alone
16:12:12 [SIPort] i understood that
16:12:19 [jess] y'all ALWAYS get mad at me!
16:12:20 [tracey] I think Eve is partly responsible for this. Julian went thru the fire for her and she seemed to forget all that when TC had the stroke (that he deserved).
16:12:22 [NoraC] me too
16:12:23 [jess]
16:12:25 [Bailey] GrayC63> how are you?
16:12:25 [emelch78] i'm with you jess
16:12:36 [Courtaney] jess he had a right to feel neglected I agree...but not to be MEAN as in...calling her names
16:12:40 [ben] julian had a small point in being upset about eve's total devotion to tc, but he went too far
16:12:41 [EtrnlyEVN] I understood that, too. So did Julian, for a minute. Before the madness happened.
16:12:41 [pwtala] LOL...he did deserve that...
16:12:42 [NoraC] same with me jess
16:12:51 [jess] that's what i sorta thought too...thanks
16:13:09 [pwtala] a BIT too far...
16:13:13 [jeanne] again alistar at work
16:13:14 [Evian10] TC did deserve the stroke. I've made it clear how I feel about him.
16:13:17 [GrayC63] I'm good thank you. Having little luck enforcing the rules. How's the chickens (and the family)?
16:13:25 [jeanne] funny how all his offspring are evil
16:13:26 [EtrnlyEVN] Way too far. Back then, Eve was wrong, too. "I'll try to make some time for you soon." *rolling eyes*
16:13:44 [tracey] Her first duty after her kids should have been to Julian. she sacrificed him to TC. She should be horsewhipped for that.
16:13:46 [Courtaney] yeah he did..,but that's what I don't could the same writers be penning this story who wrote such beautiful stuff for Evian in '03 and '04?
16:13:54 [jeanne] now only julian was but that was of all the abuse al did to him as a child
16:13:58 [NoraC] good point tracey
16:14:00 [EtrnlyEVN] I don't think anybody deserves a stroke. Not even Mad Dog.
16:14:08 [SIPort] Julian offered to pay for his medical care. that should have been enough
16:14:10 [pwtala] chickens & family in that order bailey...
16:14:13 [Courtaney] our next one is...roxypassions!!! The gal who knows how to find the Image Award Winner...Woohoo!!!!
16:14:19 [SIPort] Eve was insane taking on TC's care like that
16:14:32 [ben] i have to repeat, throughout the history of my character I always tried to tie one thing to another and make some sense of why Julian did things. That stopped about 3 months ago because I just could find enough rope to keep the thing together.
16:14:40 [Bailey] Chickens are dog food. My family is wonderful. Truely. LOL Kids growing so fast. Alex is becoming a beautiful young lady...Brandon...trying to get him to stop teasing her. LOL
16:14:43 [rxypassion] Hi Ben and Tracey. I loved meeting you two at the fan event in 2005. Just meeting you guys made my next five years. Oh and Tracey you are going to be in my schools yearbook. Because I am Co-Editor of the yearbook and we did a page on music and movies/ tv and we put some pictures of students meeting
16:14:48 [pwtala] not horsewhipped...just reminded who her true love is..
16:14:49 [EtrnlyEVN] Being concerned was one thing, but she didn't have to change her whole life for that man.
16:14:54 [tracey] Well, maybe I won't say deserved. maybe i'll say EARNED.
16:14:56 [rxypassion] people on tv shows so I put the picture of you and me on the page because you are my favorite actress. My question is…
16:15:02 [Courtaney] Tracey, she did have a duty to Julian, I agree...TC is a loser
16:15:08 [ben] i meant to write "couldn't" find enough rope
16:15:12 [rxypassion] For the both of you what is your favorite scene you two have done together and apart?
16:15:44 [GrayC63] And the dog? Is he a proud papa yet?
16:15:49 [Bailey] how long is this chat
16:16:15 [tracey] I don't think the same writers are writing now. that's just a guess on my part.
16:16:18 [SIPort] ben, tracey - do you watch any regular tv? and if you do, what shows do you like?
16:16:38 [Bailey] He is. two pups. Gave him a haircut. Poor thing...everyone laughs...dogs hair isn't my thing...yet
16:16:38 [pwtala] I agree tracey...
16:16:40 [Courtaney] I don't like how it sounds like it is getting worse...
16:16:56 [ben] for me the favorite among many others was outside the lobster shack when I got to kiss tracey
16:16:59 [EtrnlyEVN] I have to agree. They don't seem to know any of the characters.
16:17:06 [tracey] I watch American Idol with bryce.
16:17:10 [NoraC] awww
16:17:13 [jeanne] we have been hoping since the cancell notice there would be some major rewrites to get our favs back and spees stuff
16:17:16 [Courtaney] that was one HOT kiss...
16:17:19 [JuliansVxn] yay!!! Lobster Shack!
16:17:24 [Bailey] The lobster shack was the best
16:17:25 [GrayC63] Yay, Buddy!
16:17:36 [pwtala] ben doesn't like american idol..
16:17:38 [EtrnlyEVN] Love AI. Wish that Sanjaya was gone already. He's so bad, I feel sorry for him.
16:17:53 [pwtala] I loved the library kiss and crane estate kisses..
16:17:54 [Courtaney] I like it...but not the way some of the voters are voting...ugh
16:17:57 [NoraC] love ai
16:18:14 [evianh20] that kiss at the Lobster shack was smoking. I was in New Orleans on vacation and left lunch to run to the condo to see it Hotter than the Big Easy in August
16:18:14 [Evian10] Sanjaya is terrible. Melinda is the best.
16:18:16 [Bailey] He is fixed now, Gracie. Thank God. It sucked....a dog is worse than that department. LOL
16:18:18 [Courtaney] next up is Nora!!
16:18:24 [NoraC] yay
16:18:35 [NoraC] first off hi to ben and tracey, you guys are the best
16:18:38 [rxypassion] tracey didn't answer my question
16:18:50 [tracey] Hey Guys, can we wrap it up in the next 10 minutes or so?
16:19:03 [SIPort] i don't like american idol either. haver never seen one episode
16:19:06 [tracey] What was the question?
16:19:08 [Courtaney] Ok...
16:19:18 [Courtaney] I think she answered her favorite scene didn't she?
16:19:22 [GrayC63] Yay, Buddy becomes ----> Poor, Buddy!
16:19:25 [NoraC] ok my question to you is to ben first, do you think julian will ever tell eve about endora? and how are the golden retrievers tracey and sorry you lost willy ben, i love my lab and miss my retriever
16:19:36 [rxypassion] For the both of you what is your favorite scene you two have done together and apart?
16:19:36 [loveeve] So what next for you guys after the show ends
16:19:41 [Bailey] LOL Gracie.
16:20:04 [tracey] The golden retreivers are great, fat and lazy.
16:20:11 [NoraC] what are their names
16:20:14 [NoraC] mine was bailey
16:20:16 [ben] I wish I could say that he would tell eve about endora. I just don't know
16:20:17 [Courtaney] LOL
16:20:28 [tracey] oliver and Clem
16:20:29 [Courtaney] she needs to know
16:20:37 [Bailey] Aww Nora. LOL
16:20:38 [Courtaney] Pwtala, you are up!!
16:20:43 [NoraC] i would love to see more julian and endora scenes ben
16:20:48 [Bailey] I am kidding.
16:20:52 [Courtaney] they are cute dogs, as is Nora's
16:20:53 [pwtala] Hi B&T, My question is for both of you : How do you anticipate your lives changing post passions and how strange after 8 years will it be not to be able to play Julian and Eve anymore?
16:20:57 [ben] yes
16:21:07 [tracey] Sip- How do you know you don't like idol if you've never seen one episode?
16:21:18 [NoraC] thanks court, bailey was beautiful lol
16:21:38 [ben] I do have to say I so applaud Juliet because working with endora can be very difficult and time consuming
16:21:45 [SIPort] i watched one of those mean shows
16:21:47 [Bailey] Is CLem short for something
16:21:48 [SIPort] in the beginning
16:21:51 [Courtaney] I bet lol
16:21:56 [SIPort] when they were making fun of the auditions
16:21:58 [NoraC] i think it's a great storyline, your little witchling lol
16:22:05 [evianh20] Ben, we're going to Palm Dessert in May (I'm a Taurus too, April 30th) to look for retirement digs. Staying at the Westin, can you recommend a good restaurant
16:22:06 [SIPort] and I thought it was mean and cruel. didn't like the vibe
16:22:07 [NoraC] that you created lol
16:22:12 [dawn94] Nicole Cox is adorable
16:22:18 [SIPort] because of their marketing machine, even though I don't watch it, I know about it
16:22:23 [NoraC] she really is
16:22:26 [dawn94] I don't think I have seen a more animated child on daytime
16:22:30 [SIPort] you can't help it, if you watch any of the entertainment shows
16:22:31 [ben] go siport I agree with you about the "mean shows", I can't take them
16:22:54 [NoraC] just one thing tracey you are a pisces, like my dad and my boyfriend, they are easygoing i imagine you are too or should i ask ben lol
16:22:58 [Bailey] Honest ... not mean Ben
16:22:59 [tracey] I won't be seeing on a daily basis people I've seen everyday for 8 years. thats sad.
16:23:04 [EtrnlyEVN] Mean has been Passions for the last six months. lol
16:23:22 [emelch78] lol
16:23:29 [pwtala] I would think it would be sad also...
16:23:29 [Courtaney] awwww I bet it is....
16:23:35 [ben] Pacifica restaurant, It's on El Paseo
16:23:36 [tracey] No, I don't think i'm easygoing.
16:23:42 [NoraC] no?
16:23:47 [Evian10] Who's question is next?
16:23:52 [evianh20] thanks, got it
16:23:56 [NoraC] al is march 12th my dad is feb 20th
16:23:57 [Courtaney] OK, I have one for you guys...Tracey, what is the most romantic thing Ben has ever done for you?
16:24:12 [NoraC] awww
16:24:20 [pwtala] good one...
16:24:28 [Courtaney] and Ben, when did this lovely lady steal your heart?
16:24:39 [tracey] Theres so many and so often. He's just a romantic person.
16:24:41 [NoraC] awww karen
16:24:49 [JuliansVxn] good question!!!!!
16:24:59 [Courtaney] awwwww
16:25:01 [EtrnlyEVN] If you could change one thing that's happened to your character on the show, what would it be?
16:25:01 [pwtala] sniff **sniff...**
16:25:01 [SIPort] awe
16:25:06 [evianh20] romantic up to the point when he pulls out the 3 carats.
16:25:17 [Courtaney] does he take you out for romantic dinners?
16:25:22 [tracey] Did you know I had a crush on ben since the show began.
16:25:25 [Courtaney] ah yeah lol
16:25:31 [NoraC] that's adorable
16:25:32 [Bailey] Or when did they go from coworkers to the shows timeline
16:25:37 [EtrnlyEVN] Yes, we knew!!
16:25:37 [pwtala] Awwww.....
16:25:39 [Courtaney] we could tell lol
16:25:41 [ben] from the first moment I set eyes on her. I couldn't believe how beautiful she was. She made me so nervous and I never, ever dreamed that I would get to be with her someday.
16:25:43 [Evian10] We figured that. LOL
16:25:47 [SIPort] tracey, it showed in the interviews
16:25:51 [Courtaney] in all the interviews!!!!
16:25:53 [EtrnlyEVN] It was kind of evident. LOL>
16:25:57 [jess] awwwww
16:26:02 [pwtala] sure did!!
16:26:05 [NoraC] that is beautiful ben, thats so sweet
16:26:06 [evianfan01] yea pretty much. lol
16:26:10 [Courtaney] and we were hoping it was the same for him...which you could probably tell from our giddiness on SD
16:26:13 [emelch78] awww
16:26:15 [EtrnlyEVN] That is so sweet.......... AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWw
16:26:28 [Courtaney] and then, it was like our wishes came true! LOL
16:26:36 [pwtala] Awwww....lovely...
16:26:44 [evianh20] it really showed. You are the only onscreen couple I was sure would be together in real life. it was electric. curious how did you end it with your girlfriend at the time?
16:26:48 [Courtaney] awwwwwww Ben, that is wonderful!!!!!
16:26:51 [NoraC] you two make a beautiful couple, you really do
16:27:00 [Courtaney] so it was love at first sight, awwwwww
16:27:07 [Courtaney] Evian10 is up next!!!
16:27:07 [EtrnlyEVN] The fact you're happy in real life makes thing on your 'reel' like just a little easier to take.
16:27:08 [ben] bad judgement
16:27:08 [SIPort] you two are just so sweet
16:27:13 [JuliansVxn] so sweet!!!!
16:27:17 [SIPort] thank you so much for all of your work.
16:27:19 [pwtala] now for the wedding invitations....
16:27:20 [Courtaney] YES IT totally does
16:27:27 [NoraC] lol
16:27:29 [SIPort] i feel fortunate to have had all the time of Evian that I did
16:27:38 [ben] meaning lady friend from the past
16:27:39 [SIPort] it was a lot longer than I had hoped
16:27:41 [loveeve] now they just need to get married and put us out of our misery
16:27:57 [evianh20] LOL
16:28:10 [EtrnlyEVN] I echo SIP's words. I'm not very happy with what we're getting, but I'm so glad to have gotten the pleasure of knowing this fantastic couple I call Evian!
16:28:15 [NoraC] that's to the point lol
16:28:19 [Courtaney] awwww, well it had to be hard...for a long time there...we could tell from the Laughing Matters interview it was hard and now we know why...
16:28:28 [Courtaney] but I am just glad you are together now!!!
16:28:43 [Courtaney] Evian10, you're up
16:28:45 [pwtala] Ditto...
16:28:57 [tracey] Just remeber the first 5-6 years of the show and forget the rest.
16:29:07 [Evian10] To B&T: I first and foremost want to thank you both for taking time out of your busy schedules to do the chat! You’re both the best! In case you both forgot, my real name is Nicole. LOL. Here is my question: What has been your most memorable moment together up to this point off screen?
16:29:09 [ben] how about 2 last questions?
16:29:10 [SIPort] tracey, are you a vegetarian?
16:29:19 [Courtaney] I hope they do right by Evian in the end though
16:29:24 [SIPort] ben, don't retire
16:29:25 [Bailey] easy for me. I left when she said yes to Julian's proposal
16:29:25 [Courtaney] Evian10 and Dawn?
16:29:27 [Courtaney] have any?
16:29:27 [Evian10] BTW! You are hot as ever Ben!!
16:29:32 [pwtala] that's what we are doing....
16:29:35 [evianh20] Just want to say thanks to Ben, Tracey fr making the couple come alive, and SIP, BAILEY for your post which led me to the boards. I searched on Evian and you two came up, and the rest is history. too bad about the last 6 months of the show.
16:29:35 [NoraC] lol nic i agree
16:29:36 [SIPort] do the guest star thing..LOL
16:29:43 [tracey] No, I'm not. I eat everything but shellfish. allergic.
16:30:00 [pwtala] bailey...*snickering*
16:30:04 [evianfan01] Oh Nicole i definitely second that. lol
16:30:15 [Bailey] Steak is devine
16:30:29 [Bailey] LOL paula!
16:30:34 [pwtala] Evian will always be special...
16:30:49 [tracey] We went to chicago together for a parade and it was the most time I'd ever gotten alone with him -to work my magic!
16:30:50 [Courtaney] we have been writing TPTB trying to get them to put you guys back...if it doesn't work, at least it will let them know that Evian is popular and if it goes to another venue I hope you are a big part of it
16:30:54 [ben] off screen memorable moment. ah, so many I just can't pick one. I just really enjoy being with tracey so much
16:30:55 [SIPort] Evian restored my faith in the Soap Supercouple
16:31:02 [jess] Ben is HOT...and expecting a little surprise in the mail later on...
16:31:05 [Bailey] LOL Tracey
16:31:08 [NoraC] awww
16:31:08 [SIPort] I had been burned so many times
16:31:11 [evianh20] and special thanks to Court and pwtala for keeping the faith -
16:31:20 [pwtala] yes don't either of you retire..unless you plan on sailing off somewhere..I could understand that..
16:31:21 [Courtaney] awwwwwww
16:31:30 [NoraC] lol jess ben love love love your hair
16:31:33 [Courtaney] and thanks, h20, we have tried LOL, as have others
16:31:34 [JuliansVxn] You two are so cute together I can't stand it!
16:31:37 [emelch78] you go tracey!
16:31:52 [JuliansVxn] (also playing Monoploy with the kids, lol)
16:31:52 [NoraC] awww tracey
16:31:58 [pwtala] go tracey!!!!!! karen almost made that trip...
16:32:02 [JuliansVxn] *Monopoly*
16:32:10 [Courtaney] LOL Tracey!!!
16:32:15 [EtrnlyEVN] The magic seems to have worked magic!
16:32:17 [Courtaney] Tammy you were right about that time!
16:32:26 [Evian10] Well, you definitely worked your magic!
16:32:26 [Bailey] Can i ask during which part of Evian's story did Ben and Tracey give in to their "Evian" in themselves
16:32:29 [tracey] You all gave us someone to to do our best for. knowing you were out there and you cared and it mattered to you made it matter to us. we didn't want to disappoint our dozen evian fans. thank-you.
16:32:32 [Courtaney] I was in the city then...fate, LOL that sounds so romantic!!
16:32:37 [ben] okay my friends I'm leaving this to the girl. I have to go to the store and buy something to cook for dinner. I love all of you
16:32:59 [NoraC] awww ben thanks for this, it was wonderful
16:33:06 [Courtaney] You have more than a dozen!! LOLOL
16:33:10 [Bailey] by Ben
16:33:11 [evianh20] still think that was a love bite on Ben's neck in the office scene where he and Eve are looking on the computer for their son
16:33:15 [pwtala] We love you Ben and Tracey're the best!!
16:33:19 [Courtaney] awww, make her a special meal Ben!!! We love you!!!!
16:33:21 [jess] bye ben!
16:33:21 [Evian10] Bye Ben!!! Love ya!!!
16:33:24 [evianfan01] Well it has been a pleasure talkin 2 u!!!
16:33:27 [Courtaney] LOL h20...
16:33:27 [rxypassion] bye Ben
16:33:28 [evianh20] we love you too
16:33:30 [JuliansVxn] Good bye Ben!!
16:33:34 [emelch78] Bye Ben Thanks!
16:33:34 [NoraC] have a great evening ben
16:33:36 [evianh20] take care and thanks again
16:33:38 [loveeve] bye ben!
16:33:44 [EtrnlyEVN] I still think somebody said "Take it off" during the Office near miss.
16:33:45 [pwtala] bye ben..
16:33:54 [Courtaney] You guys are the best...we love you and are so happy you are together and happy
16:33:57 [EtrnlyEVN] Bye, Ben. Thank you for coming!
16:34:02 [Courtaney] I thought so too but Tracey said no lol
16:34:07 [dawn94] Bye Ben
16:34:25 [EtrnlyEVN] somebody had to add it in. I know I heard that.
16:34:33 [EtrnlyEVN] It worked!! That was hot!!
16:34:33 [emelch78] pssst, now that ben is gone, give us the juicy stuff!
16:34:35 [tracey] It's been fun! You are all so intelligent and witty and classy that it's a pleasure. Shall we do it again before the show is off or call it a day? Just let us know.
16:34:40 [jess] lol
16:34:45 [Courtaney] lol I know I hear it in the clip too
16:34:46 [pwtala] give it up tammy!!LOL...
16:34:46 [Bailey] That was growling. LOL
16:34:47 [NoraC] lol emelch
16:34:54 [Courtaney] yes!! Again!! LOL
16:35:00 [Courtaney] we'd love to have more!!!!
16:35:13 [pwtala] anytime!!! we love chatting
16:35:14 [Evian10] We need to do it again!!
16:35:16 [Courtaney] you are wonderful, Tracey!! We love you and we enjoy chatting with you!!!
16:35:16 [evianfan01] yes truly!!
16:35:23 [JuliansVxn] Yes please!!!!!
16:35:25 [EtrnlyEVN] You say chat, we come running. Like the bell an Pavlov's dogs.
16:35:31 [jess] hopefully by then we'll get evian/b&t wedding pix!!
16:35:35 [SIPort] tracey, we love you too. I will always be a fan.
16:35:40 [dawn94] Bye Tracey
16:35:41 [NoraC] it as reallly fun
16:35:45 [emelch78] yes another chat please!
16:35:46 [dawn94] I would love to chat again
16:35:46 [pwtala] bye tracey...we love you and ben..
16:35:48 [NoraC] was
16:35:48 [Alana] an b4 u go tracey my frien dsays to tell u she swears u look like vanessa l williams
16:35:49 [loveeve] Love you Tracey!!
16:35:50 [Evian10] Jess, I second that.
16:36:01 [NoraC] have a great night and dinner tracey
16:36:02 [ginatlc] Bye Tracey
16:36:06 [Bailey] is anyone staying to shoot the breeze a little longer
16:36:08 [pwtala] don't let ben off the ropes either...get that wedding!!
16:36:11 [Courtaney] LOL she does some, but I think Tracey is prettier!!
16:36:15 [tracey] Then we'll plan to do it again. everybody stay safe and healthy and happy. thank-you so much for all your kindnesses.
16:36:15 [SIPort] me
16:36:15 [evianfan01] bye Tracey its been fun!!
16:36:26 [Courtaney] yes, do!!! and let us know when you do! LOL
16:36:30 [Evian10] Love ya Tracey!!!
16:36:30 [evianfan01] o and we want wedding invitations. lol
16:36:36 [SIPort] many blessings to you, ben, and Bryce
16:36:37 [NoraC] lol
16:36:39 [Bailey] Bye Tracey. Good to chat with again
16:36:42 [EtrnlyEVN] Goodbye, Tracey. Thanks for giving us this time.
16:36:42 [jess] bye, trace!
16:36:46 [emelch78] bye tracey!
16:36:49 [Courtaney] thank you so much for doing this Tracey, you are so sweet!!
16:37:17 [pwtala] you two are the best!!