Thumbs Up!
PASSIONS, Bewitched
Soap Opera Digest
August 21, 2007

Kay has certainly made up for lost time since rediscovering her supernatural strength while battling Endora's witchnappers. It's been a hoot watching Heidi Mueller's Kay fumble through magic spells.

Meanwhile, Tabitha gets an A+ for sending Endora to witch school taught by sweet Esmerelda, Tab's old schoolmate. Seeing their past played out in enchanting musical numbers a la Wicked, once again proved PASSIONS is tops at the offbeat. The scenes were uplifting (and we're not referring to Tabby's brooom ride).

And we always wondered what would happen if/when Julian learned that the mysterious Harmony resident with whom he once shared a wild romp is a bona fide witch. The reveal was the perfect mixture of hilarious (miniature Julian stuck in a bird cage!) and emotional (Tab and Jules sharing memories of Timmy). Whether Tabitha ends up fighting for good or evil, she can keep her broomstick all to herself - PASSIONS's witty witchery has us swept away.