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August 21, 2008


Tracey from x.x.x.103 joined the chat 24 hours ago

cindyinpa: hi tracey

Tracey: Oh God, what time was it supposed to be?

Courtaney: awww Tracey you made it...I am sorry about the mix-up!!!

jeanne: hey tracey

pwtala: hi tracey..

Tracey: What time was it suppose to start?

Courtaney: 8 ET...

JuliansVixen: Oh hi Tracey!

JuliansVixen: yay!!

Tracey: Hi Guys! How ridiculous of me. I apologize profusely. Should we plan for another day?

pwtala: sure anytime

JuliansVixen: Certainly!

Courtaney: most people stayed till about 10:30 but it's OK...we all caught up

cindyinpa: if you want

pwtala: old home week.

Tracey: I'm so sorry. I asked about the time this morning and then forgot to look for an answer.

jeanne: or have a mini chat now lol

Courtaney: Yeah, thanks Tracey...I am sorry too because I should have been a better chat coordinator!!!

JuliansVixen: community bonding and supplement discussion LOL

Courtaney: and yes, we'd love it!!!

pwtala: its karens fault. LOLOL...we've been kidding her.

Tracey: I'll do a mini-chat. I just don't want the people who came and left to feel cheated.

JuliansVixen: Yes it is Karen's fault, but she didn't eat pizza tonight, so she is off her game, LOL

pwtala: we all had fun catching up with one another.

dolphin711 from x.x.x.97 joined the chat 24 hours ago

cindyinpa: this is my 1st chat here

dolphin711: Mine, too

jeanne: karen pm or call the ones that left i bet they would come back in its only been a few min

Courtaney: we're so glad you're OK...and excuse my slow PC is messing up....that is so sweet of you Tracey!!

JuliansVixen: I sent a text message to Tammy

Tracey: Would it be okay to do one now or should we wait? i'm open.

cindyinpa: it's up to you

Courtaney: LOL my defenders have all left the building....We probably ought to wait for the others sometime since half or more are gone but we're always up for a chat!!!

pwtala: I'm still awake.

JuliansVixen: whatever works for you Tracey --and we still love you Karen :p

jeanne: since im in ca too im awake

Courtaney: Emelch I can email...LOL I think I do have her cell number from when we were in CA

pwtala: yes we do karen.

Tracey: Will the people who left feel slighted?

JuliansVixen: Karen get a Blackberry for heaven's sake LOL

Courtaney: Nicole went to bed didn't she though? Where's Gray? I could wrangle her if she is online because she would be up

Courtaney: a blackberry? I just got a cell phone a year and a half ago!!

JuliansVixen: I heart my Blackberry Curve LOL

pwtala: LOL...pris don't confuse the poor girl. I had to teach her about voicemail.

Courtaney: I think a couple maybe we ought to wait for the true chat, but I can try emailing them

Tracey: How about a short one now and a longer one whatever day is good for everyone?

JuliansVixen: Tracey you are too kind to us! Thank you!

pwtala: anythings fine with me..I have a boring nightlife..LOL..

cindyinpa: sounds good to me

dolphin711: That would be great, Tracey.

Tracey: Okay, let me have those questions about the show you wanted to know but were too polite to ask.

dolphin711: LOL

pwtala: Lets start with the writing or lack there of...LOL..

cindyinpa: i heard everybody was going to die

dolphin711: and that there were 3 different endings

cindyinpa: for the ending

dolphin711: lots of rumors

Tracey: Well, almost everybody did, of poisoning. They just didn't stay dead!

dolphin711: How true!

Courtaney: that would be great Tracey...sorry, my PC is really acting up tonight

Courtaney: people had said you taped 3 endings and in one everyone died...that isn't true is it

Tracey: If there were 3 different endings we didn't know anything about it.

pwtala: reboot karen.

jeanne: tracey i was with mercy at the wrap party we felt bad cuz chris maleki had invited us to come you and ben were so sweet to us in the parking lot all the cast was we seen there

Tracey: No, we didn't tape 3 different endings.

dolphin711: That is just what I thought. Thank you, Tracey

Courtaney: they said Evian married and then everyone died in that ending...not a good honeymoon for them...sigh

Courtaney: me too Ann

JuliansVixen: May I ask a question please?

Tracey: The party invite list was very short. They didn't invite anyone who wasn't on the show in the last months. Even a former producer didn't get invited. They had serious budget constraints.

Tracey: Ask away...

pwtala: The budget thing was obvious because of the lack of guests at the weddings.

jeanne: ty tracey

Courtaney: the wrap party? That's awful

Tracey: Oh by the way, Hello everyone!

pwtala: hello..

dolphin711: Hello!

cindyinpa: the way it ended the ending was left open do you think there will be a reunion movie made in so many years?

JuliansVixen: Thank you--did you, Ben, and the rest of the cast wonder why so many loose ends were not tied up?

cindyinpa: thanks tracey

Courtaney: hello Tracey!! It's great to have you to chat with again!! Welcome to our new chat room that is so giving me fits, LOL. But it seems good for everyone else

Tracey: No it's not awful. Who wants to invest more money in a show that's going off the air. Lots of shows in the same situation wouldn't have a wrap party. It's not a right, just a nice thing.

Tracey: I don't think there will be a reunion movie.

jeanne: i just want the cast to join other soaps

Tracey: I think we all thought they tied up as many loose ends as they could. Some could not be tied up because the circumstances made no sense to begin with.

cindyinpa: thanks and i want to thank you and ben for staying with the show for 9yrs. i have watched from the beginning

Courtaney: What about the USA rumors Tracey? Someone has even gone so far as to say who has said they'd be back, and they have you on that list...actually they have all but Liza, Mac, Galen and James on that list and a couple of recurrying it all just a rumor?

Tracey: Well, the cast will do it's best to get other jobs but they are not that easy to get these days.

jeanne: i have told mckenzie galen eric they need to join Y&R

Courtaney: they meant a revival of Passions...I hope it does come back, but only if we get you guys back as our Evian...but I know it's a one in a million chance that that rumor is true probably

Tracey: Never heard anything about the show coming back on USA. I suspect if they were interested they would have made a move before we closed down the shop. But that's just my opinion.

dolphin711: Tracey, do you see any of your castmates from Passions? Besides Ben, that is?

Courtaney: it would have made a lot more sense! Someone said they began going for it in April and have had meetings about it with NBC but who knows...if they start reruns there soon, maybe there is a bit of truth in it then

Tracey: I'm having coffee with Mac tomorrow morning to catch up. I saw Kim and Andrea for dinner 2 weeks ago. I spent all day Monday with Dana and she and I are going to a Tom Petty concert tomorrow.

jeanne: aww cool i see her last month at sevens concert

Courtaney: Awww that's cool

dolphin711: That is great! I know that you are all a family

SIPort from x.x.x.224 joined the chat 23 hours ago

jeanne: maddox is so adorabel

SIPort: hi all

JuliansVixen: SIP!!

pwtala: thats cool..

Tracey: Isn't he a cutie!

dolphin711: hi SIP

cindyinpa: that's nice to hear glad you all are staying in touch

Courtaney: Hey SIP you are just in time!!! We get a mini chat tonight!!!

jeanne: tracey when sevens band is in la you should go

Tracey: Hi SIP!

pwtala: hey SIP

SIPort: Tracey, how is your son?

SIPort: is he in college?

Courtaney: SIP Gray and the others were so happy when I mentioned your email LOL..they are gone now but glad you could make it!!

Tracey: They've invited me a few times and I've missed it but I will def go next time.

SIPort: I miss Passions. I admit it. It was crazy, but I loved it

Tracey: My son is great! he leaves for Boston to check into his dorm at Berklee College of Music in just 9 days. he's over the moon.

SIPort: are you going out on auditions?

SIPort: an empty nester...all the way across the country

pwtala: thats great !

Courtaney: me too SIP..I miss it more tapes to buy...I looked at the VCR today without the timer set and it just doesn't look right

Courtaney: awww good for him!!!

SIPort: i know Court

Tracey: Yes, but there is not much to audition for. The damage from the writrs strike and the threat of a SAG strike has the whole business down to a crawl.

pwtala: I miss it too.

cindyinpa: i miss passions too

jeanne: good thing we have our tapes

SIPort: it's not the same without Passions on the timer

Tracey: I still have Passions set on my Tivo season pass.

JuliansVixen: 2:00 has lost its meaning.

Courtaney: Tracey do you guys get residuals for the Super Channel reruns??? does that help or is it just pocket change?

JuliansVixen: I still take my lunch at that time LOL.

pwtala: Its lonely without Evian.

Courtaney: awww

jeanne: most of us wish there had been a goodbye fan event with whole cast i know eric is doing a cruise but thats just a few cast

SIPort: it's so odd. i watch other soaps, but it's not the same

Tracey: While I'm thinking about it, one of the silliest rumors i'd ever heard was the one about the show being cancelled but all of the actors being told not to talk about it. That was so idiotic.

SIPort: haven't felt this bad since Santa Barbara was cancelled

Courtaney: I tuned in to Days a teeny bit this summer, but no, it's not the same anymore. Evian spoiled me. Nothing is the same

cindyinpa: yes,i too wish there was an event i never had the chance to meet anyone from the show.

Tracey: Pocket change. probably not worth the stamp it takes to send it.

Courtaney: yeah that was nuts!! Awww, seriously??? I was hoping it was something halfway decent like 10 percent or something

pwtala: maybe reruns will start and the residuals will be better.

JuliansVixen: Tracey, I must say that it was such a highlight meeting you and Ben --it really was wonderful.

SIPort: reruns? where and when are reruns?

jeanne: have u seen galens new baby

Tracey: If it was rerunning in the states it would be slightly better.

SIPort: from the beginning reruns?

pwtala: just hoping for reruns on USA as the rumor mill stated was a possiblilty.

SIPort: i still think it sucks that sci-fi stopped running passions reruns just as the show was beginning to hit its groove

Tracey: No, I haven't seen galen's baby. If he's anything like his brother he's as cute as a bugs ear.

dolphin711: Yes, SIP they have reruns in Canada and their are rumors that USA will have them in the US

jeanne: if some one does air it they better not pull it off after 3 mos like scifi did im still bitter about that

JuliansVixen: oooh reruns!

Tracey: Mac will probably have pics of galen's baby when I see her tomorrow.

pwtala: I know SIP. Kind of like the DTV thing. said it was the #1 show and cancelled it.

Courtaney: rumors are USA will do that to test the show's success for possible future new shows...that they want to bring females to USA and decided to test it first....but who knows...if so that would be awesome...but the reruns will at least bring in something and allow Passions and Evian to live on...if they ever last long enough for Evian's heyday that is

jeanne: she posted that she seen galen and is gonna see him this week end eric too

Evian10 from x.x.x.201 joined the chat 23 hours ago

Courtaney: awww I bet he is a cutie!!!!

dolphin711: Mac said she saw Galen recently and would see Galen and Eric this week-end

jeanne: she has always kept us imformed

Evian10: I'm back. Hey, Tracey!

Courtaney: Something blue was definitely in that water at Passions!!! LOL

Tracey: Hey!

Evian10: So, what happened?

jeanne: did liza have her baby have u heard

pwtala: hi nicole welcome back.

Courtaney: hey nicole! Tracey's going to do another chat with us too

Evian10: hey, pwtala.

Evian10: oh okay. I was lost there for a minute.

SIPort: liza is pregnant?

Courtaney: was she that far along jeanne???

jeanne: yep

SIPort: when is she due?

Tracey: I heard she did but I haven't heard anything else. I sent her an email but I haven't heard back. I'm sure she's busy like crazy.

Courtaney: yeah the cast is starting the second round!!

SIPort: wondering if anyone moved back east? did Liza move to be near family?

cindyinpa: another sad thing about passions ending is it's hard to find out what some of the cast is doing because they don't have websites or my space pages

Courtaney: awww that's so cool...I had no idea she was even pregnant till like a month ago!

Evian10: I know Heidi has a myspace.

Evian10: A few of them do, but not many.

Tracey: Liza was never that crazy about LA. She's a New York City girl and her family is there as well.

jeanne: yea when i seen her at erics play in dec she told us she was moving back to ny

Tracey: Maybe, I'll have my son set up a myspace page for me.

SIPort: tracey, do you have a website? myspace?

cindyinpa: i know juliet,kim doesn't have either

Courtaney: aww that'll be cool!

pwtala: that would be good...

Evian10: Bryce is on the Fan Page. He's cool.

cindyinpa: that would be great tracey

jeanne: i so wished dana had come back for the end

Tracey: Thanks!~ I think he's a keeper.

Evian10: Yeah, it would be cool if you got a myspace Tracey!

SIPort: me too

JuliansVixen: ooh wonderful!

Tracey: I don't think they had the money to bring anyone back.

SIPort: i am disappointed that we didn't get grace back

jeanne: lol im watching oltl now on tape andrea evans is back as tina

dolphin711: me too

Courtaney: tracey did the writing surprise you even for passions once it got to direcTV?

pwtala: It appeared money was an issue by the end of the show and the way they shot the scenes.

Courtaney: they didn't even have $ for extras to fill those wedding pews...that was awful!

Tracey: I didn't notice any change when it went to DTV.

SIPort: is Lindsay pregnant? or is that a false rumor

Evian10: I know! It was so weird seeing no one at the weddings.

pwtala: it was terrible.

jeanne: was it hard to play all those scenes with vincent val

Tracey: I haven't heard of Lindsey being pregnant.

Courtaney: It was horrible in '06 and a lot of '07 but I thought once it got to DirecTV it lost even more...once all the female writers left, LOL

SIPort: the actor who played vincent went all the way

SIPort: i hated vincent, but he was good

Evian10: Did anyone see the pic of Justin and Lindsey with Isabella at the wrap party? She is so adorable!

Tracey: No, Phillippe is a wonderful actor and a sweetheart. The subject matter was hard. Nauseating.

cindyinpa: yes,she's pretty

dolphin711: I think that Lindsay rumor came about because her boobs are so much bigger now in the pics with Justin at the CW party.......LOL

pwtala: it was tough to watch.

Tracey: The writers didn't leave, they were let go. The show couldn't afford so many anymore.

cindyinpa: yes, i agree it was hard to watch

jeanne: we gave u and ben tons of credit to say those lines

pwtala: the better ones definately were gone.

Courtaney: he was great and Tracey...I think her best work was on DirecTV, best non-romantic work I mean...nothing can top Evian, esp. in '03 and '04...but for personal stuff, oh yeah, the comedy and drunken scenes were great stuff...but the writing was atrocious for Julian and for Evian really.

JuliansVixen: and the show kept the romantic haters as writers, apparently.

SIPort: the show went crazy, and for passions, that was saying something

Tracey: I agree about the writers.

pwtala: It lost it's direction.

jeanne: had you hoped that vincent would turn out to not be evians but another one of alistars mean tricks i sure did

SIPort: me too jeanne

Tracey: Yes, I hope for anything rather then incest with one's father.

Evian10: Yeah, the writing for Evian wasn't good. Now, the scenes where Eve set up that romantic evening for Julian at the mansion a few months ago...that was some good stuff. You were awesome in those scenes Tracey!

Courtaney: they let go all but one of their five women writers and kept all the guys...that was kinda weird, but they also hired back one from earlier times...Shawn something... I thought maybe some of them just fled...whoever penned that beautiful Evian reunion episode in July '07 had to have left

jeanne: do you know when dtv made their decison to cancel it seems that they made if before they gave it a chance

Courtaney: yeah....grrrrr

SIPort: i know, it was so odd. you have to give it a chance. that's why I'm not going to start watching friday night lights again. I'll be content with

pwtala: Where do you think things went wrong for Evian after they reconciled and what direction do you wish they had gone in?

Tracey: I heard DTV had no idea what they were doing. That they were supposed to keep track of how many people signed up because of Passions and how many were watching but never did. My personal opinion was that they just did it to get new subscribers.

Courtaney: except Eve never let Julian read that poem, Nicole, LOL...I wanted to hear him read it!! LOLOL

SIPort: the seasons i have on dvd

jeanne: i am one that had to pay 200$ to get dtv than they milked out the show yr so they wouldnt have us sue them i stlll have it but i will be going back to cable soon

cindyinpa: i was a new subscriber

pwtala: We felt that way also Tracey. It was obvious.

Evian10: I think DirecTV did it to get new subscribers. Luckily, I already had it.

cindyinpa: i'm canceling in oct

jeanne: the only promotion they did was the halloween event that was sooooo rushed

Courtaney: I think so too......and they should have kept track...

SIPort: with the other networks that nbc owned, i always felt they could have done something else with it. why not USA or MyNetwork tv

dolphin711: Exactly!

jeanne: i wont trade any of the events i have been to the last 7 yrs its been so awesome getting to meet all the cast so many times

JuliansVixen: I agree completely Jeanne, I'll never forget.

SIPort: they had plenty of channeles, including sci-fi and they wasted it. could have done a 2 hour block - first hour, old re-run passions, second hour, new passions

Tracey: I don't think any other networks wanted it. They have their own ideas on where they want to go and Passions obviously didn't fit the bill for them or not at a price they could afford or that would make it worthwhile.

jeanne: tracey i was at donn swabys event you showed that was fun event justin carroll eric mckenze was gonna be but she was so sick the day before at passions club

Courtaney: I wish they had had a final event to say goodbye to the cast...but it was so great to see Tracey at that auction. We want motorcycle pics, Tracey! LOL

Evian10: I agree about the pics, Karen!

Tracey: I just want to get rid of that motorcycle. what was I thinking!

Courtaney: they could have SIP...there are still rumors out there but who knows...sounds like they probably aren't true

jeanne: i will see mckenzie when seven does shows here in ca but the other cast i have to wait till they are on other soaps hopefully in la

cindyinpa: i wish there was an event too to meet everyone

Courtaney: LOL!!! Everyone on the boards thinks it went for a great deal!! I think it's too cool you bought it! LOL

SIPort: how did the prop auction go?

Evian10: Seven was on the Rick and Bubba show one day. It's one of our local radio shows.

pwtala: karen will buy it..she bought everything else. LOL.

jeanne: did you get any thing of eves or julians

jeanne: he was

jeanne: himm

Tracey: I think it went well for the sponsors!

jeanne: what did he say

Evian10: Yep. I heard just part of it though.

jeanne: they love wf on that show

pwtala: Seven is on rick and bubba a lot . I love their music.

Courtaney: it was great SIP!! I bought 6 Eve things and Tracey was there bidding cool...

Tracey: Seven is the sweetest guy in the world. mac did good.

jeanne: damon who plays lead gutiar just had baby girl yesterday

jeanne: yes tracey he is i adore him

Evian10: You were lucky, Karen!

cindyinpa: yes, hes nice

SIPort: dang, court. so sad i missed it

Courtaney: who got all that money too? NBC Universal? I know charity got some...

pwtala: You can re-sale the bike on ebay. there are some other items from the auction on there.

jeanne: he leaves tomorrow to go on road again i have friends all over that go to wf shows one calls me so i can hear helps since they dont play ca much

Courtaney: SIP there are a few Eve things on ebay now...check them out...a velvety dress but it may have run out tonight...I forgot about that...and a couple other black dresses/jackets

Tracey: The sponsors brought the stuff from NBC. That's what they do, buy movie and TV props and sell them.

Evian10: Since the auction, I'm really starting to like ebay. lol

cindyinpa: theres a new eve item added tonite a coat

pwtala: I do too Nicole. I just submitted my bid for Eve's nightgown never dreaming I'd win but I did..

Courtaney: I would have loved to go to the sale too but they only told us like a week or so before I think, LOL...but the auction worked at a few weeks notice...I loved it!!

Evian10: I wanted one of the coats! I will have to check that out.

SIPort: tracey, how is brook kerr? do you hear from her?

Courtaney: is that the one I asked about???? LOLOL SIP, pwtala ended up with the pull nightgown as you called it!!!! We didn't know it was it, I was looking for a cream one and it was light green!!!!!

Tracey: Also wanted you guys to know that Pasions and it's producers never told us what to say or not say. We were only forbidden to give away storyline.

Courtaney: Our color in the clips was off...I was so sure it was cream, LOL...

pwtala: I know...I hit the jackpot...karen is so envious she's trying trade already.

jeanne: some one posted that brook is in a kenny chesney video

cindyinpa: i haven't seen the video yet

Courtaney: LOL!!! I don't think I offered anything yet!!!! LOL

Tracey: I haven't talked to Brooke in months. She's hard to keep up with...LOL!

JuliansVixen: Tracey--what was your favorite scene to act during the show, if you have one special one?

Evian10: Tracey, that's good that you at least had a good bit of freedom with what you could say without giving away the story.

pwtala: you will .

jeanne: tracey some peeps on the boards love to make up stuff like they knew this or that

Tracey: That's what i'm here to straighten out. All that crap.

Courtaney: Tracey we know you weren't told to keep secrets stuff about the were so wonderful letting us know about that...I never believed those rumors on the boards!!!

cindyinpa: it's so sweet of you to do this

jeanne: most came from jealousy esp from ones that got ticked that you mckenzie eric liza talked to us fans where their favs never interacted

Evian10: You can't believe the rumors when there are new one's every single day.

Courtaney: thanks Tracey...and it WAS crap!!!

pwtala: thanks Tracey for doing that...I don't go to CR much anymore. I get into trouble LOL.

Evian10: I get in trouble on CR...among other boards. lol. I've been good on EDMB though.

Courtaney: as in banned???? LOL

Evian10: Thanks for clearing stuff up, Tracey!

Tracey: The idea that you can be let go from your job and then instructed not to tell anyone is so stupid. How will you look for another job without telling anyone why you're looking.

SIPort: EDMB isn't crazy...that's why

pwtala: Yes my hormones surge with certain posters on there...

Evian10: Maybe...I was banned, I'll admit it, but for good reason of course.

Courtaney: LOL you all are good...except the ones like Pris who tried a coup!!

jeanne: the cancel rumor was every month for 8 yrs

cindyinpa: thats true tracey

JuliansVixen: I did no such thing, I am sweetness and light Karen!

Courtaney: yeah that is weird!!! I was talking to pwtala about the banning
Nicole...not you on that board you were banned from...that was good to get out of there!!!

pwtala: I was defending our honor...well some of us..

Evian10: I know! I am banned until 2021 from that place!

Courtaney: LOL Pris!

Courtaney: LOL!!!!

pwtala: way to go nicole..stick up for yourself.

Evian10: You have to stick up for people.

Evian10: You have definitely stuck up for us on CR, pwtala.

JuliansVixen: Karen reigned me in, wouldn't let me unleash my fury on Coffeerooms, she told me to be NICE....

pwtala: I just couldn't take it anymore...they were getting personal.

SIPort: so tracey, what are you going to do? interested in something else?

Tracey: You should understand too, that as far as actors getting work, it's an uphill battle. They're are so many actors and so little work. Former movie stars do nightime series now. And they can get actors with Academy awards to do guest roles.

Courtaney: that cancel rumor was ridiculous!! over and over and over...

pwtala: I must admit I'm a reality tv junkie now. Any interest in that area????

Evian10: I know it has to be hard to get work. I would love to be an actress, but I don't even know where I would need to start.

cindyinpa: i watch mostly game shows

Courtaney: i bet it's awful...

jeanne: do you hear from james

SIPort: i know it's a tough field, and for black actresses especially

dolphin711: Tracey, you have such a beautiful voice. How about singing, making an album?

pwtala: It's a shame it's happening to talented people like you guys.

Tracey: I did get an email from James. He and his wife and son are in Puerto rico for the summer visiting her family and having a gool time.

jeanne: aww cool

Courtaney: I hope you land something soon, Tracey!! I'd love to see you on a soap in another contract role but I know soaps are cutting back too

Evian10: Tracey, I wish you were on DOOL.

Courtaney: awww that's neat...I drive through his hometown all the time...his parents still live there jeanne

pwtala: Tracey I know you realize by now how we feel about JER. What are your feelings about him as a writer?

jeanne: eric posted that he is working on getting on something

Tracey: I'd like a Paula Abdul job on a reality show. I'd like to be a judge. No lines to learn.

cindyinpa: tracey, i hope you get another show or movie soon.

Evian10: Hey, I wish American Idol would let you replace Paula.

pwtala: That would be good but she does get some wierd contestants.

SIPort: that's too funny, tracey

cindyinpa: would you ever do dancing with the stars?

jeanne: as fans we belive jer ruined his own show the first 2 yrs were so awesome as a shuis fan i think he lost it when the boat blew in bermuda

Courtaney: she does have an awesome voice...and the best Evian prop...know what it would have of those tapes of Eve singing that Julian had played over and over...that would have been awesome if they had auctioned those!!!

Courtaney: she'd be great on either one of those shows!!

pwtala: awww...I would have love those too karen.

Evian10: Tracey, you do have a good voice.

cindyinpa: yes, i would like a tape of tracey singing too

jeanne: did you ever hear the rumor that eve was sheridans mom

Tracey: I don't know enough about what a soap writers job is like. I liked alot of the storylines and I'm aware that the show was supposed to appeal to a young (read kids) demographic. It did manage to stay on for 9 years so I'm hesitant to criticize.

Courtaney: yeah...I got to thinking that they did have a love prop...her songs...but no they auctioned some letter TC wrote to Eve and a DVD he made for her!!!

SIPort: i loved the eve as sheridan's mom, once I wrapped my head around it

cindyinpa: they should get you for nashville star or americas got talent

JuliansVixen: Now who the HECK wants a TC DVD?

Courtaney: me too SIP...Tammy wrote that in one of her fics and I think you were heading that way with one too would have been great to see on the show

Evian10: Tracey, what will you miss the most about the whole Passions experience?

Courtaney: SIP...not Tam...LOL

pwtala: That is kind of disturbing to appeal to that age kid with the vincent storyline though.

Tracey: As for what jobs an actor would or would not do, the answer is if they offer you the job you will probably take it. If you don't do it it probably wasn't offered to you. It was offered to someone younger, prettier, taller and thinner then you.

Courtaney: Pris it was awful! LOL. The prop people obviously didn't know a lot about the show!!! Ugh!! The only EVIAN prop there was Eve's bloody lab coat where she chopped him up...LOL...still wish I had bought it but we needed something romantic too...LOL

SIPort: JER didn't like women

JuliansVixen: Well, maybe it's good that I wasn't there, you know how outspoken I am LOL

pwtala: or kids.

JuliansVixen: because I would have had something to say about Mad Dog presence.

Courtaney: he didn't like women and both pwtala and Tammy wondered if he didn't have a vendetta against Ben with the kind of writing he did these last few years...who knows...but it sure was awful and about the worst thing you could do to a male character is castrate him and have him sleep with his son...

Tracey: Courtney, there was nothing on those tapes. They put the sound in in post-production.

SIPort: tracey, do you write? like scripts or anything?

dolphin711: Tracey, did you all have to work much longer hours after the show moved to DirecTV? I think it was reported that you were taping 7 or 8 episodes a week which must have been tough

jeanne: lol tracey

Evian10: lol

Tracey: I write well but I don't write like writers write...You know how they actually write and not just talk about writing?

dolphin711: LOL

Evian10: I still wish you would write a biography one day Tracey. I would love to read that.

Courtaney: LOL Tracey...

Courtaney: me too I would love that

jeanne: mckenzie told us in her chat she has been writing screen plays who knew she was a writer lol

Tracey: We were taping more shows daily at the end. 7 or 8 episodes sounds about right. the person that would affect the most would be Lindsey.

SIPort: and mac

SIPort: any word from Juliette

dolphin711: Yes, Lindsay did hace a lot of scenes

SIPort: i was very upset that the SORASed Endorra. that little girl was so cute

dolphin711: have

Courtaney: I think they worked you guys to death

Courtaney: me too SIP I was glad she was there at the end though...Nicole

Tracey: I saw Juliette at an art show of Jame's wife. She seemed fine and had gotten an agent. She was looking forward to doing plays with Maxwell.

dolphin711: It sounds like they did work them to death at the end.

jeanne: it sucked for shuis fans with luis marrying fancy and antonio coming backf frome dead and sher acting like he was her soul mate no way jer wiped out all of shuis love

dolphin711: yes, that was an awful ending for us shuis fans

jeanne: kicked us in heart one final time

Courtaney: that was awful jeanne...compared to you guys, Evian fans got a dream ending

cindyinpa: i hope juliet does a play on the east coast shes the reason i started watching passions

Evian10: Yeah, Shuis fans didn't get a good ending at all.

Courtaney: I am happy at least that Julian was fixed at the end, but man they needed to do so much more with you guys...but I am happy they were together...wanted that wedding though

Tracey: Shuis fans did get a bad break there. i think they didn't have time to get luis and Sheridan back together again so they opted to just keep things as they were. I know it must have been a true bummer for Shuis fans

cindyinpa: it seemed sheridan always got the wrong deal

dolphin711: Yes, it was

Evian10: Everything seemed really rushed at the end of the show, so, I guess they didn

Evian10: didn't have time to write Shuis a good storyline.

Tracey: So rushed!

dolphin711: Yes, everything was so rushed in the end and it didn't have to be

Evian10: The weddings were especially rushed.

SIPort: that was so sad - as a Shuis fan, it was bitter

Tracey: Yes, I was grateful that Evian fans got some payoff.

dolphin711: So much was dragged out and then having things that meant nothing on like Edna and Norma ...........that was such a waste of time if they were needing to wrap up important storyline

Evian10: I was glad LJ got fixed and that Evian were back together.

SIPort: they had edna and norma, but couldn't bring back grace? HUH? so sad. I am bummed that it ended with Vincent still being Evians - blech

dolphin711: It wouldn't have been quite as bad if they hadn't brought Antonio back

Tracey: I think Fancy and Antonio will fall in love and Luis and Sheridan will get back together. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

jeanne: i could live with that

jeanne: lol

dolphin711: LOL! That would be great

cindyinpa: i like that

jeanne: i love emily but i hated fancy and luis i loved foah

cindyinpa: i liked fancy and noah too

Courtaney: Pris are you still here?

Tracey: It seems crazy to talk about past lives for years and then not have them end up together.

Courtaney: I love that idea Tracey

dolphin711: I never liked fancy from the day she came on the show.........nothing against emily, just never liked fancy so i sure didn't want her with luis

Evian10: I know!

JuliansVixen: Yes I am still here LOL

dolphin711: Tracey, you are so right ab out that

dolphin711: that did not make sense at all

Courtaney: I didn't like Fancy and Noah from the start either because it was just two more characters and they backburnered Evian at the same time

dolphin711: yes, they were just a waste of time

dolphin711: and so boring

Courtaney: thought you fell asleep or something...LOL...I think pwtala really did

Tracey: Well, shall we call it a night. We can do it again if you want though i'll understand if you're done.

dolphin711: well, i thought that luis and fancy were boring too

SIPort: tracey have you ever been a guest on any of the Law and Order shows?

JuliansVixen: Fancy was a useless piece of fluff.

Evian10: I would love to do another chat! Thanks for talking with us Tracey and updating us on things. I truly wish you the best.

SIPort: nite tracey. i'm so glad I got to do this

Courtaney: I'd like to do it again for the ones who came earlier but had to go...Tammy, Gray, h20 and emelch and ginatlc and srh all missed it...if you want to Tracey

cindyinpa: thank you tracey for taking the time to do this

JuliansVixen: Please, another chat?

Tracey: No, I never auditioned for anything in the 9 years i was on Passions. I just worked and went home and mothered.

dolphin711: Thank you so much, Tracey, for your wonderful answers and candidness.

jeanne: ty tracey

SIPort: thanks tracey. you don't know how much I appreciated you and Eve. what a joy you were for this soap fan

Tracey: Just tell me when and what time and I'll be there.

Courtaney: it was very sweet of you Tracey...thank you. We love you and you so rock.

pwtala: Goodnight Tracey...thanks for everything.

cindyinpa: you're so sweet to set us straight on some rumors

Evian10: Thank you Tracey. We love you!!

SIPort: I wish you well, and hope your son has a fabulous experience at school

Courtaney: OK, Tracey, we will and we'll be better with the time, I promise!! LOL

cindyinpa: good luck and hope you enjoy your concert

JuliansVixen: thank you Tracey. so much!

cindyinpa: goodnight

Tracey: You're so welcome. When ben and I had awful scenes we didn't want to put any energy into ben would remind me that there were a dozen Evian fans out there that we didn't want to let down. Nothing else he could have said would have brought back my energy and willingness to do a good scene

Evian10: You were awesome in the scenes Tracey, and you kept the Evian spirit alive for all of us. Thank you so much.

dolphin711: sweet!

Courtaney: awww that is so sweet. You guys so loved your fans and it showed, every step of the way.

pwtala: you two never let us down. You are both great.

Tracey: Sip- i wanted you to know I got more ideas about Eve from reading your remarks then i ever got from the script.

cindyinpa: you were great on every show

SIPort: thanks tracey

SIPort: they were my favorite. they restored me to soap fandom

Courtaney: We love you both very much. You are Evian to us...and our Evian will live on forever in our hearts

SIPort: i had been badly burned before evian

pwtala: what a wonderful compliment...I loved SIP's commentaries..

JuliansVixen: And always will...

Courtaney: she understood Evian so well I missed them the past couple of years, SIP

Tracey: 'Til we meet again! Good-Night!

dolphin711: I saved so many of Sip's wonderful commentaries

SIPort: well, i needed stuff to work with

Evian10: Tracey, if it wouldn't have been for Evian none of us would have ever met and become friends. So, I have to thank you for bringing us all together. Good night!!

cindyinpa: goodnight thanks again

Courtaney: Good night, Tracey!!!

SIPort: ditto

dolphin711: Good night, Tracey!

JuliansVixen: Good night Tracey!

SIPort: well, this was an unexpected pleasure. please contact me when you're going to chat again.

SIPort: night everyone

dolphin711: night Sip

dolphin711: good to see you

cindyinpa: goodnight

cindyinpa: it was fun chating with all of you goodnight

dolphin711: Thanks, Karen for organizing the chat. It was so enjoyable!

dolphin711: I better be on my way, too. Good night again, Everybody!

Evian10: Goodnight!

cindyinpa: yes, thank you karen courtaney

JuliansVixen: I'm bowing out too. Night all! ;)