Best Non-Couple
Julian and Eve,

December 23, 2003, issue of Soap Opera Digest

She is a down-to-earth pillar of the community. He is a boozing alley cat. Yet PASSIONS’s Julian and Eve have emerged as one of daytime’s most winning duos.

Maybe it is because they bring out in each other what they keep hidden from everyone else. Around Eve, Julian evolves into the kind, generous soul nobody else gets to see (just ask ex-wife Ivy or fiancée Rebecca). In turn, Crane awakens a smoldering passion in the doc that’s missing in her mundane marriage to T.C. There’s an easy chemistry between portrayers Ben Masters and Tracey Ross.

Yes, Julian and Eve’s past was tawdry (he introduced her to a fast, drug-fueled lifestyle), but now they’re older, wiser and share something beyond physical attraction. The revelation that their love child is still alive has cemented Julian and Eve’s bond. Maybe they’ll discover that, as Old Blue Eyes crooned, love is lovelier, the second time around.