Ben Masters and Tracey Ross

April 11, 2000

Moderator_Weekly Galen: Most definitely romantic scenes…very romantic scenes. In fact we just taped some yesterday. Keep watching.

Moderator_Weekly McKenzie: It has its moments working with babies. They are lovely and wonderful but sometimes they get cranky and hold up production... Just like Galen no, just kidding. We both like working with the babies.

Moderator_Weekly Ben says hi to Courtaney and Nora.

Moderator_Weekly McKenzie: I've been here since 7 a.m. Ben and Galen: Us too. After the chat we get to go home!

Moderator_Weekly Ben: Yes, as a matter of fact. Lots of good Evian scenes ... romance and passion in the bedroom.

Moderator_Weekly McKenzie: My CD has been put on hold due to my surgery but I'm going to be dealing with a very big producer in Nashville very soon and hope to have the CD done next year.

Moderator_Weekly Galen: More about how I started in this business. So after NBC got my tape I was flown out to LA to screen test with McKenzie at NBC. That's how I got the part of Luis.

Moderator_Weekly Galen: To Rosica. Hopefully someday I will be able to visit Bulgaria . Maybe I'll be lucky enough to come and do a movie in Bulgaria in the future.

Moderator_Weekly McKenzie: When I was a baby I did a commercial for Bold Detergent. Then when I was 3 1/2 I played Robert DeNiro's child in Raging Bull that is how I got my SAG card.

Moderator_Weekly Ben: I had to screen test to get the part of Julian.

Moderator_Weekly Galen: The website is up. It is going great and yes, ultimately my clips will be on the site.

Moderator_Weekly Ben: I love working with Justin Hartley. He is such a talented young man. I like doing fight scenes with him!

Moderator_Weekly Ben: I don't know if Julian and Ivy will ever get back together. It seems now people like Julian and Eve but who knows?

Moderator_Weekly Galen: My favorite scene on the show is hard. I have a lot of favorite scenes. I liked when we were in Paris on top of the building and considering my character is afraid of heights. We've done a lot of great stuff.

Moderator_Weekly Galen: Precious is fantastic as far as monkeys go. No, really. I like working with BamBam.

Moderator_Weekly Ben: I've never been to Spain but I've always wanted to go. I hear they have nice wine there.

Moderator_Weekly McKenzie: Actually when I was growing up I wanted to be a veterinarian. But teaching is an awesome profession. Good for you. When I found out I had to put animals to sleep to be a vet is when I realized I couldn't be a vet.

Moderator_Weekly McKenzie: It would be cool to do prehistoric times -- cave man and woman!

Moderator_Weekly Ben: I don't think I'm going to have my own website.

Moderator_Weekly Ben: There are no plans for Tracey and I to get married in the immediate future.

Moderator_Weekly Ben: Hello Bailey. I just love all of your recaps and thoughts on the Secret Desires board.

Moderator_Weekly Ben: I really enjoy my scenes with Charles Divins. Charles holds his own and I am very proud of him.

Moderator_Weekly Ben, McKenzie and Galen are waving back to Marcy.

Moderator_Weekly Ben: I sign on as Julian Crane.

Moderator_Weekly Galen: It really took a lot of work to run my fan club. So, I don't think I'm going to be starting it up again in the near future.

Moderator_Weekly Ben: to EternallyEvian: I love you Secret Desires ladies

Moderator_Weekly Galen: I think my character is developing just fine. Perhaps Luis could get back on the police force. That would be nice.

Moderator_Weekly Ben, McKenzie and Galen: If you want a signed autograph or cast photo write to us at Passions, 4024 Radford Avenue , Studio City , CA 91604

Moderator_Weekly Ben says to Starshine: the reveal of Katherine being Julian's mother, I'm sure Mr. Reilly has a lot of interesting twists up his sleeve. I can't wait to find out and hope you will keep watching.

Moderator_Weekly Galen: Yes, I've seen Jesse on Desperate Housewives. I talked to him last week and he's really happy. Ben: We're all really proud of Jesse.

Moderator_Weekly Ben: Hi Priscilla. Nice to have you here today.

Moderator_Weekly Ben: My inspiration for becoming an actor was to meet girls.

Moderator_Weekly Galen: No tangos to speak of but other noteworthy Shuis moments are coming up.

Moderator_Weekly Galen said that the similarity between Julian and Ben is that they look a lot alike!

Moderator_Weekly Tracey Ross has arrived to visit with Ben!

Moderator_Weekly McKenzie: I spend time with Liza Huber outside of work also Galen, Eric.

Moderator_Weekly McKenzie: The house is finished but of course now we are going to do more construction and build a second story. Seven is romantic, romantic, romantic. Almost to a fault!

Moderator_Weekly Tracey: Bryce is fine. Loving High School and will be driving next month.

Moderator_Weekly Tracey says Galen's muscles are from contrast makeup!

Moderator_Weekly Tracey: Eve thinks it's just awful the way Whitney is treating Eve.

Moderator_Weekly Galen to Spainfan. Si. It's been great working with Eva Tamargo.

Moderator_Weekly Tracey: I wanted to be an actress ever since I was six years old. Acting is a wonderful profession and it would be great to major in theater in school.

Moderator_Weekly Galen: If I had to switch roles I'd want to play the old Julian Crane.

Moderator_Weekly McKenzie: I would want to play Alistair's hands.

Moderator_Weekly Hello to all the Israeli fans.

Moderator_Weekly Ben: I want to see Who Shot Julian Crane? I think it was Eve Russell. Galen and McKenzie say "What's Up With The Gazebo?"

Moderator_Weekly Galen: Wyle and Cosmo are great, thanks.

Moderator_Weekly Ben: About TC -- Where is Crane Security?

Moderator_Weekly McKenzie: Take lots of acting classes in school and do lots of plays and get as much experience as you can.

Moderator_Weekly McKenzie: Twins play baby Marty

Moderator_Weekly Ben: Yes, Galen has played a prank before.... he learned his lines!

Moderator_Weekly McKenzie: Very soon I will guest star on a prime time show.

Moderator_Weekly McKenzie: Lindsay is very sweet but I don't get to work with her too much.

Moderator_Weekly McKenzie: I cannot say right now which one but as soon as I can I will let everyone know.

Moderator_Weekly Tracey: Hi Bailey.

Moderator_Weekly To Priscilla from B & T: What cheese? We don't know what you're talking about.

Moderator_Weekly McKenzie: Possibly. (That Sheridan will sing to Baby Martin).

Moderator_Weekly We love you Dorin.

Moderator_Weekly McKenzie: David Bailey is great as Alistair and we like working with him.

Moderator_Weekly Ben, Galen, Mac and Tracey: About Five weeks ahead in taping.

Moderator_Weekly Tracey: Ben is a heavenly kisser.

Moderator_Weekly McKenzie: I Love Lucy is my favorite show and anything on HBO.

Moderator_Weekly Galen: I like Da ali g Show

Moderator_Weekly Tracey: Ben and I are getting married on Wednesday.

Moderator_Weekly Ben, Galen, McKenzie and Tracey: We are so happy that you all joined us today. We enjoyed Chatting with you. We have to go and study our lines for tomorrow.

Moderator_Weekly Bye!