Ben Masters "Voices" His Thoughts

by Robert Schork

PASSIONS' Ben Masters (Julian) is popular with fans for many reasons — including his deep, sexy voice.

"Whenever I hear him on the TV I drop everything and run to my set. Just listening to his silky voice drives me wild," remarked one devotee in a recent online PASSIONS chat.

Despite his crowd-pleasing vocalizations, Masters has never done any work on radio. But, "I used to do voiceovers when I was an actor in New York," he recalls. "I fell into it. I was with these big agents and they had a commercial department. The voiceover people called and said, 'We'd like you to go for voiceover spots.' I was the voice of Miller Beer in my mid-30s, for a year and a half. The first one I went up for was 13 words: 'The best beer for the best time of the day, Miller High Life.' That played on every football game. I was a pauper and I started getting checks every week for $1200! I was like, 'What?!' Then I was Wrangler Jeans for a couple of years and then I gave up, because I think I had a nervous breakdown. It was too hard going into the studios early in the morning with a hangover (laughs)."