Thumbs Up!
Everything Old is New Again

December 9, 2003, issue of Soap Opera Digest

It’s not easy to root for a duo who broke up years before we met them. Especially when one of them is a womanizing, alcohol-guzzling manipulator, and the other is married. But PASSIONS successfully got us past their dangerous druggie past through fun flashbacks and turned Eve and Julian (known as Evian to their fans) into a team we want to reunite.

After a summer of no lovin’ between the hot couple, the heat is on. Julian’s unconditional love for Dr. Russell was proven once again when he risked his life to save her from the wing of the Crane jet in mid-flight. But it was a sweet montage of their most touching moments that screamed destiny. Add the chemistry of Ben Masters and Tracey Ross, and it’s as though when Julian and Eve are together, all is harmonious.

Evian quenches our thirst for a “new” romance.