HIT The Odd Couple of Passions
Soap Opera Weekly, October 29, 2002

Ironically, it was through one of Passions hokier gimmicks – the green mist – that viewers were treated to one of the show's most realistic romances: the odd pairing of Julian and Eve.

Both characters have been separately embroiled in more than their fair share of satirical and farcical machinations, so it was a pleasant surprise to see their union portrayed with down-to-earth sincerity, quiet tenderness and subtle affection. In this mist-induced vision of what would have happened had they made different choices in their lives, Julian was disinherited by Alistair for standing up to his father's disapproval of his interracial relationship with Eve. For her part, Eve followed through on her musical aspirations and parlayed her nightclub act into Whitney Houstonesque fame and fortune.

Through this exercise in what-ifs, viewers got a glimpse of a kinder, gentler Julian, a self-actualized Eve, and a really sweet relationship. Ben Masters and Tracey Ross are to be commended for so believably revealing new facets of their characters, and for fashioning a compelling backstory for Julian and Eve – one that might even entice fans to root for this unlikely couple.