Change of Heart

June 10, 2003, issue of Soap Opera Digest

Until recently, we didn’t know much about Julian and Eve’s past relationship. It was a filtered vision, glimpsed through minimal flashbacks from more than 20 years ago: Slimy Crane snapping pictures of Eve in bed; the now respected doc crooning in a club. But as the ex-lovers search for their long-lost son, a tender picture is emerging, revealing a surprising chemistry between the dissimilar characters. Love has caused that callous cad Jules to show us his softer side.

Timmy would approve. Yes, the death of Julian’s travel buddy awakened something in Crane that we probably didn’t imagine he was capable of – real emotion. Acknowledging his repressed feelings for Eve (okay, she’s married, but let’s not quibble) have spurred him to be forgiving and – gasp – unselfish. He comforted Eve’s daughter, Whitney, while they were trapped in an elevator, and he wasn’t upset when Eve’s other girl totaled his sports car.

While we’re not advocating adultery, it is fascinating to see this one-dimensional millionaire become more than a sex and booze buffoon bent on inflicting cruelty. He is displaying sensitivity and thoughtfulness for Eve without ulterior motives. And the relationship has stirred an undefinable something in Eve that we haven’t seen before. Where will this lead – who knows? But it is a fascinating turn in the tale.