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THUMBS UP – Back From the Dead
Soap Opera Digest, July 16, 2002

Let's face it, we all knew Julian wasn't really sleeping with the fishes (literally or figuratively.) The question was, how would the sex-driven lush pop back into our harmonious lives? Leave it to Head Writer James E. Reilly to zing us with a hysterical, cross-dressing twist.

At the diner, just when we were positive that Norma, our favorite axe-wielding psycho, was about to reappear, Timmy peeled off "her" Latex disguise to reveal that it was really the presumed-dead Julian – in dire need of a strong Martimmy! Some might think that viewers should've seen it coming because Julian has always had a fondness for "creative" costumes, but those are reserved for pleasure romps. Besides, no hints were dropped that Tim-Tim's frightening boss, Peggy, was actually Julian's old drinking buddy, so we loved being, well, clueless to his return. As for the logic behind Julian masquerading as Norma, dressed as Peggy, our jobs as viewers of this out-there soap is not to ask why, but to go with the flow.

What a fun way to bring back a fan fave, and it sure beats another case of amnesia. (Besides, Julian's sister, Sheridan, has already grabbed that comeback ploy.) And to be dropped into the middle of Timmy's "Save Charity" adventure – what more could a man in hiding want? Yes, we still want Timmy reunited with Tabitha, but if he has to be out there without her, why not have a droll traveling companion?