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Soap Opera Digest Magazine
February 10, 2004


Digest: If you were to open a store, what would you sell?

Ross: “Books.”

Digest: If you could relive a period in your life, when would it be?

Ross: “When I had Bryce and was a new mother. It was like 15 hours (of labor), but I had home birth, so it was great. I would do that over again.”

Digest: What are three things you can’t live without?

Ross: “Something to read, a radio and humor.”

Digest: What do you worry about?

Ross: “Everything. I keep asking myself, ‘Why do I assume it will turn out badly?’ Even when there are problems that aren’t my problems, I assume it’s going to turn out badly unless I do something to make it turn out well. It’s neurotic.”

Digest: What’s the silliest purchase you’ve ever made?

Ross: “Pink suede boots (when I was in) eighth grade. They were a size too small, so I could never wear them. I spent all my babysitting money on some boots that were just hideous and I couldn’t even wear. I kept those boots for a long time, though. Even when I was moving, they would always come with me as my most expensive purchase.”