Soap Bachelors You’d Marry in a Minute
Soap Opera Digest Magazine
September 28, 2004

Soap Opera Digest: Do you have an effective pick-up line?

Ben Masters: Oh, God! You know, I haven’t picked anyone up in so long. I was never really good at picking up women in bars. It certainly isn’t ‘What’s your sign?’ I don’t have [a line].”

Digest: How many dates before you kiss a woman good night?

Masters: Hopefully, the first one.

Digest: What do you think is the key to a successful relationship?

Masters: I have no idea. I think maybe one of the things might be to have children because it keeps you together when normally, people will split apart. Trusting each other and finding some humor, love and attraction to the other person. And friendship!

Digest: Do you want to have kids?

Masters: Everything just sort of passed by and I didn’t have them. Now, I’m too old. I’ve watched a lot of my friends’ kids grow up and I think of them as mine. They’re just as nasty to me as they are to their parents. They let me down just as much as they let down their uncle or somebody.

Digest: What’s your ideal date?

Masters: A nice dinner with some nice wine. A beautiful woman and a good conversationalist who I would have an incredible attraction to. Just while away the evening in a nice restaurant and see how it would end up.

Digest: Would you want to get married again?

Masters: I could see myself getting married again.

Record Relationship:
[My longest relationship was with] my mother. Unfortunately, she ended it when she died.