Best Quadrangle

December 21, 2004, issue of Soap Opera Digest

Estranged sisters, mortal enemies, secrets, lies, obsessions, unrequited love. In other words, good times! Soaps' hottest quad features Julian and Eve, who we named Best Non-Couple last year, and Liz and T.C., Eve's envious sis and angry husband.

After Bitterella Liz schemed to ensure that T.C. discovered his wife's sordid past with his enemy, Julian, Raging Bull T.C. engaged in rebound sex with his sister-in-law, Liz. Eve, who still hoped to reconcile, walked in on them and immediately went for comfort sex with Jules.

"Evian's" love has matured and is genuine, but T.C. and Liz are a different story. She's using T.C. out of spite. And T.C., well, the hypocrite is bedding a woman who kept the truth from him and is irrationally fuming over something that happened well before he wed Eve.

In a town ironically named Harmony, love is a battlefield, and this is one war we fully support.