Passions' Tracey Ross (Eve) answers your questions

What’s your take on Eve’s past coming to light?
Jillian Bowe, New York, N.Y.

It’s been difficult for her, but very cleansing. When the house of cards came down, you don’t have the stress of trying to maintain it anymore.

Do you want Eve to end up with Julian, T.C. or someone new?
Kandice Rosa, N.J.

Julian. They’re soul mates.

What is the best thing about getting to work with TV’s sexiest man, Ben Masters (Julian)?
Karen Meuller, Coshocton, Ohio

He’s so entertaining and I don’t think he means to be. He’s got that true charisma which is so likable. It’s a talent: He has to get the most fun out of any situation. It’s almost like we’re waiting for him to make a remark – the crew, the cast, everybody – because we know he’ll say or do something that will lighten the mood.

You and Ben Masters were interviewed together in WEEKLY, and the article hinted at a brewing relationship between the two of you. Is anything going on?
Ashley Jones, Columbus, Ohio

We adore each other. We always have. We always will.

Julian and Eve’s first love scene was very hot and passionate. How many takes did you do?
Marie Claypool, Tallahassee, Fla.

I think we did it in two takes and I thought so, too. Those were some of the best love scenes I’ve seen. It was amazingly hot.

How do you feel about Eve living with Julian while he’s still married to Rebecca? How can Eve stay with him while he’s still with that witch?
Suzy Smith, Miami

For now, it makes an interesting dynamic that the hopefully soon-to-be ex-wife and the hopefully soon-to-be new wife run into each other (laughs). Ordinarily, it would seem strange to Eve. It would be different if there were a love relationship between Julian and Rebecca, but she knows that he was blackmailed into marrying Rebecca. She doesn’t consider it a marriage under God with vows.

What’s been your favorite and least favorite scenes on Passions?
Mandy, Las Vegas

I love all my scenes with Ben. My least favorite scenes are the ones where my family was hitting me, calling me names and spitting on me. My favorite scenes are the upcoming scenes where they all get theirs! If that is to be, those will immediately become my favorite scenes.

You have such a beautiful voice. When you found out you were singing on the show, did it bother you?
Ameila, Los Angeles

Oh, thank you! That’s very sweet of you. I was shocked at first, because there are so many singers on the show, like Lindsay (Hartley, Theresa) and Mac (Westmore, Sheridan). Then I was nervous. If anyone’s listening while you sing, you don’t want them to put their fingers in their ears. I wanted to come off well and I didn’t know if I could, so Passions got a music coach and did everything they could to give me time to learn it and feel good about it. When I did it the first time, it was passable, but I am very proud of the last time. I have a sincere, soft, non-grating (laughs) sound. There are no tricks and God knows there’s not anything special. I don’t think anyone’s going to go buy the CD, but they don’t have to hit the mute button. I can live with that.

What is your favorite thing to do on your days off?
Chris Martin, Atlanta

I get so few days off…. On the weekend, it’s all about doing everything that you have to – grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning up. I’ve gotten so used to having a boring, errand-related life that it’s hard to see outside of that. If I had my druthers, I love to go to the bookstore and to a movie. You know what was fun? Twice in five years, Eva (Tamargo, Pilar), Kim (Johnston Ulrich, Ivy), Dana (Sparks, Grace) and I went out to dinner. We just talked, updated each other and complained. It was nice. It was a little girls’ night out. They’re such amazing sweethearts.

Do you plan on staying with Passions until the end?
Destinee Franklin, Detroit

Until they drag me kicking and screaming off the lot.

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How did you deal with Eve not fighting back after the emotional scenes with her family berating her, Whitney slapping her and Chad spouting how much he hates her?
Tammy Williams, Denmark, S.C.

I dealt with it badly (laughs). I just simmered with bitterness and vengeful feelings. I wanted to choke all of them! I whined and fussed to anyone who would listen.

What is your favorite Evian (Eve and Julian) scene, and why?
Monica Cintron, Lehigh Acres, Fla.

Sometimes things are more fun in retrospect. When we did the jet scenes, where I was holding on for my life and Julian came to rescue Eve, that wasn't fun to do. I felt like a prop, because it was very much about being "right here, your arm there, your head facing this way." It was about getting me photographed the right way, but it was also full of opportunities for Ben (Masters, Julian) to make asides and funny comments. You give him a situation that's out of the ordinary; he can throw out even more asides and witticisms about how crazy it is. That was a lot of fun.

Which character on PASSIONS would you be friends with in real life? Would you be friends with Eve?
Lesley Bing, Ky.

What a good question! I would be friends with Eve. She has a lot of potential. I would be friends with most of them — Pilar, Gwen, Theresa. They have some bad reactions to stress, but all of them have good qualities. Sometimes, I think Gwen should beat Theresa in the head with a bedpan. But as angry as I get at Theresa, in many ways she's a doll.

I don't know if I could be friends with someone who slaps her mother on a regular basis. Whitney has lots of wonderful qualities and lots of stress, but that would be over my line. If I were her friend, she wouldn't go around doing that. I'd have had a talk with her and TC long ago. You also can't be friends with Rebecca, because she's not trustworthy. The only person she has allegiance to is Gwen, and that's only as long as Gwen never gets in her way. You could never turn your back on her. Ivy has potential. Now that she's gotten what she wants most in the world, which is Sam, she seems to have the urge to be good. But if you get Ivy between a rock and a hard place, she'll throw the rock at you!

What is it like to have your alter ego in love with two very different men?
Esther Long, Heilwood, Pa.

It's very confusing having her in love with two men. People do this all the time, but when you have to play it [as an actress], it's hard to keep going back and forth. I just go with the moment, because I have to play it without the confusion that I feel. I'm in love with the person I'm with at the moment. That's the most I can really do.

Now that Eve's past has come out, do you want her to become someone that lives for herself and not others?
Jillian Bowe, New York City

I definitely want her to live much more for herself and not take so many cues from other people. Her old New Year's resolution was, "Judge not, lest ye be judged." That's evasive and cowardly, and it's gotten her where she is now. Her new one should be, "Judge and be prepared to be judged," which is like "Give me everything you've got and I'll give you everything I've got." That's a much more healthy and brave way to go.

What is your nationality?
Bailey, Canada

I have black, white and American Indian [ancestors]. One grandmother was half Cherokee and the other was half white and half Blackfoot Indian. My mother's grandfather was from Great Britain.

What are some things that you've received from fans?
Priscilla Kisner, Pittsburgh

I've gotten bracelets and sketches. I like everything that anybody sends. It's about getting the letter that expresses that they're pleased. I don't take that for granted. I appreciate it and I understand what they're trying to say to me.

I wrote a letter to James Burrows, once. I was watching so many episodes of CHEERS at the end of the night and I'd go to sleep feeling good. No matter how my day was, I felt like everything was possible the next day and I didn't have to take things so seriously. Finally, I felt like I was being dishonest — I was getting so much out of CHEERS and I'd never said thank you. I'm sure he never got it, but I had to tell him. I also know I'd be just as tongue-tied if I got opposite somebody I really admire as people are with me sometimes.