Soap Opera Digest Magazine
Dated September 16, 2003

With Ben Masters (Julian, Passions)


What was you favorite TV show as a child?

Ben: LASSIE. They used to throw things over the cabin and go, ‘Anny, anny, anny, ovvver!’ And I used to make those sounds. I thought I was Timmy in LASSIE.

If you were given a $100 gift certificate, where would you spend it?

Ben: A hardware store. I like hardware stores because they’re very specific and orderly, and my mind and life are not orderly.

What are three things you can’t live without?

Ben: Coffee, wine and my Internet connection.

What do you worry about?

Ben: Everything. I’m obsessively worried. I believe that my life is like… I have a thermos bottle full of anxiety and worry and if I pour it out a little bit, something good happens to me, then I have to fill it up to that level, to where I’m always like, ‘What did I forget?’ I very rarely relax. You’d think as you get older you would, but I don’t. It’s become more difficult.

What’s the worst advice you’ve ever been given?

Ben: Don’t do daytime.