That Ain’t Me!
Soap Opera Digest
August 2, 2005

What does Julian do that makes you cringe?

"In the past, it was that he was trying to kill his sister, Sheridan. It bothers me that he lets people walk all over him. Where is Crane security? He's a billionaire! Lately, he's been so nice all the time. I'm starting to make myself sick. [laughs]. I just want him to let loose on some of these people like he used to. I hate the way Julian can't tell Fox that Miles is not his child. That's very hard for Julian."

Is there anything about Julian that you envy?

"I envy that he doesn't have to work for a living [laughs]. I envy the fact that he lives in a world that's of a different dimension; he lives on television and all things are possible."

What does he do better than you?

"I don't know what to say to that because he doesn't do much of anything, well, except kiss on Dr. Eve."

Who has a better sense of humor, you or Julian?

"Oh, I do! Julian, as of late, has lost a lot of his sense of humor. I've tried to retain mine."

Who would win a fight with TC, you or Julian?

"Well, if Julian did what he should do, which is pick up a two-by-four, sneak up on TC and whack him in the back of the head, it would be Julian."

How would you handle the situation between Fox and Chad regarding Whitney's baby?

"If there is a secret that is so monumentally sad and twisted, and only one person knows it and they carry it to their grave, that's one thing. But there are a number of people who know that Chad is the father, so why not let him [know] this? I wouldn't tell the world, but I would tell Chad and I would tell Fox."