Hit… Passions’ Julian: Wanted, Dead or Alive

Passions’ writers clearly (and probably intentionally) painted themselves into a corner with Julian. For the past year, the man viewers love to hate sauntered down the garden path of evil, each of his offenses more sinister than the last. (If Julian’s vileness was ever in question, trying to off his own sister should have removed all doubt.)

Ben Masters played each sequence for all it was worth. But, as entertaining as these machinations were, Julian remained conspicuously unpunished. As hackneyed a plot device as it often is, the whodunit seemed to be the perfect way to make him pay. Taking it a step further, Passions did what it does best – put old wine in a new bottle – by actually making it a “real” whodunit. Yes, Julian Crane is really dead (or as dead as anyone can “really” be on soaps), but, thankfully, not as far as the audience is concerned. Instead, viewers have been treated to a “reincarnated” Julian, “alive” and well in – where else – hell.

Seeing him cavort with his new buddies John Wilkes Booth, Hitler, et al. was a hoot in its own right. But the show wisely moved away from sight gags and gave the dead Julian some bona fide storyline when he offered Theresa (who was visiting hell thanks to her suicide attempt) a blueprint for how to win back Ethan. Of course, that wasn’t really dead Julian making the deal, it was Zombie Charity disguised as dead Julian. But, no matter.

Masters has been one of Passions’ crown jewels since day one, and any opportunity to showcase another one of his dazzling facets is a welcome one, whether Julian is “dead,” alive, or somewhere in between. – Robert Schork