[Bailey] oops someone get robin

[Tracey] Hi everyone . Welcome. Glad to be here with all of you
[Courtaney] Hello!!..Bailey I pmed her

[Bailey] alright just a couple things before we start

[Bailey] Before we get into this, apparently the “private message” feature doesn’t work. So don’t send any, unless you want to share all you’re flirting with Ben with the rest of us. Darn!

[Bailey] As you were so “nicely” told in the rules and stuff email, I am the moderator…BECAUSE I am the only one who knows what she is doing. :P Remind me to get even with Karen and Gracie for their remarks. Honestly, I should demonstrate the “kick user out” feature on them. LOL

[Bailey] We were asked how we managed to get Tracey and Ben…I mean, Ben and Tracey to do this chat. Well, as Gracie has said in some of her posts…we are never too proud to beg. :P I am now going to give Trac…Ben and Tracey a chance to say something. Then I will ask my question.

[Bailey] Hopefully it won’t be the first victim of the dreaded “NC- No Comment” reply. Go ahead guys…

[Ben] give us your best

[Bailey] LOL

[Bailey] Were you informed that Julian and Eve were going to become a couple? And if so, what was your reaction, and were there any concerns on your part about how it would work out?

[Ben] I sensed something was up early on with Eve and Julian. I had no idea they would end up such a powerful couple on this strange soap.

[Tracey] I always thought they would be a couple. I knew those longing looks across the room were for a reason.

[Bailey] EternallyEvian – All the way from Denmark. . .SC.

[TammyEE_LE] I know how the incest story makes me feel. ( How do you guys prepare for this touchy storyline?

[TammyEE_LE] Oh, and Hello! Thanks for doing this.

[Ben] Not to be flip about the incest story but whenever something strikes me as beyond comprehension I always remind myself of the Charlie turning into Alistair bit.

[Tracey] The incest didn't bother me because it was a terrible accident. However Chads willingness to repeat it makes me squirm and his taking off with Foxs baby just burns me up no end.

[Bailey] SIPort – Evian’s first fan wanted so badly to be here tonight, but she had an important class. Or so she said. We said she should skip, but she had to go all conscientious on us. She sent a question, however, with Karen.

[Courtaney] SIP was really sad she couldn’t make it. Here is her question: Why hasn't Eve reconciled with Simone? Why isn't she facilitating a reconciliation between Simone and Whitney? I think Eve should spend more time with her children, including Simone. Ps- where's our Evian baby?

GrayC63 exits from this room

[Ben] tracey is working on a response I'm just sitting here like an idiot

[Courtaney] LOL

[Bailey] Oh gosh for a second I thought I said that

[Tracey] First, Hello to SIP. Sorry you couldn't make it. I agree Eve needs to spend more time with her children but they are grown now and Whitney usually dosen't want much to do with Eve. She will be spending more time with Simone soon when she finds out something very unexpected and suprising going on

[Bailey] somehow in a wierd way

[Ben] by the way where in the hell did gray go off to?

[Courtaney] it would fit

[Tracey] in Simones life. And I do mean unexpected!

[Courtaney] she is hunting for srh, in another chat room

[JSlovesBM] to fetch a straggler

[Bailey] she will be back...

GrayC63 enters this room

[Bailey] she is the only nice one here

[JuliansVxn] hey!

[GrayC63] I went to wrangle a lost lamb. No luck though.

[Bailey] What's wrong?

[Ben] before we go on I really must tell you all I'm just always amazed at you interest in the two of us and just thanks

[Bailey] well someone will have to get her attention somehow

[Bailey] Thanks for making it interesting

[Bailey] ok shall we move on?

[TammyEE_LE] The most interesting thing on Passions. Evian is the best.

[Courtaney] you know we all love you both, you're terrific

[Courtaney] yes they are...yes Bailey

[Bailey] Dawn – The very first ever Evian board creator.

[Ben] where are the hard questions? the ones we can't possibly answer?

[Bailey] well why waste your time on NC questions

[Tracey] I think Evian tends to attract the intellectuals in the audience (or in my case the pseudo-intellectuals)...

[Bailey] I have been forbidden to ask things

[Ben] har har har

[Bailey] is dawn paying attention here??

[Ben] try me

[Courtaney] Dawn passes

[Courtaney] says she can't think of anything

[Bailey] And be called bad?

[Tracey] Why?

[Bailey] LOL you don't want to know

[Courtaney] I told her to ask about sailing...Bailey is teasing

[Courtaney] LOL

[Tracey] Well, we'll come back to her if she does!

[Bailey] karen woudl have a heart attack

[TammyEE_LE] lol

[JuliansVxn] oh, please ask

[Bailey] If you really want..when we are all done..I can ask

[JuliansVxn] yes please


[Tracey] Oh, go on...!

[Courtaney] ask...what is it?

[Bailey] you are all such chickens

[Bailey] Ok fine..

[TammyEE_LE] I'm not. I'm trying to be good

[JuliansVxn] Karen is, we are not

[Bailey] we all want to know if the rumor is true

[TammyEE_LE] It's harrrrrrrrrdddddddddd

[dawn9476] lol

[Bailey] see I told you I would get yelled at

[Courtaney] who yelled?

[Bailey] karen is bugging me on msn

[Ben] I know you want to ask things like, does eve go back to tc and ditch Julian, are tracey and I really together in real life...

[JuliansVxn] Hush Karen

[TammyEE_LE] Hey, Ben said it.

[Bailey] see you know what we want to know

[TammyEE_LE] We didn't have to ask.

[Ben] nc

[dawn9476] lolol

[mara] hahahaha

[JuliansVxn] we tried

[TammyEE_LE] lol.

[Karrie] lol

[Bailey] see. LOL

[TammyEE_LE] see


[Courtaney] LOL

[pwtala] LOLOL...

[Bailey] Ok what about the rumor that you two are actually married already?

[JuliansVxn] I'll wait for my turn then.

[TammyEE_LE] I guess it's back to the easy questions.


[Ben] we're composing for a moment

[Ben] I love tracey ross with all my heart

[Bailey] aww

[Alicia] awwwww

[Courtaney] awwwww

[TammyEE_LE] awwwww

[mara] aw

[pwtala] awwwww

[JuliansVxn] how sweet

[dawn9476] awwwwwwwwww

[Karrie] awww!

[Bailey] lucky her

[TammyEE_LE] lucky us. It shines through on screen.

[Bailey] and Tracey?

[Tracey] Ben says if you tell when you're together then you have to tell when you break up...

[Ben] next question

[Bailey] alright...

[Bailey] ginatlc – Something came up and this creative montage maker couldn’t make it tonight. But she sent a question with Gracie.

srhrobin enters this room

srhrobin exits from this room

[Tracey] No, were not married...yet.

[Courtaney] oooooooh

[Tracey] Did we bore shrobin?

[Alicia] Uh Oh

[GrayC63] Sorry I was wrangling.

[Bailey] Evian fans aren't so hard to fool.

[TammyEE_LE] yet?

[Ben] what happened to srhrobin?

[GrayC63] ginatlc asks, “What do you like most about playing your characters?”

[Courtaney] is that a hint?

srhrobin enters this room

srhrobin exits from this room

[dawn9476] lol

[Bailey] or shoud that be easy?

srhrobin enters this room

srhrobin exits from this room

srhrobin enters this room

[Tracey] Getting all the benefits of working with one of the most talented actors that ever breathed...

[JuliansVxn] awwww

[TammyEE_LE] awww

[dawn9476] awwwwwwww

[Alicia] awwww

[srhrobin] Hi Ben! I'm here, I was having a horrible time getting in. It's go great to meet you I'm a big fan.

[Ben] when there's a good story line especially with eve it's like going in everyday not to a job but an incredibly hot date

[Bailey] lol

[dawn9476] awww

[Courtaney] LOLOL

[TammyEE_LE] awwww. That's so sweet.

[Alicia] LOL!

[mara] hehe

[TammyEE_LE] I can't stop grinning.

[srhrobin] And hi to you to Tracey. I'm big fan of yours too.

[JuliansVxn] very well put!

[Courtaney] I was thinking the same thing Tammy

[Bailey] Karrie – She likes Roswell and peanut butter and makes a mean screen cap. . .

[Ben] srhrobin thank you, I like reading your stuff on the boards

[Tracey] Hello!

[Karrie] Hi, Ben and Tracey! I don't have a question, sorry. I would really suck at being a reporter, lol. But I just wanted to say that you are both so very charming. It's so nice of you to come chat with your fans. You are a delight to watch on screen and such a delight off-screen

[Karrie] (from what I've seen and heard).

[srhrobin] Oh well thank you! I'm so flattered.

[Ben] karrie thanks

[Tracey] I think you guys should just holler out anything you want to ask. It's a mite too civilized in here...LOL

[TammyEE_LE] lol

[pwtala] greetings from down south, which one of you have the most relaxed personality?

[JuliansVxn] We are trying to behave

[TammyEE_LE] We follow directions well.

[Bailey] LOL

[srhrobin] I have a question for both of you. Do you two know when Julian is going to propose to Eve?

[evianh20] and risk bailey's wrath? I think not.

[GrayC63] How can the NoFunPolice keep order when there are instigators?

[Bailey] yes..but Ben is making us misbehave

[Alicia] LOL

[dawn9476] lol

[srhrobin] LOL

[TammyEE_LE] It's good to be bad...

[JuliansVxn] I am behaving nicely.

[Alicia] I think Tammy's right.. In some cases


[Courtaney] LOLOL

[Bailey] ok, in that case. I am not calling anyone out anymore

[TammyEE_LE] Most, Alicia.

[Bailey] ask at you own risk

[evianh20] so does that mean it's a free for all?

[Tracey] I'm almost certain he will.

[TammyEE_LE] No holds barred!!!

[Alicia] I can't stop smiling. It's crazt!

[TammyEE_LE] almost? Is that a before the disaster?

[JuliansVxn] Tracey, when did you become interested in whole and natural foods, cleansing ?

[JuliansVxn] I liked the story on your liver cleansing a lot.


[evianh20] Ben, Do you still have your Porsche, if not, what are you driving these days.

[Courtaney] Pris sells vitamins

[Alicia] LOL

[pwtala] Julians Vxn you would ask a vitaming question...lol

[TammyEE_LE] Is Julian really seven years older than Sheridan?

[JuliansVxn] I don't sell them, lol

[Ben] mercedes SL500

[Evian10] What do you two have in common? Thanks for doing the chat! Ben, my mom thinks your hot. Are you going to the event at the city walk July 12th?

[Alicia] Poor Ben and Tracey. All these questions coming at once, now. LOL.

[Bailey] see what happens when the hand that rules retreats?

[Ben] Does your grandmother also like me?

[pwtala] thats what happens when you open the flood gate.lol

[TammyEE_LE] lol

[evianh20] I won that bet - i'm hoping my ML320 gives birth to a SL next Hannukah

[Bailey] chaos follows

[Courtaney] LOL!

[Alicia] LOL. True.

[GrayC63] *Gray pulls out her hair and tosses her rules* Bah!

[JSlovesBM] the dictator is facing a revolution

[Tracey] We will both be at the disaster event. Will any of you be there?

[Courtaney] LOLOLOL

[Bailey] I did that when I first got them anna

[TammyEE_LE] Down with Rules!

[Bailey] I won't

[pwtala] but its more fun too..

[Courtaney] Evian10 is going

[JSlovesBM] i didn't even read them...lol

[Courtaney] outside

[dawn9476] LOL

[evianh20] Ben, here's a hard question:: a movie you did at beginning of your career in some weird ways resembles goings on in your current endeavor.

[Bailey] wasnt' that already

[Alicia] I wish I could be there. I even live in California and I wouldn't be able to make it. Isn't that sad?

[JuliansVxn] No

[Karrie] I got a ticket to go to the disaster event but I don't have the money to fly there.

[Evian10] I will be there and yes my grandmother thinks your hot too.

[Tracey] Don't get frustrated Gray and Bailey. Even the best laid plans of mice and men...

[TammyEE_LE] Can leave sunny Denmark, SC to fly to L.A. on a big Tuesday. I wish I could.

[Ben] what movie?

[evianh20] If you remember, in Mandingo, you played a character who had an incestuous relationship with his sister and got his carnal pleasures from a nubile Nubian. looks like this will take more space

[evianh20] Just wondering if Julian would like to do to Eve what “Charles” did to the “wench” and would you have liked it much better if the surprise in the shed was TC trussed up and Julian with the paddle?

[srhrobin] Hey Ben! Which do you like playing better Old Julian or New Julian. I have a theory that Julian suffered fron Stockholme syndrome in the past because of Alister's abuse and that's why he behaved the way he did in the past.

[Bailey] all those nightly headaches..for nothing..eh Gracie

[Tracey] Evian 10, call out your screen name when you get near us so we will know its you.

[GrayC63] Clearly.

[Evian10] Ok. I wanted to get a picture of you and Ben.

[Tracey] Hold on , were getting too far behind...LOL

[Bailey] see...LOL

[JuliansVxn] *waiting patiently*

[JuliansVxn] lol

[GrayC63] That's what the rules were for! And you all scoffed at them.

[Bailey] totally

[TammyEE_LE] lol, Pris.

[Alicia] All of you? I've been a good girl :-)

[Tracey] Shrobin. I read your stockholm syndrome post. Very good reasoning. I buy it!

[Ben] evianh20 how observant of you. and yes I would have loved to had tc trussed up in the shed instead of that stupid car. He would have learned the meaning of Crane retribution

[srhrobin] Thank you Tracey.

[Alicia] Tracey, It's such a pleasure talking with you. I've been a fan since the beginning of Passions! I was wondering if there's any trick you have when you're filming an emotional scene? I've always had trouble in the emotion category.

[TammyEE_LE] I hope it's not too late for T.C. to learn that lesson. Julian needs to punch him hard...again. At least once more.

[Bailey] at least

[Tracey] Gray, the rules you set up were marvelous . You just didn't realize what nitwits Ben and I are.

[srhrobin] lol

[Bailey] LOL

[dawn9476] LMAO

[Courtaney] LOL

[evianh20] Ben, and would Julian love to show Eve a spanking good time?

[pwtala] LOL....

[TammyEE_LE] lol

[TammyEE_LE] I think he already has...

[Bailey] but Gracie is just like that too...

[pwtala] will there be and evian wedding this year????

[Alicia] LOL!!

[Ben] srhrobin, I loved playing the old Julian. I also really enjoy new julian when he has something more to do than stand around and say over and over , "it's going to be alright."

[Courtaney] or any other kind? LOL

[TammyEE_LE] lol

[JuliansVxn] Ben--would you ever consider making your own wine someday?

[JSlovesBM] Amen to that Ben!!!

[TammyEE_LE] You do that well, too.

[srhrobin] Well, you're an excellent actor either way Ben!

[Bailey] Karen and you have the nerve to call me bad.

[pwtala] I wouldn't gonna ask courtaney..lol

[dawn9476] That is why Evian needs their OWN story

[TammyEE_LE] Will this Evian drought end soon? Once a week is killing me.

[Courtaney] LOL

[Evian10] lol

[Ben] Julian has already showed eve a "spanking" good time

[JuliansVxn] Preach to the choir, Tam!

[Tracey] I try not to get emotional, that almost guarrantees that you will.

[Courtaney] I meant on the show of course...

[TammyEE_LE] LOL. Thats' what I said.

[Bailey] not enough Ben

[pwtala] LOLOL..

[Courtaney] LOLOLOLOL

[Bailey] I want to see him use that paddle on her

[evianh20] Off screen doesn't count!!

[TammyEE_LE] I think we need to see more of that good time on screen.

[Courtaney] LOLOLOLOL

[JuliansVxn] LOL!!

[Alicia] Ladies (and man) I think someone is nervous?? Are you still hiding, Gabby?

atticus enters this room

[dawn9476] lmao

[Turq] Hey T. Ross!!! Seeing that I am a film major I have to ask this... Are you interested in doing films and if so what genre(s) float your boat?

HellsBells exits from this room

[Tracey] I am so far behind...LOL

[Bailey] you should have listened to us.

[pwtala] so are we....LOL...

[Bailey] we know know chaos

[JuliansVxn] *still waiting patiently*


[Bailey] lol

[Courtaney] Pris, be good

[TammyEE_LE] lol

[JuliansVxn] I am being good Lima

[Courtaney] Bailey you too..lolol


[Bailey] for what pris?

[GrayC63] Lists are not always a bad thing. That's all I'll say.

[Bailey] I am good.

[TammyEE_LE] wine and cleansing response.

[srhrobin] Tracey, It's such a pleasure to talk to you too. Eve is one of my favorite characters. I have a question for you. When Whitney and Simone are giving Eve a hard time, how do you feel? I mean wouldn't it drive you crazy? What's it like to play Eve?

[Bailey] Lol poor Gracie...

[JuliansVxn] my question

[pwtala] we hope you post more with us..we don't bite , really....lol

[Tracey] No, Passions is it for me. I love romantic comedy.

[bprincess] i'm not nervous just in deep thought

[JSlovesBM] uh i do believe rules got thrown to the wind meaning there is no bad and you don't have to be good!!!

[Bailey] Ben too...you are soo behind on your "make Ben's crew level"

[Ben] Yes I believe Julian should bend the luscious Dr. Eve over his knee in the library, gently lift her skirt and give her a good lesson in obediance.

[JSlovesBM] hey...less is better on the crew...lol

[Alicia] Deep thought? Honey, I don't think anyone here bites. You don't have to think yourself to death.

[JuliansVxn] oh man, lol

[Bailey] and I had such a good remr

[dawn9476] lolololol


[srhrobin] lol Ben.

[Bailey] LMAO

[mara] hahahaha

[Bailey] I am in favor of that

[Alicia] LOL!!!

[pwtala] lol

[EviansPass] Hi Ben and Tracey. You guys are great! I wanted to say that Baby Miles is so adorable. When are we going to see Julian hold him on screen? And do you feel comfortable working with such a young child?

[Courtaney] LOLOL

[TammyEE_LE] I think a whole show should go to that scene. Pre and post spanking.

[pwtala] it would be better than the incest story..

[evianh20] I think by the time her skirt was lifted Julian would be so overcome, he'd be on his knees and begging

[Alicia] I'm all for the spanking. And anything that goes along with it.

[dawn9476] And are we going to get any Fancy and Julian scenes soon?

[TammyEE_LE] anything is better than that. *insert puke icon*

[Bailey] totally...once scene for one hour

[Ben] Isn't Miles beautiful. I haven't held him on camera yet but I get to hold the little guy in between scenes.

[Bailey] perfect passions would be EVIAN ONLY

[srhrobin] Do you two know when and how Eve is cleared of the charges against her?

[TammyEE_LE] exactly.

[Courtaney] I'd love an Evian only show

[TammyEE_LE] Passions hasn't been too passionate lately.

[EviansPass] He really Is. That's cool.

[srhrobin] Me too.

[Tracey] Shrobin- I hate doing scenes where everyone is berating Eve. I want to smash them and I can't. I have to ,say that Cathy Does Simone helps me out alot because in a room filled with hateful characters her Simone always mingles her anger with hurt and love.

[JuliansVxn] I second that emotion Courtaney

evianfan01 enters this room

[JSlovesBM] So Ben, about your crew......still accepting applications?

[TammyEE_LE] I'm so glad we're gonna see more Simone. I really like that character.

[Courtaney] LOL, Jax

[Tracey] We love the babies. We just can't stop grinning at them.

[pwtala] awwwww

[TammyEE_LE] How many babies play Miles?

[JuliansVxn] Ben and Tracey: Just how fun and/or awkward is it doing the love scenes?

[JSlovesBM] Hey, I heard the rules went out the window!!!

[srhrobin] Well you do an excellent job in those scenes Tracey. I hope the writers add more scenes of Eve standing up to them.

[Ben] now only one baby plays miles

[evianh20] Tracey: the scene with you and Whitney discussing your first love was one of the best. Do you ever know which writer scripted your lines? And would you like to have more scenes like this, where Eve and her daughters can really talk things out?

[Bailey] Not my fault

[dawn9476] there is a cute pic of you and Ben in SOD with Miles

[JuliansVxn] November 18th was smoking hot

[Evian10] What do you and Tracey have in common?

[TammyEE_LE] Oh, yes.

[Bailey] what was nov 18

[Bailey] loveeeee

[Bailey] lol

[srhrobin] Yes it was. I also loved the shopping trip on Dec. 21. You two were excellent.

[TammyEE_LE] I have a curious question only you guys can answer. In the near miss scene in Eve's office, did Julian say, "Take it off?"

[JuliansVxn] Where Julian growled, lol

[dawn9476] The shopping trip was awesome

[Turq] Just a though...mopeds or motorcycles?

[Bailey] ah good one

[Turq] I meant thought

[pwtala] the whole last year was awesome...

[JuliansVxn] and Eve said "Make love to me Julian...make love to me."

[Alicia] I'm also a lover of the Nov. 18th show. I thought I was going to have to buy a new TV

[Courtaney] loved the shopping trip, beautiful

[dawn9476] we need more playful scenes like those

[JuliansVxn] wooo

[srhrobin] Amen.

[Bailey] I want to know what tammy asked too

[dawn9476] lol

[evianfan01] yes the shopping trip was awesome!!

[Courtaney] Just take it off? Maybe

[Bailey] I still think it was coaching on the side

[Alicia] LOL!

[pwtala] i think it was courtaney.

[Ben] tracey and I each like to do things the other doesn't in many instances, but when it comes to the most important things that start a fire between two people-we can't be beat.

[TammyEE_LE] It sounded like Ben...very good for the scene I might add.

[Bailey] I so agree

[Courtaney] awwwww

[JSlovesBM] The Nov 18th show was deamed too hot for my thesis presentation......college kids were like whoa....lol

[pwtala] awwwwww

[Alicia] Oh, I agree, also.

[evianfan01] LoL!!

[Alicia] LOL!

[TammyEE_LE] Very hot! Scorching. "Take it off?"

[evianh20] Ben.I have a more curious question - in the Just Imagine scene in Eve's office, was the discoloration on your neck a "love bite?"

[Tracey] No, Ben didn't say "take it off".

[Bailey] what things start that fire? Its too romantic to just happen...or is it?

[JuliansVxn] I could watch that every day....along with the love scenes in May..."Back In The day"

[pwtala] Ben do you still golf.that's my husband's question for you...

[Bailey] I knew it

[TammyEE_LE] thanks.

[Courtaney] no? LOL...it sounded like it

[TammyEE_LE] sounded like it though.

[Bailey] maybe it was Tracey

[Bailey] LOL

[TammyEE_LE] LOL

[evianfan01] LOL!!!

[Ben] what was the just imagine scene?

[TammyEE_LE] maybe.

[TammyEE_LE] somebody said off and take

[Alicia] LOL, Tam.

[Bailey] in her office when he is ripping off her clothes

[Ben] I've started golfing again after being free from the curse for two years

[Courtaney] Are you still a 13 handicap? my husband said that is really good

[dawn9476] lmao

[TammyEE_LE] at least I thought so.

[Bailey] Mini Golf is fun

[EviansPass] Yeah, I believe he did say take it off

[Courtaney] and Tracey do you golf?

[TammyEE_LE] "Just take it off." And off went the shirt.

[srhrobin] Do you two when and how Eve will be cleared of the charges against her?

[pwtala] thats good...

[Alicia] That's usually how it goes, Tam

[Ben] more like a 23

[evianh20] Julian imagines he and Eve in NY and Whitney is their daughter. Evian have been at the computer looking for Chad

[Courtaney] I still say Eve called Julian honey in the alley behind the BN in April 03...LOL

[Tracey] We don't know if or when Eve will be cleared of the charges.

[Bailey] is that bad?

[Courtaney] that's about what he is..lol

[Courtaney] not bad

[JuliansVxn] Tracey, how old is Bryce now? Mags have said he's 15, but isn't he older than that?

[pwtala] 23 is not that bad

[dawn9476] test

dawn9476 exits from this room

[Bailey] I want to know how you guys deal with the air in LA. I was there in January..it was 90 and man I could hardly breath

[Tracey] No, I don't golf.

[srhrobin] Really. I just hope it's soon.

[Courtaney] I get 90....but that's on 9 holes...all with a 9 iron...lol

dawn9476 enters this room

[EviansPass] What role will the newcomer, Adrian Wilson play?

[TammyEE_LE] He said My Darling in the park after whit sang at the BN.

[JuliansVxn] And glad to see he's recovered from his neck injury

[Tracey] Ben went outside to do some push-ups. He'll be right back.

[pwtala] I think I shoot around 98

[TammyEE_LE] lol

[dawn9476] lol

[srhrobin] Iol

[Alicia] lol

[Courtaney] LOL

[Bailey] lol

[pwtala] lol

[Courtaney] pwtala that is good

[EviansPass] LMAO

[Evian10] Where are you and Ben doing the chat?

[pwtala] tracey you need to play golf..its great..

[Tracey] Bryce turned 17 on June 16.

[Alicia] Golf? I don't play golf because I don't like humiliating myself in front of people LOL

[Bailey] I was glad to hear he was ok after that accident. Must have been truely frightening

[TammyEE_LE] I'm like that with bowling...

[srhrobin] Tracey? What's it like to play Eve? What's your favorite part of it?

[Bailey] gutter ball tammy?

[TammyEE_LE] alley lane!!!

[pwtala] we are all happy he's ok..tracey

[Alicia] Yes, Tam, and bowling is another for me

[Courtaney] I know, had to be scary.

[Tracey] He has fully recovered. he fractured his C-7 vertebrae in two places and split his head open to the skull but now you'd never know it!

[srhrobin] Good.

[Bailey] Thank God!

[TammyEE_LE] We're so glad he's doing better.

[JuliansVxn] thank God he's all right now

[Alicia] Wow, I'm glad he's Okay. That sounds really bad.

[Courtaney] man...

[srhrobin] I'm glad he's okay.

[evianfan01] wow!! OMG!! yes thank God he is ok

[pwtala] how lucky ben was there too.i'm sure it helped

[JuliansVxn] It must have been some comfort to have Ben there, since he knew about broken necks.

[EviansPass] Ditto!

[Ben] by the way friends, the board is going so fast we're having trouble keeping up

[JuliansVxn] a lot of comfort, forgive me

[Bailey] Enter Gracie comment

[Courtaney] LOL

[GrayC63] Errr...not saying anything...

[JSlovesBM] she's gone to play in traffic i thinkg

[TammyEE_LE] Rules rule, right?

[evianfan01] im having trouble 2!! its like im reading something and then the screen just moves so fast LoL!!

[Bailey] I had it alll under control..tight strangle hold...but...

[TammyEE_LE] Do you guys think Chad is Evian's son?

[JSlovesBM] someone go get sam bennett...lol

[TammyEE_LE] is that a nc question?

[Alicia] LOL, Jax

[TammyEE_LE] I'm sure Rebecca will be happy to get him.

[pwtala] sam wouldn't help....

[TammyEE_LE] that chick is shameless.

[GrayC63] The Chat Mafioso was more like a Chat "Favorite Baby Sitter."

[dawn9476] she and Al need to hook up

[Bailey] Hobecca is funny

[Ben] I have my suspicions that chad is not evian's son

[Courtaney] LOL!!!

[pwtala] when will rebecca get the boot out of the mansion???

[Bailey] Was that a jab Gracie

[JuliansVxn] Ben.....

[TammyEE_LE] Al seems to have fond memories of old Becks.

[dawn9476] so Julian can finally divorce Rebecca

[TammyEE_LE] me, too. Big suspicions!

[evianfan01] yea its about time she gets out of there!!

[Bailey] well if Julians says how perfect Whit and Chad or how hard they fell one more time..I will barf

[evianh20] Bailey, Gray, I think it's time you guys went to Chat Nazi mode. EXCERT CONTROL IN ALL CAPS

[Tracey] The best part of playing Eve is that she is involved in so many peoples lives and that she truly does want to be good and do the right thing.

[GrayC63] Never.

[Courtaney] yes, that was SIP ps too...

[TammyEE_LE] Me, too, Bailey.

[Alicia] Exactly, I'd love to see Eve running the Mansion.

[srhrobin] Me too.

[JuliansVxn] have you ever or would you ever make your own wine?

[Bailey] I can throw you all out?

[evianfan01] me 2!!

[TammyEE_LE] I love Evian to death, but I wanted to toss their drinks on them when they were saying that crap!

[dawn9476] That was a rewrite

[Evian10] I have hate the drought on Passions with you and Tracey not being on.

[pwtala] Eve in the mansion would rock!!!!

[EviansPass] Tracey, how do you feel about what Whitney is doing to Fox. When the truth comes out, the poor guy will probably never trust women again.

[Bailey] yes me too tammy

[dawn9476] a year ago Julian was asking Whitney if she was in love with Fox

[srhrobin] Me too,

[TammyEE_LE] it's like Foxney in love didn't happen. I'm so not happy with that.

[dawn9476] I want Evian at the mansion

[dawn9476] they should have been there when Fancy came home

[Bailey] I want Evian in that suite!

[pwtala] So when is the wedding?????

[JuliansVxn] and the riffraff out of the mansion.

[Ben] actually I believe we won't be on for a couple of more week

[evianfan01] that would have been fun 2 watch!

[TammyEE_LE] I'm sure they are there. Or have been there and gone back to the incest abyss.

[Bailey] yay a passions holiday

[Ben] weeks plural

[GrayC63] I will ask if anyone didn't get to ask a question, please speak up!

[JuliansVxn] Oh no!

[srhrobin] I want Evian at the mansion, happy, engaged, and then married and live happily ever after.

[Tracey] I think Whitney using Fox was awful but I think Chad running off with his child was beyond brutal. I hope he isn't Eve's son. I don't like him anymore...LOL

[Courtaney] oh man

[TammyEE_LE] couple more weeks? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

[evianfan01] LOL!!

[Bailey] Chad is groossss

[Courtaney] LOL, we don't either!

[dawn9476] LMAO

[EviansPass] ROTFLMAO, That's really funny, LOL

[JuliansVxn] I can't watch Passions without Evian.

[Karrie] LOL!!

[Turq] good night everyone!

[Evian10] Why? I have called the studio complaining about you and Tracey not being on.

[Courtaney] why has there been such an Evian drought?

[JSlovesBM] i see my vcr will be getting an extended break

[TammyEE_LE] I don't like Chad anymore, either. But I stopped a long time ago.

[Bailey] bye turq

[evianfan01] i miss seeing Evian!

[Tracey] Oh by the way, isaid HGTV in that article not HDTV.

[evianh20] Tracey, I read you home schooled Bryce. Is he planning to go off to college? Does he have one in mind?

[Courtaney] bye Turq!

[TammyEE_LE] later, Turq.

[Bailey] what is hgtv

[Courtaney] bye Turq!

[TammyEE_LE] later, Turq.

[dawn9476] I though you meant HGTV

[TammyEE_LE] home and garden tv.

[GrayC63] I only had one question...which was all in the delivery...and that's not possible now... but...Are you taping scenes next week and steadily through the rest of the summer? I hope.

[dawn9476] Home and Garden Television

[Courtaney] Oh, HGTV>..see I thought that was somehting you'd watch

[TammyEE_LE] the lifetime for a gardener.

[Bailey] Ah

[Courtaney] but this HDTV...LOL, I am not up on all that

[bprincess] Tracey, what type of music do you enjoy?

[TammyEE_LE] I don't watch either. But my mom does.

[Karrie] HGTV rocks! I'm always watching that.

[Courtaney] or houses...remodeling

[Alicia] Karen, you've never heard of HDTV?

[Ben] I want to tell you all, as this chat may end soon, that in the near future you should be ready for distressing things happening with Julian and Eve. It has been hard to play for me and I think it will be hard for the evian fans to watch. It's not good.

[Bailey] i love desiging shows too...so interesting

[JuliansVxn] Karen just knows pizza

[JSlovesBM] i keep imagining the men of passions in hdtv

[JuliansVxn] lol

[srhrobin] Ben and Tracey, who do you think is the Evian child?

[Courtaney] oh no

[dawn9476] oh no


[Tracey] I homeschooled Bryce for 7th and 8th grade. Yes he is going to college. We don't know which one just that it will be on the East coast and that he will live in a dorm. Or maybe Hillsdale in Michigan.

[JuliansVxn] Oh no

[Alicia] Uh ohhhh

[mara] i don't like the sound of that

[Bailey] There better not be any TEVE love stuff

[Evian10] Oh no

[TammyEE_LE] Please, Bailey, not that!

[pwtala] noooooooooooooo

[evianfan01] Oh NO!! that sucks!!!

[TammyEE_LE] I couldn't bear it.

[Bailey] I will quit watching I swear

[JuliansVxn] No TEVE, I can't bear it

[Alicia] Teve= Barf

[evianh20] Please, no deaths, no reveals that Alister slept with Eve, no TEVE! I couldn't bear it.

[TammyEE_LE] My heart is sinking

[TammyEE_LE] Evian will make it through? This won't last too long, will it?

[dawn9476] Ewwwww to Teve

[EviansPass] Ben, what sports did you play when you were younger. I love basketball. Besides golf, what other sports do you enjoy?

[Courtaney] first it's months of Chadney, then not at all...now sad stuff.....

[Ben] If it's love is it wrong?

[Bailey] If I have to watch julian or Eve slobber on someone else..no thanks

[srhrobin] Me either.

[JuliansVxn] My stomach could not take it, and my heart will break

[JSlovesBM] i hope i'm moving that week....no need to see that

[GrayC63] I could say it...but I won't...

[Evian10] I'll quit watching too

[JuliansVxn] Ben, that is not love, that is nausea!

[Bailey] say it

[JSlovesBM] ben-but is it love?

[TammyEE_LE] When the label incest is attached, I must say yes.

[Courtaney] ughhhhhh

[Alicia] Ugh

[TammyEE_LE] extreme stomach pains.

[Bailey] Oh that is just depressing

[GrayC63] Only that someone was right about rules...and other things...

[Tracey] Also-something will happen to Theresa so terrible that even those of you who don't like her will pity her...

[JuliansVxn] I feel sick even now

[Bailey] not me

[JSlovesBM] shut up gray

[Courtaney] Gray....grrrrr....LOL

[JuliansVxn] I will never pity Theresa

[TammyEE_LE] Pepto Bismol should become an advertiser.

[TammyEE_LE] Not me.

[Karrie] Oh no! My Theresa!

[evianfan01] LOL!!

[JuliansVxn] but I am sick at heart over something happening to Evian.

[TammyEE_LE] I can't feel sorry for T-monster.

[Ben] I have a glimmer of hope there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but I don't know for sure.

[mara] no doubt Al is the cause of it

[TammyEE_LE] It's like liking Mad Dog.

[dawn9476] Just don't let Evian break up

[Bailey] I shall never be moved from my dislike for Terroica

[Courtaney] oh yikes...with Al?

[evianfan01] i dont like all of this susepense!!!

[pwtala] how long will this bad thing with evian last???

[Bailey] terror

[TammyEE_LE] No, this is so sad.

[evianh20] Well Gray has always wanted a TEVE REDUX, so if it happens, I'm outta here.

[Courtaney] oh man...I hope so

[dawn9476] they are too happy

[Bailey] ok...Spell properly

[srhrobin] I know Karrie. I'm a Theresa fan too.

[JuliansVxn] No Mad Dog

[EviansPass] That's interesting, I don't know about feeling pity for Theresa, she's so dark now.

[Evian10] I will cry if something happens to Julian or Eve

[TammyEE_LE] No Mad Dog, no mad love!! Enough!

[Courtaney] you guys are 6 weeks ahead?

[JuliansVxn] I will not watch Mad Dog slobber over Eve....

[Courtaney] and aren't on for 2?

[Bailey] Terror should become AListairs love slave

[Bailey] or slave..lol

[TammyEE_LE] If it's a spell that brings the darkness I can probably hang in.

[dawn9476] LMAO, Bailey

[GrayC63] You misstate my position. I want an EVIAN AFFAIR.

[Courtaney] so this is a month at least/...of something...

[JSlovesBM] if eve goes back to him she needs to see a shrink

[JuliansVxn] I can't take that agony. That is too much to bear.

[TammyEE_LE] but I'll have to know that's what it is. I can only take so much.

[Tracey] Gray, don't stand around saying "I told you so". Don't you have a question. Your posts are always so well written and intelligent..,

[Bailey] Oh gracie..I get you

[Ben] gray has wanted a teve redux? that miserable little vixen

[Courtaney] LOL

[srhrobin] Amen. But I don't think Eve will go back to him.

[JuliansVxn] I'm the Vixen

[evianh20] the scene you played in the library when Eve you couldn't see each other was one of the best scenes (in the many you've had). So if watching you in another heartwrenching scene is in the mix, I'll stay tuned for that scene - and only that scene.

[TammyEE_LE] I don't want Teve.

[GrayC63] Thanks. I think...

[Bailey] well it was more fun Evian sneaking around

[Courtaney] she wants Teve for an Evian affair...

[evianfan01] me either

[TammyEE_LE] or god forbid, that other possibility.

[Alicia] No Eve. Eve deserves so much better!

[Bailey] LMAO at Julian...a kiss...for luck

[GrayC63] I asked a question. It got lost due to no rules.

[JuliansVxn] that is revolting

[pwtala] why are they doing this to evian??

[dawn9476] What does Teve have? Their whole marriage was based on a lie

[TammyEE_LE] to make me sad.

[EviansPass] Is there one thing that Eve could do that would make Julian have to stay away from her, she can be quite shifty in regards to her feelings for Julian. SOmetimes I'm not sure she really loves him.

[Tracey] Gray, don't pout (LOL). What was your question?

[Bailey] what if Eve decides she wants TC back...she has yet to impress me with making a stand for Julian

[Ben] I just want to say that working with tracey has been a wonder. If I don't get to work with her much in the future it will be truly difficult.

[GrayC63] By the way, being called a vixen by Ben is a high honor. I think.

[srhrobin] on both parts. Eve and T.C.. Eve lied about her past, and T.C. lied about being a jerk.

[dawn9476] awwwwwwwwwwww

[JuliansVxn] I am so depressed.


[Bailey] now that blows Ben.

[JuliansVxn] Aw, I am a Vixen

[TammyEE_LE] I've never doubted Eve's love for Julian. It's why I love them.

[JuliansVxn] lol

[GrayC63] Are you going to be taping more regularly?

[Bailey] are you trying to make us miserable?

[TammyEE_LE] My heart is so heavy right now.

[JuliansVxn] but I am still depressed.

[Alicia] Awww

[pwtala] that's so sweet and sad ben...

[srhrobin] I've never doubted Eve's love for Julian either.

[GrayC63] I'd ask about blocking for scenes but shoes would be thrown at me.

[Tracey] Ask the blocking question. I'm curious...

[Bailey] eh?

[JuliansVxn] Karen and Tam

[evianh20] I'm concerned that this bodes an end to the interracial coupling on the show. As a black woman married to a white male for over 20 years, I have loved seeing Evian and Foxney. Now are we going to see this end?

[JSlovesBM] brace yourself....this could get technical with gray

[TammyEE_LE] First this drough, and now no Evian at all...

[GrayC63] I just want to know the decision making process behind blocking the scenes.

[Bailey] we may need an interpreter

[GrayC63] Who decides? The director? You get input?

[JuliansVxn] Tammy, I don't know if I can watch that.

[Tracey] No, because it was never a ploy it is a part of what Passions is.

[JSlovesBM] chickenese please

[TammyEE_LE] I don't think I can, either. I feel like crying. It's hard to write fan fiction when you have no muse.

[Bailey] is Gracie perhaps giving them too much credit in her write ups??

[JuliansVxn] Precisely.

[GrayC63] I won't ask about panning and what not.

[Tracey] That last answer was for evianh20

[Ben] This is a soap is it not? They want you to be miserable. They want me to be miserable. B ut if I'm honest I have to say the Julian and Eve can never truly be kept apart-not a love like their's. I know they will find their way back to each other.

[Bailey] in an alley for sure

[JuliansVxn] I feel horrible


[Tracey] Those would be camera questions...out of my league.

[Evian10] They better

[Bailey] or her office...or a closet

[pwtala] lol bailey....

[TammyEE_LE] Will we get a hot love scene before all goes wrong?

[srhrobin] Ben and Tracey, do you two know if and when there are going to be any scenes with Julian and Katherine, and Evian and Katherine. I'm rooting for Katherine to have a close relationship with Julian and with Eve.

[Bailey] noithing like Julian yanking an unsuspecting Eve into a hospital closet and giving her a good spanking

[JuliansVxn] how can we write without fresh inspiration?


[Bailey] kill TC .. Like I did

[Ben] I think my days of "hot love scenes" are over. I'm looking for a nursing home.

[Tracey] Don't see any of those scenes in the next 6 weeks.

[Bailey] oops..that was suppose to be a cliffhanger

[Bailey] LMAO

[JuliansVxn] oh no no no

[Karrie] Not even close, Ben!

[Bailey] Ben you are a nut

[Courtaney] nooooooooooooo

[Bailey] I will believe it when you and Eve SCOOT down the isle...instead of walk

[TammyEE_LE] All Evian love scenes go up a notch. Nobody does them better than you guys.

[evianh20] Ben - au contraire - mon ami -- you are a hot love scene every time you're on screen

[JuliansVxn] Courtaney, you know what this means.....

[Evian10] Your still hot Ben

[JSlovesBM] well at the rate of one day per week i don't expect much...sadness...lol

[Courtaney] LOL, Ben...you are the hottest actor on Passions!

[JuliansVxn] so prepare yourself!

[GrayC63] Well, Ben has a room full of women to say differently. He is surrounded after all.

[TammyEE_LE] Eric is a close second.

[TammyEE_LE] black t-shirt anyone.

[pwtala] i'll work in that nursing home....LOL..

[Bailey] Mature is nice

[evianfan01] me 2!!

[Courtaney] LOL, pwtala

[Ben] thank you - you naughty girls- you know how I feel about you

[JuliansVxn] Ben you are an incrediblely handsome man, even if someone did think you were my dad

[JuliansVxn] lol

[Courtaney] evianfan you are only 13~~~

[srhrobin] You are hot Ben.

[Tracey] Admins , you did a great job. This was alot of fun.

[Bailey] LOL

[JSlovesBM] ben's crew just became ben's nursing staff

[bprincess] Tracey, what type of music do you enjoy? If you enjoy classical, do you like Yo-yo Ma?

[Courtaney] awwww

[Bailey] LOL

[pwtala] thanks for not running from us....

[TammyEE_LE] I'm not naughty, I'm the angel around here.

[Bailey] Thank Tracey...we TRIED

[Tracey] Oh yeah, the hair thing. You guys want to talk about my hair...

[Courtaney] Tracey and Ben, we thank both of you so much for this

[Bailey] Yes

[evianfan01] yes we do!!

[Evian10] Thanks for doing the chat Ben and Tracey

[JuliansVxn] Yes, thank you so very much

[TammyEE_LE] Yes, thanks mucho for your time. This was fantastic.

[pwtala] I love your hair...no matter what...lol

[TammyEE_LE] And sad.

[GrayC63] Thanks for coming.

[Karrie] Thanks for chatting with us!

[Courtaney] we love your hair...especially pulled back

[Evian10] Passions is not the same without you

[Ben] this has been great fun and I don't know how to make you all understand what this means to me. I wouldn't be here if I did

[EviansPass] Yeah, thanks. This was very exciting

[TammyEE_LE] I like the Harvest Dance look.

[JuliansVxn] You are breathtaking, Tracey

[TammyEE_LE] very nice. Soft and classic at the same time.

[JuliansVxn] but I am still sad

[Alicia] Yes, this was fun! :-)

[Bailey] this rate.. it can be done whenever..doesn't have to have rules

[srhrobin] Thanks for doing the chat Ben and Tracey. It was such a pleasure meeting you both. I love the work you do, and I'm a huge fan.

[Bailey] since they are thrown out anyways. LOL

[Courtaney] thank you both...we love what you do...and the class you do it with

[GrayC63] Well, clearly less is more as far as planning goes.

[evianh20] Thank you both for the on screen pleasures you've provided and for being so gracious to your fans.

[Bailey] May we "beg" for a chat again?

[Ben] as I was saying before I hit the wrong key-I have so much love for you all and the fact that Evian has found a place in your hearts warms my heart beyond belief.

[Courtaney] LOL

[srhrobin] Yes please.

[Alicia] LOL

[evianh20] Are you guys doing this on a MAC?

[JuliansVxn] Please?

[Tracey] I wear a wig most of the time because I wouldn't have any if i didn't protect it from lights, hairspray, curling irons, etc. I think lots of Black enterainers do the same for the same reason

[pwtala] we'll need a chat to get us through the next few months..

[GrayC63] You truly have no shame, Bailey.

[srhrobin] Well thank you, for making Evian come alive.

[TammyEE_LE] Thank you. Evian warms our hearts, too. Although mine is breaking a bit right now.

[Tracey] Yes, we're on Macs

[JuliansVxn] I understand, Tracey

[pwtala] ditto EE...

[JuliansVxn] lol

[Courtaney] we think you look great Tracey!!!

[Alicia] I don't blame you, Tracey. I like my hair, also. LOL.

[Bailey] LOL

[Ben] goodbye my friends

[evianfan01] LOL!!

[evianfan01] bye bye

[Bailey] Bye ben

[Alicia] Bye!!!

[Karrie] Bye!

[pwtala] bye Ben....

[evianh20] YES! YES! another reason I love you

[Evian10] bye

[EviansPass] bye.

[JSlovesBM] good bye and thanks!!!

[srhrobin] Bye Ben. It was great meeting you.

[TammyEE_LE] Goodbye, Ben.

[Bailey] Come again!

[Courtaney] Goodbye, Ben!! Bye, Tracey!!

[GrayC63] Bye.

[TammyEE_LE] I'm so sad about the spoiler.

[JuliansVxn] I don't know how we will bear this upcoming time....

[TammyEE_LE] Goodbye, Tracey.

[Tracey] Bye Guys. Make sure you identify yourself if your ever at an event or somehting!

[pwtala] bye Tracey..

[srhrobin] Bye Tracey, it's great meeting you too.

[Bailey] I am going to BBQ

[Alicia] Bye, Tracey. This was fun!

[evianfan01] ok

[TammyEE_LE] I'm gonna go cry.

[evianfan01] bye Tracey

[GrayC63] Many thanks and goodbye.

[bprincess] bye Tracey

[JuliansVxn] did the room freeze?

[pwtala] dont bbq a kitty bailey

[TammyEE_LE] no

[JSlovesBM] stay away from bamby

[TammyEE_LE] I don't think

[Bailey] LOL this time..its a pig

[evianh20] Bailey, Courtney and Gray thanks so much for putting this together.

[evianfan01] bye yall

[Courtaney] LOL, pwtala..I needed that ...am feeling like Tam///

[Bailey] You are welcome...it was lots of Hard work

[TammyEE_LE] Yes, thanks, ladies.

[Courtaney] Thanks., H20 it was fun

[pwtala] yes, thanks guys for putting on the chat..

[TammyEE_LE] It was a good time...sad, but good.

[Courtaney] LOL, Bailey!!

[Alicia] Awww.. I'm feeling sad now.

[Alicia] lol

[TammyEE_LE] My Evian!! Oh, No!

[JuliansVxn] I am going to cry on MSN

[Evian10] Thanks for the chat

[GrayC63] Thanks, everyone. We hope you had a good time.


[Tracey] Hey! Don't be sad. Remember- Keep the Faith... Bye

[Alicia] This drought and then no Evian?? What's going to happen to Passions??

[Bailey] yes we do

[Courtaney] There's light at the end of the tunnel

[TammyEE_LE] and incest...

[EviansPass] Oh yes, Thanks for the invite Courtney, Bailey, and Gray. I'm very greatful and pleased to have been a part of this experience. and all.

[pwtala] I'm sad guys.....sometimes it's best to not know...

[TammyEE_LE] not a good recipe.

[Evian10] I will try to have faith

[Bailey] if only they would do one more HOT scene to get us through the misery of it all

[Courtaney] I am keeping faith

[srhrobin] What's this about a sad spoiler?

[JuliansVxn] I can't watch Passions without my Evian

[TammyEE_LE] faith of a mustard seed.

[Bailey] I am going to tend the fire...

[pwtala] i would keep the faith but in passions time it could take forever..

[JuliansVxn] I am so depressed

[Alicia] I refuse to watch passions without Evian

[TammyEE_LE] My Evian...

[Bailey] I won't be watching

[Evian10] I am depressed too

[JSlovesBM] i guess the most "I feel the earth move under my feet" moment is thre quake

[TammyEE_LE] I haven't been.

[Evian10] I won't watch Passions without my Evian

[TammyEE_LE] It's not keeping my interest.

[Bailey] lol jax

[EviansPass] Yes, thanks admins for the invite. i am so grateful and glad to be a part of this experience. You rock!

[JuliansVxn] Karen

[TammyEE_LE] I have not warmed up to Fancy and it's just too much of her.

[JuliansVxn] Tam

[Bailey] ugh more people to steal evian air time

[Alicia] I haven't been watching Passions, except when I see Evian on. One of them, at least

[bprincess] Now I can go to UCI andnot feel bad about missing Evian

[TammyEE_LE] I might watch for Simone. I've been waiting for that poor child to get a storyline.

[TammyEE_LE] But if it means Teve.

[Courtaney] I know, Pris... ...

[Alicia] Exactly, Gabs

[Bailey] today on passions...Beth takes off in a boat...while sheridan stands and screams MARTY MARTY after it.

[bprincess] because there won't be any Evian to miss

[JuliansVxn] I can't watch .....I just can't

[Alicia] What is the upcoming storyline for Simone? Is it a good one or something not worth watching?

[pwtala] ok bailey you cheated....lol

[TammyEE_LE] I'm all for conflict, but not brutality.

[Bailey] lol

[Bailey] I did take a peek..no Evian

[Evian10] I will miss my Evian so much

[srhrobin] I think I missed something. Why is everyone so sad, with the exception that Ben and Tracey have left?

[TammyEE_LE] I'm already missing them. Once a week!

[Bailey] scroll up and see

[JuliansVxn] TC is a unnecessary evil no one should have to suffer with!

[Alicia] Sarah, Ben gave us a negative spoiler about Evian

[TammyEE_LE] Evian are going to be apart!!

[Bailey] I forgot to ask them if we can blab about what they said

[srhrobin] What was it?

[evianh20] Well if the next months are no Evian, then I may be able to save my marriage. I promised him I would stop watching this show, once Evian made love, and didn't keep that promise. But if it's Teve and Juvy, there will be no Passions on tv and maybe more Passion in my house.

[JSlovesBM] oh good b you did my job

[JSlovesBM] recap it

[TammyEE_LE] Not a love of scenes with Tracey.

[Bailey] what ben said about tracey

[TammyEE_LE] dark times for Evian.

[Courtaney] Evian may be apart

[TammyEE_LE] not good stuff.

[Alicia] Something is supposed to happen. No more scenes with Tracey. No more Goodies :-(

[Courtaney] will be...we assume...

[srhrobin] What? How? When?

[pwtala] but Ben and Tracey aren't....

[JuliansVxn] I am heartbroken

[Alicia] I'm depressed, now

[TammyEE_LE] No details. Just some side info.

[Evian10] I will cry if something happens to one of them on the show

[Courtaney] that's right pwtala

[pwtala] i guess we'll have to get a support group now..lol

[Alicia] Do you think it will happen after the Disaster scenes?

[Courtaney] and that is more important than the show!!

[TammyEE_LE] Passions needs to get a new name. Evian is the passion.

[Alicia] Tam, good idea.

[Evian10] The show will not be the same without the Passion of Evian

[TammyEE_LE] Yeah, it is, but I like to see them...together.

[JuliansVxn] "Cold Oatmeal"

[Alicia] Evian is the passion on Passions.. Without Evian.. It's just a boring old Soap Opera

[Bailey] karen did u save this?

[Ben] hey, I just walked by this computer and saw all of this sad stuff. don't be too depressed. Eve and Julian can't be kept apart I promise you.

[JuliansVxn] new name

[Evian10] I agree Alicia

[TammyEE_LE] a bucket of warm hamster vomit. (

[TammyEE_LE] Just bad!! Nothing you want.

[Evian10] Thanks Ben

[JuliansVxn] Ben, we are heartbroken

[Bailey] LOL tammy ..barf

[Alicia] Oh, what a pretty image, Tam.

[pwtala] so you guys will have to post more and keep us informed..

[Alicia] lol

[TammyEE_LE] Thank Eddie Murphy.

[TammyEE_LE] I can't help it. I'm already missing Evian.

[TammyEE_LE] My tapes are begging for a break.

[Courtaney] There are two things I am going to remember more than anything from this chat...besides all the fun,,,,Ben's profession of love and the terrible spoiler...but it's the love that is the most important!!!

[JuliansVxn] Karen is getting MAJOR Giant Julian now

[Bailey] make copies


[pwtala] so now we will have to get a life!!!!

[Alicia] Me, too. I've been missing Evian for weeks. They've only had one day to themselves.. Of course it was remarkable.. But, that's not the point!

[JuliansVxn] I must cause anguish to ease my pain!

Tracey exits from this room

[pwtala] so now we will have to get a life!!!!

[JSlovesBM] so pris does that mean i get to cause anguish too

[GrayC63] LOL Bailey. Maybe my clients will get adequate representation now.

[Courtaney] I did halfway...will do the rest

[JuliansVxn] if I must suffer, she will suffer too!!

[Bailey] This blows

EviansPass exits from this room

[Bailey] LOL

[Bailey] Sue me Gracie

[TammyEE_LE] I see a stroke of misfortune coming up

[Alicia] LOL

bprincess exits from this room

[JSlovesBM] or u may get sleep...one or the other

[srhrobin] Take heart everyone. Ben did say Evian and Julian can't be kept apart.

[GrayC63] If only I could. Negligent chat moderation.

[Alicia] I see boring daytime TV coming up

[Bailey] I could make a living providing Evian love...on tape

[JuliansVxn] Yes, cause pain....because I sure as heck plan to

[Bailey] I was told .. LOL

[Courtaney] you guys are too cruel...fanfic writers...you can't bring us pain

[srhrobin] Me too.

[TammyEE_LE] Look how long it took them to get back together.

[pwtala] I need a good glass of wine now to drown my sorrows...

[Courtaney] we need happiness

[TammyEE_LE] I can't wait another 25 years

[Bailey] well I am going to bring happiness in the form of death to TC

[JuliansVxn] I refuse to suffer alone.....

[GrayC63] Everyone should just have faith. I do. The story will go on.