Tracey Ross (Eve, Passions)

Soap Opera Weekly

July 2000


Recent fad I admit to trying: Exercising

Favorite actor: Ben Masters

Favorite actress: Juliet Mills

Favorite movie: Gone With the Wind

Greatest fear: Not being able to provide for my son

Favorite TV show: Passions

Favorite musical group: Sawyer Brown

Film or theatrical role for the opposite sex I would most want to play: Indiana Jones

If I could keep only one household appliance, it would be: The radio

Something you’d be surprised to know about me: I have attention deficit disorder

Currently reading: The Old Patagonian Express, by Paul Theroux

Favorite book: Little Women, by Louisa Mae Alcott

Favorite food: Queene Anne Cherries

Least favorite foods: Hot and spicy or salty foods

Favorite comfort food: Butter pecan ice cream

Favorite item of clothing: Black skirts

Greatest achievement: Star of the Future Award from the National Association of Theatre Owners

Causes I most believe in: Individual liberty and defense of the Constitution

If I had one wish: Everyone would carry their own weight

Most treasured possession: My photo albums

First thing I do when I wake up in the morning: Take a nap!

Last thing I do before I go to bed: Listen to Phil Hendrie on KFI-AM 640 talk radio

Most embarrassing moment: I was four months pregnant and nauseous every waking moment. One day I threw up in front of Saks Fifth Avenue in broad daylight to the disgust of thousands.

Best quality: A desire to assist and help

Worst qualities: Talk too much, laugh too loud and too long

Biggest regret: Not having more children

Something that makes me see red: Clinton

If I could live anywhere, it’d be: Manhattan

Celebrities I’m often mistaken for: Whitney Houston and Vanessa L. Williams

What I dislike most about my appearance: My arms are too long and so are my feet!

Smartest thing I ever did: Home birth

Greatest love: My son, Bryce

Qualities I like most in a mate: Character and courage

My hero: My best friend, Patrice Powers

My epitaph: Here lies a woman who made an honest go of it, and did rather well, considering all her defects.