Julian and Eve: The Next Supercouple?
April 2003 Soap Opera Weekly

Move over, Sheridan and Luis. With Eve admitting her love to Julian this week – and Passions announcing that Ben Masters and Tracey Ross will present together at the Daytime Emmys – it looks like there’s a new supercouple in Harmony.

“All I asked is that we reconsummate ourselves,” cracks Masters, in character. “This whole (supercouple) thing just sneaked up on us, because it wasn’t too long ago where I would be lasciviously trying to grab her butt at one of the Crane parties and she would pull a scalpel on me and threaten to cut off Little Julian. So we’re just trying to do whatever we can to make the two characters as appealing as possible.”

While Masters is ready to go with the flow, Ross admits that carrying the supercouple mantel can be a daunting proposition. “It’s harder work!” she exclaims. “It means so much to me that I want to do it justice, and I don’t always have the time. Ben can do it in his sleep, but for me, I have to work at it so hard. I want to put more into it than I have available. It definitely sets the bar higher.”

This week, Rebecca brings Julian to the Harmony Blue Note club, unaware that Julian owns it and had the club fashioned after the Boston Blue Note, where he and Eve first met. “When I started reading [in the script] about the Blue Note, I’m like ‘Oh, my God, so I go down there every week and sit with a bottle of champagne and two glasses? Who knew Julian had this club? But then again, who knew Sam Bennett can fly a helicopter?! Julian has a very full life – he has things going on that even he doesn’t know,” laughs Masters. “Mr. Reilly’s curveballs have always been fun and interesting, if not sick and perverted. I may be tricked into thinking the nice, kind Julian is here to stay, so I’m waiting for the day when I pick up a script and find I’m dressed as an animal tamer and Rebecca’s dressed in a loincloth and I have to whip her again.”

Masters previews that at least for now, Eve, not Rebecca, will be the woman on Julian’s mind, as he and Eve commit to finding their son, no matter what the cost. “It’s very difficult, because Eve thought that Chad could be our son and did the DNA test, and it proved to be wrong. But you don’t know if maybe someone changed the specimens at the hospital. We need to get another crack detective on this case!”

As for Masters and Ross being the Passions presenters at this year’s Emmys, a spokesperson for the show says, “The Julian and Eve storyline is forefront and explosive. The onscreen chemistry between the couple, and the chronicle of their romance, simply sizzles.” – RS

Additional reporting by JDL