Performer of the Week
Soap Opera Digest Magazine
March 28, 2000

The key to a successful performance on PASSIONS is being in on the joke, and no one understands that better than Ben Masters (Julian). We've loved his playful portrayal of the randy Crane patriarch from day one, but it took the campy, Tom Jones- inspired sex romp with Suzanne the maid at the ski lodge to truly showcase his fearless, comedic flair.

"I miss my favorite upstairs maid and our games together," purred Julian as the laugh-out-loud hilarity ensured. Suddenly, there was Julian, prancing around like a bull, donning his bedmate's clothes, checking his pulse after emerging from under the covers, even lovingly caressing a rotisserie chicken. Fully aware of the utter absurdity of the situation, Masters totally commits, but still looks ready to turn and wink at the camera any second. He's not afraid to appear silly or to go way, way over the top, because he knows that's exactly what the scenes need to work. Sure, there was a plot point in which Julian caught Ivy with Sam in the next room, but is that why anyone was watching?

Only an outrageously self-aware soap like PASSIONS could (or should) attempt the confidence to do it right. Luckily, Masters is game. The reason it's so funny is because he gets it – and therefore, so do we.