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July 5 , 2000

Ben: Hello all of you wonderful people out there in cyberspace, thank you for joining my son and myself this evening.
Travis: Hello everyone, glad you could all make it.
djaina asks:
The character of Julian is wonderful! Is there anyone you based him on whom you know in real life?
It's a combination of a number of characters I've seen in films, basically. In real life, he has some resemblance to a fellow I knew on the east coast who wore green pants with lobsters on them...
passionluver1 asks: Travis, how is it working with Ben Masters and Kim Johnson Ulrich?
Travis: I enjoy every minute I get to work with Ben and Kim. We have a lot of fun, we have a great family thing going on.
Ben: Good answer, good answer.
melissa77567 asks:
Ben, is your character supposed to be an alcoholic? Because all you ever do is drink on the show
Umm.. I consider Julian to be a functioning alcoholic. Today on the show that witch Tabitha put herbs in my flask so all bets are off now.
lori_kingsbury asks: Do you think Ethan is going to end up with Theresa because he is not really a Crane but a Bennett which means he comes from the same type of back ground as Theresa?
Travis: Well, actually I think Theresa's family, before they were taken care of, were blue bloods like us.
Fate has it plans for us.
Army_of_Me2 asks:
Ben- your character totally lightens up the show, I really think you're great! I'd like to ask you what's your favorite part of your character?
I think it's the glee that Julian has when he has got all of the oars in the water, when he's pulling awful things on almost everyone around him, and just his sort of evil madness.
d_laurin asks: "Ethan" how did you get your start in "the biz"? BTW I just started watching PASSIONS.. its addicting! :)
Travis: I started with Passions. I only did commercials and theatre in Texas , during and after college. Passions is my first show.
Ben: And I saw Travis in a stage play recently and he was wonderful!!!
Thank you, Ben.
some_obscure_reference asks: Ben, does Julian have any redeeming qualities at all, or is he just bad through and through?
Travis: I think Julian has some redeeming qualities.
He folds his own laundry...
Ben: Yeah right...
orangeblossom9 asks:
What are Travis's hobbies in his spare time?
Travis: Oh boy.
I like to play frisbee. Golf. Go to films, see theatre. Watch TV.
melissa77567 asks:
Hey boys!! If someone was going to watch their first episode of Passions, what episode would you have them watch and why? Thanks, Sarah and Melissa
Ben: Oh dear, I think the New Year's Eve episode where the guy fell through the glass ceiling at all of our feet as we were standing around in tuxedos.
: I would agree. That was exciting stuff. Or watch the Prom from Hell stuff.
nata_rex asks: Ben, my love, it is such a thrill to chat LIVE after all this time! Have you corrupted Travis the least little bit off camera?
Ben: You have no idea my dear, how much Travis has corrupted me. I had the door to the monastery open and he yanked me by the collar back out into the evil world.
Travis: Right. And it was the right thing to do.
melissa77567 asks:
Travis, I was born in Texas , I was just wondering what part you're from? I'm from Plano , thanks!
Travis: I'm not actually from Texas . I was born and raised in Kansas , but I went to TCU in Fort Worth .
kim1849 asks: When Julian is no longer drunk, what will he think about Timmy the talking doll?
Ben: Well I know that I have a scene with my father coming up which has already been shot and I am explaining what happened on the boat and I said I even imagined I was having a cocktail with the doll, so he thinks that someone spiked Julian's drink...
DlphnLvr01 asks:
Travis how did you enjoy singing with Lindsay?
Travis: Oh, I had a great time. Lindsay's a wonderful singer, and she actually wrote the song, the music and lyrics. It was great. I was very impressed.
passionsaddict asks: Hey Travis and Ben! What has been the biggest benefit of being a soap star?
Ben: Getting to work on a character that is perhaps the most interesting and many-sided-weirdo that I've ever gotten to do and to do that on a daily basis.
Travis: I would say, performing over and over again. The amount of repetition that goes into developing the character.
djaina asks: Julian, is Eve the love of your life?
Ben: You know I don't think so, I don't know if Julian has had or now has the love of his life.
jen_travis_2000 asks:
Travis, when will you be in the South Bay again?...hey remember I beat you at bowling...(pink lady)
Travis: Pink Lady, that was my bowling ball. Next time there's a bowling tournament down there I'll be there. With my Pink Lady.
glittergirl01 asks: If you could be a writer for Passions what would you change about it or how would you like the storyline to go?
This is my boring response: I have such respect and am in such awe of James Riley and his twisted mind that I'm just sitting back waiting for him to come up with more oddity for me.
Travis: I would say -- I agree with Ben. Don't mess with something that's going well. Jim's doing a great job & I enjoy all the stuff we get. Although I'd like a little more testosterone, or cranium.
passionsgrl1 asks: Ben what is your secret at staying sooooo sexy?? I am only 17 (almost 18) and I would date u in a minute!!
Ben: I have no idea what you're talking about darling, I'm old enough to be in a rocking chair next to the ocean...
cute_amber_2000 asks: Do either of you have any special talents?
Travis: Oh my goodness. Yes, I have several.
Travis: I can do accents.
canastacutie asks:
Do you think Julian will abandon Ethan when he finds out he is not his son?
Ben: Well if that were to happen it would take so long that he would be my common-law son in the end anyway, and we don't know for sure that Ethan is not my son. I'm sure there will be some DNA tests on down the road somewhere.
melissa77567 asks: Hey Travis and Ben!!! We were just wondering if you guys could be any other character on the show, who would it be and why? And also, do you know if you're coming to Canada anytime soon? Thanks!! Sarah and Melissa
Travis: I'd be Tabitha.
Travis: I was supposed to go to Canada , it just hasn't happened yet, but hopefully soon.
Ben: I think Kay is a great character, I'd like to be her for awhile. And I don't know if I'll be coming to Canada anytime soon, but I love Canada .
skittles_magic asks: If you were to write a song about yourself, what would it be called?
Travis: You know that song by Denis Leary, "I'm an A--hole"?
"I Feel Pretty"
tspoon_18360 asks:
Travis, do you ever get girls throwing themselves at you?
No, not really. I don't have the Galen Gering effect on women.
sherridin asks: Hi Ben, what did you think of the little pirate scene (it was hilarious )
Ben: I loved doing that whole week of scenes. I know it upset some people about the fact that I was chasing after Theresa, and Lindsay is such a fabulous actress that we really had a great time.
melissa77567 asks: Travis, do you think your character should pick Gwen or Theresa?
warner_11 asks: Ben Masters, when will we see Julian's father's face?
Ben:I honestly don't know, it seems that without seeing his face people have made their own visions of his face and that seems to be more interesting as of now.
sho12ty8 asks: Hey guys, what are your favorite foods?
I love pizza, seafood, and salmon.
Ben: I echo my son's loves. I try not to eat what I really love which is cheeseburgers and french fries because I would become more porcine than I am now.
dctalklover165 asks: Ben, how do you feel about how Julian treats his sister?
Ben: I have to do what I have to do.
passionluver1 asks
: Happy Birthday to Passions, how exciting was it to celebrate your first year?
Travis: It was very exciting. Very surreal. A year has passed very quickly.
Travis: It seemed like it was just yesterday I was going to the first cast get together.
A feeling of accomplishment that all of us had put a lot of time and hard work into this monster and it seems to be doing better in the ratings. I felt very good about it.
srwolk_us asks: What was the effect of the herbs Tabitha put in Julian's flask (besides making him more tipsy)?
Ben: I drew upon various articles I've read about the effect of hallucinogens from the hippie days and later I remember talking to friends of mine about their experiences. Being pure as the driven snow myself I didn't have first hand knowledge
kelly_rodi asks: Of all the social events you have attended which was the most exciting for you?
Travis: My girlfriend Amy's Prom in New Orleans ...The Emmy's, that was the most exciting!
Ben: I would say the Soap Opera Digest awards.
Ben: I got the part that I tried out for yes.
Travis: As far as I know, I did. That's all I ever read for. I don't think I could have played Miguel.
Ben: You could have played Timmy if they cut you off at the knees...
scratchy_200 asks: What's the best part of your careers?
I wouldn't say it's the fame because we all basically toil in the studio on a soap opera and it is not like a career of a movie star. In my life I've had different ups and downs in my career where I was working in other things as an actor where there may have been more fame. In the end it doesn't really mean anything to me and I don't understand it. Whew!
Travis: The most exciting thing is getting paid for acting. Fame is not why I got into this. It's part of it, it's part of the job. It's flattering, but it's to work.
colgate46 asks: Who are your favorite actors/actresses? Thanks. ~Passions biggest fan, Holly
Ben: Sean Connery (Sir Sean I guess), Gene Hackman, and I already got to work with Paul Newman so let's leave it at that.
Travis: I would say Edward Norton. William Dafoe. Natalie Portman. Kristin Scott Thomas.
pinay_passionate asks: What can the viewers expect this summer with the Gwen/Ethan/Theresa story line???
Travis: More struggle. A lot more secrets coming out in the open. We don't really know much. Tune in to find out.
Coolmyst_78 asks: If you weren't acting now, what would you be doing?
Hopefully sitting and looking at the ocean somewhere.
Getting drinks for Ben by the ocean somewhere.
angelgurl_99_2001 asks:
I was just wondering which character in Passions do you guys wish you had more scenes with? Thanks Samantha
Travis: I would say Ben & Kim. I really enjoy the way our family functions.
Ben: Timmy!
delilah_2000_2000 asks:
Ben, is it easy to play an evil character? If not, how do u do it?
Ben: I believe that people who are evil don't think of themselves as evil and so it's not difficult to do. It's like playing any character you just play it with a different slant of reality.
melissa77567 asks: Did you grow up wanting to be actors or did that just fall into your lap?
Travis: Nothing ever falls into anyone's lap. I got involved in acting in high school. I wanted to be a professional baseball or soccer player. Then I learned I'd have to practice all summer and wouldn't have time to flirt with the girls at the pool.
cute_little_care_bear asks: What does the rest of your families think about the soap opera scene?
Ben: My family is not very extended. The ones that are still breathing seem to enjoy it.
colgate46 asks: Do you guys watch Passions when you're at home? Also, what are your favorite shows on TV?
Travis: (Travis' real dad is there and answers): We enjoy the acting and the best part is Ben Masters.
Ben: I watch Passions, I tape it everyday and watch it because I want to see what's happening outside of my scenes. I'd have to say my favorite shows on TV otherwise are on the Discovery or the financial channel. I watch my own work with scrutiny and like to see if I've gone too far or not far enough.
Travis: I don't really watch the show that much. I'm very critical of myself and I think I'm a horrible actor. I enjoy Malcolm in the Middle, X-Files, I'm not much of a sitcom guy.
whiterose3182 asks: Is the part of Alistar Crane ever going to be cast?
Ben: I can't answer that because I don't know. We will just have to wait and see.
canastacutie asks:
What do you think Ethan will do when he finds out Sam is his father?
Ben: Start putting a lot of mousse in his hair!!!
Travis: First I'll flip out. It won't make sense. Sam Bennett is the dysfunctional Police Chief of Harmony. I'm sure I'll have a lot of scenes with my mother saying, but things were so good with Dad!
glittergirl01 asks:
What do you like most about playing Ethan Crane?
Travis: The scenes with Liza, my girlfriend.
caseyjordon_2000 asks:
Well there is a very obscure film called "Withnail and I". It's a British film about two drunken, out of work actors in the 60's.
My favorite film of all time? "Dune".
hottie_19_91 asks:
Mr. Masters and Mr.Schuldt what advice do you have for aspiring actors?
Ben: Get all the experience in acting you can and all the education that you can, and then throw yourself on the mercy of the gods...
Get your education, get the experience and get to know yourself. Don't sell your body for parts.
flirty_abercrombie_girl asks: With all the fame of the show, do your friends treat you differently?
Travis: No, not really. I'm still the butt of all their jokes. I'm still the moron that I am.
Ben: The people that have gotten into watching this show call me and start screaming "Why are Luis and Sheridan so stupid! Why don't they know they love each other?" These are friends that I've known for years, they don't treat me any differently.
brandywine069 asks: Why is Julian so afraid of his dad?
: It comes down to the money and power that he wields that could ultimately get him killed.
chaquita4011 asks: Do either of u watch any other soaps to see what's happening with all the other ones?
Travis: I watch " General Hospital ". I love watching Maurice Benard and Sarah Brown. They've got great chemistry.
Ben: Only in the sense that I want to make sure that I don't look like someone who is acting on a soap. I want my character of Julian to be more like a weird cartoon. I check to see what the linear choices would be as opposed to the very strange...
adlt_00 asks:
I think we're a very entertaining soap opera. We're very surface. Our storylines are fun. We make fun of ourselves. It's all for entertainment.
Ben: I read recently, either in TV Guide Online or Soap Opera Weekly that in the midst of all of its political incorrectness, Passions is more politically correct than any other soap, meaning the different backgrounds, races. I also think that the madcap aspect of it is very interesting, and I think it is fun!
mamirault asks:
What gave you the determination to never give up your dream even when hard times arose?
Travis: My whole philosophy, which my mother taught me, is that if they don't cast me, then it's no good.
hottie_19_91 asks:
What has given you the greatest honor while being an actor?
Well, I think a lot of it has to do with working with Ben and the others. The positive response we've gotten. NBC is really supportive. Everyone's in it to make a good show.
mistress_shiva_1 asks:
Ben... have you ever done voice overs? You have a very SEXY and mysterious voice! :)
Ben: Actually, yes! When I was in my early thirties I was the voice of Miller Beer for a year and a half and made a lot of money. Then I was the voice of Wrangler jeans for a year, and then I stopped doing voice overs.
sandra_minassian asks: Travis and Ben, will you two be at the Passions luncheon on August 12?
Travis: Yes.
Wild horses couldn't drag me away.
spurschic asks:
How many pages of dialogue have you had to memorize in a day?-Thanks Suraya
Ben: Well, it's not so much pages as it is how much you have to say on a particular page. A long monologue, which I'm preparing for right now. I have 8 scripts in front of me, so to speak, and I spent my 4th of July holiday learning them.
Travis: You lose track. I had a day a few months ago where I had to learn 70 pages in one night.
cute_amber_2000 asks: If you could be a fly on the wall of any person's house, who would it be and why?
Ben: I have no idea, to be honest.
Ben: Wait, no, I would say Saddam Hussein.
Wow. That's an interesting question. Maybe Clinton ! Just to see how much fun he's having.
melissa77567 asks: How come none of the families in Harmony have any pets??
Ben: It's too expensive to have animals on the set, except for the two-legged kind.
Thank you all for being here tonight, I can't tell you what it means to me and the show. If you stay tuned you will see Julian get what he deserves from the hand of T.C. Russell!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Travis: I'd like to thank everyone for getting on line and talking with Ben and me. I look forward to seeing some of you August 12. Be ready to watch Ethan talking himself out of some interesting situations.
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