Eve walked over to Julian’s table and sat down. She noticed a young woman sitting at the table next to his. She got a good look at her and realized it was a friend of Whitney’s.

“Jillian, is that you? How have you been? I haven’t seen you in so long!”

The tall, curly-haired girl smiled at Eve. “I’ve been fine, Dr. Russell,” she said with a trace of a Caribbean accent still evident in her voice. “Never a dull moment in college. So, what are you doing sitting at Julian Crane’s table, huh?”

“You know Julian Crane, Jillian?” Eve asked in surprise.

“Oh, all the girls on campus know him,” she said, grinning. “At least the ones over 21, anyway. I have never seen him with anyone younger.”

“So Julian frequents the campus a lot?” Eve asked, feeling a wave of jealousy creep over her.

“Oh, he hasn’t in a long time actually. Not that anyone has really missed him, but I kind of have. I’m different than the other girls – a real maverick, you know? So I guess I see things in him no one else does.”

“Oh,” Eve said, getting up. She didn’t like where this conversation with Jillian was headed. “I’ll see you around, OK?”


Storage Room