Eve entered the library and saw that Julian’s high-backed leather desk chair was turned toward the wall. She could tell that he was in the chair because she saw his arms on the armrests. She walked across the floor on her tiptoes, and when she came to the chair she shouted, “Guess who?” and spun the chair around, all prepared to give the occupant a big kiss. She was horrified to find that sitting in the chair was none other than Julian’s son Fox!

“Well, Dr. Eve, to what do I owe this pleasure?” he asked, a flirtatious smile on his all-too-knowing face.

Eve turned red with embarrassment. “I…uh…Fox, I am looking for your father. We…uh…have some hospital business that we need to discuss.”

“Of course you do,” Fox replied with a mischievous grin.

“Have you seen him lately?” Eve asked, ignoring the look in Fox’s eyes.

“I think he went upstairs to get ready for work. Why don’t you check up there? He’s either in his room, or he’s on his way to the office already.”

“Thanks, Fox,” Eve said and turned to leave the library, grateful to be getting away from those deep brown eyes that seemed to see right through her!

Where should Eve go next?

Crane Industries

Julian’s bedroom