Thumbs UP & Thumbs DOWN – The Missing Jules
Soap Opera Digest, January 14, 2003

Juuuliaaan, come out, come out wherever you are!

When the not so dead Crane returned to Harmony, viewers were teased by glimmers of change in the cold-hearted womanizer. But he bolted for the back-burner, leaving us desperately searching for him – and his deserted storylines.

It's a shame because we were intrigued with Julian's soft side, which was first exposed when his travel bud, Timmy, passed away. Gone was the Martimmy-swigging buffoon. In his place was a vulnerable, grieving man – Tim's death hit him hard.

Then, Julian surprised us with a hysterical, rope-swinging sex romp with Tabitha, of all people (Talk about opposites attracting!) But the unlikely duo's passion was a mere one-night, er, one-time event, and that's a shame because the characters share a curious compatibility. Surely, Passions's creative writers can find a way to forge an extended bond between this ne'er-do-well duo.

Finally, there was Julian's admission that he still loves Eve. This is a tale begging to be told, and there's palpable chemistry here, as well. Passions opened the door, and just when we thought the past would be explored, it was slammed shut.

It's really a shame because the writers did a find job laying the groundwork and prepping the audience. But by shoving Julian aside, the momentum that was built has been lost.