Date: Who knows the time or date in this town.

Dear Diary,

Man, today I had the worst headache. Spending all day listening to Whitney calling me names is bound to give any woman a splitting migraine. Too bad she has a wicked back hand, other wise I would slap her for speaking to me like that.

You know what I should have done is bend her over my knee a few more times when she was younger. That would have made a difference, I am sure, or at least make her think twice about giving me lip!

Julian, oh Julian. Please take me away from this crazy town and its crazy people. My daughters...well they are brats anyways, if I get away from them for a while and their 'out of control' father....TC, what in the world did I ever see in him?? I must have been guilt ridden, beyond belief, for me to stick with such an dink. I mean, really, he blames me for everything, no matter what! If a bloody mouse stole cheese from a trap and snapped it shut without getting caught, I am sure he would blame me for not setting it right...even though he was the one who set it.

Julian, he is the only man who truely loves me as I am. Am I insane? How much more time am I gonna waste without him? Eve, do something about it, before you end up like Meggie and Ralph in "The Thorn Birds". Yes, I think its time to tell Julian I want to be the lady of the manor. Time to remove HoBecca from the scene...he, he, this should be fun. :) I can't wait for tonight, a whole night with Julian...without TC barging in....yes, I am sure we will set the bed on fire.