Julian approached Eve's office and knocked on the door. He waited for a moment and was relieved to hear footsteps. He straightened his tie and grinned widely as the door opened. His smile disappeared as he stared into the cold eyes of TC Russell.

"What the hell do you want?" he snapped.

"Um, I...well, we have a board meeting this afternoon and I wanted to go over a few things with Dr. Russell," Julian stammered.

"I don't buy it. Why were you grinning like a fool when I opened the door?" TC asked suspiciously.

"Can't a man be friendly?" Julian asked.

"Not when it's you, Crane. I told you before, stay the hell away from my family. If I catch you around Eve again, I will kill you," he threatened.

"No need to get violent. I assure you, I only want to discuss hospital funds with Dr. Russell," Julian lied.

"Sure you do. Get out of my face before I rearrange yours for you!" TC slammed the door in Julian's face.

"Buffoon," Julian said. "What Eve ever saw in him is beyond me." He stood for a moment, trying to decide where to look next.

The Pier

The Book Cafe