As the door creaked open, Julian stood in the doorway, not really wanting to go inside. He glanced at the floor, and his heart almost stopped when he saw broken glass and some kind of blunt object which he did not recognize.

Carefully he stepped around the glass and looked around the ill lit room. Only a dim light in the back of the room offered him enough light to see where he was going.

This place gave Julian the creeps. He picked up the blunt object and walked a little farther into the wine cellar. He felt something furry brush against him and swung at it with the object in his hand. Bingo! He nailed it. He walked over to the wall where it lay, crushed, and very dead.

Shivering, he noticed that it was a rat. Feeling a bit more comfortable, Julian walked around a wine rack. He glanced at the wines and thought of opening a bottle. His thoughts were interrupted by a a clanging sound. Turning another corner, he was horrified at what he saw.

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