It was still snowing heavily. Tabitha Lenox hurried into her house, brushing snow off of Endora’s blanket. “What a storm. We almost got stranded at the hospital.” She un-wrapped her daughter and removed her own boots. “Seeing your father tear the place to shreds would have been fun, but you need your beauty sleep, my darling.”

She rushed into the kitchen and uncovered her bowl-o-vision. “Let’s see if your mischief is still at work.” She held Endora up to see. In her bowl, Eve was wiping Julian’s wounds. “I see Eve has warmed up to the ‘Incredible Julian.’ ” Tabitha laughed. “I am sure as the night goes on, she will get pretty…” She looked at Endora. “Well, let’s just say, if TC finds them, all hell will break loose - literally.” She placed her daughter in her playpen. “I think I shall make some popcorn.”

On the outskirts of Harmony, TC and Sam climbed into TC’s truck. “Why don’t we just go home, get some rest and start fresh in the morning?” Sam suggested.

“I am not giving up till I find them. Then, I am going to put an end to his miserable life.” TC’s hand still clutched his shotgun.

“TC, you can’t be serious. You know I will have to arrest you if you kill Julian. You will end up in prison. Is that what you want?” Sam grabbed the support strap in the ceiling as the truck swerved. “Slow down, before you end up killing us both!” he yelled.

“I know what I am doing!” TC barked. He refused to slow down.

Sam prayed.

At the Crane Cabin, Eve finished bandaging Julian’s wounds, aware that he was watching her every move. Her heart raced. She placed the final piece of tape on the gauze patch on his hand and patted it. She looked up and smiled. “There. That should do.”

Julian smiled and reached out and traced a finger along her face. Eve caught her breath. Even in this muscle-bound form, he still took her breath away. “Why don’t I make us some coffee? Then we will try to figure out what happened to you and pray that you somehow return to normal.” She got up to leave.

Eve shrieked in surprise when Julian pulled her down onto his lap. She relaxed when he kissed the top of her head. His hand around her waist, he hugged her close to his heart. Tears clouded her vision. “Oh, Julian,” she whispered against his bare chest, brushing her lips across the spot where his heart was.

She felt his heartbeat accelerate and smiled. He was still very much a normal man despite his size. Pulling back, Eve looked up into his face. “I will go make coffee now. I’ll be back in a few minutes. Don’t go anywhere.”

He smiled and raised an eyebrow.

“I hope whatever caused this wears off soon. There is so much we need to talk about,” Eve said, as she turned and walked into the kitchen.

Fifteen minutes later, the coffee was ready. Eve poured some in a carafe and grabbed two mugs. She looked around for something bigger for Julian. A pot! That would do for his size.

The chill from the broken door was starting to cool the cabin despite the fire. Eve made a mental note to find something to cover the opening. She entered the living room. “Here we…” The carafe, pot and cup hit the floor. “Julian!” she cried, rushing to his side. “What is happening?”

His gigantic form was soaked with sweat, and he was shivering uncontrollably. Julian roared in pain.

Eve began to cry in panic. “Oh, God, please don’t let him die. I can’t bear to live without him.” Jumping into his lap, she reached up to touch his face. He was sweating profusely, and soon she was soaked to the bone. “Julian, look at me.”

His eyes were filled with pain. “Ahhh…” He doubled over and sent Eve flying across the room. She landed against a wall, and then everything went black.

Tabitha cackled loudly as Julian writhed in agony. “My, my, for such a large man, he is such a wimp. Can’t even handle agonizing pain.” She crunched on some popcorn.

After a few moments of watching Julian, she sighed. “Oh, all right, Endora, put your father out of his misery, please. He isn’t much of a sport.”

Endora raised her baby bottle, and lightning flashed and hit the bowl. Tabitha picked up her daughter and let her see Julian through the bowl. “There, he should be back to normal just in time for TC and Sam to find them. Then, all hell will break loose.” Endora cooed, and Tabitha cackled. “I think that will be more fun than watching Eve and Julian try to figure out how to overcome their size difference so they can give in to their lustful desire for one another. Not that they could,” she snickered, “but it would have been fun to watch them try.” She sighed. “Oh well, we’ll just have to settle for TC and Julian killing each other over Eve.” Endora bobbed her head in agreement.

Eve groaned. She blinked, trying to focus in the darkness. The fire was almost out, and it was getting colder in the room. She crawled over to the fireplace. Placing another log on the embers, she reached for the poker and stoked the fire.

Her clothes were starting to stiffen. She needed to change. Shedding her wet clothes, she grabbed a spare sheet and wrapped it around herself. She would find something to change into later.

Movement in the corner of the room startled her. Julian!

The fire crackled and climbed higher. It was easier to see now. Eve got up and approached Julian. His muscles were still large and swollen, but his height had reduced to normal. He lay huddled in the corner. The sheet he had used as a covering around his lap was thrown to one side. Eve blushed, trying to ignore the natural response of her body to the sight of his nakedness. She prayed for strength.

“Julian.” She reached out and touched his forehead. “Julian, can you hear me?” He didn’t respond. Whatever had caused Julian to inflate must have been a seriously bad medication side effect, and it seemed to be wearing off.

He moaned.

“Julian.” Eve leaned over him. His chest was slick, and his muscles were still the size of the serious bodybuilder type. He shuddered. “Julian, can you speak?” She turned his face toward her. “It’s me, Eve.” She opened his eyelids. He stared back at her.

Eve wasn’t sure what to feel, relief or fear. He just stared. “Julian?” He blinked and then coughed.


Eve cried in relief. He sat up and held out his arms, flexing the huge muscles. “What the hell happened to me?”

Throwing her arms around his neck, Eve pecked his mouth and cheek with kisses. “Oh, Julian, I was so worried about you. I thought I had lost you forever.”

He returned her kisses for a moment and then pulled back. “How did we end up here?” He looked around. “What happened to the door?” His brow wrinkled in confusion.

“You don’t remember?”

“I remember being on my way to the airport.” He lightly moved his hand over her back, his fingers playing with the edge of the sheet. His eyes meeting hers, desire shone back at her.

Eve tried to explain. “There must have been a complication with the medication you were given. Next thing we knew, you were out of your coma and had turned into the ‘Incredible Hulk.’ Impossible as that may seem, that is why we are here. You broke out of the hospital and took me hostage, and we ended up here.”

He grinned. “Smart Hulk, he knew what he was doing.” He brushed a finger across her lips. “I guess we’ll just have to keep ourselves entertained while this---Hulk wears off completely. In the meantime…” He pulled her closer. “I hope there aren’t any complications with my heart, doctor.” He nuzzled her neck.

“No…” Eve squeaked as his tongue swirled around her ear. “You…you appear…to be much better. You will have to be examined though, to make sure.” She closed her eyes. She had better put a stop to this now.

Julian’s tongue darted into her ear. “Hmm, is now good for you?” He moved down her neck, his lips nibbling their way to her mouth. His strong arms wrapped around her and pulled her close as his lips caught hers.

“Julian...” She tried to push him away.

“How can a man stop when he has a beautiful, naked woman in his arms, hmm?” He moved his lips along her jaw line to her ear lobe.

Eve felt her cheeks grow hot. She’d been doing that a lot lately. “I…my clothes were wet and I had to put on this sheet to keep warm.” She tried to pull it up over her body.

He held her gaze. Slipping his finger to the edge of the sheet, he lowered it again. “Makes you look too old fashioned with it up so high.”

“Julian…” She tried to be the strong one. “We can’t…”

“It’s been so long since I have held you in my arms. Made love with you. I need you, Eve. I can’t live without you any longer.” He lifted her downcast eyes. “Let me love you, Eve. Completely, the way I know you love me.” He kissed her lips.

Running her hands over his hard stomach muscles, she sighed. Opening her mouth, she welcomed his tongue, smooth and silky, unable to fight the overwhelming ache growing inside her. The chill in the room left as Julian held her tightly, his mouth moving over hers.

One hand moved over her back. The sheet was slipping further down, exposing her breast to his bare chest. His other hand came up and brushed against her breast. Her heart pounded madly when he bent and placed his hot mouth over it. The room was spinning. He moved the sheet lower, down her back. Eve sucked in her breath when he placed his hands over her backside, crushing her tighter against him, his mouth and tongue still caressing her breasts.

Eve straddled his lap, her knees barely touching the floor because of his large thighs, his need pressing against her. He wanted her! Eve pulled back, looking into his eyes. “Julian, what are we doing?” She could no longer deny her desire to make love with him.

He reached up and gently pushed a strand of hair back from her face. “Loving each other, the way it was always meant to be.” He pulled her close again, his lips brushing hers, nipping gently. His hands still on her backside, he pressed her against his need. He sucked in his breath. Eve smiled against his mouth and rubbed against him. At least the medication hadn’t affected that area of his body.

Julian groaned and pulled off the sheet from the rest of her body and threw it on the floor. He stood with amazing ease, holding her against him. Her legs dropped down, brushing against his thighs. “I want you, Eve. I need you.” His lips, hot and wet, sought her tongue and pulled it into his mouth as he carried her toward his bedroom.

Eve welcomed the change. At least there wasn’t any draft. Not that she felt much in Julian’s arms. “Julian, I want you too. But I am worried about you. You had a major accident, and then this weird…”

“Shhh, my love, I feel fine. But I will let you examine me thoroughly as soon as I light some candles.” He grinned, refusing to release her. “I am not letting you go, ever again.”

He certainly had the strength to carry her around. “I don’t want you to,” she whispered, smiling up into his face.

He lit a single candle. Eve placed her arms around his neck as they moved to close the door. He reached down and placed his hands on her buttocks; then, moving a little lower, he pulled her legs apart and forced them to straddle his waist again. He was ready for her. He lifted her up slightly and then entered her body. Eve groaned with pleasure. It had been too long since the last time they had made love together. His mouth captured her once again as he carefully maneuvered her down onto the bed.

With gentle strokes, Julian moved within her, his lips never leaving hers. Eve clung to him, panting, as the sweet tension started building inside of her. She probed his mouth, gasping as a new wave of liquid heat caused her to squeeze him tightly with her pelvic muscles when he suckled on her tongue.

He thrust deeper within her, and together they tumbled into orbit, oblivious to the approaching footsteps outside the cabin.