She took his breath away. “Hello, Julian.” Calm down. Her hand rose to smooth her brown hair. Her eyes averted his. Julian stopped himself from groaning when she absently wet her lips. Her body molded to mine, her tongue probing, seeking... Her lips were moving again. He shook his head.

“Are you all right, Julian?” Concern masked her eyes. She reached out to touch his arm.

His blood began to swell. “Yes, yes, I am fine. I just haven’t been feeling well. I think I need to sit down. Please, come in.” The door clicked shut.

Julian led the way to the soft, plush sofa. He sank down heavily. Eve teetered and fell down next to him. He smiled. He wanted her closer.

Eve placed a hand against his chest and pushed back, sitting up straight. She blushed. “I’m sorry. I lost my balance.”

“I didn’t mind.” He grinned.

Her eyebrows shot up. “You’re not sick at all, are you?!” she fired.

“Does being love-sick count?” He turned her face to his.

“Julian!” Eve tried to get up. He pulled her back down.

She fell against him. “I meant what I said, Julian.”

“Meant what, my love?” He guided her face toward his. Up…closer…

“It…it won’t work.” His thumb brushed her bottom lip. “We can’t be together. It wouldn’t be right…”

Her lips were soft and warm. A whimper escaped her throat. Eve tried to push him away. She parted her lips. Protests were muffled when his tongue darted into the confines of her mouth. Coaxing hers, teasing...

She relented. Clutching fingers dug into the fabric of his Armani suit. Like smooth velvet, her tongue danced with his, kissing him with all the passion he knew she possessed. Her lips pressing, seeking…

Julian drew her onto his lap. Carefully he let his hand wander along her leg and up her thigh. He thought he might die from the pure pleasure of it. Thank God for skirts. He paused a moment. She didn’t object. Her lips and tongue engaged with his in a delicious tango.

His fingers glided under her skirt, inching past the nylons. He didn’t know she wore that kind of hosiery. His heart hammered when his fingers grazed her skin. He made no attempt to hide his lust for her.

She pulled back. The sweet sound of suction separating lips made him want to crush his mouth to hers once more. He shifted. “I don’t know what got into me.”

Eve laughed. He loved the sound of her laugh. It had been too long since he’d heard it. “It isn’t rocket science.”

“You must think I am a complete…” She tried to rise from his lap. “Don’t leave.” He begged.

She sat back and stroked his cheek. “I have to, before we do something we’ll regret.”

“I won’t regret it,” he insisted, placing his arms around her waist, locking her securely against him.

“All right…before we do something I’ll regret.” She sighed. “It was a nice kiss, Julian, but that’s all it was. Just a kiss. A goodbye kiss.”

“Goodbye?!” His blood ran cold.

“Yes, my girls and I are leaving Harmony, for good.” She avoided his eyes.

“You can’t leave. I won’t let you. What about our son, Chad?” He squeezed her tight.

“Julian, you’re hurting me!” She strained to get off his lap. “Until Chad gets over his feelings for Whitney, it’s the best thing for everyone.”

He gripped her tighter, forgetting his newfound strength. “I love you, Eve. I can’t live without you.”

“If you love me, let me go.” Tears filled her eyes.

He loosened his grip. “I do love you, so much. It kills me to be without you.” His eyes moistened. Men don’t cry!

Eve stopped struggling. Her arms crept up and circled his neck. She pressed her face against his throat and wept. “I love you too, Julian. I always will.”

He pulled back and raised her face to his, crushing her lips to his. Despair gripped his soul. He kissed her madly, deeply, unwilling to let go even for a life-giving breath. “I can’t be without you any longer,” he groaned against her mouth. “I won’t.”

His hands moved over her body in a frantic pace. Squeezing, touching, pressing, anything to mold her closer to him. Frustrated, he yanked on her skirt. Buttons popped off. Eve gasped into his mouth. Her hands pulled on his hair, gripping him tighter against her.

The now torn skirt provided perfect access for his roaming fingers. He tugged up, raising it higher up her thigh. Her swollen lips suckled hard on his bottom lip. His heart palpitated. Thank God she’s a doctor.

Her fingers moved to his tie. She tugged and pulled it off. Throwing it aside, she unbuttoned his shirt. As soon as his skin was exposed, her hands delved inside, touching his chest. “Oh, Julian…” she murmured, running her lips and tongue against his muscular shoulder.

Eve bit him. Julian groaned with pleasure. Eager hands quickly unbuttoned her jacket and shirt, casting them aside as well. She sat on his lap, wearing only a bra and ridden up skirt. Her stockings peeled down easily. Finally, in one swift swoop, he placed her down on the sofa.

Julian kneeled over her, straddling her waist. Her fingers brushed against him as she tried to unbuckle his belt. He groaned. Quickly he helped her remove the rest of his clothes. Her eyes widened with wonder at the sight of him. “Side effects,” he said, pulling her skirt and underwear off.

He grinned. “Beautiful.”

He bent to remove her bra. Her hand reached out to his, her eyes full of tears. “What’s wrong, my love? Did I hurt you?” he asked.

She shook her head. “No. I just…make love with me.” Her hand ran up his arm.

“With pleasure, my love.” He snapped open the bra and pulled it from her shoulders. Julian closed his eyes for a moment. If this was a dream, he would kill anyone who woke him. Reaching out, he brushed his thumbs against her breasts. Eve trembled.

He lowered himself down, his chest against hers. Pure ecstasy flowed in his veins. He gazed into her eyes. “It’s been so long…” she said.

He brushed her hair back. “My dearest love,” he whispered, “stay with me.” He shifted and parted her legs. Eve’s mouth parted. Julian smiled as he entered her.

She cried out as his lips settled on hers. “Stay with me,” he coaxed.

“Yes, yes,” she cried.

Outside, snow flurries stuck to the window. In an instant, they beaded and rolled down the glass, dripping to the ground below. Still more fell, succumbing to the same fate.

Frantic. Agonizingly slow. Over and over, he reminded her of the passion that would always flow between them. Her face and body glistening, she clung to him, panting, gasping, begging for more. And he gave her everything - his body, heart and soul.

Much later, Julian lay on the sofa. Eve, next to him, nestled her head on his shoulder. His arm around her, he squeezed her closer. “I love you, Eve.” He kissed her head. He blew at her hair that was stuck to his lips.

She traced circles on his chest. “I love you too.” She leaned up and placed a kiss on his lips.

He closed his eyes to savor the moment. “I have the perfect solution for you.” His heart pounded when she looked up. “Marry me, Eve.” He held his breath.

Eve ran a perfectly manicured finger across his lips. “Maybe we should take it slowly. Get our children used to seeing us together.” He exhaled. “Go out on a date or two. I don’t want to force our relationship upon them.”

He pouted. “I guess we will have to steal moments like this then.”

Eve smiled. “All I have ever wanted is to be with you. But I think it’s best we take it slow.”

He kissed her. “Yes, I suppose you’re right. One thing though, you have to promise to marry me. No ifs, ands or buts about it.”

“Oh Julian, yes.” Eve held his gaze. “I can’t wait to be your wife and you my husband.”

“Me too, my love,” he murmured against her mouth. “The blizzard is getting worse. I think we should stay here and practice for our honeymoon.”

Eve giggled. “Yes, I think that is a great idea. My daughters are with friends for the night, so I have no place else to be.”

“Perfect,” he growled, kissing her shoulder.

As the storm raged outside, Julian and Eve spun, elated. Body and soul. One.

Tabitha covered her bowl. “Drat, another happy ending.” She picked Endora up off the floor. “We will have to work harder to create permanent misery in this town. Nothing we do ever seems to work.”

Endora shook her rattle. “On the other hand, your father is finally happy. After all, he gave me you. So I think we owe him this one. Don’t you think?”

Endora giggled. “Yes, I think we’ll allow him to remain Eve’s perfect beast.” Tabitha smiled.

The End.