The Lobster Shack was quickly filling up with people for the dinner rush as Eve and TC entered and waited to be seated.  

Eve smiled tenderly at TC.  “Thanks, honey, for suggesting that we eat out. It’s been a really long day.”

“Sure, sweetheart, I love taking you out.” TC grinned and kissed her briefly.

Eve returned his affection, running her hands along his shoulder.  Looking up, she spotted Julian and Rebecca entering the restaurant.  

Julian’s eyes met hers and he paused for a moment, only to be yanked along by Rebecca.  Annoyed, he yanked his arm away and smiled seductively at Eve, remembering their encounter that afternoon.

Eve blushed. She knew exactly what he was thinking, and there was no way she was going to let him see that she had been thinking about it too.  Reaching up, she pulled TC’s head down and kissed him passionately, in an effort to kill any memory of what had happened at the hospital - to show Julian Crane that she was not affected by him in the least…but most of all, to show him that she loved TC, and only him.

A long moment later, TC pulled back, gasping for air.  “Where did that come from, Eve?  You are usually such a private person about things like this…not that I am complaining.” He grinned with pleasure.

“Kiss me again, TC,” Eve purred, molding her body close to his.  

TC gladly obliged.  He had never known Eve to be so forward, and it really turned him on.

“My, my, isn’t this cozy?” Rebecca chirped.  

TC jumped back, blushing slightly.

“I had given you up as a prude, Eve,” she smirked.

Eve’s face reddened.

TC pulled Eve close again.  “Mind your own business, Rebecca.”  He scowled at Julian.  “Eve happens to be a very passionate woman.”  

“Oh, I am sure she is.”  Rebecca eyed Eve with an evil grin.  “Wouldn’t you agree, Pookie?”  She reached for Julian’s hand.

“Yes, it looks that way.”  He smiled deeply at Eve.  

TC had had enough.  “It looks like our table is ready, sweetheart; thank goodness. One more minute with these two and I would have thrown up.”

Feeling somewhat foolish for trying to impress Julian with her boldness toward TC in public, she mumbled her agreement and shuffled off after him.

Julian grinned wickedly.  He knew she was never going to be with TC the woman she was with him, and he aimed to prove that to her.

Julian and Rebecca were waiting for their lobster when Julian spotted Eve heading to the restroom.  “Uh, dear, I think I will go to the bar and get a fresh drink.  I’ll be right back.”

“Don’t go hitting on any young thing now,” she warned, tapping her glass of wine.

He bent down to kiss her cheek.  “I wouldn’t dream of it.”

As Eve finished reapplying her make up, the door swung open and Julian sauntered in.  “Julian!” she gasped. “What are you doing in here?”

He smiled and locked the door.  “I came to help you freshen up. It’s been what - four hours since your lips have been thoroughly inspected for their sweetness, softness…their ability to drive a man insane at the mere touch of his lips on them?”  He advanced toward her.

“Julian…” She backed away from him. “I will scream if you touch me.”

He grinned.  “Scream with pleasure?  I can definitely arrange that.”  He now stood in front of her, blocking any escape she might try to make.

When he reached out to touch her, she batted his hand away, her heart pounding madly at his nearness.

“Oh, you fight me, Eve, but I know you.” He pulled her into his arms.  “I know how your body reacts when I hold you close and caress you.”  He brushed her lips with his.  “Let me remind you what it feels like to be with me, to kiss me, to make love to me…” His eyes darkened with passion.  “Let me show you what you have been missing for twenty-five years.”

She pushed him back and slapped him.  “You are unbelievable; I can’t believe I fell for that ‘new’ Julian crap.”  Her eyes flashed with anger.

“New and improved.” He smiled sweetly.  “I have come to my senses. I realize that I can’t live without you, and that you can’t live without me. It is up to me to make you see the error of your ways.”

“Why, I never…”

“Kiss me, Eve. Kiss me like you tried to kiss TC.  You were, after all, trying to convince yourself that you have the same fire and passion with him that you do with me, no?”  He brushed his lips against hers again.

Her chest heaved with anger and unwanted desire.  ‘Damn him; is there no level he won’t stoop to?’ she cursed.

“You are a vile man,” Eve hissed, desperately trying to control her body’s response to his touch. “I was showing my husband how much I love and adore him.”  She turned her head sideways to avoid his lips.

Brushing her cheek, he nibbled her ear.  “Is that what it was?  Here I thought you were trying to make me jealous.”  He turned her face toward him.  “Well, it worked; I was jealous. I wanted to be the one you were kissing…like this…”  He softly pressed his lips to hers, moving gently over her mouth.

Eve’s knees went weak, and she sank against him.  

When she parted her lips slightly, forgetting she was supposed to resist him, he immediately plunged in, giving her no chance to cut him off.  Over and over he ravished her mouth and lips until she gave in and returned each kiss with the same fervent passion he was displaying to her.

His hands roamed over her back and down her side.  He backed her toward the counter, and then with one swift movement, placed his hands on her backside and shamelessly lifted her up onto it, allowing her to sit on his hands as he caressed her.

Eve, beside herself with desire, allowed him to touch her there, not bothering to protest.  At that moment, she just didn’t care, and TC Russell was the last thing on her mind.

Slowly, he moved one hand out from beneath her and slipped it up under her loose shirt, caressing her stomach, his mouth still seducing hers.  His heart pounded, threatening to leap right out of his chest as her hands stroked his neck and shoulders.  Deciding to push her further, he grazed his fingers up her stomach, tentatively. Not wanting to shock her, he brushed his thumb against her bra-clad breast and then placed his entire hand over it.

Eve gasped and somehow found the strength to push him back.  “Stop…” she cried, her face burning with embarrassment.  “I can’t believe I let you touch me.”  She jumped down from the counter.  

“Believe it, my love. It will happen again.”  He breathed heavily, clutching his hand over his heart. “You can’t help yourself.  You can’t resist our love anymore than I can.”  

“No!  I can, and from now on, I will.  Don’t ever come near me again, you hear?” she stormed, on the brink of tears.  “I love TC, and I will remain faithful to him from now on!” she declared defiantly.

Julian quickly grabbed her hand before she could rush out of the restroom.  He pulled her close and placed a sweet and tender kiss on her lips.  “I love you, Eve, and I will remain faithful to you….forever,” he returned, smiling tenderly at her wide-eyed expression.  The only woman I am going to be making love to, very soon, is you, Eve.  That is my vow to you.”  

Disbelief crept into her eyes.  “Never! I will never let you. You will have to force me,” she spat.

“Oh, my dear Eve, on the contrary…you will be begging me,” he replied, leaning close for another kiss.

Eve backed off, yanking her hand away.  “That’s it! I am going back to my HUSBAND.”  She stormed out of the room, trembling with rage.  ‘The nerve of that man!’  She stopped to reapply her lipstick. As she gazed into the tiny mirror of her compact, she suddenly got uneasy.  From now on, she would have to be more careful not to give Julian another opportunity to catch her alone somewhere.

Julian stood outside the bathroom, watching Eve.  He smiled widely.  He knew he had gotten under her skin, and it was only a matter of time until she would no longer be fighting him.