Harmony Hospital was busier than usual that evening: a car accident and a couple of victims of a rough football game, not to mention the usual elderly and frantic new parents of infants with fevers.

Eve sat at a table in the doctor’s lounge, taking a break, hoping no other incidents would, yet again, force her to stay longer than she had promised TC.

TC… Her mind wandered to him. He was a good man despite his faults. He had forgiven all her past mistakes, and was willing to give their marriage a second chance, for better or worse.

She’d wept in thankful gratitude when TC had delivered her his decision; after all, these were her sins of the past, before she knew him, and he firmly believed her when she told him she had been faithful since she had met him. He was glad that Julian was no longer part of her life…or at least, as TC made clear, he had better not be. She didn’t dare tell him the truth.

Yes, she knew it was starting off on a bad note, keeping things from TC, yet again. Eve didn’t dare tell TC that Julian was, once again, desperate to get her back in his life, not to mention that she couldn’t bear the thought of living without him either.

Eve sipped on her coffee guiltily as her mind replayed the last two meetings she had had with Julian Crane. Her face burned with embarrassment as she remembered how forward and bold she had allowed him to be with her. “Well, no more,” she thought. She was just going to have to figure out a way to get through to Julian and make him understand that they could only be friends…private friends. TC could not find out that she even spoke to him, let alone was friends with him.

Eve finished the warm liquid and returned to the nurse’s station to finish her shift. Yes, there was no future for her and Julian; she was just going to have to convince him of that. Eve sighed, a pang of regret settling over her like a dark cloud, forever causing her grief.

“Dr. Russell!” a nurse called out.

“Yes?” Eve looked up from the chart she had been trying to study.

“There is a patient in Cubicle 3 who is here for an emergency physical. I tried to convince him to get an appointment at the clinic tomorrow, but he insisted it had to be right now, by you,” she informed a highly suspicious Eve.

“Is it Julian Crane?” Eve asked with a smirk.

The nurse looked at her chart. “No, he said his name was Sam Bennett. Something about an emergency police matter…that he needed to fly out of the country and had to make sure he was physically fit to do so. Police department’s orders, I guess,” she replied.

Eve sighed in relief as she grabbed the chart and walked down the hall to the cubicle. Flinging the curtain aside, she turned and closed it again. “Sam?” She looked at the empty bed curiously.

Warm arms around her waist pulled her close, and she knew her first instinct had been right. “Julian!” She tried to pull away.

He nuzzled her neck. “Shhh, we don’t want the whole hospital to know about our love, do we?” he crooned huskily into her ear, softly brushing his lips against it.

Eve shivered with unwanted pleasure. “Let go of me right now,” she demanded, “or I will have you thrown out for lying to the staff. How dare you pretend you are Sam Bennett!”

“Well, I saw the new doctor and immediately came up with a brilliant way to get you all alone, for at least half an hour.” He released her and grinned wickedly. “I thought maybe you needed a break from your hectic schedule, and I was willing to help you out and make it happen for you.” He stepped closer to her, blocking her escape. “I will do whatever I have to, to be with you, Eve. I love you; I can’t live without you in my life.” He gently touched her cheek.

Almost taken in by his words, Eve shook her head to clear her mind. “No, we can’t be together; I belong with TC. He and I are going to rebuild our marriage and live happily ever after,” she declared.

“How can you live happily ever after with one man when your heart is longing for another?” he asked, raising her chin, forcing her to look into his eyes.

“You have some nerve!” Eve stormed. “I have half a mind to tell TC what you are up to,” she threatened.

“But you won’t, because deep down inside you love it. You don’t want me to stop.” He stepped closer as she backed up against the bed.

Eve lost her balance and fell backward.

Julian took advantage of the situation and placed his arms on the bed on either side of her.

She backed away from his advancing lips until she was lying flat on her back, unable to move away any further.

Julian smiled. “My sweet love,” he whispered as his lips settled on hers.

Softly, his lips moved over hers, seducing her, tasting her as he felt her defenses begin to weaken. He pressed against her mouth, trying to persuade her to part her lips for him and allow him to kiss her in a more intimate fashion.

Allowing him to deepen the kiss, Eve moaned as his tongue invaded her mouth. Her heart raced and her body melted as he leaned against her, pressing her firmly onto the bed.

Over and over he kissed her, causing any remaining resistance to fade like a distant memory and making her forget that she was TC’s wife as she allowed all of her suppressed feelings for Julian to rise to the surface and emerge as she returned his kiss.

When Eve ran her fingers through his hair, Julian shivered with pleasure. Pulling back, he gently kissed her bottom lip, his tongue brushing against it, the softness of her mouth nearly driving him mad as he pressed once more against the sweetness of her mouth. “There, now isn’t that how you deserve to be kissed?” Julian whispered against her swollen lips when he finally broke off the kiss, making no move to get off of her.

Her heart pounding and her body like Jell-O from the effects of his kiss, Eve tried to collect herself as she lay under him. As reality crept back into her mind, she became furious with her lack of self control around him. She had to do something, anything to prove to Julian once and for all where she stood concerning him. “Julian…” she purred after a moment.

“Yes, my love?” he asked, a little surprised, but completely delighted with her tone.

“Why don’t you get off me so that I can properly give you that physical you are here for? We don’t want to put your insurance money to waste, do we?” She smiled seductively.

Julian’s heart almost stopped. “Tell me what to do and I am all yours.” He grinned with pleasure as he moved and sat on the edge of the bed.

Eve got up and straightened out her clothes. “Put on that gown over there and I will go get the supplies I need to complete your check up. The nurse will think it suspicious if I don’t get anything ready.”

Eagerly Julian started unbuttoning his shirt, but reached out and pulled Eve into his arms when she turned to leave, kissing her soundly before releasing her again.

Swaying like a drunken chicken, Eve managed to get a hold of herself. “I’ll be back soon,” she promised.

Julian sat on the bed, waiting anxiously for Eve’s return. He had no idea what she had in mind for him, but he was willing to go through anything if it meant spending time with her. He breathed deeply to calm his erratically beating heart. He almost found it hard to believe that he had broken down her defenses so quickly. He smiled. He still had what it took to win a woman’s heart.

When the curtain finally flung open again, Julian’s eager grin disappeared. “Who the hell are you?” he asked a rather large looking young man.

“I am Dr. Peters.” He smiled kindly.

“Well, get out! Dr. Russell is my doctor.” Julian puffed in irritation.

“I’m sorry to bother you, sir; I am a new intern under Dr. Russell. She asked me to finish her rounds for her, and I aim to do just that, if I want to keep my job, that is.” He placed a tray on a nearby table and pulled out a rather large needle.

“What is that?” Julian asked, trying to get back into his clothes.

“A tetanus shot. You haven’t had one in ten years. You are due.” He squirted liquid from the long needle.

“I don’t think so.” Julian furiously buttoned his shirt.

“It won’t take long, now bend over.” The doctor approached him.

“No!” Julian said sharply.

The doctor leaned over and breathed heavily. “If I want to continue working here, which I do, I have to give you this shot. Now bend over or I will make you bend,” he snarled. “If you don’t like it, take it up with Dr. Russell. She is in charge,” he snapped as he promptly gave a slightly bent Julian the shot in the rear.

Julian’s temper flared as he rubbed his sore backside. “I will have your license for this.”

Dr. Peters smirked. “Relax, it was just a shot,” he replied as he left the room.

Julian finished dressing and exited the cubicle. He spotted Eve leaning against the nurse’s station, reading a file. Approaching her, he pressed his body against her back. “You win this round, my love, but I promise it will be the last. Next time, I will return your lovely gesture by making you cry out in pleasure, proving to you once and for all that you belong with me.”

He whirled her around and kissed her passionately. Then, breaking the kiss, he brushed his thumb across her lips. “Next time,” he promised and briskly walked away.

Eve stared after him, her heart racing from his kiss and the daring action she had taken against him. “Damn,” she thought. This brilliant plan of hers had only managed to fuel his determination, and she feared that he was right, that next time she would not be able to deny him any longer.