Darkness enveloped Sheridan as she struggled to her feet. Beating her hands against the side of the pit, she cried desperately for help. "Luis! Help! Please, God, somebody help me!"

As always, her calls went unanswered - unnoticed. Sinking to the cold, dirt floor, she cried feverishly, the tears streaming down her face. "How could this be happening to me?" she thought. "Why would somebody do this to me?"

How long had she been there? She tried to remember. Days, certainly, at least a week. It was so hard to keep track of time. A tiny beam of light streamed across the top of the pit at times. Sheridan knew it was day then. That's when she could see the outline of her prison - the uneven, hard dirt floor and the cold, endless walls. How high did they go up? It seemed like forever. When the light allowed her eyes to focus, Sheridan would spend those precious few hours trying to find a way out of the pit. She desperately tried to jump, reach, and claw her way to the top - but the sides were too high, and there was no place to put her feet that would allow her to climb.

It was during the daytime that Sheridan was fed - her unknown captors would lower a basket filled with food and milk. At least she was fed well. They weren't leaving her here to starve! But if they didn't want to kill her, why was she here? What did they want with her?

Sheridan's thoughts instinctively turned to her baby. "I don't care what they do to me," she thought, "just as long as they don't hurt you!" She rubbed her ever-growing stomach. The child inside had become very active - kicking harder than ever. She thought of Luis, "I wish you were here to feel him kick! I need you so much!" Then her thoughts turned to Antonio. What if the baby was really his? Oh, God, how did she get herself into this horrible mess???

In the Crane library, Julian sipped his brandy on the couch as the music bellowed from the stereo speakers. "That voice," he thought, "that angelic voice." His mind wandered to the kiss he and Eve had shared outside the Lobster Shack - when they had reignited the passion that had been dormant for well over twenty years.

Well, not dormant really - he had always felt it surging in him whenever he had looked at or thought of Eve. It was the first time he had acted on those feelings though - the first time the two of them had really connected in all these years. He closed his eyes, trying to relive the magic of that moment - the taste of her lips on his. His heart flickered as he remembered the sheer joy of the kiss, the first time he had been truly happy in over twenty years.

His mind then turned to the next time he had seen her, when he had nervously asked her about the kiss. What had Eve told him? "We shouldn't have done that. We can't let it happen again. I'm married, and I love my husband." Even though it's what he knew she would say (he knew her so well), a piece of him had died when she said it. There was so little of him left now, he realized, so little of the real Julian, the Julian that had met and loved Eve. He was simply a shadow of his former self without her - a man destined to go through time wanting, and never getting, the love of his life. He was a man who would never satisfy his dreams.

What was he going to do now? Go back to being the old Julian - the ruthless businessman who was really a spineless puppet of his father's, the drunken coward who liked to play kinky games with the sex-crazed Rebecca and women half his age? Could he really be that person again? Would he want to be? He had never felt more lost than he did right now. He wished there was someone he could unload his burden on, but there was no one.

His thoughts turned to Timmy. Little Timmy had seen the good in him, had seen what only Eve had seen before. Timmy was his one true friend, and he was gone. The flicker of candlelight that was his dear little friend had burned out much too soon.

Julian heard Timmy's voice in his head - such a sweet, happy voice. He smiled. Then he heard another voice, equally childlike and innocent - haunting him from long ago. Whose voice was that? There was something familiar about it. It couldn't be - Sheridan???