Eve stood behind her kitchen counter, chopping onions for a salad. Her mind drifted back to the conversation she had with Luis the day before. She was so thrilled when Luis told her that there was a good chance Julian was still alive. In her heart she had hoped this was the case, but she was never completely sure. Now she had the faith and belief that she would get to see Julian again. She couldn't wait until they were reunited. She pictured running to him, arms wide open, eagerly planting a welcome home kiss on his warm lips...

Just then, TC entered the kitchen. Eve shook her head as her mind bounced back to reality. "You've got to watch where your thoughts go, Eve," she told herself. "You've got to stay in control."

"What's up, sweetheart?" TC asked, walking over to the counter. "You looked like you were a million miles away just now."

"I was," Eve said, smiling at her husband, "but I'm back now."

"And you sure seem to be in a good mood too," he said, grinning at her. "Maybe you're in the mood for some romance this afternoon. Simone's out of the house, and we both have all day."

"Not right now, TC. I have this salad to fix and, and I'm really kind of tired."

"Oh, all right, maybe tonight then," he said. "You haven't been feeling too good lately, I know."

"That's true," Eve answered, "but I'm feeling so much better now." She picked up some carrots to peel.

"I can say that I'm feeling pretty good myself, what with Julian Crane's accident. I just wish they'd hurry up and find his body. What I want more than anything in this world is to see that bastard in a coffin."

"TC, that's cruel," Eve lashed out. "You should never want to see anyone dead."

"And I don't, not anyone else - well, maybe that punk Chad. He and Julian Crane don't deserve to breathe the same air we breathe. I really think Julian's accident was God's way of ridding the world of a leech, a parasite that was feeding on our town and sucking the life out of it."

Eve began chopping up the carrots. "I know you've always blamed Julian for your accident, TC. Still, that's no reason to wish anyone dead. Julian's actually done a lot of good for Harmony recently. Remember all the charity donations?"

"Those were Theresa's donations. Julian had nothing to do with it," TC countered. "Why are you always defending the guy?"

Eve put the knife down and looked at her husband. "I suppose we don't agree on everything," she said finally.

TC shook his head. "You need to see that bastard for what he really is. He's pond scum, and I can't wait to spit on his grave."

"I don't think you'll get that chance, TC," Eve said, her face brightening with a smile she couldn't hold back. "I don't believe they'll ever find a body. I think Julian is still alive."

"If by some crazy chance he is, it won't be for long," TC spat. "I'm enjoying the reports of his untimely demise so much; maybe I'll have to make it a permanent thing." With that, he walked to the kitchen doorway.

Turning around, TC looked back at Eve. Her eyes met his. "I don't know what's come over you with this change in attitude about Julian Crane. That was something we both always agreed on. I hope you're not softening your opinion on the jerk just because of some charity donations or hospital deeds. The man is a pig. He's either already in hell, or he's on the fast track there." He walked out of the kitchen on those final words.

Eve considered what TC had said. "I've got to be more careful with what I say," she realized. "TC can't find out about my feelings for Julian. If he does, he will surely kill him. My marriage won't be the only thing that is dead."

She put the salad in the refrigerator and shut the door. Eve paused for a minute by the refrigerator and closed her eyes. "Wherever you are, Julian, I pray you're safe," she said.

Julian picked up his bottle of water and took a drink. "Eve, I hope you know I'm OK," he thought. "I wouldn't want you to worry." His mind flashed back to their recent kiss. He smiled in a dreamy sort of way.

"I can tell who's on your mind," Sheridan said, laughing.

Julian looked up, startled for a moment. "You can, can you?" he asked, recovering. "I was just thinking about business. I've really missed out on a lot of meetings while I have been down here. Crane Industries can't run itself, you know."

"Oh, sure, sure," Sheridan joked. "I get that same look on my face when I'm balancing the checkbook."

Julian took another drink from his water bottle. "And just where has your mind wandered to recently, sister dear? When I looked your way a couple of minutes ago, you had this sappy grin all over your face."

"I did not!" she exclaimed, smiling. "I never look sappy, Julian."

"I'll have to ask Luis about that, the next time I see him," Julian said.

Sheridan sobered at the sound of her lover's name. "I sure hope you get that chance, Julian," she said. "I sure hope we get to see Luis again real soon."

"You'll never see that boyfriend of yours again. Never!" bellowed a voice from above.

Julian and Sheridan looked up to see Charlie, wearing her clown mask, leaning over the pit.

"You're scaring the poor girl," Julian said. "Can't you see she's pregnant?"

"Oh, I know she's pregnant," Charlie roared. "If she wasn't, she wouldn't be here!" She let out a hideous laugh. Then, looking at Julian, she said, "Hey, Mr. Rich, I wanted to show you my new toy I've got. Look here."

Charlie waved a brand new rifle over the edge of the pit. "Isn't it a beaut? I just got it today. So in case you're planning another escape attempt - well, I wouldn't," she laughed, aiming the rifle straight at Julian.

The psychotic woman pulled back on the trigger. Julian jumped in shock, while Sheridan let out a scream. The rifle made a small sound, but no bullet was fired. The chamber was empty!

"HA, HA, HA, HA! I got you on that one," Charlie laughed evilly, lowering her weapon. "Next time the rifle will be loaded though. I hope you won't be foolish enough to try another escape attempt!" Charlie roared with laughter again and left the basement.

Sheridan turned to Julian, still in shock. "My God, I thought she was really going to shoot you."

Julian let out a deep breath. "So did I, Sheridan." He wiped the sweat off of his brow. "It looks like these women really do mean business."

"They bought a rifle; it's scary," Sheridan agreed, stepping closer to her brother. "Julian, what do you think she meant when she said I wouldn't be here if I weren't pregnant? What was she talking about?"

Julian noticed the fear in his sister's eyes and tried to calm her down. "I think she's just talking nonsense," he said. "She's trying to throw us off the trail of what's really going on."

"Do you really believe that?" Sheridan asked, alarm still in her voice. "I mean, what if she - Oh, my God!" she cried, "Ohhhh!"

"Sheridan, what is it?" Julian asked anxiously, rushing over to his sister's side as she doubled over in pain.

"I...I think I'm in labor!" Sheridan cried, still hunched over and fighting back the tears of pain. "Oh my God, the baby's coming!"