Later that afternoon, Eve ventured into Julian's hospital room. His face lit up upon seeing her. "What did I do to deserve the honor of a visit from the wonderful Dr. Russell?" he asked.

"Oh, just maybe being the greatest friend a woman could ask for," she said, coming over to his bedside.

"Only a friend?" he asked, pretending to be disappointed. "I was hoping to be a little more than that to you."

"Well, maybe you are...just a little more," Eve said, smiling. She leaned in and kissed him on the cheek. "So how is my favorite patient doing today?" she asked.

"Well, until just a minute ago, he was missing his favorite doctor."

"Oh, I thought you had loads of company today," Eve said. "I even heard Rebecca was here for quite a while this morning."

"Jealous, are we?" he asked, reaching up to caress her arm with his good one.

"No, I'm not jealous," she laughed. "Why would I be jealous just because you were entertaining your fiancée in your hospital room? And why would I be envious of the fact that you have half the nurses in this hospital fawning all over you? There's one, I swear, who wants to marry you." She chuckled, remembering her earlier conversation with Kathy, the newest RN at the hospital.

"Well, first of all, I am just a lovable guy, which is why all the nurses can't keep their eyes off of me," he joked. "And second, I wasn't entertaining Rebecca today...actually, I was breaking her heart."

"What?!" Eve asked in surprise. Could Sheridan have been right?

"You knew it was only a matter of time, Eve," Julian said. "I am in love with you, not Rebecca. My time with her is over and done."

"Did she take it all right?" Eve asked curiously.

"Oh, as well as could be expected," he replied. "She never loved me, of course. Oh, we had our moments, but there was no genuine love there...nothing like what I have with you." He took her hand in his and smiled. "My heart belongs to you, Eve."

"And mine belongs to you," she declared. "Now, I want to know how you convinced her to go. I always thought Miss Rebecca would put up one hell of a fight."

Julian laughed. "She tried to. I just had to convince her that to walk away was in her best interests."

"You gave her money?!" Eve asked incredulously.

"Well, don't be so shocked, dear," Julian said. "I would have given her every dime I had if it meant I could be with you."

Eve smiled. "What can I say to that? I am flattered. My, how you've changed, Julian."

"That's what love does to a man," he said. "It makes him all mushy inside."

"You're not mushy," she said.

"No?" he asked, his eyes twinkling.

"No, you're just...incredibly romantic." She leaned down to give him another kiss on the cheek, but Julian turned his head and pressed his lips to hers. He encouraged her to deepen the kiss, and she obliged, opening her mouth to give his tongue access.

Julian ran his fingers through her gorgeously silky black hair, while she placed her own hands around his neck and head.

Eve ran her tongue along his, which gave her a tremendous amount of pleasure, and then drove her tongue into the recesses of his mouth, arousing even more desire in both of them.

Julian pulled Eve onto the hospital bed with him as the kiss turned even more passionate. He lay on his side, facing her as their hands moved up and down each other's backs, their mouths still joined as one. Julian moved his hand along Eve's arm, and then slowly maneuvered it to her chest.

Suddenly, Eve pulled back, breathless. "Julian...we need to stop...if we go any further, I could lose my job." She got up from the bed and smoothed her rumpled clothing.

He sat up in the bed and laughed. "I am on the hospital board, darling. I wouldn't let them fire you over a little tryst in this hospital bed."

"I'm not about to have a 'little tryst' anywhere, Julian, in this hospital bed or anywhere else. I think you know I'm not that kind of a person."

Julian turned serious. "I know that, Eve. That's one reason I am incredibly attracted to you. You want to give all of yourself to a relationship. I wouldn't want anything less."

"I'm sorry, it's just been so hard lately," she revealed. "There is so much pressure." Her eyes suddenly filled with tears.

Julian reached out and brought her in for a hug. "I'm sorry that this has to be so hard for you," he said.

Eve ran her hands along Julian's back and let the tears flow. "It's just good to be in your arms again. I feel safe here," she said.

"I want you to always feel safe, Eve dear," Julian revealed, concerned for the woman he loved. "What is it I can do to help?"

"Nothing," she replied, pulling back to look at him. "It's up to me now, Julian. I have to tell TC the truth, and I'm going to do it tonight."

"Do you want to wait until tomorrow, when I'm out of I can go with you?" he asked.

"No, this is something I need to do on my own," Eve declared. "It's going to be the hardest thing I've ever had to do, but I must do it...for everyone's sake." She moved forward and embraced him again.

Julian placed his hand in her hair and closed his eyes. "My sweet Eve," he said softly. "If only there was a way that we could be together without hurting you..."

She pulled back and caressed his face. "I love you, much that it hurts. But soon, I hope everything will be all right."

"It will be," he said. "I just know it's all going to work out for us." They hugged yet again, and although he was happy to be close to Eve, Julian's mind started to have doubts. What if she feels sorry for TC and decides to stay with him? What if he forgives her? What if she just can't give him up? He pushed the thoughts out of his mind as he held her even tighter. They were just too painful to consider...

"There she is!" Luis exclaimed upon entering Sheridan's hospital room. "I just went down to the nursery to see little Julia Eve, but she wasn't there."

"She missed her mommy, so I asked if I could have a visit," Sheridan said. The baby was lying calmly in her arms. She had just been fed.

"Well, I can see it right now. Daddy's going to get slighted because Mommy's going to hog all the time with you, isn't she?" Luis asked, reaching down and rubbing his daughter's tummy.

Sheridan laughed. "Well at first, it is kind of hard for daddies to feed their babies, but of course changing diapers is another story."

Luis made a face, feigning a dislike for that less than ideal duty. "Maybe this daddy isn't suited for changing diapers," he said. Then he smiled. "You know I'm just kidding, don't you? I want to be involved in anything and everything in our daughter's life."

"Even changing diapers?" Sheridan asked, her eyes twinkling merrily.

"Especially changing diapers," Luis remarked.

"Good," Sheridan laughed. "I think she needs a diaper change right now. Here's your chance."

"Wh-what?" Luis asked, becoming nervous. "I thought the nurses change the nursery."

"Well, they do," Sheridan said, "if the babies are in there. But since they're allowing babies to stay in the rooms more and more, who do you think has to change them?"

"The daddies?" Luis asked, his face becoming pale. "Of course I would like to do all I can to help. It's just...she's so tiny. I'm afraid I'd break her."

Sheridan laughed. "I'm just joking about the diaper change right now. Don't look so scared there. You'll get the hang of it soon enough." She grinned. "You do need to get used to holding her, Luis. She won't break." She leaned toward him with the baby.

Luis held out his arms, and Sheridan carefully laid Julia Eve in them. "There you go, Luis. See? She's so comfortable with you already."

Luis smiled at his daughter. "Julia...Julia Eve... You are the most beautiful baby in the world," he said. "You are the picture of your mother."

"And your father!" Sheridan called out. "I love her dark hair, Luis. And it looks like her eyes will be brown like yours. They're so dark already."

Luis smiled. "You can definitely see the Lopez side of the family in her," he agreed. "But it's your face that makes her beautiful, Sheridan. She looks like a little angel."

Sheridan smiled and leaned over to kiss her baby. "Julia Eve, we are so glad you are finally with us. We are your parents, sweetie. We love you so much."

"You are our firstborn," Luis added. "We get to try everything out on you first." He laughed. "Hopefully, we won't make too many mistakes, but bear with us. We're new at this."

"I think she'll understand," said Sheridan. "Do you see the way she's looking at you? She loves you already."

Luis smiled. "I can't wait to teach her how to dance someday," he said.

"Why wait?" asked Sheridan. "Why don't you ask her for this dance?" She reached over and turned on the radio on the nightstand next to her bed. She adjusted the dial quickly, finally settling on a slow love song. "Here you go," she said. "Perfect!"

"Well, you'll be my littlest dance partner ever," Luis said. "But if you're willing, Julia Eve, I would like to have this dance."

Sheridan smiled as Luis began slowly moving to the music with the baby in his arms. He kept his eyes on Julia's face the whole time. He was totally engrossed in his new daughter.

"I wish I had my camera," Sheridan said, tears of joy in her eyes.

Luis smiled. "I think Julia Eve is really enjoying her first dance. She may never let Mommy cut in."

"Maybe Mommy can join the two of you," Sheridan suggested. She got up out of the bed and made her way over to Luis. She put her arms around him and looked down at her daughter who was snuggled tight in her daddy's arms.

The small family began slowly and carefully moving to the music. The love that they shared filled the room. Julia Eve let out a sweet cry. Sheridan and Luis looked at her and smiled. "This is heaven," they both thought.